Get Up | Rex Ryan "Tom Brday is greatest organization in football history' Bucs defeat Saint 30-21 

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Get Up | Rex Ryan "Tom Brday is greatest organization in football history' Bucs defeat Saint 30-21


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Jan 18, 2021




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Thánh TNT
Thánh TNT Month ago
FIRST TAKE | Stephen A ROAST Max after Brady leads Bucs to NFC title game with 30-20 win over Saints us-first.info/player/video/ba5ulGSlg2uclac.html
VIET NAM Month ago
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VIET NAM Month ago
Andrew DeValerio
Speak English you swine. This is football
M Moore
M Moore Day ago
Gronk turned out to be a crucial signing.
kingafendi kingafendi
St Andrew School
fjm1235 13 days ago
Hopefully Bowles gets another shot soon as a HC & he doesn't go to another (Jets) dysfunctional team. Also, look at what Fournette was able to do with a great team. He deserves a shot somewhere as a lead back, again, not with a crappy team. Antonio Brown? Lucky as hell as he shouldn't even be playing football.
garry simpson
garry simpson 15 days ago
It’s a team sport. Brady makes it the best team. MVP!
Paul Vu
Paul Vu 25 days ago
Brady is a franchise LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👊
Milliondollar Jo
Milliondollar Jo 25 days ago
Hm that statement highlights the following trait of a GOAT QB "Can substantially raise a teams productivity on the field, in the locker room, from the coaches clipboard, and GM desk"
Orange County 714
Orange County 714 26 days ago
With Covid-19, Quarterbacks should carry a wet rag, instead of licking their fingers, especially Drew Brees, he licks to much
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 29 days ago
Rex Ryan "credit goes to Bruce Ariens because he got out of his own way". Quote of the year in NFL.
Mudhead84 Month ago
Here after Brady heading to his 10th SB 🤯🤯
Bif Scotsman
Bif Scotsman Month ago
Red Ryan has some credibility. No one other than Tom Coughlin has more wins or big victories over Belechick.
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Month ago
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Jack Ford
Jack Ford Month ago
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Lynn Jordan
Lynn Jordan Month ago
azlil7 Month ago
Brady got lucky playing a shitty redskins team and a broken Brees. He will lose against the packers
Botwin Nancy
Botwin Nancy Month ago
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james munteesud
james munteesud Month ago
Love u “Tom” you need retirement
Title: Rex Ryan says tom brady is the greatest organization in football Actual video: Ryan Clark says tom brady is the greatest organization in football
Richard Himes
Richard Himes Month ago
If he loses every single commentator will be screaming at the top of their lungs he is washed up and was never really that good.
Stephen Giallombardo
Actually, Ryan Clark made that statement, not Rex Ryan.
Godspeeds Spacebender
Drew had a great run, however as long as the GOAT (TB12) is now playing in the NFC Drew’s chances of making it back to the big dance will be slim to none.
Rafeal Rafeal
Rafeal Rafeal Month ago
Rafeal Rafeal
Rafeal Rafeal Month ago
Robert Leese
Robert Leese Month ago
Drew Brees went to 1 Superbowl in 15 years. The Saints are the 1990s Atlanta Braves of football. Regular season success with little postseason results. FACTS.
J B Month ago
The Patriots and bill billicheck basically lucked up in getting Brady. They really aren't that good or that good a coach. Lol. We see that now.
hockeydude19CPR CPR
ADCON Real Month ago
Don’t let Brady fool you! You can’t be a 200 yard passer in the playoffs and win a championship without an super elite defense
ADCON Real Month ago
What’s the biggest obstacle standing in Brady’s way of another Championship?
Vanilla shake Girl
Rodgers and mahommes
sicboi Month ago
Agreed, zone coverage and bucs secondary is leaky. Man cover was the way to go and what they should do next week.
Mustang Month ago
How is dan O a analyst?? This is the dude that ran out the back of the end zone...
Robert Bolivarr
Robert Bolivarr Month ago
The score is 30-21?
bruce pacetti
bruce pacetti Month ago
Wrong score 30. - 20. Not 30-21
nesseiht gnay
nesseiht gnay Month ago
21? its 30-20
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd Month ago
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Tval valdary
Tval valdary Month ago
Go Pacs Go!!!!
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight Month ago
so nice to hear the 'experts' agree with what I said preseason - *TB12 IS the System*.
Joey Scott
Joey Scott Month ago
That Super Bowl that the Saints won..Drew Bree's had all the weapons he needed. All of the winning seasons he had with the Saints was because they were playing for one another. Drew Bree's needed all those players that made him be a great quarterback. But what I don't like is how the NFL treated Drew Brees. He never won MVP, but yest they brag about all the yards he through in a season and the records he had broken. No MVP. (Really)
Allan Nixon
Allan Nixon Month ago
Tom brady has as many playoff wins against nfc teams as brees does
rod Butler
rod Butler Month ago
The Bucs lucked out. Patriots got tired of winning!
Kyle Lawns
Kyle Lawns Month ago
Love Brady..drew Brees don't forget had 11 broaken ribs and punctured lung 7 weeks ago.ever break a rib.i couldn't breathe shit or fuck.never mind get run over..much respect.
Monta Tracy
Monta Tracy Month ago
Pat Mahomes will be pressured to play even if his brain is still screwed up. The NFL needs him for ratings.
Kevin Munson
Kevin Munson Month ago
Who tf is Tom Brday?
Eric McPherson
Eric McPherson Month ago
Seems like Tom Brady has a good chance of winning his first Super Bowl this year with the Bucs!!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆+2021🏆Bucs
Edward Kitchens
Edward Kitchens Month ago
Who Dat .I mean Who next
Jakob Bennett
Jakob Bennett Month ago
Oc reed
Oc reed Month ago
win or lose !!tom brady has shutdown every talking point reaching another championship GAME now without bill belicheck in the NFC...now we know it was tom brady that hold patriots down for 20years..UNREAL
4Stanzas Month ago
I wonder if TB will want to coach after he retires... whenever that day may come... in 10 years or so.
mike hand
mike hand Month ago
he will always be one of the greatest,keep evolving,young quarterbacks
Cody Phillips
Cody Phillips Month ago
Imagine if bills signed Leonard Fournette
jordan5221 Month ago
Wow. Devin White is definitely the best defender no1 talks about. Love Tom Brady proving it was more him than Bill Belichick.
Dustin Connolly
Dustin Connolly Month ago
mahomes was just knocked out, he didnt get comcussed, he will be fine for game
Patti Maguire
Patti Maguire Month ago
BS injury.Why was he running in tunnel?
TrapStar003 Month ago
Defense def. Won that game.
lvbluestreak Month ago
Good Good stuff - Thank you all
David Fonseca
David Fonseca Month ago
REFEREE had some $$$ on Saints is the REAL reason he wasn’t 😃
Diesel Jagwar
Diesel Jagwar Month ago
Devin white played with a 6th gear level of intensity ☠️
Joel Alberto Garza
Go shawty, it’s ur Brday
Young Among
Young Among Month ago
Bucs still sus I want them to win the Conference but I'm just not sold on the offense
dave hall
dave hall Month ago
Nah, Bucs have an abundance of weapons, most than most teams. Drew Brees arm was gone 🤕 and couldn't go vertical with the ball. Maybe should have run the ball more. Tampa struggled 2 games in a row with teams they should have handled easily. Washington gave them a hard time with a 3rd string quarterback off waivers or something. Maybe should have played Winston more, but Drew deserved to play it out.
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger Month ago
Jaimes TD pass
veneta72 Month ago
Rex Ryan! Total wind bag
V H Month ago
Tom brady and Peyton are truly great for leading two different franchise to playoffs in their season.
PVNCHO s14 Month ago
Damn didn’t know Brady played defense too
Near Media
Near Media Month ago
Who is Tom Brday
Tim Castens
Tim Castens Month ago
Devan White was awesome, you could tell he played tailback in HS.
Aotearoa Sesquac
Packers v Buccaneers is the real SB whoever wins this game wins the SB imo
Aotearoa Sesquac
@LongDayEarlyNights Bills will defeat the Chiefs you heard it here first. No SB for you.
Stop. No one is beating the Chiefs with Mahomes.
MJ P Month ago
Tom has only started 19 seasons and been to 14 championship games... damn
Thomas Levan
Thomas Levan Month ago
Cool breeze will go down as one of the great quarterback in the national football league truly a hero
Samuel Vazquez
Samuel Vazquez Month ago
He under threw a couple throws and they act like his done if cook doesn’t fumble on the slant might be a diff story today
Dawj Y
Dawj Y Month ago
These analysts are idiots. Drew can't rip the ball or bomb it at this point bc he shouldn't even be in the game right now due to the injuries he sustained during the year which should have been season ending. He was able to bomb the ball and rip the ball to his receivers before his fracture ribs, puncture lungs, and messed up shoulder. He came back too soon from those injuries and it showed. These analysts forget so soon. When Brees came back from the injury any intense throwing play was given to Winston or Hill. The dude should have been done for the season and rested for next season but bc of his love for the game he came back earlier than he should have. Brees is the definition of a true athlete warrior.
Dawj Y
Dawj Y Month ago
Tom Brady turned out to be a crucial signing.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 29 days ago
just finding that out?
kj a
kj a 29 days ago
*surprised pikachu face intensifies*
Caleb Watson
Caleb Watson Month ago
Who woulda thunk
Nate G.
Nate G. Month ago
Yeah no shit
Jim Loesel
Jim Loesel Month ago
Took a chance on a washed up 40+ year old who’s arm was trash. Good thing they got him cheap.
Pherb nation
Pherb nation Month ago
As a TRUE Bucs fan. I damn near cried when Winston threw that touchdown ❤️You’ll be a champ one day bro✊🏾
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
The saints symbol should be the new international sign fo choking
John Doe
John Doe 14 days ago
It used to be, but the Falcons stole it.
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Month ago
Tom Brady know how to close out games period?
Jesse Castillo
Jesse Castillo Month ago
Brady was already the Goat. But now to hear the haters still talking their nonsense. Will just be ridiculous. Great job Bucs and now another tuff game next week.
Van Jones
Van Jones Month ago
I agree with Ryans take it makes sense
Michael Herrera
Michael Herrera Month ago
Bucs and Bills are the luckiest teams... let’s look who the Bills have faced ... Rivers and L Jackson.... almost lost to both teams. Now they get Mahomes... Bucs faced. 3rd string QB and a team under .500 and Brees who should never had started. Can’t throw the ball past 30 yards... now they get Rodgers.... Can we please get Packers Chiefs for our Super Bowl already?
Michael Herrera
Michael Herrera Month ago
@Patti Maguire haha you’re funny
Patti Maguire
Patti Maguire Month ago
KC cheats! Mahomey is faking
Bucs will Smoke the Packers again. But Chiefs will win it all.
Marco Petrie
Marco Petrie Month ago
Where was that love and respect for Drew in NO and the NFL when they didn’t like his thoughts earlier this year. They don’t deserve a leader like Drew.
Jorge Mares
Jorge Mares Month ago
Drew. Sucks ..he lost the game
Charles Grogan
Charles Grogan Month ago
The loss isn’t on Brees, it’s on Kamara and Thomas
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Our jerseys and helmets look so much better
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Let’s go Bucs!!!!!
snellsman Month ago
Devin White is a pure impact player He isn’t the best defensive player in the league but when that guy has a good game that entire defense looks like the 02 Bucs
Rayfil Wong
Rayfil Wong Month ago
Tom Brady is FINE WINE 🍷Get's better as he ages - Asian Food Nerd
Patrick Krott
Patrick Krott Month ago
I can always tell when it's ESPN and not Fox because ESPN tries to artificially add excitement to literally everything with excessive yelling and background music and it just comes off as tacky.
Carlos Crespo
Carlos Crespo Month ago
30-20 ..not 30-21!!
craig smith
craig smith Month ago
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L.L. Craft
L.L. Craft Month ago
Bruce Arians got out of his own way. Rex Ryan is dead on
mr manu
mr manu Month ago
Brees should go to the pats
J C Month ago
When the bucs lose to Greenbay next week everybody gonna say how brady is old
Randys Collectibles, Cards & Games
You're crazy as hell Green Bay couldn't handle the bucs when they were half as good as they are now. They going to get filleted up again.
Henry Howard
Henry Howard Month ago
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Keith Spence
Keith Spence Month ago
What even is the title
Darrilyn Bradley
don't bet against the GOAT
Lawson Sara
Lawson Sara Month ago
I stopped my job with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 .𝐜 𝐨 𝐦 #great 0:74
David Estate
David Estate Month ago
As a Patriots fan and Tom being the QB for so long, we are already know that Tom plays to different ways - One way is learning play and that is the season. Play Off Play is different because he plays with less error making and ask the rest of the team to do that same.. Tom has been in the position of being behind, more than once and coming back to win. He is aware of players, the clock and who is who on the field. As a Patriots fan, we can't wait on Tom and would be great to see him add another ring.
canica99 Month ago
Thank you for that and you talk from insightful wisdom and great analysis of what Brady brings down here to Tampa and to be doing it at his age is just amazing. Win or lose next week as far as I am concerned he has done so much for this team and community in bringing the excitement back to Tampa and taking the Bucs out of the bottom of the pile. I hope he does get another rim.
Lana Gomez
Lana Gomez Month ago
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Khaliek Mason
Khaliek Mason Month ago
That juggled past by Fournette could of been costly
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo Month ago
what is with these re upload channels and their wack ass misquote titles?
william beemer
william beemer Month ago
0:04 I stopped my work with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 .𝐜 𝐨𝐦 #unbeleivable 1:05
String Theory Guitars
Brady is just ridiculous. The man can win ANYWHERE. Belichick pushed him out the door because he wanted all the credit for himself..... hey Bill, how's that workin out for ya?!? The only thing Belichick proved is that he's an @$$hole