Giannis 49 Points vs Durant 42 Points! 2020-21 NBA Season 

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May 3, 2021




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Thrilla Babyy
I want to see a try hard series no injuries then We’ll know who the better team is.
TooSlick 3x
TooSlick 3x 2 days ago
Kyrie’s statement about him and KD being able to hit them last shots not holding up lol. One game they both missed game winners 😂😂😂
RAY Kaby
RAY Kaby 2 days ago
Kd landing on the last shot was terrifyin
Raihan Rumi
Raihan Rumi 3 days ago
Lakers dont have player that casually score 35+points
Mahmoud Dahoud
Mahmoud Dahoud 3 days ago
Jrue had Kyrie in Jail
Nikeem Hopper
Nikeem Hopper 3 days ago
Kd reminds me of jamal Crawford
Philip Heston
Philip Heston 3 days ago
Kyrie misplaced his trust, KD missed the last shot... buda kyrie is gnna have to take the last shots 😂😂
Lee Mcnair
Lee Mcnair 3 days ago
Kd just can shoot when or wherever he wants
Suleyman Muradov
Suleyman Muradov 3 days ago
1:20 clearly a flop😭😭
Lawson Shaw
Lawson Shaw 3 days ago
You know the rules
FH THE KING 3 days ago
FH THE KING 3 days ago
Carlos G
Carlos G 3 days ago
Greek freak is getting better
Line Hagen
Line Hagen 3 days ago
Man you forgot the highlight of the night. Giannis absolutely stuffed Durant on his step back mid range. Man I have never seen anybody block kds step back, but I guess Giannis can.
Must_Tang Boss
Must_Tang Boss 3 days ago
KD was pulling on Akumpo all night, but that poster Akumpo put on Durant tho...sheesh..
مهند 3 days ago
samuel clark
samuel clark 3 days ago
76ers vs Jazz finals
Elisha Agyeman
Elisha Agyeman 3 days ago
oh yes daddykumpo
Adam Ismael
Adam Ismael 3 days ago
i thought the thumbnail was youngboy for a sec 🤣
Elie Disso
Elie Disso 3 days ago
No poster?
Royal Me
Royal Me 3 days ago
Ramadan KD missed last shot for a religous purpose 😂
Karl Joseph
Karl Joseph 3 days ago
Bryce McDonald
Bryce McDonald 3 days ago
Should have showed the block on Durant Giannis had!
lé Happért
lé Happért 3 days ago
I'd love to see Bucks vs Nets in the ECF
rtms tana
rtms tana 3 days ago
These highlights straight up dissreepect giannis
Tre Brewer
Tre Brewer 3 days ago
They lucky they do not have Harden
Chaz Chaz
Chaz Chaz 3 days ago
Why is everyone talking about Kd gianns just dropped 49 give gianns some credit
MarkyBo 1204
MarkyBo 1204 3 days ago
Greek freak ain’t no joke! 🤣 👊🏾
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan 3 days ago
Gianni lowkey deserves a 3rd straight MVP
Brian Chavez
Brian Chavez 3 days ago
I don’t understand how they didn’t put someone else on giannis seeing how DJ was getting dominated by giannis
Nick 34
Nick 34 3 days ago
Giannis is getting near to his final form👀
Com3dy Trio Gamez
We just not gonna talk about giannis 49? Aight
Antonis Vasileiadis
where is Giannis block and poster on Durant?
sercan tor
sercan tor 3 days ago
I love KD
Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman 3 days ago
Where is the Giannis dunk and block on KD??
Shuayb Khan
Shuayb Khan 4 days ago
I think the only reason Durant doesn't miss is because they accidentally made his release timing to 100% green
Devastinator 4 days ago
Jeff E
Jeff E 4 days ago
I miss Harden
THE GOAT 4 days ago
giannis and kd are two walking cheat codes
Ronaldo Zakolli
Ronaldo Zakolli 4 days ago
The disrespect on giannis, leaving him open for a three so often lmao😅
Ronaldo Zakolli
Ronaldo Zakolli 3 days ago
@Nicolas Kauttmann pretty cool
Ronaldo Zakolli
Ronaldo Zakolli 3 days ago
@travi i know he is, i just emphasized it
travi 3 days ago
Because he’s a bad three-point shooter and you live with those when he makes them
Nicolas Kauttmann
he hit 4 tho
M. E
M. E 4 days ago
Smoove you gotta react to the extended highlights
Rhondel Brigino
Rhondel Brigino 4 days ago
MIL have tucker, giannis, middleton, holiday, connaughton and lopez. Damn
StafaTheGOAT 4 days ago
Nothing to worry about Kyrie is fasting and they missing harden Brooklyn in 4
JulianMiner 4 days ago
Yo look at the youtube link lol
iRushton 4 days ago
The url lmao
Arnold Asare
Arnold Asare 4 days ago
Gifted kd
Ellhnas Kinezos
Ellhnas Kinezos 4 days ago
BurningElement 4 days ago
1:15 Imagine smoove pulled out the "Slowpez"
Julio Fernandes
Julio Fernandes 4 days ago
KD listening to to much Pooh shiesty
TyChaser 4 days ago
If Giannis scores 50 in a dub then imagine what Embiid will do.
Bonez001 4 days ago
I’m a Kyrie fan but Jrue put the clamps on my guy. GG Bucks, see y’all Tuesday (and maybe in the ECF)
Yatan 4 days ago
why not show Giannis blocking KD in the clutch
Neeraj Sabu
Neeraj Sabu 4 days ago
Today’s cooked dish: Deandre Jordan😂
Rezdagoat 4 days ago
Kd hesi pull up is the most unstoppable move since kareem skyhook.
zamvsu Tv
zamvsu Tv 3 days ago
it’s actually no hesi
Renaldy Andrean
Renaldy Andrean 4 days ago
yea smoove is officially zo hater, no video whatsoever after his career high?
NoTaPRoGamER498 4 days ago
Jey Calc
Jey Calc 4 days ago
Harden just chillin lol
Ty2DaMoon 4 days ago
Game of the year? 👀
Aj Zheng
Aj Zheng 4 days ago
If nets want a chance at that prize, they should adjust their interior defense any bigs now just a monster against them.
colinz fn
colinz fn 4 days ago
Everytime KD gets injured, he gets better.
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso 4 days ago
Donte DPOY
Dimpus ASL
Dimpus ASL 4 days ago
does anyone know when will harden be back? they already are a scary team without him!
Dimpus ASL
Dimpus ASL 3 days ago
@zamvsu Tv dam i thought he was gonna be back earlier... thanks!
zamvsu Tv
zamvsu Tv 3 days ago
playoffs probably second round
sikelela Mbatha
sikelela Mbatha 4 days ago
So that Giannis block on KD wasn't worth a highlight reel?
Aiyan Shamshad
Aiyan Shamshad 4 days ago
I know right.
Med Ba
Med Ba 4 days ago
Nets are chillin rn wait till playoffs
Jmist 4 days ago
that Kyrie quote about KD being clutch aged beautifully
invalid username
invalid username 2 days ago
@xXHeartlessxxGamersXx stop projecting child
Jamesen 2 days ago
@invalid username What??
Musa Gaming
Musa Gaming 3 days ago
@ryan green facts joel embid has higher per 36 than mj does make him better these stats don't take situation to account. Scoring a regular season game winner is different to playoff
Musa Gaming
Musa Gaming 3 days ago
Bronsexual make my blood boil
ryan green
ryan green 3 days ago
If you idiots kn the comments think that kd isn't clutch and only trust basketball stats. Then you are a casual. If we go by those standards than I guess MJ, Kobe, LBJ, Dirk, Hakeem, and many others aren't clutch due to percentages
Gio Mercado
Gio Mercado 4 days ago
As a nets fan i dont want facing the bucks in the 2nd round so that 1st seed is important to us
Naveed Thalappil
Naveed Thalappil 4 days ago
Giannis Antetokounmpo stats: 49/8/4 21-36 FG (58.3%) 4-8 3PT (50.0%) 3 blocks 1 turnover
Greek Young buck
Greek Young buck 4 days ago
@Managed that's how everyone plays Gainnis what do you expect?
Managed 4 days ago
Black Obito
Black Obito 4 days ago
4 3s??? Oh no
Abdul Makera
Abdul Makera 4 days ago
Kd make it looks so easy, d guy is just gifted.
Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine 4 days ago
Giannis has improved his shooting
Felipe Arce
Felipe Arce 4 days ago
KD could drop 40+ every game if he wanted to, he a walking bucket
NG 7
NG 7 3 days ago
yeh on 30+ shots a lot of players can do that if they are allowed
Ben Agyeman
Ben Agyeman 4 days ago
Giannis was cooking Deandre Jordan whole game
Mansoor 4 days ago
dont even show the giannis block on durant..
Vince Cruz
Vince Cruz 4 days ago
I want the same energy from giannis in the playoffs because hes trash in the playoffs
Carlos Salamanca
Carlos Salamanca 4 days ago
They let giannis shoot unlike durant
Carlos Salamanca
Carlos Salamanca 4 days ago
Giannis scored 49 becoz of that bad Def of dj,jeff and bg.
B W 4 days ago
Match up of the Season 🐍 vs Greek Freak
Jey Rey
Jey Rey 4 days ago
If Harden doesn't come back Bucks might sweep Nets so Nets gotta take the first seed cause we all know 76ers wont sweep the Bucks…
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 4 days ago
The fact that KD has only played 30 games in 2 years and still drops 40 is insane. Yall should appreciate him
Yxng J4ys0n
Yxng J4ys0n 4 days ago
Kd wat u doin on a burner again
Ron Paulo Ramos
Ron Paulo Ramos 4 days ago
Who says we dont appreciate it? Come on cuh!
Managed 4 days ago
I’m telling you bro...one of the best to ever do it
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 4 days ago
nets once harden comes back gonna be scary
McGloxK 4 days ago
how u go show giannis hitting 1 three dnt be shy show the other ones
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 4 days ago
Imagine the scenes if KD made the last bucket man 😭
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 2 days ago
@☁️CLOWD☁️ I know man I'm just rusty bro it's been a while. I should have checked the time
Clutch3Ball 3 days ago
You choked vs. a non-shooter
Bruh you had time to stop on the dime pump fake him/ let him fly by and pull up GG anyways
Managed 4 days ago
Ong😭...haters finna be going crazy
NoTaPRoGamER498 4 days ago
Ice 23
Ice 23 4 days ago
Why do I feel more confident on KD making every shot he does than Lebron
will 4 days ago
Deandre jordan got cooked!!!!!
Paul Lack
Paul Lack 4 days ago
Smoove wheres the Giannis dunk on Kd?
Hypotheticals Are Pointless
Bruh, KD's crossover be across the pacific ocean in another dimension.
Hypotheticals Are Pointless
@Kev is fye 🤣🤣
Tre McRae
Tre McRae 3 days ago
Bruh deadass man 🤣🤣
Kev is fye
Kev is fye 3 days ago
That made no sense, but you not lying lol
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 4 days ago
KD: Chokes Game-Winner Stephen A: AHIHIEEEEEE!
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan 4 days ago
KD: Chokes Game-Winner Dame: I Barely sent u Home!
Maximus Lafayette
KD vs Giannis is always a fun matchup, they always put a great showdown for real
Giannis’ block on KD’s jumper was amazing
RiqueTC 00
RiqueTC 00 3 days ago
@Vince Cruz Did anyone ask?
Moraad Assabri
Moraad Assabri 3 days ago
@jonathan Fit He block A fade
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks 4 days ago
You just wish they got the stop after that. Why did Kyrie have to make that tho? 😭
Managed 4 days ago
Yeah it was nice ig
jonathan Fit
jonathan Fit 4 days ago
@Usman Akhtar yea I ain’t gonna lie it was , I’ve never seen someone blocking KD from upfront I’ve seen from the back without him knowing but from upfront is crazy
Selim Bütün
Selim Bütün 4 days ago
Giannis 😤😤
Margad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar
KD is a walking bucket, but is a one-dimensional player.
Margad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar
@Usman Akhtar If he had that something which lacks in him he would be compared to Jordan.
Leroy Green
Leroy Green 4 days ago
I have a feeling you don't understand what you're saying.
Usman Akhtar
Usman Akhtar 4 days ago
@chris anthony one-dimensional?
chris anthony
chris anthony 4 days ago
@Usman Akhtar something called the truth
Usman Akhtar
Usman Akhtar 4 days ago
Tf are u talking bout?
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 4 days ago
when giannis shoots consistently it’s over for the league 😭
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 3 days ago
@Chromie Dealer o
Chromie Dealer
Chromie Dealer 4 days ago
Would agree but you have your name as lamelo ball and he’s your profile pic so I can’t take anything you say seriously
Hilkeejah Jaydon Désiré
@Kevin Esquer HUH?
Kevin Esquer
Kevin Esquer 4 days ago
So why do you have your account based on lamelo and not giannis
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 4 days ago
giannis jumpshot is getting better
travi 3 days ago
Com3dy Trio Gamez
Very True Lamelo
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 4 days ago
KD is the best scorer the nba has ever seen
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 4 days ago
@Uri Poutiga KD > Lebron as a scorer
Uri Poutiga
Uri Poutiga 4 days ago
Scrotie McBoogerballs
Potential playoff matchup, gg
yourrage 4 days ago
My stay fly No cap
The thing that shocked me was Giannis only had 4 rebounds
He had 8 which is still low for him but still
My stay fly No cap
The one thing that shocked me that g
aricatalX op
aricatalX op 4 days ago
Holiday kept Irving in a horrible percentage. My god he is a hell of a defender.
Obi Chukwura
Obi Chukwura 3 days ago
@Usman Akhtar KPJ the goat tho you haven't heard?
Epic Experiment
Epic Experiment 3 days ago
@Usman Akhtar he wasn’t serious that time . He had to stored his energy as he had back to back
Paul BIGGS 3 days ago
@Paul Lack Couldnt Clamp Curry or Kevin porter jr the best player of all time
Aryan Jindal
Aryan Jindal 3 days ago
@Reign Is CrackedHe coudn’t drink water the whole game
Reign Is Cracked
Reign Is Cracked 3 days ago
@CashoutKid23 what do you mean by that
EightyEight 4 days ago
Kevin Durant had an Achilles injury and somehow got better...
XzealX 3 days ago
@Yxng J4ys0n that dude always incredible in regular season then playoffs come n he disappears 😔
Musa Gaming
Musa Gaming 3 days ago
Kd is healthy he would be rehabilitating if he was not
EDCM Akainu
EDCM Akainu 3 days ago
@xXHeartlessxxGamersXx when does 49 became 50?? back in 2019 when Harden and Booker scored 59 i never heard anybody saying they score 60. c'mon bro 🤣
@EDCM Akainu that’s 50 bro I’m sorry
Caleb dejoun
Caleb dejoun 3 days ago
@Eruptic How is Giannis choking?