Giannis Scary Injury & Khris Middleton Takes Over Game 4! Bucks vs Heat 2020 NBA Playoffs 

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Giannis Scary Injury & Khris Middleton Takes Over Game 4! Bucks vs Heat 2020 NBA Playoffs September 6, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Sep 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jrod 4 months ago
Don’t know how ppl can hear this mans voice
Bill Beerstein
Bill Beerstein 4 months ago
wow, he traveled on almost every play.
carlos roa
carlos roa 4 months ago
It's over... 4 - 1
Lawrence Salacup
Lawrence Salacup 4 months ago
Team was only good when Giannis wasn’t playing
skullsoul 4 months ago
😥😥😥 lucky
Keogoh YT
Keogoh YT 4 months ago
Is my guy literally not gonna talk about how toronto raptors made a game einning shot in 0.5 seconds?????
Cc Forever
Cc Forever 4 months ago
I think you're from Liberia .
R 34
R 34 4 months ago
Wait wait wait let’s not over look why the heat play so well collectively.. don’t sleep on Coach Spo he knows what he’s doing and he’s a defensive minded coach why do you think the heat one rings with LeBron Wade and bosh lol.
Durrzzz _
Durrzzz _ 4 months ago
That’s just karma for the head butt to Luka
6TD 4 months ago
Why are you talking about yourself
Sir Almonds
Sir Almonds 4 months ago
I think their motivation comes from both but since giannis got injured, they only played for giannis and not the fact that they lost to the raptors
Andre Tonato
Andre Tonato 4 months ago
why does this guy talk like this 😐
Traë 4 months ago
Well thank you bucks for participating there’s always next year.
IINEEDCLOUT • 4 months ago
He talm bout he got takeover 😭😭
Jessie James Leaño
Jessie James Leaño 4 months ago
Kev B
Kev B 4 months ago
How'd it come to this ?? The Heat want it more
Relentless Cascade
Relentless Cascade 4 months ago
You have to be giannis in disguise.
Mindless 4 months ago
This guys voice is actually satisfying
Tuione Matelau
Tuione Matelau 4 months ago
Kris Middleton is good plays great for usa
N B 4 months ago
Where is the video on OG's buzzer beater?
Zerimiah Johnson
Zerimiah Johnson 4 months ago
When you gonna do some more parody’s?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Lmao, it really did look like he was holding his left foot
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 months ago
Twas his right
Danny Barnard
Danny Barnard 4 months ago
This guy's first language can't be English right? Who talks like this
Hussein Jimale
Hussein Jimale 4 months ago
Is it me or does this guy sound like giannis 😂
B.I.G E 4 months ago
ESPN should hire this guy, who else agrees?
Gaming Toast
Gaming Toast 4 months ago
Herro really did do some good work there for Heat. But Middleton made a really great effort on saving the Bucks without Giannis
Boogaloo 4 months ago
You dont take them long as strides that close to the hoop, there's so many people under there just waiting for you to step on their feet.
Jay H
Jay H 4 months ago
Hopefully this is a light injury
Jan Razil Alolod
Jan Razil Alolod 4 months ago
He shouldn't play for the rest of the series. It's not worth it. Next season he should play with steph and klay
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 4 months ago
Shane The Goat
Shane The Goat 4 months ago
STAY SAFE EVERYBODY GOD BLESS🙏🏾🙏🏾😊😊😇😇🕊🕊JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU🙏🏾🙏🏾😊😊😇😇🕊🕊 I’m glad Giannis is ok🙏🏾🙏🏾
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 4 months ago
Welp.. bucks are doomed.. its time for a farewell party from the playoffs
Kent 4 months ago
Nairobi 4 months ago
Bucks almost got swept 🤣🤣🤣😂
jamie cumbee
jamie cumbee 4 months ago
Khris Middleton is from Charleston, sc where im from. Everyone sleeps on Middleton but he can be the team star if giannis decides to leave. He has off nights cuz giannis is so damn good. You give the ball to your best player as much as possible. If giannis can't go next game, bucks will win cuz of Middleton. Watch and see. But the series is over.
Child Star
Child Star 4 months ago
that right foot is super weak take care man
Dank meme
Dank meme 4 months ago
Just go to GSW ALLREADY.
David Steele
David Steele 4 months ago
That was his last game this season it over Jimmy Butler is going to blow up next game
Alain B
Alain B 4 months ago
Funny how basketball players always talk about there injuries like it’s only a one man team 😂 #learnfromsoccerfootball players maaaaaan
SCUMMY 420 4 months ago
Middleton is playing so weird this postseason
Zekeizme 4 months ago
They been trying to hurt Giannis for days.. The Bucks have nothing to lose perhaps they should hurt the Heat stars before they move on. They go up for layups just stand under them when they come down.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 4 months ago
Middleton: shoots mid-range over 3 heat jerseys Giannis: look at Khris man so inspirational just carried me like that
NorthMiamiGucci 2k
NorthMiamiGucci 2k 4 months ago
Brown Iverson
Brown Iverson 4 months ago
Haha all I saw was people bashing Middleton before this game
ryan 4 months ago
0.29 how is she meant to lift him up to take the pressure off 🤣
Samuel Sinaga
Samuel Sinaga 4 months ago
With giannis injured, all player will do the best and bucks will forced to game 7.
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 4 months ago
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Will Watkins
Will Watkins 4 months ago
Why is this dude allowed to take 4 fucking steps every time. Maybe that’s why you get injured when you try to take that those extra steps but there’s someone’s leg in the way
Red Vanderbilt
Red Vanderbilt 4 months ago
Now they have reason
choi bee
choi bee 4 months ago
giannis probably out of the series
Flop 4 months ago
Middleton didnt score a single point in the 4th quarter
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?
To the 1% seeing this may god bless you 🙏and you succeed in everything you want in life💙💚💛
luc white
luc white 4 months ago
I never liked this man never bad player and ugly face not made for professional nba
rahul sharma
rahul sharma 4 months ago
Hey brother improve your speaking skill
Woojin Kim
Woojin Kim 4 months ago
Bucks: We did it for giannis Giannis: Can you guys do that in game 5..........? Bucks: no
Jayson Valencia
Jayson Valencia 4 months ago
And then you said giannis is the mvp? No way.
Jayson Valencia
Jayson Valencia 4 months ago
Paul pierce prediction curse.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 4 months ago
Middleton: shoots mid-range over 3 black jerseys Giannis: look at Khris mas so inspirational he carried me
Plate 4 months ago
"Oh no, anyway"
LilLuminati #916
LilLuminati #916 4 months ago
I blame Covid. Lol
Jrmjuve10 4 months ago
Is that even an injury? I feel like Lillard and now Giannis could have just walked it off but wanted to save face.
Galuh Aditya
Galuh Aditya 4 months ago
After KD injured, he went to Brooklyn, after Giannis injured, which team will he go to?
DVelasquez 4 months ago
Desperation often turns to bad play and bad play sometimes cause injury and it will suck every bit of your energy.
Abhay Rajkarnikar
Abhay Rajkarnikar 4 months ago
Title Giannis SCARY injury. Video: Thankfully it's not a serious injury Good job
Admiral Kuzan
Admiral Kuzan 4 months ago
He needs more milk LeBron at 35 is more sturdy
Jeremiah Coleman
Jeremiah Coleman 4 months ago
Bucks season is over now😖😭😭
Aerogorn 4 months ago
It’s cuz he wears shoes made from the Communist Party in China. That’s why. Anyways, we still watching the playoffs? Pfffffttt.... lol oof
Leon_YT 123
Leon_YT 123 4 months ago
Afro Jack
Afro Jack 4 months ago
This has something to do with Paul Pirce tweet saying the series is over 😂 He jinxed it.
Godsend Djoker
Godsend Djoker 4 months ago
Middleton looks like the number 8 Kobe right now
Xraided 559
Xraided 559 4 months ago
U sound stupid now the bucks are done
CG Production
CG Production 4 months ago
He won’t play the next game so Heat beats the Bucks
Mr. Stark
Mr. Stark 4 months ago
Lezgo MVP!!!!! DPOY!!!!! THE GOAT!! GIANNIS😏😏👌
Big Play Slay
Big Play Slay 4 months ago
What did I keep saying the Bucks won’t come out of the East u got teams like the Heat Celtics and Raptors all fighting to be the team out of the East personally I think it’s the Raptors who come out of the East I like there odds
Deonte 4 months ago
If they comeback then they deserve a ring
Courtney 3000
Courtney 3000 4 months ago
It's really over now they're done..
Prince Charles
Prince Charles 4 months ago
Giannis is forcing whats his doing this regular season and not working and making him injured. 😣
OhioBoii 330
OhioBoii 330 4 months ago
Ehhhh, that "3" he hit at 1:07 looks like it should've only been for 2. It looks like his toe is on the line. I didn't watch this game, and I'm not hatin on the dude, not at all. But it just looks to me like his toe was on the line..
TOGETHER WE STAND 4 months ago
I tried telling people giannis was gonna mess his body up like dwade did constantly driving to the basket. Taking too much contact. He needs to learn to get his mid range game better
NNB 22
NNB 22 4 months ago
It’s a slight tweak hopefully he’s okay
Tony Vang
Tony Vang 4 months ago
I dont think the buck were gonna win anyways
NBA Moments
NBA Moments 4 months ago
Its not scary, its just a knee sprain.
SpiderSniper 02
SpiderSniper 02 4 months ago
If the Bucks lose and Giannis comes back then hes leaving
TheKnick 4 months ago
Curry:I hope Nobody gets a injury like me 2020… Giannis:oww Curry:is it all my fault
Bryan D
Bryan D 4 months ago
Middleton like hey we ain’t get swept at least.
EthanLendrumVlogs 4 months ago
heat in 5
Swank47 Steez
Swank47 Steez 4 months ago
This is just like KD. he's gonna leave for injury. And then go to GS next season
Swank47 Steez
Swank47 Steez 4 months ago
@Sheron Yohan all of it seems to be rigged. LeBron lost before he left. So did kd. Or they get injured before leaving. The story is starting to be the same
Sheron Yohan
Sheron Yohan 4 months ago
you got a point
jay11 rob
jay11 rob 4 months ago
I love injuries now, just love them
jay11 rob
jay11 rob 4 months ago
thomas the dank engine
Isn't giannas a free agent after this?
Fernando Montes
Fernando Montes 4 months ago
Hopefully we’ll see the freak in a warriors jersey
Lucas Sweeten
Lucas Sweeten 4 months ago
Pullin up for some 💸 cash
Dont Mess with me
Dont Mess with me 4 months ago
Middleton playing out there like a superstar.
? 4 months ago
Lol. Middleton showing up a bit too late but still appreciated
MinerGT 4 months ago
Am I the only one thinking about the 2k cover curse?
Static_Kloudz 4 months ago
Badrulz OppoF1s
Badrulz OppoF1s 4 months ago
Giano 4 months ago
when you think being big, muscular and tall makes you unstoppable. but your bones and leg are not strong enough to hold you body weight.
山田武 4 months ago
didnt middleton scored 0 point in the 4th quarter?
cacaf 4 months ago
Spoelstra: game plan, build a wall around giannis *giannis gets injured Team: tf do we do now?
Dennis Moldovan
Dennis Moldovan 4 months ago
Exactly what I said to my friend 😂😂😂 it's so true though. They're like wtf we didn't plan for this
Ezra Kelly
Ezra Kelly 4 months ago
Harsha R
Harsha R 4 months ago
That just made me laugh out rolling on my bed. 😂😂😂😂
GoldenSteelTV 4 months ago
Herro should be the hero to help his team in game 5