Gerrit Cole is Cheating and MLB Wants To Stop Him 

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Gerrit Cole, the richest pitcher in baseball... is a cheater?
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VIDEO: How is Trevor Bauer Cheating and Why Nobody Cares
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Jan 17, 2021




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jackstraw 7 hours ago
maybe I'm in the minority but I truly don't care if every pitcher in the league uses sticky stuff. if it's this widespread they should just allow everyone to use a standardized recipe. this "cheating" is nowhere near the kind of stuff that the astros pulled imo
Adam Hawn
Adam Hawn 13 hours ago
You may have just stumbled onto the origin of the flu pandemic of 1918.
Adam Hawn
Adam Hawn 14 hours ago
Go-Go Juice 😂
Donald Granberry
Donald Granberry 17 hours ago
All teams cheat hitting and pitching, period. The Astros were just scape goats. If you check, they won more games on the road than home games. 2017 was just a special year where everything came together for them, must like all World Series champs.
B K 19 hours ago
And that folks, is how Slow Joe was elected president. "Spin Rate"
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson Day ago
Translation: Do not draft Cole early for your MLB fantasy draft.
Bruhstoise Day ago
Outro had me dying
The irony is Trevor Bauer accuses others of cheating, then goes to the Reds and has a career year...suspiciously
Seth Rogers
Seth Rogers Day ago
Oh my f-ing crap bro ... It is not "THE" MLB. Do you call it "the" major league baseball ? No. It's just MLB. My god man
Jarvis Fathy
Jarvis Fathy Day ago
The cagey dash customarily time because kidney uniquely confess across a juicy pizza. condemned, inconclusive celery
Nicholas Rattan
Word salad?
God Day ago
Ahh yes, us Americans, corrupting our own sports
Jorge Correa
Jorge Correa Day ago
Cole bets on games...just like Pete Rose. Check his reaction when Astors hit grand slam in American League championship series. He is disgusted because the over hit with the 4 run blast and he is in his obviously bet the under... he looked like he lost a Ferrari, he was utterly disappointed when his team was now in the lead with that swing.
Jorge Correa
Jorge Correa Day ago
Michael P
Michael P Day ago
Punish them? The MLB need them to make money.
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Day ago
This sport is full of frauds!
datDANK Day ago
Just let mlb do whatever the fuck they want. Ratings will quadruple
paysonfox88 Day ago
We should make keeping illegal immigrants out of the country so that they can't take American citizen's jobs away a sport. That way we'd care enough to play, and stop the cheating.
BertGH Day ago
Let players do steroids use grip assisting substances, and corked bats. let's see how wild this game can get
Baseball is a product disguised as a game.
Aaron Computerson
Twins fans know this isn't true. Or... Wait...
Peter Bristol
Peter Bristol 2 days ago
Need to test Mike Trout... he is roided up. His stats are unnatural
BIGHEAD 2 days ago
Some cream won't make you throw 98mph
BIGHEAD 2 days ago
Cheating hahaha
BIGHEAD 2 days ago
Lmfffffffffao non baseball players are clueless.
vic vic
vic vic 3 days ago
The world is scam.. Guys this why I have pedro as the goat
Ed 3 days ago
Use gorilla glue
Tony Terry
Tony Terry 3 days ago
Bunch of cry babies on the comment section
Tony Terry
Tony Terry 3 days ago
WHO CARES.... it just like stealing base signs.... its part of baseball for over a 100 years
Joe Maria
Joe Maria 3 days ago
Put your tin hat back on.
Dylan Mulroy
Dylan Mulroy 3 days ago
Realize degrom wasn’t here
Luc Lav
Luc Lav 3 days ago
Keep the scandals coming it makes watching the mlb a lot more interesting
TheJkisboss 3 days ago
So you’re telling me the angels cheated to win the World Series? GIANTS WERE ROBBED!..........wait we had Barry bonds and Benito Santiago never mind ignore what I said
Steven Kennedy
Steven Kennedy 3 days ago
slow your pace bro...you don't need to talk so fast. this would be more interesting if ya slowed your roll. Jesus Christ dude!
Mus’ab Umair
Mus’ab Umair 3 days ago
Damn scuffing is easier in baseball than cricket
Dwart55 3 days ago
Astros pitching cheating lol
Kevin 3 days ago
Leave my new pitcher alone 🥺🥺
P Mark
P Mark 3 days ago
Pitchers got pissed the baseballs were juiced , can’t blame Em. .
Allen Shriver
Allen Shriver 4 days ago
My Babe Ruth pitching coach used to tell me, "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying".
Drew Whitt
Drew Whitt 4 days ago
Why don't people just except the fact that he is good
alxrck3t 4 days ago
With pitchers cheating like they are, it's going to inevitably create another "Dead Ball" era. This is why Barry Bonds needs to be in the HoF, he basically destroyed the "Dead Ball" era and brought popularity back to the sport with massive homeruns. Yea, strikeouts are great and all but let's be honest, it's not all that exciting to watch players constantly strikeout. Unless there's a perfect game, no hitter, or some kind of prolific event involved.
symbolicsoul 4 days ago
Welp time to take them all out of the hall of fame
Bartek Reinders
Bartek Reinders 4 days ago
I would say: let everyone cheat: Batters, pitchers, etc. No one cares anyways apparently
ryan jackson
ryan jackson 4 days ago
Hard to believe this guy has ever played baseball or even truly knows anything about baseball if he can’t pronounce Percival...
Lopsided Moose
Lopsided Moose 4 days ago
Hard to believe you when you pronounce so many names wrong.
Southern Rips
Southern Rips 4 days ago
Who cares really, doctoring the ball has been around forever, there are more important things to worry about.
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby 4 days ago
I can’t see the MLB condoning this and even paying scientists to create more strikeouts. I mean who wants to see a game where no one can hit the ball. I’m not a baseball fan so maybe I’m off here but doesn’t everyone wanna see hits, home runs? I mean the NFL drastically changed there rules in order to see more scoring in games. No one wants to see a 3-3 football game. Well most don’t.
Service Provider
Service Provider 4 days ago
I was a pitcher for the Texas Rangers I didn’t like the sticky feeling on the ball. I was told it was for grip, I am a player from the north, most of the southern players liked the stickiness on the ball. It makes the ball speed more. But you have to practice over and over to get use to it. I liked the ball nice and smooth. I was very affective in my pitching. But in reality its you , you have your own ways of pitching.
Michael Swick
Michael Swick 4 days ago
And there are no steroids used by hitters
Greed is Good
Greed is Good 4 days ago
Exploiting loopholes doesn't make you a cheater. It happens everywhere. In every sport. By every team. That's why these contracts become so damn detailed. They will make new rules. New laws. New mandates. Then, more loopholes. Houston won the WS. Cry about it.
Romeo Casido
Romeo Casido 4 days ago
if batters can use pine tar to get a better grip of their bat then let pitchers use stick em
Andrew Pruett
Andrew Pruett 4 days ago
Jomboy missed the boat on this one
Andrew Pruett
Andrew Pruett 4 days ago
@Benjamin Greenwell I dont recall this because I had a direct conversation with Jomboy calling him out on not caring on doctoring the baseball and he didnt care because everyone did it. This was during the Houston Astros thing
Benjamin Greenwell
No they didn't. They had a talkin baseball episode on this a few years ago
Watson Ransom
Watson Ransom 4 days ago
I think at some point, MLB will have the umpires check the pitchers before every inning to make sure they didn't do anything in between innings. I hope not because it's a little bit of an overreach, but the cheating has gotten out of control and needs to severely punished if a player is caught. Like a 3 year ban or something to send a message.
German DeJesus ministries
They should let everyone cheat , who ever does it better wins lol . Isn't listing weights cheating jajaj
Absolution 5 days ago
You've made me interested in baseball for the first time in my whole life
Jack Tobin
Jack Tobin 5 days ago
Al Davis said it best , “ If you ain’t cheating , you ain’t trying hard enough “ over Al , lol
Renlys Other Lover
Baseball is nothing but cheating always has been always will be which is why I can’t take anyone seriously talking about the sanctity of baseball
Ben Rich
Ben Rich 5 days ago
I’ll say it for the rest of time, every single team cheats or tries to find advantages to get the edge so hating a team like the Astros for cheating is hypocritical unless you’re gonna hate every player and team that has done the same
Casey Anthony’s babysitter
Not waino!
Arnie Tapp
Arnie Tapp 5 days ago
They all cheat ..... Major League sports are all rigged .... How do I know this ? People will kill for $100 , so They'll damn well cheat for 100's of Billions of Dollars .....
BBR2 5 days ago
Apparently only the Pirates are either not cheating or using fake and cheap cheating substance. Evidence - worst team in MLB 25/27 seasons and counting.
Eric xyz
Eric xyz 5 days ago
Edwin Jackson lol I can't stop laughing. That guy sucked lol
Eric xyz
Eric xyz 4 days ago
I mean to mention him in a list of players that are currently benefiting immensely from foreign substances is a joke since Jackson isn't even in the league. He barely had some good stats. He did throw a no hitter, but the majority of his career isn't notable. I think it is better to talk about players that somehow got better out of nowhere all of a sudden than the pitcher that wasn't even that good at the apex of his career. Spin rate is more of current phenomenon found to be statistically significant and it wasn't focused on during his time.
Omar FromTheWire
Omar FromTheWire 4 days ago
Not his whole MLB career.. smh
Dinero Juego
Dinero Juego 5 days ago
So this is the secret formula plankton has been after for these years!!
Yucan SuckaDee
Yucan SuckaDee 5 days ago
HATERS! He is not lying. Don't you need to know how to throw.....sounds like bunch of babies. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, HATE BASEBALL. TILL NOW.
DC Riloo
DC Riloo 5 days ago
So they should just make steroids legal again then?
dasparado 5 days ago
Astros have dominated for years now. They got the book thrown at them when Beltran, the guy who started it, got the idea from the Yankees. Every team cheats like hell, always been that way. Red Sox also got away with sign stealing and only had to pay a fine, just like the Yankees.
Thomas Smalley
Thomas Smalley 5 days ago
Why didn't anyone ever get some of that over in Boston? Pitching is brutal
Christian N.
Christian N. 5 days ago
who knows maybe they just have a good pitching coach lmaooo
James Cairn
James Cairn 5 days ago
From now on we can just say mlb=cheaters who aren’t actual athletes 😂😂😂
Roberto Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz 5 days ago
But the nfl went on a wild goose chase and suspended brady 4 games...😑😑
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 5 days ago
Just cheat🤣
road trip
road trip 5 days ago
Mlb convinced me it is based upon white supremacy
Zoey Hartley
Zoey Hartley 5 days ago
Players would rather have the pitcher have control over the ball than lose control and get hit in the head js
Wesley Mills
Wesley Mills 5 days ago
Damn, Barry Bonds broke the home run record going against these cheaters
Andrew Pierce
Andrew Pierce 3 days ago
Barry Bonds retired when most of the guys in this video were playing little league. Garret Cole was 17 when Bonds retired.
This Robby Kid
This Robby Kid 4 days ago
Yeah and all it took was 8 hours of sleep and eating his veggies before every game
Juan Rangel
Juan Rangel 5 days ago
Like the videos but just get to the point
Zoomscoping 5 days ago
Bro, cheating has been a part of the sport since the beginning. The only "cheating" that I really care about is the steroids and shit that makes you stronger. Foreign topical substances or video systems picking up signs is perfectly fine by me. But that is just my opinion. Every team does it, and the fact that people are so blind as to think only the Astros were doing make me laugh. C'mon guys, stop being so naive.
Ryan Ricks
Ryan Ricks 5 days ago
If cheating is an unfair advantage.... and everyone is doing it. Then it's not an unfair advantage thus not cheating...
abcd 5 days ago
God Houston Astros are a joke of an organization
abcd 5 days ago
Astros "title" should be revoked
JackAH 5 days ago
if everyones super then no one is
Lee Ramos
Lee Ramos 6 days ago
Angels haven’t made the playoffs in a while so no one he was fired
Patrick 6 days ago
Is this not already common knowledge that like 90% of pitchers use some kind of foreign substance p
505Johnny 6 days ago
I know it’s not just them, but the Astros need to have SOME type of punishment
See Murder
See Murder 6 days ago
5:10 gerrit cole deserves EVERY dollar!!! EVERY dollar!!! 8:18 EVERY dollar!!
See Murder
See Murder 6 days ago
He not cheat - he yinkee !!! Yinkee never cheat!! Hahaha LOLZZ
Ant Defraia
Ant Defraia 6 days ago
Let them use it. Because I've heard what violin sounds like without it.
Ethan Thacker
Ethan Thacker 6 days ago
You have great videos but your channel name sucks
Matt Dargis
Matt Dargis 6 days ago
How do you have your own baseball channel not know how to pronounce Troy Percival?
Adam Bajczyk
Adam Bajczyk 6 days ago
They honestly might have to make it legal to have some form of substance allowed othereise a new one will just take its place
Steven Cook
Steven Cook 6 days ago
My older cousin used to throw so hard his fastball would rise. Smoked me in the 4 head n fractured my skull
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 6 days ago
Well, the tigers sure aren't using "the right stuff".
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 6 days ago
At this level of obsene salaries, these "athletes " will try anything to keep the money coming.
Patrick Höing
Patrick Höing 5 days ago
man recently i have thought about getting in shape and applying for some second or third class sports league, apparently even that is enough to make a couple millions till your 35
JTM Fire16
JTM Fire16 6 days ago
So he is really cheating? Great just the start of this new season!
Kevin 6 days ago
How is your channel named baseball but yet you don't know how to pronounce players names?!
Aaronicus Epicus
Aaronicus Epicus 6 days ago
The way I see it.... sanction and standardize a substance and let them. It saves their arm in the long run. Hands get sweaty. Let them do it
Forever Go Blue
Forever Go Blue 6 days ago
This was a lot of jibber jabber wish I had those 15 minutes back
Random Dogger
Random Dogger 6 days ago
Cheating in baseball? How surprising.
Veritas Invicta
Veritas Invicta 6 days ago
Pitchers have been doing this forever. Stop chasing ghosts.
Afro Bill
Afro Bill 6 days ago
Lmao aye baseball is boring asf Bring all them Dominican kids and some black people let’s make the mlb more athletic
Andrew Poopypants
I’m mad about the pronunciation of Percival 😂
Daniel Friedman
Daniel Friedman 4 days ago
and it's MLB, not The MLB
Daniel Friedman
Daniel Friedman 4 days ago
also Gallego
Cnd11211 758
Cnd11211 758 6 days ago
eye opening experience . Make me appreciate Degrom Even more so today now that I know this.
Tomasz Lis
Tomasz Lis 6 days ago
chris davis wouldve missed anyway...