Gabi Garcia (Brazil) vs Seini Draughn (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD 

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Professional brazilian heavyweight MMA fighter, BJJ grappler and member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame Gabi Garcia against american high skilled fighter Seini Draughn with nickname "Lei'D Tapa". Fight took place in Saitama, Japan on December 31, 2015. Full MMA fight video in HD.
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Gabi Garcia (Brazil) vs Seini Draughn (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ricardo Oliveira
Ricardo Oliveira 16 seconds ago
A "Gabi Garcia" é igual ao "Hong-Man Choi" lutando.
seb henkinet
seb henkinet 4 minutes ago
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 16 minutes ago
Noooo este es hombre no chinguen🧐😬
Сергей Михеев
Та,что выиграла,как мужик,перекаченная.
Ray Jacobs
Ray Jacobs 7 hours ago
Who are these guys?!
Sergio Mella
Sergio Mella 10 hours ago
Eso es un hombre peleando contra una mujer
Fernando Esquivek
Fernando Esquivek 11 hours ago
Gabi eres hombre con buvis y todo un hombre o trasvesty brasos de un hombre pues k sientes cuando le ganas alas mujeres como hombre k eres pues contento no
Esteban Hoyos
Esteban Hoyos 12 hours ago
Gabi es transexual, es varón, no debería medirse con mujeres
Ja He
Ja He 13 hours ago
She’s huge, but a really bad fighter
Todd Pierson
Todd Pierson 13 hours ago
Gabi has the worst punching technique I have ever seen, even worse than an untrained woman. He should be ashamed ....
Gerald Hull
Gerald Hull 14 hours ago
Take it back to the circus.
shackleford duh
shackleford duh 14 hours ago
That's definitely Bigfoot silva with a boob job
Onecoolguy 16 hours ago
Nah.. something ain't right
B Gat
B Gat 16 hours ago
This is like old UFC where there aren’t any weight classes (in this case no gender classes either)
Hélcio Luiz
Hélcio Luiz 17 hours ago
Gabi é boa de chão 🥋 mais é muito fraca no Box 🥊🥊
Marturo HS
Marturo HS 17 hours ago
Es men o man?
aslan dudiev
aslan dudiev 17 hours ago
Она Шевченко просит
Jacques Thompson
Jacques Thompson 18 hours ago
She got rocked though. Too bad the other woman really didn't know how to through punches, ok, fight. Just used to being the largest one in the ring. She was actually attractive before the roids.
eduardo melo vasco
eduardo melo vasco 18 hours ago
Que bom ver o Brasil ganhar ,otima atleta otima pessoa ,parabens Gabi Garcia .
Hùng Kiệt
Hùng Kiệt 19 hours ago
size different
Frank Thedukes
Frank Thedukes 23 hours ago
nunes would still murder this girl guy.... no skills
Deeper Reality
Deeper Reality 23 hours ago
Mister T Rsa
Mister T Rsa Day ago
What's that ? !!! A man (loos like) against a women ? Too easy sob.
Mandeep Singh
I love you Gabi.
juan salinas
juan salinas Day ago
Better than going to a movie $ 20 gasoline and ticket
Nodir Orzuev
Nodir Orzuev Day ago
gary sublett
gary sublett Day ago
reminds me of russian olympic athletes in early 70s....there is nothing woman about whatever this person is....
Tragic Magic
Tragic Magic Day ago
How can this be ok? Have we lost our minds ? Someone please try to justify this?
antonio silva
Ele é muito ruim de soco
diane centeno
Why society is allowing this dude to fight in womens leagues is beyond me😡. Would love to see a male fighter put this dirtbag out permanently.
James Klein
James Klein Day ago
Вячеслав Валерьевич
Не баба ,а мутант какой-то
Free Youtubemusicthx
Finally she gets rocked by a punch.
Russell May
Russell May Day ago
That's a man
Mark Krok
Mark Krok Day ago
Stop giving this man credit
Marcos - Eterno Romântico
Diabo de briga feia
Arturo Barreto
Estoy enamorado de ti Gabi.
Белоснежка Белоснежов
Муж у неё должен быть хотя бы кинг-конг, это будет гармонично.
Андрей Харебин
Cosaco 1969
Cosaco 1969 2 days ago
That is a fucking man , why don't check the birth certificate, she male !!!
J CERQUEIRA 2 days ago
Na minha opinião a Gabi Garcia tem uma deficiência em socar as diversórias, é estranho como ela da um soco toda as lutas dela eu observo isso. Há só para fica claro eu já treinei muito Kickboxing, box, Full Contact, Hapkido e outras luta nos anos 80 e 90
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle 18 hours ago
@J CERQUEIRA Ela sai dando soco as cegas e uma hora quando acerta vai ser difícil para essas aguentarem. Eu não sou um lutador super experiente mas alguém lutando assim por mais bulky que seja ia deixar o rosto totalmente desprotegido.
@Rust Cohle É a Gabi não tem coordenação motora quando da um soco, o soco sai meio sem direção e força para derruba ou deixa a adversaria abalada
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle Day ago
Ela é muito lenta e não tem coordenação para um soco, enfrentando um cara médio toma uma surra.
jaime lewis
jaime lewis 2 days ago
Lol.... Look at the name "lady beast" u got that right
Martin Stepanek
Martin Stepanek 19 hours ago
ummm, no. Beast yes, lady nfw!
Jean Ditou
Jean Ditou 2 days ago
Its John Cena
Klebert Pereira
Klebert Pereira 2 days ago
Gabi não aguenta a leoa Amanda Nunes
Kevin Rackley
Kevin Rackley 2 days ago
This raises the question it's all right for transgender to complete in sports and share bathroom's. But it's not alright in fighting ,even if that's the case,where is my liberal, s at that s the Biden way.
Kevin Rackley
Kevin Rackley 2 days ago
Go demactats were all the same
Surviving Life
Surviving Life 2 days ago
Wtf did I just watch.....
RowStone 2 days ago
Gabbi needs to fight someone who weighs the same.
Scott 2 days ago
They need to let Gabbi fight Jake Paul, she would beat his ass, lol.
William Turner
William Turner 2 days ago
It's a man.
Wilson Borges
Wilson Borges 2 days ago
A Gabi só tem tamanho, falta muita técnica.
Jn 77
Jn 77 2 days ago
Imagina ela com técnica man ksksk
Everaldo Da rosa
Everaldo Da rosa 2 days ago
Krisztiàn Gulyás
Garcia girl or boy?????wtf??????
Igor Barčot
Igor Barčot 2 days ago
Remindes me on Bob Sapp
Slim Pickens
Slim Pickens 2 days ago
Miss Man from scary movie
Lil Pupik
Lil Pupik 2 days ago
That beasts striking could go on with some looney tones cartoon sounds and it would be perfect.
tyrone loki
tyrone loki 3 days ago
roids aside she is gifted with good genetics, people are naive if they think the other women are not juiced.....freak genetics + juiced.
true fist of the north star
Thats not fair....thats a transsexual a man v woman....that liberal BS is getting out of hand...smh
Ggvvtf Рмрап
Бес понтовые каблы
running beard
running beard 3 days ago
Wow that was horrible
D Doug
D Doug 3 days ago
Thats bullshit make that thing fight men, I give all the respect in the world for any female that fought this monster....
DANIEL Quinn 3 days ago
That Is not a female, that’s a man or a hermaphrodite
Percqx 3 days ago
0:36 I Can't Stop Laughing WTF Was That
Grant Low
Grant Low 3 days ago
She's a fuckin man isn't she
David Beise
David Beise 3 days ago
Who does this guy think he's fooling? I guess beating up women raises his self esteem. Why do they allow this bs to continue. It's a disgrace.
Eduardo Papareli
Eduardo Papareli 3 days ago
Essa gabi e um lixo mesmo podia ter finalizado mas nao ela queria machucar uma oponente ja derrotada e um lixo de pessoa e ser humano. Ja esta falando como um homem queria ver ela sem esteroides. Lixo
Jose Luis Veizaga Rivero
No entiendo porque no pelea con una de su tamaño y peso
Ted Hicks
Ted Hicks 3 days ago
Kick twixt legs you'll know for sure its a guy! !
Darien Wiggins
Darien Wiggins 3 days ago
This is bad
ken 3 days ago
is that really a woman?
Michael Haile
Michael Haile 3 days ago
Her cornerman was right, she shouldn't be hard on herself for losing to that man
Jose Miranda
Jose Miranda 3 days ago
Baby should fight men.😃
Richard Gauthier
Richard Gauthier 3 days ago
Why is this on here as new. Old ass fight
rhpositivo1980 h r
No entiendo como puede ser que hable de respeto a las artes marciales y a Japón, si lo único que hace es golpear a aire sin ningún tipo de tecnica, estilo ni sentido, una lástima lo que se está haciendo a si misma esta persona.
Alfred Smith
Alfred Smith 3 days ago
Wat a disgrace, letting him fight women
marco rossi
marco rossi 3 days ago
Joao Carlos
Joao Carlos 3 days ago
Massa bruta
Jeff hlayiseka Mabasa
Gabi is slow she can't compete in UFC & Bellator🤞🤞🤞
Terra plana Domo
Terra plana Domo 3 days ago
TheGreatGazoo 3 days ago
Has ZERO skill but is undefeated. I think Joe Rogan is exactly right.
Pierre Casanova
Pierre Casanova 3 days ago
Adilson Jose
Adilson Jose 3 days ago
Vai em frente😉muito guerreira👍
Lenny Persin
Lenny Persin 3 days ago
I wonder how long her/his love length is??
Lenny Persin
Lenny Persin 3 days ago
Whatever THAT is, it needs to be put down!
glaubermarcius 3 days ago
Drug free! Always!
Omar ducaysane
Omar ducaysane 3 days ago
Why is this man fighting the woman?
J J 3 days ago
Tambien hay peleas hombre vs mujer??
Cicero F. de Lima
E mais, tem fala de homem. É homem.
Cicero F. de Lima
Dizem que é mulher, mas tem corpo de homem. É homem.
Jose P
Jose P 3 days ago
Is a guy..😟
Richard Brantner
Richard Brantner 3 days ago
That dude can't fight,lol....
alex fardoulis
alex fardoulis 3 days ago
That’s not a woman it’s a man in a women’s body....
Kenneth Schwendeman
Fuck that dude
Carlos Falcao
Carlos Falcao 4 days ago
Cara uma das melhores lutas que assistir na vida emocionante coração
Agnieszka W
Agnieszka W 4 days ago
(He/she) shouldn't be allowed to fight with women
Gia 4 days ago
He’s heavyweight champion? Dude can’t even punch right. Wtpho?
Когда Годзила упала, я так обрадовался. Жаль, что не упала снова((
E C 4 days ago
Damn the big dude backhanded the lil samoan dude back bbn to samoa.
Jerm C.
Jerm C. 4 days ago
SMH 😯 His Name Is Gabe Don't Play The Ppl fr 😡 ✌🏽❤️🌎
Hector Gurrola Del Real
That's a dude 😂