Giannis Embarrasses Himself With Choke Free Throw & Jayson Tatum Crazy Game Winner! Bucks vs Celtics 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Embarrasses Himself With Choke Free Throw & Jayson Tatum Crazy Game Winner! Bucks vs Celtics December 24, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 24, 2020




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Victor Benitez
5k each wow
A Z 6 days ago
When you look at how he holds the ball, it’s so obvious. What kind of shooting coaches do these players have?
Isayah Joinville
Isayah Joinville 18 days ago
He’s still 19? Or 22😭
Lincoln Cowell
Lincoln Cowell 19 days ago
Dude said he can’t Handel clutch yet he’s the mvp
Drew Gordon
Drew Gordon 17 days ago
The hell? That doesn’t prove anything. MVP is a regular season award and as we’ve seen before, Giannis is really good at regular season basketball. But when it comes to the playoffs and doing the dirty work, Giannis chokes based off of one defensive set that a team can run. Giannis has never even made it to the finals and you’re saying that he’s “clutch”? I don’t blame him for missing this free throw though since he’s never been a great shooter since his rookie year.
Niraash 21 day ago
Giannis got exposed 😂😂😂😂
-- 18 days ago
Yeah with his 35 points huh bud
basil genimahaliotis
Unsubscribed ..
Gravy ψ
Gravy ψ 22 days ago
Pretty sure Donovan Mitchell has the biggest one lmao Clive
John Mark Baugbog
John Mark Baugbog 22 days ago
"should not be allowed to drive because he cant handle a clutch" that was funny
Sojere Israeli
Sojere Israeli 22 days ago
Jayson Tatum not 19 he 22
kk zz
kk zz 23 days ago
He so overrated it's dumb
Jack 23 days ago
when u said “he still 19” i couldn’t hold in my laughter bruh that shit was funny
Bradley Burton
Bradley Burton 23 days ago
Did you say he's still 19? 🙄🤦‍♂️😂
Camerino Alvarez
Camerino Alvarez 23 days ago
He can’t use no whip cause he can’t handle the clutch😂😂😂this dude funny af
Zoe GanG4Life
Zoe GanG4Life 23 days ago
Cerioso The King
Cerioso The King 23 days ago
Just wanted to change the number
E. L.
E. L. 23 days ago
Kevin Lara
Kevin Lara 23 days ago
This fooooooooo is a savageeeeeeee😂😂😂💀
Jarosław Łoziński
Brian Payton
Brian Payton 24 days ago
His voice is the most annoying voice on US-first
Zachary Peery
Zachary Peery 24 days ago
LeBron just air balled a free throw against the Mavs
Builder Dog
Builder Dog 24 days ago
look at Tatum man, so insparational
Danny Troncoso
Danny Troncoso 24 days ago
shut up he is doing better than you
Henri Nikolai
Henri Nikolai 24 days ago
Fee Two
Assorted Uploaded
Assorted Uploaded 24 days ago
That was a lucky shot by Tatum..
Gabriel Maura
Gabriel Maura 24 days ago
Tatum is 22
dillonhamby 24 days ago
When it comes to those last few seconds this man doesn’t know what to do or how to do it.
Sava 24 days ago
Yeah but don't post shit about Lebron choking,he literally airballed a free throw
Warxnitro Gaming
Warxnitro Gaming 24 days ago
Toby Brown
Toby Brown 24 days ago
His hands is too big for the ball
kade bonath
kade bonath 24 days ago
I’m glad someone is finally criticizing Giannis...
Victor Benitez
Victor Benitez 24 days ago
That money would be useful for the stimulus check
Director X
Director X 24 days ago
Choker be throwing games sometimes
Awale Olad
Awale Olad 25 days ago
Dave Al.
Dave Al. 25 days ago
jayson tatum is not just 19 years old dude get youtr facts checked
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin 25 days ago
Every nba star has missed a clutch shot before
Matteo Bonacina
Matteo Bonacina 25 days ago
Man this is crazy. You said that giannis doesn't deserve a max contract because he missed that fre throw? Come on man
Katrell Alexander
Katrell Alexander 25 days ago
He’s 22 not 19 lol
Coby Matthews
Coby Matthews 25 days ago
I need 5000 for my stimulus check
Chase Neiderer
Chase Neiderer 26 days ago
He is 22
khiaza castilan
khiaza castilan 26 days ago
Haters sir
SasukeDroiid 26 days ago
Nigga said JT still 19!💀🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
florencio jr lauzon
He fogot his freethow..
Cobie Finay
Cobie Finay 26 days ago
And to think he was voted mvp over Harden smh
Prudhvi Vankineni
Prudhvi Vankineni 26 days ago
Hw can he forget freethrow when he doesnt have one🤣
Silky Slim
Silky Slim 26 days ago
Every true baller knows it can happen too yah just a little short
Nikos Chalkias
Nikos Chalkias 26 days ago
This guy thinks tatum is better than giannis 😁😁
J4nTzy 26 days ago
Amir Salhi
Amir Salhi 26 days ago
Lol, difficult shot by Tatum....... I don t think that he called the backboard
loltheworld 26 days ago
Lau A
Lau A 26 days ago
Giannis: *missed one freethrow* Trolls: "He doesn't deserve to get paid, he should give us the money because we are better."
Nikos Kalantas
Nikos Kalantas 26 days ago
Tatum didn’t call glass
fa.thabancz 26 days ago
Jason Tatums 22 bruh
Miko Fidel
Miko Fidel 26 days ago
the brick freak is back🔥🔥🔥
Mannsy83 26 days ago
Everybody misses
Slim Kim
Slim Kim 26 days ago
You're saying all this cuz he missed a free throw?
Johnny Teope
Johnny Teope 26 days ago
this the MVP how to play
just some ugly black dude
Lmao man I sure like to match this annoying voice with a face
RecycleYou 26 days ago
MR_5HN1ZL3 Osman.mohamed
Ayyy bro stop hating on the guy. So what if he choked ''It happens to the best of us''
Bosslars TV
Bosslars TV 27 days ago
Love this game can u pls support my Channel please guys us-first.info/player/video/pKh3pp6Bf4Z4oXU.html
Saide Simon
Saide Simon 27 days ago
Miss a game tying FT and lose to banked 3 pointer....sad
aris orais
aris orais 27 days ago
Get this guy a manual! Oppps, wrong channel.
Stimulus bill lol
Edis Delgado
Edis Delgado 27 days ago
He is not a good free throw shooter, he is only 72% for his career. Not news
philly boi
philly boi 27 days ago
Why tf you hating on him
Valtryek Gaming
Valtryek Gaming 27 days ago
0:50 exactly Always cracks me up
Kris Bowden
Kris Bowden 27 days ago
he’s 22 not 19
Anir Yoj
Anir Yoj 27 days ago
Ruben Preville
Ruben Preville 27 days ago
Go work for u money lol
FearsomeTurtle _
FearsomeTurtle _ 27 days ago
This dude voice will never get old 😭
Maybe Axel
Maybe Axel 27 days ago
It’s funny when he says “look at him pulling up, looking like Steph curry” and “MVP????”😂😂
xFizzo 27 days ago
Worst Free Throw Ever
NPR Wikeepa
NPR Wikeepa 27 days ago
The government needa take that money 😂😂😂
Toxic Otaku
Toxic Otaku 27 days ago
Bro i like your videos but you cant go hard on any nba player. Giannis in particular he is a player in another league of his own ofc its normal to miss a free throw cmon man it happens.
Alexandre Martins
Alexandre Martins 27 days ago
Jayson Tatum is 22 years old he was born in 98
Masta Flipp
Masta Flipp 27 days ago
Tatum is 22 not 19
Fluent 27 days ago
Ginnas getting Worried He still hasn’t gotten that ring Meanwhile his brother which who was barely even known has one already lol
yamom saidican
yamom saidican 27 days ago
Bro you funny as hell. Lmao
KINGhotaru11 27 days ago
Lol fam grilling giannis like xD
Jacob Green
Jacob Green 27 days ago
U Got me we that 19 🤣
flawl3ss 24
flawl3ss 24 27 days ago
Not bad for a guy who makes 27 million a year
Broth 27 days ago
He missed one Free Throw but ok.
Martel Carter
Martel Carter 27 days ago
I haven’t watched you since 2016 then you came across my head glad to see you with 1M💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Majin Oozaru
Majin Oozaru 27 days ago
Stimulus check on the way
I Weave Punches
I Weave Punches 27 days ago
1:10 he's actually 22
Kavijavi 23
Kavijavi 23 27 days ago
It’s a joke
maleman julpax
maleman julpax 28 days ago
Tatum game winning shot was a fluke
Kavijavi 23
Kavijavi 23 27 days ago
He still made it. If your saying that then giannis making the first free throw was fluke
GoodPrince 28 days ago
Unsubscribed cause I hate haters having their opinion from their comfortable chair
Young Blood
Young Blood 28 days ago
This nigga a hater
Aaron Gabriel Adams
Jason doing the Harden
Marcell Wallace
Marcell Wallace 28 days ago
Bruh said jayson Tatum is 19 😐
Kavijavi 23
Kavijavi 23 27 days ago
Have you heard of this thing called a joke
samefem1 28 days ago
Bro makes like $200 a sec, u gotta drop those.
good fellas
good fellas 28 days ago
Tatum hit "Luck Shot"
I highly doubt Tatum wanted to do that with shot, lucky bounce, but yeah he still made it.
Hirad Saberi
Hirad Saberi 28 days ago
bro he was tired my guy it happens, doesn't mean u gotta judge for 1 miss lmao
Wellrounded TV
Wellrounded TV 28 days ago
He needs to forget about chasing rings
Angel Rose Jr
Angel Rose Jr 28 days ago
Tatum 2020-2021 MVP at 19 years old
tanner Smith
tanner Smith 28 days ago
you sound madd
James DiAls
James DiAls 28 days ago
Lmao “The government needs to take away that money and put it in the stimulus check” I’m dead
Retarded Ryan
Retarded Ryan 28 days ago
He didnt even deserve the free throws. TT didnt even foul him and the refs still try and save him...
Kavijavi 23
Kavijavi 23 27 days ago
@Retarded Ryan not even the refs can save that man
Retarded Ryan
Retarded Ryan 27 days ago
@Kavijavi 23 refs do. They save him all the time esp last year against the Celtics when he got 7 fouls but the refs kept giving him a chance and switched it to being fouls on Celtics...
Kavijavi 23
Kavijavi 23 27 days ago
I mean ball don’t lie
GabyCustoms 28 days ago
Wait? He still 19??? Wow....he is good now, imagine in a couple of years
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