Giannis Joining Warriors or Heat? 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Joining Warriors or Heat? Chris Bosh urged Miami Heat to not sacrifice Bam Adebayo to acquire Giannis Antetokounmpo
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Oct 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman Month ago
Neither lmao
Will Month ago
The epic Gamer777
Joy Month ago
Brownieboy 17720
Brownieboy 17720 2 months ago
Another opinion is if he does join the warriors he would be pullin a lebron and kd so we cant hate on him that much
Brownieboy 17720
Brownieboy 17720 2 months ago
In opinion if he stays on the bucks wins rings scoring titles defensive player of the year multiple times ill put him as my goat or number 2
Isaiah Pinal
Isaiah Pinal 2 months ago
Giannis joining warriors or lakers
BuReh The Goat
BuReh The Goat 2 months ago
I don’t think the warriors dynasty is over Giannis to the Warriors
WWE Jacob
WWE Jacob 2 months ago
Giannis Join The Miami Heat
Sean Theo Escano
Sean Theo Escano 2 months ago
Warroirs is his best option of wining a ring
Jacob Boyd
Jacob Boyd 2 months ago
Giannis please come to the warriors we need you please come
NV - 08RA 734219 Lougheed MS
NV - 08RA 734219 Lougheed MS
you did not even say raptors what a shame on you
twiisteds 2 months ago
Golden state warriors gonna be dominating hole world 2021
Bret Bray
Bret Bray 2 months ago
Join the warriors
Keasan Young
Keasan Young 2 months ago
yaboi mdt
yaboi mdt 2 months ago
The heat need a point guard
Lofi Lee
Lofi Lee 2 months ago
The bucks suck they choke like a mf its not pulls a kd just demand a trade
treyMoneyyyKing 2 months ago
IF Giannis join the warriors him and Steph are better players and they would so be the best team and Gonnais gets a ring
joseph felix
joseph felix 2 months ago
Giannis should join the Lakers Because him and LeBron James are very close
Roosevelt Moss
Roosevelt Moss 2 months ago
I think Giannis will go to the Golden state warriors in 2021
Tristan Roche
Tristan Roche 2 months ago
Duh its obviously the lakers
James Nguyen
James Nguyen 2 months ago
But how are you going to pull this off? There is no one good enough to trade for Giannis. Bucks wont get anyone good in return.
Logan Martinez
Logan Martinez 2 months ago
yes becuase the can still get to the finals without yannis for heat but I would like to see dam with him
Peter L
Peter L 2 months ago
If Γιάννης (Giannis) joins another team most people will hate him.
《{Frost Productions }》
Heat or raptors its not fair if he goes to warriors to over power its like Kobe and shaq and mj
TCAG Productions
TCAG Productions 2 months ago
Bro all this talk of him joining the Warriors is just speculation with little evidence of being true. People have just made such a big deal over it, making it it seem likely now. He’s got unfinished business with the Bucks and I bet all my money he is staying.
Kurt A. Havercome
Kurt A. Havercome 2 months ago
Do you realize how much the Milwaukee Bucks have used him in the playoffs due to them failing for years and not working hard enough in the playoffs when he’s been doing everything he can make his people and city happy he wants his legacy to be remembered and wants to win by carrying a team that is willing to do what ever it takes to bring love and respect to his legacy loyalty and career by him putting great criteria to his skills gsw
Boom Slang
Boom Slang 2 months ago
Yeah, Giannis warriors bound.
Garrett Gomes
Garrett Gomes 2 months ago
He will join the Heat. In the East he will be in the finals every year, no competition.
PigstiXX 2 months ago
_______________ 2 months ago
If he somehow goes to the Lakers I will leave the country
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 2 months ago
Giannis antetokounmpo going to the Warriors is not pulling in KD because right now they aren't a 73 and 9 win team and Giannis antetokounmpo it's not recognized as the best player in our second best player that's one and second going to the Miami Heat is also not pulling a KD because the Miami Heat was was a fifth seed in the east and the Bucks never or in charge of that series
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 2 months ago
Join the lakers!
Jrod 2 months ago
Nah he should join the mavs or I like that idea with dame 🤔 👌💣
KING JAYMAL 2 months ago
I hope the warriors
greg molani
greg molani 2 months ago
Giannis to the lakers lmfao
Chucho Valdiviezo
Chucho Valdiviezo 2 months ago
How is joining the warriors a kd , giannas didn’t loose to the warriors
Toni Schenk
Toni Schenk 2 months ago
The Warriors don’t have enough cap space to sign Giannis
AKgamer bro
AKgamer bro 2 months ago
Giannas wouldn’t fit with what there doing
Victor Ejimofor
Victor Ejimofor 2 months ago
Poor KD, why is he the reference
Raymund Monica
Raymund Monica 2 months ago
Rich Mack
Rich Mack 2 months ago
Ama Golden State Warriors fan but am sayin lebron get to have Dwight JaVale McGee Anthony Davis but we cant have one good big man dame I really c the hate super team lebron Anit gone make us roll over 💯💯🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ and y’all nba fans don’t wanna c a good game
Anh Duc Mai
Anh Duc Mai 2 months ago
Is better when Curry go to Bucks
ricch Foreverrr
ricch Foreverrr 2 months ago
If Giannis want to win in the next 2 years go to gsw or Miami
GOAT_AIMZ 2 months ago
JBD dash
JBD dash 2 months ago
If giannis is Just join the lakers to get a nother champion
Josue Diaz
Josue Diaz 2 months ago
He needs to go to the heat!
David Elias
David Elias 2 months ago
Giannis is not joining the heat because he is pissed the heat beat them so his probably joining warriors
AnyHourDLaird 2 months ago
Join the warriors for sure. It’s not all about who he will be playing with on the court. It’s all about who he will be playing for. He would rather play for Steve Kerr as oppose to Erik Spoelstra. Not saying Erik is not good at all because he has done very well in the league however Kerr is a coach everyone would love to play for
WaltG86 _
WaltG86 _ 2 months ago
I think people only complain about people teaming up becuz it messes up lebron winning another championship. But i notice that everybody wants people to join lebron and be a super team. Nobody complained when they talked about kawhi or beal or anybody joining lebron.
Kurt A. Havercome
Kurt A. Havercome 2 months ago
@WaltG86 _ I feel you I don’t know to be honest that’s weird I believe lebron will pass mj for the nba titles and finals mvps chef curry vs king James in the finals next year lebron is already the winningest player in playoff history but I believe he’ll be the winngest player in nba history by topping steph curry and the warriors record in 2016 and have every record to finish his career as the GOAT
WaltG86 _
WaltG86 _ 2 months ago
@Kurt A. Havercome right. So why is the media ok with stars and superstars joining lebron but not ok when superstars team up that may threaten lebron? Lebron is a great player. But they doing everything they can to make sure lebron gets more rings.
Kurt A. Havercome
Kurt A. Havercome 2 months ago
I understand but I believe the reason is because lebron is one of or if not the toughest challenge in the nba right now he’s the reason why not a lot of players have rings
Jhimuel CruzVilla
Jhimuel CruzVilla 2 months ago
Why do people always telling about how warriors been a super team for the past years while knowing lakers build there own superteam that contains a lot of veterans and almost all of them are high level players. While the past warriors online contains curry,klay, kd, draymond, and cousins that dominates. Compare to the team of lakers that have lbj, ad, rondo, howard, bradley, mcgee, green?
Colonel T
Colonel T 2 months ago
warriors ofc
The last Knight
The last Knight 2 months ago
KD or no KD Draymond does not want to be 4th
knight knives
knight knives 2 months ago
He Should go to Miami
CrazyBear 2 months ago
Joseph Rommel Mangalindan
Patti Moorehead
Patti Moorehead 2 months ago
Joining warriors with curry and klay
Daniel Chase
Daniel Chase 2 months ago
Yeah well in my ohpiyon...
Jay Beats
Jay Beats 2 months ago
No , he will not play basketball anymore , because he already has a youtube channel called "CliveNBAParody"
Joeren Banico
Joeren Banico 2 months ago
Join the heat gianis
Hector Rivera
Hector Rivera 2 months ago
Please warriors
nakZ Cool
nakZ Cool 2 months ago
Join warriors please
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 2 months ago
He should go to New Jersey.. and pull a lebron... Lebron I the punk stacking teams.. him and durant I equal to lefraud and anthony davis..
Black Aces
Black Aces 2 months ago
Jean Victor
Jean Victor 2 months ago
I honestly think the Lakers is a super team it's with the combination of Le Brown, Rondo, Howard, kouzma however you spell his name.. I think he should what he wants his young and deserved a chance to compete for the title if he decides to take his talent to the golden state warriors or else where he should be supportive not criticism..
KK 2 months ago
Join the mavs
ChickenNanban 2 months ago
You gotta start putting commas at the right place
Mamo Bhai
Mamo Bhai 2 months ago
I want giannis and bucks
TheOneAndOnly 2 months ago
I say the mavs
ClownGang 2 months ago
GIANNIS LIVES IN WISCONSIN, im sure he wouldnt mind livng in toronto.
ClownGang 2 months ago
If the bucks bring better people around him like donovan mitchell?
Savage Way Games
Savage Way Games 2 months ago
He got hurt twice against heat so they really didn’t put him out the playoffs but still kinda pullin a kd But how tha hell is joining warriors pulling a kd?
Christopher Kyle TV
Christopher Kyle TV 2 months ago
501 GAMING 2 months ago
he wouldnt be pulling a kd if he left and joined any other teams. kd joined a 73-9 team with an unanimous mvp
Agimat PH
Agimat PH 2 months ago
Him joining the heat is like kawhi joining the raptors.. its a great team without a multi allstar cast yet but once u put one superstar in there they have every right to win it all..
Lighting Hoops
Lighting Hoops 2 months ago
Aint nothing stopin lebron either giannis joins warriors or heats
Ry Macero
Ry Macero 2 months ago
Giannis on the Warriors is a way for LeBron to improve his resume
david wade
david wade 2 months ago
It would be a good matchup
Munashe Hungoidza
Munashe Hungoidza 2 months ago
Are we sure this isn’t giannis making this video😂
Parstar 2 months ago
Kioni Greg
Kioni Greg 2 months ago
Brent Neil
Brent Neil 2 months ago
@CliveNbaParody your voice sounds like Giannis
ch ou
ch ou 2 months ago
Join the team that beat them.haha
Charles Caldwell
Charles Caldwell 2 months ago
Join the Lakers
AyyMD 2 months ago
He will joining with Bulls
bālal 2021
bālal 2021 2 months ago
Hasn't he said on multiple occasions that he is staying on the bucks.
James Charles
James Charles 2 months ago
meanwhile the raptors think they have a chance of getting him
KHALID TV Official
KHALID TV Official 2 months ago
in this video, giannis narrating where he wants to be next season
Jehoshuah Caldwell
Jehoshuah Caldwell 2 months ago
How is it dat if giannis joins the warriors dats a kd move no it's not him going to miami after they gave him a gentleman sweep in the the second round is a kd move.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 2 months ago
Giannis to the warriors
James Agunias
James Agunias 2 months ago
For me he should leave the bucks no matter what team he joins to
Oliver Valencia
Oliver Valencia 2 months ago
If Giannis joins the Warriors and win another MVP damn we all know the NBA is rigged.
Tony Gold
Tony Gold 2 months ago
If giannis joins GSW that’s NOT a KD move.. at all .. but if he joins Heat it would be
ALAN REYES 2 months ago
Giannis should join warriors with Stephen curry and klay thompson that’s scary
Andrea Carlos
Andrea Carlos 2 months ago
gianiss's on the way
Shayan Naveen
Shayan Naveen 2 months ago
I want him to join the Celtics
Paulo 2 months ago
Nah it's not pulling a KD if he goes to the Warriors, he didn't blow a 3-1 lead to them. It's more like pulling an AD. Plus no team is unstoppable. If he joins the Heat it's not pulling a KD either because Miami didn't win it all, so Giannis would actually be taking them to the next level. Bam would never be able to shout to him "WE DON'T NEED YOU, WE WON WITHOUT YOU". How is every superstar free agent a KD nowadays smh
RONIE ALIPIO 2 months ago
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz 2 months ago
You add Giannis to this Miami Heat team it’s over for the league cuz you have a Championship Coach in Erik Spoelstra you have championship level experience now in this young team you have 2 all star players in Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo all Miami needs to do is keep this team together for another year to see how far they go I think Miami can get back to the finals
Johnlee Mamauag
Johnlee Mamauag 2 months ago
Giannis fit in warriors
rsn2 2 months ago
neither, Giannis to the Raptors
arcmax 2 months ago
But when AD joined the Lakers thats not a KD lol.