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Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Weegeepie 14 days ago
That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode
PrimePurplr 5 hours ago
didi I comment here already?
No-Skill All-Dork
No-Skill All-Dork 7 hours ago
@The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer Was that a Rick-Roll?
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
@On37vN Ronnie committed suicide 3 years ago
On37vN Day ago
@The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer chill what’d they do to you? They’re just spamming not killing people jeez
Awesome Zaccy
@Top Movie Clips bad
Anfilkins156 :0
The fact that I had my feet out during this video was very risky.
_tHe_ViRuS_ Hour ago
The new game needs go have cutscenes to make it so much better than any others.
spider boy boss
At this point Scott can't surprise me anymore
Jacob Pena
Jacob Pena Hour ago
Ok I have a theory what if the reason the animatronic where going rouge in fnaf 2 was because of glitch trap and William some how found a way to effect events in the past
Crazy Idiot
Crazy Idiot Hour ago
First theory can be entirely disproved. Fnaf 3 fire destroyed the toy animatronics
Bonnie_The Clown
Bonnie_The Clown 2 hours ago
Guess my cousin is as old as Game Theory. 10 years old.
Souls of the Innocent
Didn’t baby die in fnaf 6? When the pizzeria burnt down
Crazy Idiot
Crazy Idiot Hour ago
JessicaCelery 2 hours ago
Do think mangle can be related
Jaleyah George
Jaleyah George 2 hours ago
"There is another William " No there isn't another William Because glitch trap isn't Willam Glitch trap is William's brother which is Terance.
Crazy Idiot
Crazy Idiot Hour ago
Excuse me what did I just read
jamie hyde
jamie hyde 3 hours ago
I just had a thought, don't know if mat ever mentioned it, but in the jj diner cutscene where orange guy gets rejected from the place, and on the same night he kills Charlotte outside the building, and that's when he turns purple in midnight motorist, when the puppet comes out to find Charlotte dead, there's no time frame between when it finds her or him killing her, so I thought maybe the puppet comes outside finds Charlotte dead and sees afton but because it's dark and rainy the puppets vision sees his outline and that's when he turns purple, he's purple to the robots that's why in mini games he's purple its the robots way of identifying him so he can't blend in, or at least I thought, obviously harder to do now with him being dead, but I'd put my theory before this, before fnaf 3 as he's still alive and seen as purple then dies
AzureinkVI 3 hours ago
11:24 So basically everyone is getting Norted, and we need to use Kingdom Hearts to save the day?
m.azzura rayadi
m.azzura rayadi 3 hours ago
My theory is the last trailer from the last partai is a hand right by last time in in the fnaf 6 a forest starts and scrap baby survived and thats means the hand was scrap baby
Waffles618 4 hours ago
This is something I never knew I needed.
Isabell Campoy
Isabell Campoy 4 hours ago
At this point when ever I think of game theory I think of fnaf
Tundrainnit 5 hours ago
its kinda sweet that the toys protect children
Brittany Humphries
Brittany Humphries 5 hours ago
So Matt looks like he could be 19 but he's 34 oh, I'm not going to lie I'm scared
Saracen From C.Crashers
Shadow Anthny
Shadow Anthny 5 hours ago
Hey new channel for the 10 aniversery coincidence I think not 9:00
Corleymations 5 hours ago
Hey idk why but I just noticed that that the green lights from sister location in the control room are the same green lights from fnaf3 COICIDENCE I THINK SO
Detective Irken
Detective Irken 6 hours ago
The animatronics being friendly just doesn’t work out.Through out the trailer you see Roxanne chasing you aggressively and your not inside Monty if Gregory is watching him break through the gate on the other side now of course Freddy will help you and maybe chica
RWN Crower 10
RWN Crower 10 6 hours ago
Definition of dedication is matpat from a guy in a closet with a ten dollar headset finding Easter eggs and ideas about a indie game to a amazing three channel ten million sub FNAF lover with a wife a kid and friends play games live so we don’t have to and providing us with content for ten blessed years happy ten years Ollie,Stephanie and Mathew Patrick’s
funtime_Joshua 6 hours ago
15:00 "Say the line Mat!"
xX Rune - Kun Xx
xX Rune - Kun Xx 6 hours ago
Happy 10th anniversary month!! 😸👊🏼
FaIlUrE 6 hours ago
POV: We Can’t Live Without Fnaf.
Orangebowl 7 hours ago
First off, let me just say, LOVED the "theories" given towards what we could expect in "Security Breach". It gave me more of an understanding of other theories I had heard before and it really gets me more intrigued by how everything will play out in the game. Secondly, I LOVED seeing the evolution of "Game Theory" over the years with the editing styles, ESPECIALLY seeing the Puppet Era again. It honestly got me a little nostalgic just seeing it come back for this big occasion. *sigh* Such simpler times
Robert Rorebeck
Robert Rorebeck 7 hours ago
Mat talks about being inside the gator bot, but maybe that's just a death scene? you being eaten by him?
Lisa Barnes
Lisa Barnes 7 hours ago
Us:mat make fanf videos mat:ok us:so how many videos are you going to do mat:yes
Max the wolf Roertson
30th April in my birthday yahoo!
What’s the point?
Tøxic _Reaper
Tøxic _Reaper 8 hours ago
Wait what if puppet is Charlie, the daughter of henry
Marco Cortes Guzman
Wasn't the mangle in fanf 2 Toy Foxy?
Foxy Plushie
Foxy Plushie 9 hours ago
Happy Anniversary Game Theory
Lily Fiyr
Lily Fiyr 9 hours ago
So actually purple guy is not the bad guy pink guy is
Kassidy Tucker
Kassidy Tucker 9 hours ago
Matpat:There is no toy foxy Me looking at roxy:....... Sure
So to sum up the video for you basically this lore is ridiculous now and it’s now among us with killer ai
Hayley’s Comet
Hayley’s Comet 9 hours ago
I love how your anniversary is the same day as my birthday
Cipherzilla 9 hours ago
Wait- didn’t Baby die for good as Scrap Baby in Fnaf Pizzeria Simulator? No?
Warcrime Klee
Warcrime Klee 8 hours ago
am pro
am pro 10 hours ago
i am exited for security breech so I get to watch more amazing GT episodes
— Legacy —
— Legacy — 10 hours ago
Max & Kat
Max & Kat 10 hours ago
Funtime chica: I LOOK LIKE GLAMROCK CHICA HOW DO U THINK THIS RAT Toy chica:... Also Funtime chica: COULD BE GLAMROCK CHICA Toy chica: fun- FUNTIME CHICA AGAIN: SHUT UPPPP Toy chica: nvm-
Christopher Reyes
Christopher Reyes 10 hours ago
Aw man! I was late for game theories birthday
YouTube idiot vlogger
Hey matpat you know that part in sister location where you first see the minireanas what if your in funtime chica
Adil Ben kiran
Adil Ben kiran 10 hours ago
1:16 i like this intro
Blended_ Cheese
Blended_ Cheese 11 hours ago
I'm confused. MatPat says the child murders happened in the actual original Freddy fazbears pizzeria which is completely understandable. But he says that there's a chance that security breach is set in the original building. But wouldn't the withered animatronics of FNaF 2 be the ones of the 1985 original pizzeria? I'd imagine it would look like FNaF 2's location but with doors, because I assume they removed doors in the second games location to prevent a murder or crime going unseen or unnoticed. I mean the withered animatronics have been left to rot just like phone guy says about the old building. But a problem is that phone guy says he loved foxy, meaning the FNaF 2's location opened just after the closing of the original. But it's not a stupid idea to consider this original pizzeria is the same building as fredbears family diner, they just got rid of the fredbear and the springtrap suit (which makes sense why the suit is located in FNaF 2's location safe room.) And replaced them with the first version of Freddy and the gang. One thing I consider is that somehow security breach could (take this with a pinch of salt) be set just after the original pizzeria, the animatronics in Security breach seem to be pleasant looking to kids as the phone guy says the old ones looked too scary which could be why there is no foxy due to looking too scary and no way of making him look better. Or security breach could, and I mean could be a sister location to FNaF 2's location seen as though the animatronics design seem to be similar. Am I missing something making this statement redundant, please say so if I have, anyone reading.
leo stormrage
leo stormrage 11 hours ago
In short FNAF become WEST WORLD
Jim Moriaty
Jim Moriaty 11 hours ago
I prefer Purple Guy to Baby. Thanks for doing this for 10 years! Men can't give birth! Everyone knows this. But the idea is very horror like.
Abigail :3
Abigail :3 11 hours ago
Can you try to solve who built the new animatronics?
potato_tot 12 hours ago
j a k e ? d e t e c t i v e ?
BrEd CEO of Baby
BrEd CEO of Baby 12 hours ago
Could security breach relate to the minigames?
MTF Commander
MTF Commander 12 hours ago
5,000,000 nuggets in matpats head
N 12 hours ago
Now I haven’t read the games I just watch these theories as they’re really interesting, could the Fazgoo stuff but that ‘sloshing’ sound that was in the new kid story, thus creating in some way the second kid? Idk just a thought I had whilst watching this.
this-guy554 G
this-guy554 G 13 hours ago
Who was following you in FNAF 5 even though ballora got scooped?
CHEERIOS SQUAD 13 hours ago
Actually MatPat, the toy animatronics attack you in FNAF 2 because your character, Jeremy, commited several crimes, including Grand Theft Auto, and the animatronics are hooked into a criminal database, hence the reason they attack him.
RezPlayz 14 hours ago
wow how long its been ive only watched for 4 years
Adrian Santos
Adrian Santos 15 hours ago
Happy birthday
Mr Mozy
Mr Mozy 15 hours ago
I wanted at least 5 theories lol
Ad ghalwa
Ad ghalwa 16 hours ago
Hey you should check fnaf 2 mobile with an update it is different
mochabubbletea_ 17 hours ago
Ok what if you DO play as Micheal in Fnaf 4. I know it may sound like a stretch but listen. Micheal could be having nightmares about him causing his brother to be bit, which would explain the stomach mouths in another way. "But what about the IV, Pills, and Flowers?" You may ask, and I can answer that too. The IV is simple, Micheal saw his brother either die or just be in the hospital. The pills are depression medication for Micheal, and the Flowers are burial flowers for the crying childs funeral. Thank you for reading.
owl captain
owl captain 17 hours ago
so, lawrence won.
Mel Parker
Mel Parker 17 hours ago
then what is Roxy
Houston Shiel
Houston Shiel 18 hours ago
No foxy Sad Roxy noises
Sofie Feliz Arita
Sofie Feliz Arita 18 hours ago
Happy 10th anniversary month i did watch this on the relis date i am a bad speller :/
YouTube idiot vlogger
I hope that puppet is in it in some way shape or form in my point of view puppet is a good guy because hes just trying to help the souls get revenge
RTG 21 hour ago
As a long time Game Theory fan, this is a treat.
Heyy.Its_Lia 23 hours ago
I love the FNAF series on this channel but I wanted to reference one point Matt made in a previous video (“Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?”) about confirmation bias. He states that with these theories that there’s a need to be more precise. Although he states that these are “mini theories” I think it would be more accurate to call them mini hypotheses.
Heyy.Its_Lia 23 hours ago
In theory one alone the contradicting evidence would be that in the trailers the animatronics appear to be chasing Gregory or searching for him, 2 unknown animatronic voices (one male and one female) appear to be seeking out Gregory, and finally in the close up face shots they show every animatronic with red eyes and fading light or actively chasing Gregory except Glam Rock Freddy (making it seem as though Freddy is the only “friendly” animatronic).
D1sgraced 23 hours ago
i havent checked this channel in 2 years and we still talking about fnaf.........
OBLIVIANGAMER 231 23 hours ago
"We will some point at this series will be force to fight a giant trash bunny possessed by a serial killer" Sounds like Eren Yeager got reincarnated as a titan bunny
Dan 23 hours ago
What... what year is it?
YeetNoodle 23 hours ago
I think its just sad that theres no toy foxy because foxy is our laddy boi
cj gaming
cj gaming 23 hours ago
Mat is like purple guy he canot esape fnaf
abklm 23 hours ago
i loved puppet era
Sean Simon LuRes
I thought that the statue was canon, so I was like, We be riding FREDDY BOI
NCOcham Day ago
Wow, has it been that long? I remember watching your Mario video. It was, and still is, my favorite.
Yanuel Gaming
roxy em i a joke to you
Yell 245
Yell 245 Day ago
What if Baby didn't influence William directly? What if William had some kind of stimulus to fight like if Baby was whispering "don't worry, dad. I'm with you" and that's why he was so weak when she left. But it would only work if Baby was William's daughter in books, so...
Annie_Bear Day ago
Yell 245
Yell 245 Day ago
but who said that baby wasn't being some what controlled by Something? didn't she get killed by Afton's creation's? I don't exactly get or know the whole lay out of fnaf so sorry if this doesn't make since but then again who said she wasn't always a villain
Rebecca kirkman
ummm no your roge
damn great job man
Taylor Monk
Taylor Monk Day ago
Wait...has the Game Theory intro song been dropping in pitch over the years and I just never noticed?
Linda H.
Linda H. Day ago
Everybody gangster until the fnaf end credits says "Based on a true story."
Huntersky 2105
As much as I love this theory, and how many people how probably already said this, but as much as I love to see the toy animatronics return, their parts are no longer haunted since they burned in the box of parts in the fnaf 3 fire
Anderson Green
I had a theory about In the Flesh and how it connects to the games. I believe that they used some of the assets from Springtrap’s revenge and use them to make Grim Foxy’s Corn Maze. More of a joke theory I have is the animatronic arm at the end of the Security Breach trailer is the Springtrap Matt cut out of his stomach at the end of In the Flesh.
bob johnson
bob johnson Day ago
I missed the 2012-2015 animation.
This random dude Lol
Far stretch this but it’s called security breach right maybe because it’s a child breaking into a Freddy joint or because of the fnaf 2 phone call where it states and I quote “like somebody messed with the facial technician” coincidence? I THINK NOT!
I’malternate You
Let’s just say...”FNAF book 1. 𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙞𝙩." The ball pit in the game...oh- this seems like a connection. I dunno. Tell me you’re thoughts.
Chloe Day ago
Is it at all possible that the crying child could be Gregory? In the trailer we can see Gregory in the same striped shirt as the crying child, and knowing Scott that’s not a mistake
Cullum Booker
If the animatronics are toy animatronics that would explain why the animatronics help you it's during the day and Vanny is in "bunny form" when it's night the animatronics are trying to get you and Vanny is trying to help you.
Kristy Mathieu
Random Reaper 死神
Fnaf is SAO confirmed
Antboy 64
Antboy 64 Day ago
Watching GT withought the slight background chimes really makes you miss it.
J.W. Music
J.W. Music Day ago
I think that Gregory might be the crying child because the line that psychic fredbear says "remember what you saw" could be Vannie killing someone and the idea of the spring lock suits came from Gregory hiding inside the animatronics and purple guy taking that idea and amping it up and making suits
Sebastián Santos Colón
What if the nightmare-like hand that appears in the security breach trailer is the Afton amalgamation?
Raccoonodile Day ago
can we just talk about how insane gumdrop angel's cover is?
Gamer addicted mike
Mat pat there is a new Fnaf guid book
You should put spoiler alert
Yesterday was the channels birthday :>
Nikolai S.
Nikolai S. Day ago
One of my favourite thing is the buffed freddy on the logo