Giannis Wanna Fight Moe Wagner With Headbutt Then Gets Ejected & Damian Lillard Crazy 61 Point Game! 

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Giannis Wanna Fight Moe Wagner With Headbutt Then Gets Ejected & Damian Lillard Crazy 61 Point Game! Trail Blazers vs Mavericks August 12, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
PlayULay 5 months ago
"Yannis really being a buck" 😂
jbugg 5 months ago
I tried to listen to your songs bro, but i don't know how Spotify works. It wouldn't let me listen to it 😵
Chrizt Rayleigh
Chrizt Rayleigh 5 months ago
giannis just a fake tough guy
marv 5 months ago
wym even steph curry can’t make that shot 💀💀
Rage Knows
Rage Knows 5 months ago
Me telling people about Damian Lillard: " HE DON"T F**KIN MISS! "
Robin Mohabir
Robin Mohabir 5 months ago
Ahahahah ahahahah that’s bad shot.
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
Paul George broke his TV😂🤣🤣
Rocky305MS 5 months ago
W.L.M Lol would have Giannis done this to Zion?? I don't think so
Iam Flashin
Iam Flashin 5 months ago
sb 5 months ago
Bro akumpo is at least 16”
Cyclone Gamer
Cyclone Gamer 5 months ago
This is why Giannis should remove his beard. We can't have the "Man" pulling up with hulk moves
Arthur 5 months ago
BLM haha.
senzuh 5 months ago
Coach face was HIS story of the night 🥴
Epicjp 5 months ago
Did he just said "when the blazers won, he punch his tv" LOL
BS_Flakex _
BS_Flakex _ 5 months ago
Why is this man's videos only like 2:00 minutes at the most.
Bertha Ndiba
Bertha Ndiba 5 months ago
Who said steph curry can't make that shot??
1Lifeonearth 5 months ago
Giannis spared Wagner's life this day.
Nique Austin
Nique Austin 5 months ago
"Gianns really being a buck"😂😂😂
Bruh. I love this commentary. Could listen all day
T Saah, Jr
T Saah, Jr 5 months ago
You never sue after a game for intentional or unintentional fouls!! This isn’t an advice it’s just impossible
JOSHY TORRES 5 months ago
u funny af man earned my sub
Salmarcano Games
Salmarcano Games 5 months ago
How do you have 1.86m subs lol your vids sound so fried
vGoBrazy-_- 5 months ago
Akumpo why u tryna fight a dude with a 3 day contract
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 5 months ago
Youre wrong. Portland didnt secure 8th seed yet. They need one more win. Read some league news before you post up the video if you gonna make money out of nba content at least gosh
jorge ruiz
jorge ruiz 5 months ago
That’ dude better be seeing
FcukTHIS NOOBteam 5 months ago
TOAST x J3LLY 5 months ago
Imagine being pissed at a 3rd stringer on Washington...
Engaza 2
Engaza 2 5 months ago
Forever From Texas
Forever From Texas 5 months ago
I hate your fucking voice.
Butch Ma
Butch Ma 5 months ago
This guy Giannis will never be, will never ever win an NBA championship!
Loyca Mars Highlights
CuhrfyCool5 5 months ago
Tf this man had vote in his jersey 👀🤦‍♂️
jam man
jam man 5 months ago
Can we get the parodys back
9 17
9 17 5 months ago
Paul George is saying thats a bad shot lmfao 😂
9 17
9 17 5 months ago
Giannis attitude is changing i see. He be grimmy now in the court.
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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Nixon John
Nixon John 5 months ago
dude funny lol
RKWDBMX 5 months ago
Most iconic voice in youtube basketball history
Prince Cali
Prince Cali 5 months ago
Teddy Garcia
Teddy Garcia 5 months ago
He still mad hes brother got murdered contesting a dunk
Benji-Sama 5 months ago
Am I the only one to saw the ball stuck at 1:09 ?
Quay Tv
Quay Tv 5 months ago
What’s the beef between dame and Paul lol?
the rock
the rock 5 months ago
Are you also an indian?
Kara Biber
Kara Biber 5 months ago
ben denize dökerdim
Skrimtar82 5 months ago
That's what happens when you take roids
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake 5 months ago
“Once the blazers won he punched his tv” bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
High Life
High Life 5 months ago
Play Music -Eddie
Play Music -Eddie 5 months ago
You’re awesome bro
lofy todo
lofy todo 5 months ago
man i just subbed.... dude funny as hell
Papa T
Papa T 5 months ago
Okay ZIDANE !!!
transfer 5 months ago
Lmao I’m in Atlanta 😂
HypeHuey 5 months ago
Drake changed him
Tommy_rides_125 5 months ago
6ft bro 😑
Real King -Roblox
Real King -Roblox 5 months ago
Giannis 2019: Totally a innocent Giannis 2020: Headbutt challenge
black CGT
black CGT 5 months ago
Once the blazers won he punched his tv💀💀💀💀
Jayvon Jones
Jayvon Jones 5 months ago
Son : I hate you Mom : I head butted you into this world and I’ll head butt you out this world ! Disrespect me again
allan kabore
allan kabore 5 months ago
“When the blazers won..he punched his TV”😹😹😹😹
Carbide 5 months ago
Ya we get it... ive seen like 40 different vids of this. Just shut up about nobody cares. Its still the nba.. dont need to talk about childish shit like this.
Super Fun Toys and Songs
Well, he helped Memphis.....
Tebogo Makgoka
Tebogo Makgoka 5 months ago
"He gotta get quarantined coz right here NBA gotta drug test him, what typa Steph Curry steroid shot is that"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Beast Incarnate
Beast Incarnate 5 months ago
Head Buck
cool kid 101
cool kid 101 5 months ago
the way he ended the video😂😂🤣
ウマル 5 months ago
yo are u okay beacuse u dont upload that much now
Pichy Boy
Pichy Boy 5 months ago
Gianni act like Deer 🦌 😂😂😂
Steven Baker
Steven Baker 5 months ago
Yeah if only the NBA could take a note from the NHL and allow players to fight.
king albarado
king albarado 5 months ago
Giannis really being a buck 😂😂😂
Mike V
Mike V 5 months ago
δε γαμιεσε ρε γιαννη
Roger D
Roger D 5 months ago
The back of those jerseys are cringe worthy.
Ethan Bing
Ethan Bing 5 months ago
You are hilarious
BlackJack Pro
BlackJack Pro 5 months ago
Hahahah i love this guy hahah like a real buck really men hahaha
rigobelto 5 months ago
Black lives matter
Jeremiah McClure
Jeremiah McClure 5 months ago
Your suing?? You are the type of pansy that is ruining our world.
zee zee is dumb
zee zee is dumb 5 months ago
He did paul george dirty😂😂😂...Thats a bad shot
John Angeles
John Angeles 5 months ago
Giannis moving to 'Chicago' confirmed.
Hades Ares Eros
Hades Ares Eros 5 months ago
"PG was saying that's a bad shot, that's a bad shot, that's a bad shot.. Up until Dame had 61 points and the blazers won... He punched his TV" I can't no more 🤣
Play The Game
Play The Game 5 months ago
This guy Giannis is wasting his talent
Ethan Whitehouse
Ethan Whitehouse 5 months ago
giannis so ferocious lol
Ethan Whitehouse
Ethan Whitehouse 5 months ago
We are experiencing a historic event in nba history. These are the "bubble years"
Skye Walker
Skye Walker 5 months ago
"Like a real buck" lool
Aioune Ilyes
Aioune Ilyes 5 months ago
yall muthafuckas think he headbutt cuz hes a buck, he does it like zidane. The CULTURE you dont know..
Blitzwing 5 months ago
This man Giannis hit a headbutt, and decided to make this video instead of apologizing to him, crazy.
John Cena
John Cena 5 months ago
Mans Tone of voice unseasoned
STD 5 months ago
do they sue people in the NBA if they're is a fight, just curious
Ronnie G
Ronnie G 5 months ago
“Once the blazers won, he punched his tv” 😂😂😂
meme !!!!
meme !!!! 5 months ago
Giannis been wildin lately and lillard been going crazy
Anthony Aiello
Anthony Aiello 5 months ago
Unpopular opinion: What Giannis did to Wagner proves how soft the NBA is now
YaKO RiS 5 months ago
Giannis is not an MVP material 👎
jay gon
jay gon 5 months ago
Am I the only one that thinks that giannis said ay u ok after he pushed him
Manshido 5 months ago
Why are you trying to copy Chris Smoove, brush?
bryan harrison
bryan harrison 5 months ago
yrn DJx
yrn DJx 5 months ago
looks like he trynna bite his ahh in da thumbnail
WAKEUP718NYC 5 months ago
Lmaoo Dame going home 1st round , they always do good in reg. Season. He smoking that new weed bro , shit be having you in slow motion and focused on the basket 🤣
Mo Bou
Mo Bou 5 months ago
Bro they went through until the WCF and lost to GSW!!! Stop this BS
Alexander Gutierrez
Alexander Gutierrez 5 months ago
This loser should be suspended the whole season.
kyle160 5 months ago
So why he do this again?
hpinales18 5 months ago
Lol. " he really thought he was a buck"
h v
h v 5 months ago
Why did the referee ejected Giannis? Nowadays the nba is so soft
Saggar Squad
Saggar Squad 5 months ago
This is the best basketball commentary in the world.
Ronald Allan Bautista
Mang Didge
Mang Didge 5 months ago
Once the blazers won he punched his TV 😂😂😂😂 best closer I've ever heard! You're commentary is the best!!!
yougotservedyo 5 months ago
lillard ain't gonna win shit but I appreciate is dedication
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