Giannis Can't Believe How Lakers' Kostas Antetokounmpo Is Living After Winning Championship! 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Can't Believe How Lakers' Kostas Antetokounmpo Is Living After Winning Championship!
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Oct 26, 2020




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草{Free Music} ruok
Joy Month ago
Love the brotherly love lol 💕
Pause 2 months ago
Kostas: Giannis: so this how a champ act 😤
Tyeem Mason
Tyeem Mason 2 months ago
That a Brother keepers of my brother win some before me ima be happy and do the same thing ginnias doing
2 HeartLess Gaming
2 HeartLess Gaming 2 months ago
😂😂I'll be mad if my brother got a ring before me and ain't put in no work
Ranuel Tee
Ranuel Tee 2 months ago
Haha this is hilarious
Carlieto'way 2 months ago
Come to the lakers and you can live like that too!!!🙂🙂
chris petersson
chris petersson 2 months ago
Don’t forget that Giannis will never win a championship
1HP 2 months ago
Come to Miami when you a free agent Giannis and you will get one too and you would earn yours.
MNC 2 months ago
Kostas a champ but not an MVP
Charles Baldwin
Charles Baldwin 2 months ago
On some real shit..Gianni's need to be at the gym working on his game Lebron got your brother that ring Gianni's been at home since Miami put my Bucks out n he not working on his game..Lebron just won the finals mvp n his 4th ring a few weeks ago n he already back working out n getting ready for next season..
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago
We need the 2k video back
God Has A Plan For you
He is not even in the scoring team or the workers team he just was a cheerleader Let’s go champ.
tbhturbo 2 months ago
He’s jealous as fuck😂😂😂😂
Cj James
Cj James 2 months ago
I’m happy for these dudes😄. For real
Don Vo
Don Vo 2 months ago
Save some of that money. You going need it when lebron trades you
SCOTTY OPTIMO 2 months ago
Diverse Gamer
Diverse Gamer 2 months ago
U gotta love’em
Dante Greer
Dante Greer 2 months ago
🔥One brother a 2x MVP another a NBA Champion. I can’t wait to see the third defensive player of the year 🔒.. 👇🏾 #NGUOYLIFE
Duke107 2 months ago
He need to stop bullshytin and come to la
Straightoutofchiraq 2 months ago
He didn't even play lol
Cameron Bartlett
Cameron Bartlett 2 months ago
Giannis if u want a ring come to the lakers
HR Investing
HR Investing 2 months ago
Soufside Hood
Soufside Hood 2 months ago
That’s dope
George Washington Carver
He wouldn’t no about being a champion
Kelvin Castillo
Kelvin Castillo 2 months ago
That railing has no use for their height
Christopher Robin Gaming
Watching Venom dudes acting different 😂😂😂😂 the champ is here!!
1motorcitychop 2 months ago
Lol that's what's up mannn
President Gumball
President Gumball 2 months ago
Kostas: *Breathes* Giannis: So this is How a Champ Acts
Garfield Curtis Jr.
Garfield Curtis Jr. 2 months ago
Family must be so proud. All sons are basketball stars. Ones a 2 time MVP, another won a chip...geesh
Kwesi Johnson
Kwesi Johnson 2 months ago
I just love brotherly love!!!! Thank goodness for good people!!
Nicky OUtlaw
Nicky OUtlaw 2 months ago
The part when he said "Im livin life man".
Nicky OUtlaw
Nicky OUtlaw 2 months ago
Yvan Angeles
Yvan Angeles 2 months ago
Go to lakers. Be a champ champ
Salah Ahmed
Salah Ahmed 2 months ago
Holy shit they are rich
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 2 months ago
Imagine Giannis joining the Lakers, AD + Freak will be the Twin Towers terrorizing the paint with their defense.
Zarze99 2 months ago
@TheTemper-King Also, I know it won't happen. Just sayin
Zarze99 2 months ago
@TheTemper-King they run a 7 man rotation, then the rest are league minimum contracts, teams can sign minimum players no matter the cap space.
TheTemper-King 2 months ago
Bruh with what cap space? You must be signing a whole bunch of 3 million dollar contracts for the role players or something
AllBluelagoon 2 months ago
Imagine Giannis joins the lakers😱
JLOPEZ 2 months ago
Wat? Living Kostas can't afford the yacht its clearly giannis yatch , it was in hes ig . Its just wat hes eating lol the click bate
antonio oteyza
antonio oteyza 2 months ago
go to a team with a great pointguard.. like mavs or gs..
Giannis NEEDS to join the Warriors to dethrone Kostas!
Doggy World Boxing
Doggy World Boxing 2 months ago
Aye he got one tho 😂😂😂
CC Jordan
CC Jordan 2 months ago
Giannis: aye what you drink bro? Kostas: tears
Time Traveling Old Man
Giannis and his brothers are so cool lmao
EricJoseph Lagando
EricJoseph Lagando 2 months ago
He's just lucky tho
Never Quit
Never Quit 2 months ago
Kostas is on a champ team by association, he did nothing bcuz he had *zero finals play time. Not to hate but its facts.
Dude Muscle
Dude Muscle 2 months ago
There’s a lot more that goes on with a team behind the scenes.
Cp Gwalla
Cp Gwalla 2 months ago
Im sorry but if i win MVP two years in a row & my brother(who didnt even play in single a playoff game) wins a championship before me he gotta catch this fade 😂😂😂😂
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
The other bro isn’t getting any clout
Gordo Skinny
Gordo Skinny 2 months ago
Y’all tweaking if you think he fakin that’s his lil brother man they been thru it together yeah I’m sure he want a chip to but to think he clowning him y’all wrong
Blu Cato
Blu Cato 2 months ago
I miss my big brother 💙🙏🏾 I love seeing this 💯
Atiba Gaskin
Atiba Gaskin 2 months ago
Antonio Olmedo
Antonio Olmedo 2 months ago
Giannis antetokounmpo is prolly super happy for his bro and coming for a poor happy it's just a great to see him happy
Richard Blajos
Richard Blajos 2 months ago
You know u can be one too if u join the gold side
Antony Brown
Antony Brown 2 months ago
Gianni's so sick!!!
Wing Demon
Wing Demon 2 months ago
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez 2 months ago
Living good for a benchwarmer
Nathan Darren Galvez
And suddenly he ain't getting a ring
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 2 months ago
proud brother
Kunal Ketkar
Kunal Ketkar 2 months ago
Kostas breathes. Giannis : This what Champs do now😂
Rom Sawyer
Rom Sawyer 2 months ago
I have a ring, exactly like that one, a mickey mouse ring 😂
dakdak612 2 months ago
Did giannis say “whattup trump” at the end😂😂😂
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen 2 months ago
dakdak612 2 months ago
Watching venom, and his nuts. 😂
John Ramos
John Ramos 2 months ago
He has changed a lot 😂😂😂
Dennis Hu
Dennis Hu 2 months ago
Giannis lowkey wanna throw him off the side of the boat
Adam Jaworski
Adam Jaworski 2 months ago
rly ? 0 mins on court, braggin bout bein champ ?
Marc Gonzales
Marc Gonzales 2 months ago
Giannis is just jelous 😂😂😂🏆
Jermaine Blalock
Jermaine Blalock 2 months ago
Sitting on a bench
GamingQuirk 2 months ago
“Watching Venom, and his nuts” 😂😂😂
D'Angelo Spence
D'Angelo Spence 2 months ago
Dat boy didn’t do anything all season😭 got a free ring
Jeremiah Jenkins
Jeremiah Jenkins 2 months ago
YO giannis your brother didnt do anything in the finals and tyler herro is better than your brother
Ali BELKHIRI 2 months ago
itxOrange Gamer
itxOrange Gamer 2 months ago
MIKESKY 2 months ago
Kostas won championship but not that happy at all. Cause he knows he did not work hard for it in an active court
Levi Guy
Levi Guy 2 months ago
Giannis is proud of his brother but swear, he is a bit jealous of him.
Leak Banga
Leak Banga 2 months ago
Sounds like big brother salty and really wanna say lil brother didnt do nothing for that title
GK Marley
GK Marley 2 months ago
Giannis funny af
GK Marley
GK Marley 2 months ago
matt 2 months ago
Wow haha what a good big brother!
Roger Ian Navarro
Roger Ian Navarro 2 months ago
Its time for Giannis to play for the Lakers next year! He leads it with Davis for the next two years!
conch .
conch . 2 months ago
His brother heated. Know he ain’t do shit! 😂
tingaers 2 months ago
is he still a lakers?
1 2
1 2 2 months ago
Drinkin that juice with his PINKY UP :) playa!
Your Mother
Your Mother 2 months ago
Watching Giannis is always cringe dude is weird AF
Flex4Clout-_ 2 months ago
Kostas chilled with his unknown brother is so amazing
Socal YakPak
Socal YakPak 2 months ago
Stay humble son
lé exit
lé exit 2 months ago
you can see that giannis is hurting deep down that he didn’t win a chip but is still happy for his brother
Hating on Y’all 2020
Kostas: Goes to the use the bathroom Giannis: SO THIS WHAT A CHAMP DOES!!
3minecraft 32
3minecraft 32 Month ago
TwoTiime 2 months ago
PatriceReyna NoFxkery
Extermnate 2 months ago
LeBron make it happen man
Demond Hopkins
Demond Hopkins 2 months ago
I think Giannis should run it back one more time even thought got some more Competition this up coming season
GmarK_Papo 2 months ago
Kostas balled out fasho, easily deserved finals MVP...! Facts.
BLUEAJ23 2 months ago
I remember when this guy used to make parody videos the kd and kyrie voices were hilarious🤣
kathy Johson
kathy Johson 2 months ago
These are some strange times...😷😷😷😷
James Ty
James Ty 2 months ago
his final stats PTS 7 REB 3 AST 2 +/- -1
Brycenhasacat 2 months ago
Ultra Mystic
Ultra Mystic 2 months ago
I love how he’s there for him he feels like he’s done it and the good thing is it’s his brother that got a chip 🍟
Bleron ZH
Bleron ZH 2 months ago
As if Kostas did something 😂
Rain Patch
Rain Patch 2 months ago
I want a big bro Giannis 😂
Brian Reynosa
Brian Reynosa 2 months ago
I love how they playfully joke about how he didn’t really help them😂 he knows it too but I’m glad they are enjoying it and I hope we keep kostas
Qmic 2 months ago
Why do i hear Chump?😆😆😆
Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz 2 months ago
Kostas didn’t do shit to help the Lakers win a championship 😂 We all know Lebron and AD carried the team