Giannis Humbled & Destroyed By The Magic In Game 1! Bucks vs Magic 2020 NBA Playoffs 

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Giannis Humbled & Destroyed By The Magic In Game 1! Bucks vs Magic 2020 NBA Playoffs
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Aug 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
CliveNBAParody 5 months ago
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/5OJn5sd5rfvVs7Zp52ZdGx All Links: lnk.to/7dR7mMhY
PRIVATE ARBACK 5 months ago
CliveNBAParody do you have it on SoundCloud
degisen adam
degisen adam 5 months ago
Tav the beast 15
Tav the beast 15 5 months ago
Song is fire asf ngl🔥🔥🔥
C D 5 months ago
Bro "rip my dawg" is dope!! Keep up the work g! I produce dubstep if you wana collab on a festival banger. Im on the rise too g. 🙏 djavow@gmail.com
Daniel Pardieu
Daniel Pardieu 5 months ago
Is this really u lol 😆
Zed Bautista
Zed Bautista 4 months ago
after that bucks beat magic 4 straight game ^^;
Young Prince
Young Prince 5 months ago
Disney Magic!
JuNiOr 5 months ago
What’s the beat of your vid
The Connected
The Connected 5 months ago
Orlando literally has home court advantage all playoffs. With referee Mickey Mouse
Naseer 5 months ago
I love Giannis but the bucks losing to heat
Jude Rose
Jude Rose 5 months ago
What the f*vk is wrong with your voice sryly hahahaaa
BreezyTown7 5 months ago
bruh i always go into these videos not expecting that voice lmfao!!!!!
Diep 5 months ago
Nah they had a bad game they’re gonna comeback
Hanif Ferdi
Hanif Ferdi 5 months ago
Bucks like raptors last year 4-1
Underrated Dj
Underrated Dj 5 months ago
Is that kyrie😂
Edis Corbo
Edis Corbo 5 months ago
I realized that all the teams that rested their main stars are all losing games.
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 5 months ago
They pulled Lopez out the post all day and he was toast.
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 5 months ago
And Bucks are laying 13 points again for Game 2?
Mailman 5 months ago
The Nigerian lost..
Ezra Hiller
Ezra Hiller 5 months ago
Giannis played well but the rest of the team was awful
Sasuke fandom
Sasuke fandom 5 months ago
Micky mouse 🐀 majic: 😂😂😅🤣
Project X
Project X 5 months ago
I'mma be laughin at this crazy thing called "The Mickey Mouse House"
GoldenDynasty 5 months ago
“Using that Disney magic* LOLLLL
Gerardo Reyes
Gerardo Reyes 5 months ago
Hey bro honestly your music sounds very basic give us something new. Sounds recycled. Im not saying u should give up. Just try harder. I wasn't feeling the whole Travis Scott vibe. Spit some real bars man, choose your beats wisely
Joel Arca
Joel Arca 5 months ago
Drug test magic hahaha
John Kander
John Kander 5 months ago
The Mickey mouse clubhouse
Ryan 5
Ryan 5 5 months ago
David Duncombe
David Duncombe 5 months ago
Is that a video game? Where is all the fans? 😂
anthony youg
anthony youg 5 months ago
akumpo what happened
Guppy MNL
Guppy MNL 5 months ago
Bigheaded freak
SHOoTing TV 5 months ago
Homecourt Advantage..hahaha
GSA _ Trip
GSA _ Trip 5 months ago
giannis had 33p or something like that , again bucks let down giannis. no one played good like last year,he had no help from no one , giannis listen if u want a ring, get the fuck out of there quick.
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
Nigga WHY are you talkin about......YOURSELF?? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Edit: Now say "that's a good pick"
Shivum Thatte
Shivum Thatte 5 months ago
Giannis is playing kind trash now prob cause most of his day goes with his kid
PAS PISKARALO- Tema 5 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/prR4d7B1mXuCi4U.html ❌
DJ fabe
DJ fabe 5 months ago
Song not bad madude
Latrell Ruffin
Latrell Ruffin 5 months ago
Let’s not forget the magic beat the raptors in the first game of the series too.
YounqLycan 5 months ago
Lakers & Bucks lose game one sheesh man
NONINMAC ._. 5 months ago
Sound like yung Travis one switched up🔥
FutureMackavellii 5 months ago
😂This y’all MVP? Took a L in the first round to the Magic? 😂 Can’t relate, I voted for Harden 🤷🏾‍♂️🐐
Chase Downey
Chase Downey 5 months ago
Giannis looked pissed idk if he gonna let that shit slide again lmao
Akashi Seijuro
Akashi Seijuro 5 months ago
"is that kyrie? oh its ross"😂
Scoop l
Scoop l 5 months ago
What the clippers bucks or lakers are not going to the finals
mamak fafankoulou
mamak fafankoulou 5 months ago
calvin i thought you were mexican until i saw your pic lol.
SeanLew 5 months ago
What does bucks has:giannis khris and more better people Magic:nobody
APTycoon Gaming
APTycoon Gaming 5 months ago
"Is that Kyrie, no that's Rooooosssss" 😂😂
Jiren 5 months ago
So technically orlando has homecourt advantage all thru the playoffs right?
Vagary 5 months ago
The Magic wanted it more.
Sebastian Diaz
Sebastian Diaz 5 months ago
Bro it's cuz gunna flipped the floor so akumpo couldn't play
Kosta Kanelopoulos
Kosta Kanelopoulos 5 months ago
Big deal it’s one game
Karlos Miguel Nodalo
Disney magic 😅
Camaro Vlogs
Camaro Vlogs 5 months ago
“DISNEY” Magic lmao 😂 I’m done
JustABoy 5 months ago
mickey mouse club house
Will 5 months ago
Giannis shoulda put up 45, then they woulda won.
RV 5 months ago
it's just the first game i know! bucks are worried rn! they won't win a chip and that means Giannis walkin
Justin_jrp_215 5 months ago
Songs are 🔥 my favorite is switched up
h1992 uk
h1992 uk 5 months ago
Your voice is annoying as fuck! But thnx for the content lol
Bugguss Da Lucayan
Bugguss Da Lucayan 5 months ago
Say the Mickey Mouse squad 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
BrickBreakDown 5 months ago
We know what Disney does with deers.
Greedy'S Good
Greedy'S Good 5 months ago
both rank 1 in east and west loose in 1st match
ABM Guide
ABM Guide 5 months ago
Just to remind this stupid US-firstr, Kawhi's Raptor also lost to the Magic last year. Don't look down on Giannis already lol. You will fear the deer!!!
Konrad Kozyrski
Konrad Kozyrski 5 months ago
Giannis looked like a clown this game, driving, falling over and bricking every shot Vucevic on the other hand, damn he's good. Also, Terrence Ross is a boss.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 5 months ago
Giannais ain't got no skill
Kevin170077 5 months ago
Lol when giannis lose "giannis get humbled" but lebron lose "its danny green fault brick house blabla". Well fuck you and your lakers bro i hope they lose 4 straight
Alessio Vaselli
Alessio Vaselli 5 months ago
The most hateful voice on youtube
amare1cro 5 months ago
Lemme just remind you guys that Middelton has a 180 mil contract. Not 18 mil, its not a joke
Naha Brz
Naha Brz 5 months ago
Common man Giannis 31 17 8, 49%FG, 42%3PM with 3 3pm when Khris is 33%FG Brook Lopez 22%FG, Bledsoe 40%FG. He can't win the nba lonely bucks team really got to step up as his level
Zenkai Thief
Zenkai Thief 5 months ago
Mickey Mouse squad 😂
intertainment videos
Lakers lost wen they the frst team in west
saz19s8 5 months ago
Everyone: Bucks are gonna sweep the Magic The Magic: are you sure about that?
Steven Barry
Steven Barry 5 months ago
So weird seeing playoffs like this lol
Mohammed Hafiz
Mohammed Hafiz 5 months ago
Anyone realize every few seconds he has to to make a word looong
TPG 1230
TPG 1230 5 months ago
The Mickey Mouse Squad!!🤣
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia 5 months ago
Just finding out he’s black lol
Ν Β 5 months ago
For various reasons Giannis is over-promoted... In Europe he could do maximum 15 points per game.
claudiu radu
claudiu radu 5 months ago
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Bob Narama
Bob Narama 5 months ago
Disney got magic y'all in Orlando
jr the sauce gawd
jr the sauce gawd 5 months ago
Gotta bly giannis the G.O.A.T ain't touch a ball in 3 months
luc white
luc white 5 months ago
Giannis the most stupid basket player on the nba go back to greece you don t have your place in nba
JOEL PAMPHILE 5 months ago
Seems like the best people are losing there hype
dbzfan4ever mj23
dbzfan4ever mj23 5 months ago
The magic have the real home court advantage lmao
Jovi Teh
Jovi Teh 5 months ago
is this your mvp ???
A 5 months ago
Giannis gonna have to pull a rabbit out the hat
Why are we surprised they dissapointed us last year only to dissapoint us even more this year
Winstonio 5 months ago
Portland vs Magics in the finals
rogue assassin
rogue assassin 5 months ago
Duh they lost cause giannis only had 12points if he had at least 20 or 25. They would have one
kíshαn kumαr s
kíshαn kumαr s 5 months ago
TBH Middleton is trash
O ESP 5 months ago
Well, Magic have home court advantage all play-offs long 😅
Jay Jus
Jay Jus 5 months ago
Stop blaming Giannis alone. The amount of money they threw at Middleton should have him give more than 14 points
Snowfate 5 months ago
They really were using that Disney Magic 😂
Jeremy M
Jeremy M 5 months ago
Both 1st seeds really lost🤦🏽‍♂️
Oh My Gosh!
Oh My Gosh! 5 months ago
Ok bucks lose to magic and lakers lose to blazers! I see what they did there.😂😂
Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell 5 months ago
Using that Disney magic ☠️☠️
I U 5 months ago
Nobody: Paul pierce: I think its over
Crispy_E 5 months ago
A lets go magic
2muchXpert 5 months ago
Is that kyrie😂😂
FUCKOFFFATTY 5 months ago
Why his voice sound like dat lmfao
L.k Richardson
L.k Richardson 5 months ago
Orlando it Mickey Mouse house and Disney magic 🤣😂😂🤣
Carly Edwards ✓
Carly Edwards ✓ 5 months ago
The Bucks lost by 12 points to the Mickey Mouse Squad 😂😂
van bewley
van bewley 5 months ago
Just listened to your track! Keep it up
Luke Wolfe
Luke Wolfe 5 months ago
Lakers and Bucks are trash.. 2 free throws to Harden.
Mert Kopan
Mert Kopan 5 months ago
Yo I just noticed when the Orlando magic win game 1 the star player of the Opponent team goes to a different country
Mert Kopan
Mert Kopan 5 months ago
Iraq Lobster nah
Iraq Lobster
Iraq Lobster 5 months ago
Giannnas anekounoupo will be heading to my warriors to team up with klay, Steph, And green
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia 5 months ago
Ma boy make a face reveal 😂😂😂😂😂
IronLyanZion 5 months ago
Giannis bout to go God mode nxt game, on em.. Not a bucks fan btw