GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE - Mini-Pufts Character Reveal 

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Sweet. Mischievous. Savage. 🔥 Mini-Pufts are out of the bag, don't miss #Ghostbusters: Afterlife only in theaters this fall.
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From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. The film is written by Jason Reitman & Gil Kenan.
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Apr 7, 2021




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kash smith
kash smith 21 hour ago
The destructor has returned.
AXEL the Hedgehog
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is my favorite villain the original Ghostbusters Franchise
Anthony Barber
Anthony Barber 2 days ago
that one got melted it didn't make it 😫
Ben Fake
Ben Fake 3 days ago
I bet theres a lot of people that would pay $50-$100 to watch this movie right now.
Lachlan Rice
Lachlan Rice 4 days ago
Is this actually in the movie?
Ray Stantz
Ray Stantz 3 days ago
Douglas A. Schmitt
The sound editing in this is so pristine
Ferox Draconis
Ferox Draconis 4 days ago
I want to hug one or to it one(only if it won’t damage my stomach )
Preston K. Productions
It's so nice hearing the original soundtrack.
Kuehlfilms Rico
Kuehlfilms Rico 4 days ago
For me is this too childly.
Piedmont Railfan81
Him being in the Baskin Robins area was definitley a nod to the first ant-man, where he was stuck working at Baskin Robins.
LaNoir 6 days ago
It's funny how long he just watched them killing each other instead of running away, screaming, like every sane person would
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman 6 days ago
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman 6 days ago
Tyrone Bozeman
Tyrone Bozeman 6 days ago
SubjectRandom 7 days ago
Dark stuff. It could get gritty.
Charles babyboy taylor
What happened if I eat them????
Vanea Vicente
Vanea Vicente 7 days ago
Miguel Arrazola
Miguel Arrazola 7 days ago
Ahhh amo a los mini babys michelines :)
joseph blaszak
joseph blaszak 8 days ago
Oh no....
BendyNotFound 8 days ago
Baby Stay Puft
Jonny Taylor
Jonny Taylor 9 days ago
Doesn't Paul Rudd character look somewhat similar to animated RGB Peter Venkman without the beard.
91481 H2
91481 H2 9 days ago
Man Product Placement in movies has definitely gotten even worse. This movie should be selling a story not diabetes and obesity to people. Why does this movie have to exist? Paul Feig ruined Ghostbusters for everyone with his shit show of a movie. The Franchise needed time for people to forget about that dumpster sludge. It's still too fresh in people's minds. Akroyd, Reitman, and Reitman's son cannot save this franchise from the Idiots at Sony. Jason could have taken the franchise to a different approach. They should have waited ten years then do something different. They could have done a CGI animated Ghostbusters based off of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon show from the 80s or the IDW Comics and used the lore from both the comics and cartoon to make it scary because some of the creatures from the cartoon show and comics were pretty creepy. That could work for a CGI Ghostbusters movie. They also could have done a Ghostbusters movie with an entirely different team, but with the same continuation. They could have established that after the events in the Ghostbusters video game. The Ghostbusters expanded their franchise to like-minded paranormal detectives in other parts of the country. They could have done a Ghostbusters movie set in Chicago with a new team of Ghostbusters who are part of the Ghostbusters Chicago Unit are set out to explore the paranormal through the lens of Chicago's very dark, very messed up, and very real history. I mean the Serial Killer HH Holmes made his name in Chicago's history. That's something writers could explore in a Ghostbusters movie.
JMBGames 13 hours ago
Product placement in movies is nothing new (it’s just Baskin Robbins big whoop) and why can’t you be grateful we are actually getting a ghostbusters 3 Also Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t bad just a mediocre sequel, it didn’t kill the franchise if you actually did some research a Ghostbusters 3 was in development for so long, but Bill Murray being iffy on it, and the script being re written so many times is what killed the franchise. The reboot was just boring and was a watered down version of the original, highly forgettable. Some ideas you have are interesting but just because it doesn’t go the way you wanna it, doesn’t mean you should bash it instantly when we don’t even know the plot of the movie.
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz 4 days ago
Yes because realistic we go to store a stuff realism we get no real food or ppl totally don't get ice cream someone as paul ruid who actually use to work there as a nod to his first antman movie reference. Yes you all say te samething why even bother continue, like even reality the actors would on respected as ghosbusyers disbanded bexaise terehasnotbbee a ghost sighting in 30 years that only egon was left to care and researh abd teach ppl about.
Michael Gardner
Michael Gardner 9 days ago
They're like the size of big testicles
RFSA180 9 days ago
Shut it off.
GaM3 B0Y
GaM3 B0Y 9 days ago
is this going to be a deleated scene?
Kevin Chau
Kevin Chau 6 days ago
We'll just have to wait and find out
Tiana roberge roberge
Cgi animation ghostbust
That Dude
That Dude 9 days ago
Is there any word for this besides "bizarre"?
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 9 days ago
Calling it now, these little shits are gonna all combine into Stay Puff again.
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect 9 days ago
@Ghostbusters Really cute and nasty!
Miss K
Miss K 9 days ago
I cannot get enough of this. I love the one that is pulling itself down the skewer that's in its belly. And the one with the chocolate blanket it loves so much. We need a version of these that we can eat!
Jamie Fiaschetti
Jamie Fiaschetti 9 days ago
See, now that's how you do Ghostbusters
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie 9 days ago
These guys are disturbing and hilarious. I love it
Max Brandt
Max Brandt 10 days ago
They're like Nurglings from 40k only way cuter but just as whimsically demented!
Bradley Marks
Bradley Marks 10 days ago
It is Stay Puff not puft...
Thunderheade Danno
Thunderheade Danno 10 days ago
Ya see the thumbnail it looks wholesome.... Now to throw it down some hole for just how dark it went
Alexander Ip
Alexander Ip 10 days ago
191 Pillsbury Dough-folk disliked it
SkywardPrimeGalaxy 10 days ago
He didn't try the Mango Fruit Blast.
Karisa Rafania MD
Karisa Rafania MD 10 days ago
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H Bubby
H Bubby 10 days ago
The dislikes are are the people that the the 2016 version was great.
The Ghost in the Studio Productions
Evil has never been this damn adorable
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry 10 days ago
Aw look at those cute little things so adorable.
Axel Garcia
Axel Garcia 10 days ago
Ghostbusters afterlife only to theaters june 11 on theaters
C PT 10 days ago
This definitely looks like it could potentially produce material for a sequel to the 2009 video game... 🤔 🎮👻🚫
MLD 10 days ago
Honestly this got me even more interested in the movie. I don’t know why people are hating on it. It definitely has the feel of the first two movies.
ReggieBeegus 10 days ago
Look at the one Puff burning on the Grill. As he melts through he gives the terminator thumbs up
YooY HooH
YooY HooH 10 days ago
Ya I'm worried abt this movie. Fortunately for Sony, all the channels where this clip is posted, the comments are focused on Paul Rudd's age and baby Yoda references, probably by design. Even real people are bots these days lol
Schardt Cinematic Productions
So were the mini puffs part of the movie before Baby Yoda I wonder or added after?
blimey beige
blimey beige 10 days ago
they made a smaller version of Yoda and everyone seems to like it ! what iconic character do we have that we can make cute and small to be more marketable teevhee! bruh
JMBGames 13 hours ago
What the hell are you talking about, they are more like gremlins than anything else
Jacob Rees Smug
Jacob Rees Smug 10 days ago
This 54 second clip was better than the whole reboot movie
Simon Dennis
Simon Dennis 10 days ago
There is more quality in this one minute than the entire last movie!!
Will Coons
Will Coons 10 days ago
We have this clip, but we don’t have a new release date for the movie?
thunderstudent 10 days ago
Ray is going to have a heart attack from marshmallow man related PTSD.
starwarsagent 10 days ago
A Ghostbusters movie with dumb kids, marshmallows and a teacher. Why call it Ghostbusters?
RetroManchop 10 days ago
Cool idea with the mini Stay pufts, like it :D Think the films gonna be good.
Ashlin Juhala
Ashlin Juhala 10 days ago
I know who to call #AJtheGhostbuster
Flip 10 days ago
Very disturbing.
Wallace Wallaby
Wallace Wallaby 10 days ago
This is really just getting worse and worse. Please don't make it so the Mini Pufts all get together to make the giant Stay Puft again. So much of this is looking like the first movie re-done in a worse way, and without actual Ghostbusters.
Mavie Gamer
Mavie Gamer 10 days ago
Theyr'e doing the reverse here from the original. The original had a comedy vibe to it with scary scenes. This one has a serious/horror tone to it with comedic scenes.
Wallace Wallaby
Wallace Wallaby 10 days ago
Huh? This one hasn't displayed any horror tones yet.
stu murph
stu murph 10 days ago
"It can't be! It can't be!"
Shadamyfan 1923
Shadamyfan 1923 11 days ago
AtoTheTaco 11 days ago
My only question is why is that still their mascot? I mean if your companies face started running around destroying the city it seem like time to change
Working Class
Working Class 11 days ago
This is amazing!!!!! Can't wait !!!!
Jeremiah DeNounce
Jeremiah DeNounce 11 days ago
Specs 11 days ago
That’s not a terrifying bit of imagery
Jangobadass 11 days ago
Evil has never been more delicious!
Fake Name
Fake Name 11 days ago
They're...they're roasting their siblings.
Faux Bravo
Faux Bravo 11 days ago
Well, I certainly hope the CGI is better than that in the actual movie.
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz 4 days ago
Yea i am hopong because cgi don't looking too good.
Boskov01 11 days ago
Just when Stay Puft thought they'd recovered from the "60 Foot Marshmallow Man" Incident of the 1980s, this happens! Stay Puft stock tanks hard. Nabisco now looking to buy.
Kavish Algoo
Kavish Algoo 11 days ago
For some reason my mouth is drooling 🤤
Poetic Osmosis Entanglement
VirtualJ0hn 11 days ago
Wanda Gail
Wanda Gail 11 days ago
Wht in the world 🤪😆🤣
Camden Knott
Camden Knott 11 days ago
Where’s his bib?!
Chad Tallent
Chad Tallent 11 days ago
I have already 3D printed one. They are so adorable.
Benny T. Adventures.
The store looks like Walmart or Target haha 😂
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 11 days ago
I loved every second of this
Ghost Spider
Ghost Spider 11 days ago
This reminds of that one Doctor Who episode where they made babies out of the fat in people.
Robert Gamble
Robert Gamble 11 days ago
Where are the guys?!
Crazy Rabbids
Crazy Rabbids 11 days ago
*Top 10 moments before disaster: **0:37*
Jason Fox
Jason Fox 11 days ago
hahaha adorable
kaan doğu
kaan doğu 11 days ago
new trailer's name is: Pop Corn ile Patlamış Mısır (2021) fragmanı
Chris._.srnxe. 11 days ago
ooo the tiny lil stay puffs are cute lol i like how they just burn themselves and make smores
DeepEye1994 11 days ago
Family friendly Army of Darkness?
Buxtonnes 11 days ago
Jesus christ, this shit is good for marketing toys.
zachary cooke
zachary cooke 11 days ago
This movie ever gonna happen?
1-up Bros
1-up Bros 11 days ago
This November
Hivedragon 11 days ago
Thats one F-ed up scene......... cant wait for the movie.
Mr Pastek
Mr Pastek 11 days ago
This is on the movie?
Carlo Cutolo
Carlo Cutolo 11 days ago
Nicoshi Oeiyu
Nicoshi Oeiyu 11 days ago
Does this clip remind anyone else of Gremlins
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds 11 days ago
As long as it doesn’t get too “kid friendly”.... The genius of the original Ghostbusters was it was genuinely creepy stuff with characters that were acting comedic towards them in the situation. It’s like people forget that Slimer was still fairly creepy before they turned him into a sidekick comedic relief character, and that was almost entirely because of the success of the cartoon.
Wallace Wallaby
Wallace Wallaby 10 days ago
They had some pretty deep discussions too. Ray and Winston talking about the end of the world with Ray himself getting spooked over the thought was a great scene.
.skyNet 11 days ago
Looking stupid, but I am still intrigued
Mastered Pancake
Mastered Pancake 11 days ago
My heart melted at 0:35.
battlefieldninja 11 days ago
I love Paul Rudd’s reaction once the mini stay puft marshmallow men start there attack
EL JAY 11 days ago
Clear case of bandwagon jumping. First we had baby Groot, then baby Yoda - now baby Stay Pufft. 🙄
EL JAY 11 days ago
@Señora de Mendoza Fair enough.
Señora de Mendoza
Señora de Mendoza 11 days ago
FYI, there were Mini-Pufts in the 2009 video game. Ghostbusters did it first.
Urvy1A 11 days ago
Note to self: Try not to go near the baking aisle at Walmart.
Anon Bunka
Anon Bunka 11 days ago
Oh please let there be some body horror in this. Nothing over the top gore. Just disquieting.
Mhamad Kanj
Mhamad Kanj 11 days ago
Stay puffed cannibals
Cody Welter
Cody Welter 11 days ago
Better than the trailer