Giannis Embarrasses Himself Tryna Be Stephen Curry! Bucks vs Mavericks 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Embarrasses Himself Tryna Be Stephen Curry! Bucks vs Mavericks December 13, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 13, 2020




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Comments 100   
Delon Jones
Delon Jones Month ago
Yea mke in the joynt! Don't get caught sleepin On Mke, real, real
Andrés Gutierrez
Bro I’ve been watching this guy for 3 years now there’s not been a video that don’t make me laugh
Cig Sally
Cig Sally Month ago
"He baught some vc and upgraded his 3 point to a 25, now he dunno how to act" lol
Trevonne Gaming
Trevonne Gaming Month ago
He just to confident all happy in all especially cuz he the mvp
Reginald Knight
Reginald Knight Month ago
Every time somebody brick or miss you have to judge them how about you shoot a 3
Chris Month ago
What in the Demi god is that 😂😂😂
kingofkingz235 Month ago
I know the giant demi god is going to stay
Cooper Rey
Cooper Rey Month ago
he will stay
Clutch QF
Clutch QF Month ago
Hey everyone
Ryan Madrid
Ryan Madrid Month ago
I remember giannis doesn't have many haters until he shines
Daniel Jr Barragan
"Giannis bought vc and upgraded his 3 point to a 25 and now he dont know how to act!" 🤣💀
Noah Oswald
Noah Oswald Month ago
“7 ft giant Giannis tryna sell the season already” 😂
Mario Vasquez
Mario Vasquez Month ago
Well the “I’m gonna leave” didnt age well
GEO NITES Month ago
New shoe brand : AIR GIANNIS
somi park
somi park Month ago
청소남 편 유라시아
somi park
somi park Month ago
청소 유라시아
Julian Estrada
Julian Estrada Month ago
He thought it was 2k19 with the glitch
Simon Month ago
Giannis can’t shoot
Dimitris Ntousios
Fuck you
Trey Da Goat
Trey Da Goat Month ago
warpspeed Month ago
RU serious? "Look at Stef pulling from 40 feet while this 7 feet demigod has an airball"? Giannis makes more threes in a week than Curry has dunks on his carrier!
Lerry Ocean
Lerry Ocean Month ago
Preseason is the place to do that for GA
barking kitty
barking kitty Month ago
espn says giannis is currently 3rd beat player
RKPutra Month ago
it happen before
Derik Bazemore
Derik Bazemore Month ago
Breakaway dunk. I counted 5 steps. No travel call. I might be too old for this new game.
Bdag TheSauceGod
Mvp this yo mvp lol
Ladiesman 2117
Ladiesman 2117 Month ago
Big deal...he missed a 3
Fuck you, he ain't like your bitch ass Lebron switching teams to win rings!
Calvin Wijaya
Calvin Wijaya Month ago
giannis > curry 🖕🏻
張領 Month ago
And....Giannis re-signed with the Bucks...
Anakin Skywalker
Giannis is gonna leave Also Giannis:Signs a 5 year supermax with the bucks worth 228 million
Scotty Stockton
Scotty Stockton Month ago
Why would curry get braids
XxxSÎP x
XxxSÎP x Month ago
Giannis shouldnt have got mvp it should of been either Luka or bron
XxxSÎP x
XxxSÎP x Month ago
Or maybe ad
Wolsy Mira
Wolsy Mira Month ago
i cant stand gianis.. he always travel slow playback: 0:23
Odysseus Month ago
So now we know he's unable or unwilling to change his shooting mechanics, cause he had a whole lot of time to work on it.
Jojo Ent.
Jojo Ent. Month ago
Chris Cabalza
Chris Cabalza Month ago
0:07 bruhh
Schmiph Month ago
"We know you don't wanna stay" aged well
Oscar Argueta
Oscar Argueta Month ago
Giannis saw the beard's Hardden on the rim.
Immense Month ago
Flight:Akompo you are 23 feet 11 bro
NF_ HITMAN Month ago
He bought vc and dont know how to act with 25 three point
Christian Co
Christian Co Month ago
This youtuber is a warrior fan 😂
Hs 4a08
Hs 4a08 Month ago
225mil down the drain
dhannah15 Month ago
And he gettin $225 million....😔
prodigy 11
prodigy 11 Month ago
That was 228 million dollar air ball!
Jaylen James
Jaylen James Month ago
So he shouldn't try? Its going to take longer to get good at 3a if he doesn't shoot them in real games.
Exploding Uranus
Who watching this after Giannis signed his max extension?
shinkleihh Month ago
my player when they tryna do a pull up 3 with a 90 3-pointer rating, hof difficult shots, and hof range extender
George -13
George -13 Month ago
Whatchu said bitch!?!
Dondon AndFriends
you are giannis hater idiot
Golden splash frost
Anyone here after giannis 5 year extension
Drake627 Month ago
Yall acting like that shot costed the Bucks a Championship 😂
Martin Grayson
Martin Grayson Month ago
? Dude he can do whatever he wants in the pre season. Plus how can he improve if hell not try. Just stop pretending as if everyone is perfect. If he doesnt or does take a jumpshot theres one form of criticism or another. 🤮🤢
Caspian Bailey
Caspian Bailey Month ago
He still dunking
That’s Incredible
But he still better
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz Month ago
lolz say what u want about the guy, he still got millions of dollars more than you...
Raymond Burks
Raymond Burks Month ago
Upgrade to 25 three
Charles Krueger
Charles Krueger Month ago
Stop. Talking.
Ante Jelepe
Ante Jelepe Month ago
Didn't age well
Mojadihloho KereMalome
I didn’t know you clown like this ciao pal, I ain’t got time for dumbasses #subs❌
Caleb Eason
Caleb Eason Month ago
I hate this guy
Rei Mavis
Rei Mavis Month ago
Wtf is this BS US-firstr saying?? If he takes 3pt shot you roast him and when some don't take 3pt (ben simmons) you also roast them?? PS. Stop hating and just enjoy the game
Jeff Woodard
Jeff Woodard Month ago
Cash? What the fuck
TheRealChong Month ago
This aged poorly my guy
SRT Roach
SRT Roach Month ago
He’s trying to get prepared for Golden State
mr. E
mr. E Month ago
Let nba player breathe
mr. E
mr. E Month ago
Man what are you? Why u not expecting turn overs from player? Are they robots?
Neal Cruz
Neal Cruz Month ago
*U aint steph curry BaaBYyyy!!*
thisissillly15 Perry
This nigga tryna get traded😂
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola Month ago
Giannis: Kobe
Robert Likesdonuts
Giannis thought he was bol bol
Kay _leoras
Kay _leoras Month ago
It's preseason chill out
Marq V
Marq V Month ago
Thank you and God bless
BOE from N.F.L.
BOE from N.F.L. Month ago
Bro u LAME
ItzAka LilSmokey
Obviously he can’t shoot lmao we all know that but he still good😂💯
Jean Bonaventure de Vigo Almereyda
The greek smoke
Growth and Development Big G’z
Giannis is leaving Milwaukee you guys got rid of Bledsoe to get a younger version of him
Big Neaners
Big Neaners Month ago
Bruh it’s preseason, it doesn’t matter so he’s gonna take shots sped kid lmao
Timothy Karamagi
This is a sign of growth he isn’t just relying on driving to the rim only if put in the situation he can shoot too
k m
k m Month ago
how these big dudes get into the nba and can’t shoot????!?!?!?! y’all skip over skilled players for folks who can only score under the basketball! y’all better ask lebron why he perfected his jumper & 3 ball. you can’t win without one.
emmanuel faraon
emmanuel faraon Month ago
well to be honest he is more atlhetic than steph and that is what you need in basketball is not just shooting and passing. that is why he is the mvp.
MobCh Month ago
Told ya.. Overrated
sxlx Month ago
Giannis to the Warriors might just happen because he knows the Warriors just need one more piece.
LiL Ap
LiL Ap Month ago
Akumpo you're literally 390 ft tall. smh.
Strucid _Combos
Strucid _Combos Month ago
Why curry why not dame or LeBron
Fernando Amador
Fernando Amador Month ago
Im here just to say why are you still making videos 😶 your a joke.... you don’t know shit about basketball . Your always talking crap about players like you can do better ! You couldn’t make it as a gatorade boy !
Culture First, Politics Second And Economics Third
Giannis is a bum who is overachieving. The Bucks should trade him somewhere to be a third option and start their rebuilding process now.
Giannis should bring back his old form.
Trapgod 941
Trapgod 941 Month ago
Listen he better stay GET PAID!
Evan Diaz
Evan Diaz Month ago
Akumpo of giannis you are literally 52 foot 9
Shrek Doubt
Shrek Doubt Month ago
"shit I'm pullin' up I'm leaving anyway" lmaoo
Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar Month ago
Lebron shoulda got mvp
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Remember you will miss some to make some💯💯💯🤐🤫 he is almost a seven footer what do you expect
Sam Hauser
Sam Hauser Month ago
Just because he shot a three doesn’t mean he thinks he’s Steph
Ralph Angelo Laderas
Giannis is not the real MVP he didn't deserve it
ItzLando Month ago
Whys the dude that's narrating sound like Kendrick Lamar? 😂
notmeforsure100 Month ago
how well did shaq shoot from outside?
Hunter Sparks
Hunter Sparks Month ago
Giannis will stay based on how the bucks play in pre season, Rn it looks like he is
47Hundo Month ago
Bro steph hitting that tunnel shot pissed me off n ion know why 😂😭 like bro hand/eye coordination is God like
Nick Month ago
This why the NBA is now low quality play.
Jaleo Cuffee
Jaleo Cuffee Month ago
1 shot
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