Giannis Goes CRAZY For Lakers' Kostas Antetokounmpo On Arrival After Winning 2020 NBA Championship! 

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Giannis Goes CRAZY For Lakers' Kostas Antetokounmpo On Arrival After Winning 2020 NBA Championship!
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Oct 16, 2020




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YTEurope HDGaming
Giannis, come to the Lakers, so we can get you one😂😂😂💪
ParadoxPotato 2 months ago
This y’all goat? If this was Jordan he would had took it personal and did two 3 peats... This man is soft
Never Fail
Never Fail 2 months ago
They got a 2 time MVP, a DPOY, and an NBA champion all in the same immediate family. This is what happens when a soccer player and a high jumper birth 7 footers.
Marion Plays Roblox
Marion Plays Roblox 2 months ago
they just partyin in a parking lot lmao
GeorgéNothim 2 months ago
This stupid ass train is louder than draymond green.
Lebron James
Lebron James 3 months ago
Yay we nba champs
Ballers Nation
Ballers Nation 3 months ago
Breaking News finally Michael Jordan Answers the Goat Competition to Lebron James Watch this us-first.info/player/video/q96pZ55iloWpoXU.html
Malachi Yehadah
Malachi Yehadah 3 months ago
Lakers 👀
M!lli Sk Tv
M!lli Sk Tv 3 months ago
MrAluve2008 3 months ago
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kourt the minister
kourt the minister 3 months ago
👀👀👀 giannis to Lakers
Andre Sene
Andre Sene 3 months ago
For those who thought he'd be jealous, thats just a reflection of your own insecurities, not Giannis family, like it so weird to me to think that some people would be jealous of their brothers for winning 🙃🙃😅😅
House And Lot Finder ph
u all saying gianis is a good bro. but seeing here. his showing that hes doing it on purpose to cover up his insecurity
Yaddak Mela
Yaddak Mela 3 months ago
How can anyone hate this man? Someone tell me. He's one of the most humble superstars I've ever seen. You have to love this man!
Gabriel 3 months ago
Anybody else remember Clive's funny ass 2k17 voiceovers?
Gale TV
Gale TV 3 months ago
that's what they want to be a champion with lebron james
Trathan Hawkins
Trathan Hawkins 3 months ago
You know he jelly
chloe curry
chloe curry 3 months ago
wow did you guys know they are also related
Marvin Guerra
Marvin Guerra 3 months ago
Giannis tightttttt😂😂😂 he will never get a ring w the bucks
Jason Ngongbo
Jason Ngongbo 3 months ago
why don't u make anymore parodys?
Angelo Pride
Angelo Pride 3 months ago
Pure happiness for the lil bro
ATK x Turbo
ATK x Turbo 3 months ago
We all know Giannis is mad...clearly the fact that he was an undeserved MVP not only that...he got swept and he’s brother doesn’t even get playing time
TheGamingBoy40 3 months ago
I'm surprised that he wasnt at least a little upset that his team didnt make it. It's almost like he won with Kostas
FL191 3 months ago
I forgot he was even in the Lakers
Tim T Yang
Tim T Yang 3 months ago
He may not have barely played in the finals but a ring is a ring. Respect!
H, Wen
H, Wen 3 months ago
This family brings home a MVP, DPOY, championship
shannon minnnis
shannon minnnis 3 months ago
Kostas got the best of both worlds watch the finals in person during a pandemic an got a ring for being there 😎
Rax Gaming YT
Rax Gaming YT 3 months ago
0:04 Sound like Tom screaming in pain
Jonnel Datinguinoo
Jonnel Datinguinoo 3 months ago
But deep inside. He's jealous.
Venus 3 months ago
0:00 I feel good -James Brown
SwavyBoii 3 months ago
Veilyz 3 months ago
Giannis is such a genuine dude
Giannis is ganna still is ring when he’s sleeping no cap
Teckk 3 months ago
It’s funny cuz kostas did nothing 😭
Wear Mask
Wear Mask 3 months ago
Giannis so humble he didn't got jealous.
Richard Mati
Richard Mati 3 months ago
Giannis said he will dress up as Kostas for halloween just to be a NBA champion.
DTX JOEL 3 months ago
Lesson: be grateful
Andrew d
Andrew d 3 months ago
Omg he played 4 minutes the whole season. Edit he played in 5 games averaged 4 mins whrn he played so it was more like 20 minutes but still.
Pacific Boy
Pacific Boy 3 months ago
Giannis: Where’s the trophy His brother: idk? they wouldn’t let me touch it
_franchised_ 3 months ago
Aye Giannis; Like spike lee said, “Get on the bus”
Ammar Ibrahim
Ammar Ibrahim 3 months ago
Slowly dying on the inside jk
Itz Nasty
Itz Nasty 3 months ago
Why would you be jealous of your lil bro tho? For ppl to even think that is funny to me haha
lil Savage
lil Savage 3 months ago
You know what time it is warriors Giannis
fatboy269 3 months ago
The ultimate troll His brother can't even pick his head up because he know he's not a real champion 🤣
Time Traveling Old Man
Giannis's laugh makes him sound like Goofy lmao
OGxWhiteYodax 3 months ago
Lol like kostas helped
Brazo De Mersedes
Brazo De Mersedes 3 months ago
Proud brother!!!congrats to both of u
Wavez 3 months ago
700th comment
Raymond Grover
Raymond Grover 3 months ago
When he said where’s the championship I would have been dead if he said at LeBrons house.
ChrisBie TV
ChrisBie TV 3 months ago
Ξάνθη Κολλια
Το be honest thats genuine happiness being shown there. Props to giannis for keeping it legit and real 💯
Brylle Yuan
Brylle Yuan 3 months ago
Giannis is proud
It Ain’t Easy
It Ain’t Easy 3 months ago
Deep inside Giannas has Eli dumbfounded face.
Kaos Jay
Kaos Jay 3 months ago
his brother is a bench warmer😂
Le'KING Supreme
Le'KING Supreme 3 months ago
He didn’t get no burn all season
Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi
Im happy for his family Im smiling awkwardly when watching
Gardiner Show
Gardiner Show 3 months ago
Yo Giannis sus
Gold Dragon
Gold Dragon 3 months ago
This is how siblings should be! Respect to Giannis
MonkeyDLuffy 3 months ago
If I only played a total of 4 minutes in the entire 2020 season I wouldn't even want the ring id still take it forsure lol but Id feel like shit knowing I didn't help at all
Carlieto'way 3 months ago
Solar - Nintendo and more
Samy Harrat
Samy Harrat 3 months ago
hide the pain harold
BLACK SPACE 3 months ago
Time for the Lakers to get giannis and trade Lebron
GOAT James
GOAT James 3 months ago
Giannis c’mon to LA and you can be a champion too.
Sway Gunner
Sway Gunner 3 months ago
giannis: carries team and doesnt get ring kostas: gets carried by team and does get a ring
Adwait Pathak
Adwait Pathak 3 months ago
Bruh kostas don’t deserve anything from this win he did nothing...plz don’t even give him a fcking ring
Kenterrio Lawrence
Kenterrio Lawrence 3 months ago
That's a real nigga even though he's the better player his brother won a ring first he still celebrating with him he ain't got no hating in his blood
Southwalk 2012
Southwalk 2012 3 months ago
That’s real love! He about to get his chip soon! Real soon
Jake Chaykin
Jake Chaykin 3 months ago
Dont worry yall giannis will get some with miami
Eulo Arnold Villasenor
Giannis sayın where's the trophy like he wanna steal it😂🤣
J Bonham
J Bonham 3 months ago
Oh just go to the Warriors already
J Bonham
J Bonham 3 months ago
But deep inside?
Rock Hadnot
Rock Hadnot 3 months ago
Welcome To My Life
Welcome To My Life 3 months ago
Giannis: where's the trophy ?? Kosta: LBJ took it
BULLET TV EGG HEAD 3 months ago
Dat nose tho
Noah Blakley
Noah Blakley 3 months ago
My respect for Giannis 📈📈📈📈📈
Adrian 1
Adrian 1 3 months ago
Bro dude funny asl he really said “ where’d the trophy”
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 3 months ago
He scored 0 points in the whole season and he is happy lol
GiannisDaGod 3 months ago
Dale Hall
Dale Hall 3 months ago
Congrats even though he didn't get a chance to play. Even making an NBA roster is an accomplishment, especially a championship roster. Real ballers know.. so he is a champion
Yoshiro Senpai
Yoshiro Senpai 3 months ago
Looking forward to seeing Giannis in a Lakers uniform very soon
BORN STUNNA ENVY 3 months ago
Didn’t even know his brother was on the Lakers 😂
mobileGame Basics Lover
hope to see ya in LA team.it would be ultateam.
Black Dolla Sounds
Black Dolla Sounds 3 months ago
Love to see it
Fear x God
Fear x God 3 months ago
if giannis come to us (GSW he can get one )
Larry Ellis
Larry Ellis 3 months ago
Your turns next Giannis! Bring it home to Wisconsin! Fear The Deer!!!!
Aditya Parikh
Aditya Parikh 3 months ago
kostas played like 0 min though lol. giannis is a good bro
njuey 3 months ago
Yannis to warriors, ballin with steph and klay mmmm dayum
Choo Choo234
Choo Choo234 3 months ago
True brother love
João Pedro Areco
João Pedro Areco 3 months ago
Ball's are trash. Antetokounmpo's are the best.
jay bogan
jay bogan 3 months ago
That’s thicker then Water!
Christian Kalonda
Christian Kalonda 3 months ago
Why would you be jealous of your younger brother winning a championship before you, they’ve been through so much!
Msblira 3 months ago
acting proud but deep inside he hurtin himself
GiannisDaGod 3 months ago
Nah he’s not💀 he gets paid 25 mil a year (about to be 50) to run and bounce a basketball, you get paid 30k a year to work 9-5 at McDonald’s 🥱
Justin Vazquez
Justin Vazquez 3 months ago
Greek greek coming to the Lakers, confirmed.
Astro 3 months ago
Everyone: Kostas will get his ring before Giannis Me: Though Giannis have fought hard to get to the championship as well, he still loves and not get jealous about his lil bro getting his first ring. What a good brother. They are both proud!
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 3 months ago
A true brother see no difference or make him feel differently... Truly a betr human @kumpo
caped baldy
caped baldy 3 months ago
We all know what he feels deep inside 😂
Deion the Don
Deion the Don 3 months ago
🤔WHO? I never been more confused 😖
KreMah TV
KreMah TV 3 months ago
hes happy coz they beat heat...revenge for u bro
BBallGuru 3 months ago
respect to giannis for even making this video most players would'nt react like this or even make a video where they surprised him with a celebration like a family should. much love freak..you should come to lakers too lol otherwise you won't be getting one and your bro will have multiple chipsby the time you get one.
Agent Blue
Agent Blue 3 months ago
kostas lang malakas hahahaha congrats