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You may have heard Angelika Oles recently commenting about Gabbie Hanna regarding the Rachel Oates situation. Well Gabbie Hanna took that as a formal declaration of war, and has decided to take no prisoners. In the last week, Gabbie Hanna has been trending on Twitter nearly every day and every one on the internet is done tolerating her behavior. Let's take a closer look at how Gabbie uses her platform to unfairly go after other influencers.

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Apr 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
Gay agenda
Gay agenda 41 minute ago
6:32 I hate that when someone usually somewhat privileged says something along the lines of "Small people like me" or describe themself as as small person society wise it automatically makes me think of lana del rey
Torin Thunder
Torin Thunder 2 hours ago
“Gabbie, it’s not that deep!” Neither is her poetry smh 🤦‍♂️
Roxo Wyatt
Roxo Wyatt 4 hours ago
Gabbi was so mean to Rachel!! She asked to be critiqued then went ballitic when she got some bad criticism! She's such a bully.
psyche 5 hours ago
she’s so convinced that everyone is against her and she really gets *so* upset over the smallest shit. she is legitimately unwell and needs some professional help and maybe some time in a rehabilitation center or something that can help her.
Fatima 6 hours ago
okay but wow you are gorgeous girl ISTG YOUR MAKEUP, HAIR AND EVERYTHING WAS JUST MWAH CHEFS KISS AHAHAHHAHAHA *wowowow she's really pretty ahaha :D*
yaggerdamn 6 hours ago
for a second there i thought you were gonna say gabbie hanna had beef with a 19th century playwrite
cooler than a cooler
guys gabbie is a karen who feels like she's one of us
samantha s
samantha s 7 hours ago
Gabbie: sends book to reviewer Gabbie: gets review Gabbie: wait that's illegal
Bel 7 hours ago
aside from gaby’s weird behavior, i really just wanna say you’re so pretty and the rose decoration on the chair is just 😍😍😍you look like a real life princess 😍😍
cherryfaerie 8 hours ago
gabbie oh my gosh that is so embarrassing she just constantly victimizes herself gosh
d taylor
d taylor 9 hours ago
d taylor
d taylor 9 hours ago
anyone can buy the NYT best seller title
Heather at Syzygy Farm
She looks like Shia Labeouf. Right.. Just me?
elsa marie
elsa marie 11 hours ago
Elizabeth Thornton
Elizabeth Thornton 12 hours ago
The epitome of main character syndrome
Sakuems 13 hours ago
Gabbie's entitlement is over the roof. Anybody can do a critique/review on one's work, you don't haved/need to be a talented person with taste in art to review a creative projects. MOST people review things based on how it make them feel and if they felt something was not deep enough it's not deep enough, period XD !
John Doe22
John Doe22 14 hours ago
do you people hear your self, lol cringe fest deluxe :/)=
Connor Underwood
Connor Underwood 15 hours ago
I haven't even looked at Gabbie Hanna in years but seeing her in that recent video she looks so unhealthy?! Like she looks sick, as soon as I saw her I just felt a deep level of concern. I don't know what's going on with that and I don't want to assume, but I hope she's okay and gets better
lauren 15 hours ago
Gabbie googled, “synonyms for bullying” and hasn’t shut up ever since.
Aclotine_556 17 hours ago
let's be honest, who even are gabby Hannahs fans. I don't see fans anywhere? I mean, with a personality like hers I find it hard to believe that she has supporters at this point.
domi 17 hours ago
so basicly in 5 months this Gabby will make a video about you how you bully her and so on.....😂
rainbug 18 hours ago
I think Gabbie has too much time on her hands.
NotACheese 18 hours ago
12:30 was sooooooooooo hard to watch oh god, so much second hand embarrassment. She's a perfect example of someone who really shouldn't have a platform.
kat 19 hours ago
I like you im subscribed
Gwyneth Galvin
Gwyneth Galvin 21 hour ago
I wasn't impressed by her poetry either, but I disagree that poetry ~needs~ to have layered meaning or depth, or that its value should be determined by those standards. Poetry is a form of expression just like any other kind of art, and sometimes it's ok if it's superficial, simple, silly, or face-value. I write a lot of "deep" poetry, but I also write goofy lines that don't have any real replay value, and I'm proud of 'em all. Does that make sense? :)
ARMY_ksoo 21 hour ago
So glad I left her toxic community few years back :P I was inspired by her weight loss and wanted to be as motivated as her, but boy her personality is khm not good. I'm looking at this now after not hearing about her for 3+ years and wow did she burried herself deep. Can't believe people are blind to this toxicisity
BB ~
BB ~ Day ago
Am I the only one cringing when Gabbi's clips come up? She's so embarrassing 💀
Kawaii Spice
Kawaii Spice Day ago
ngl when you first said oscar wilde I thought you were talking about hotdogs.
C N Kimsey
C N Kimsey Day ago
I have zero interest in youtube personality's.... and yet I watched this all the way through... silly me! But you Ma'am are simply adorable.. and quick on the beat.. Respect
gjh Day ago
Gabbie is the worst. A lot of people gave that book a really bad review. omg her lip plumping,
Sonic Belmont
This is an incredibly well made video, but unfortunately Gabbi is so insufferable I'll probably have to watch it in short bursts. Really good work though, didn't know about half of these incidents.
bananasaging Day ago
#1 new york's best seller is probably the most meaningless title to have
yonkles Day ago
She literally tag the people she starts drama with in her stories, explicitly telling her subscribers to bully that person so she can after that call that person the bully. OK gabbiehanna 🤠
Terena Rosa
Terena Rosa Day ago
I don't think she actually thinks she's better than others. I think she's hypersensitive and puts on the mean girl persona when she's hurt to act like something doesn't bother her. She needs a break from the internet, but she's afraid to lose momentum so she continues torturing herself. There should be some sort of social media rehab center for people like her to go to.
Amy Myers
Amy Myers Day ago
😂😂Regina George OMG
{Love Potion}
Her tan is so ugly holy shit 0:05
Goblin Babe
Goblin Babe Day ago
Back then she would’ve been thrown in an insane asylum.
SilentSniper Day ago
dont know who you are. Dont know where you came from. But i really like that chair.
Frankie F
Frankie F Day ago
omg she’s gonna put a hit on u
Kale De
Kale De Day ago
Gabbie didn’t want book reviews she wanted praise. She is so bratty and rude and she is a BULLY. To her “bullying” is just not agreeing with her and that’s what entitled people do.
Bia Oliveira
Bia Oliveira Day ago
Did she just try to humiliate the guy that passed her because of his height? O.o lol it looks like those guys who say "whatever ure ugly anyways"
Kat 08
Kat 08 Day ago
Weren’t we all mean in middle school? I remember multiple times people were awful to me. But...I can remember myself being bitch too.
Jono Charles Davey
I know this is an asshole thing to say but her nose is always the first thing I notice about her.
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat Day ago
But the question is who are her fans? Who with half a right mind would admire such a horrendous person
Cookies And Cream
Probably younger kids, like people who believe you cant criticize things you love and blindly follow in support
YoshiSoupy Day ago
That’s what Gabbie is!!! She uses people and degrades them. People need to start putting out lawsuits to these fake, and delusional youtubers
j russell
j russell Day ago
i dislike her so much bc she sounds exactly like my mum
Mackenzie Richardson
words can't describe how much a fucking hate her omfg 😐🙄
creative name
most of her "poems" aren't even poems lmao they're just drafted tweets
creative name
gabbie studied psychology in college... that's where she learned all those big words
Willow Linwood
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. 2 days ago
Gabbie's that annoying acquaintance that talks behind your back, acts like you're friends to your face, sounds very unnatural when using slang and addresses you as 'girl'.
Camille Christman
It seems like Gabbie likes to self project a lot of her characteristics and actions on whoever doesn't give her the praise or validation that shes a good person like she craves. She likes to call various people manipulative, narcissistic, dehumanizing, toxic, etc., but her actions and responses reflect those characteristics on herself more so than the people she is referring to. I sincerely hope that she takes the time to take a break from social media of all forms, goes to a real therapist, and does a lot of self reflection on who she is as a person. People with this much power should not be this childish
Kaizōku 2 days ago
So she wanted Rachel to apologize for,,, not liking her book?? She wanted Oscar to apologize for,,, liking a public tweet?? That sounds like some dumb, entitled, narcissistic bitch shit 🤪
Snoop Loops
Snoop Loops 2 days ago
The smash or pass thing was so embarrassing. Like I could see that happening to me too with being passed for not being someone’s type and I get she was embarrassed bc it was a public thing but at least the guy didn’t make it a big deal and didn’t even call her ugly he just “she’s not my type” and they all moved on.
Tia Hauser
Tia Hauser 2 days ago
Guess what? I got bullied alot and guess what idgaf and still don't gaf. People who bully and criticize or abuse people don't have good coping skills. She's funny but yet her coping skills are slipping a little. A lot of guys told me they would pass me because of my hair color. I said oh well then same with you too and I then walked off like nothing happened. I describe myself as a broken mirror, they treat me like crap , I confront. If they treat me like a normal person I'd treat them the same. I don't just say it, I show it too. Regular human stuff you know?
Mariama Bah
Mariama Bah 2 days ago
Who keeps giving this woman money
Justin Chan
Justin Chan 2 days ago
Gabbie is definitely in the wrong but with regards to Oscar Wilde reaching out and "sending positivity" after liking the tweet comes off as incredibly condescending. Gabbie definitely overreacted, but that was mad condescending.
Leo 2 days ago
Gabbie Hanna cancelled Gabbie Hanna.
gabby king
gabby king 2 days ago
take a shot every time gabbie says toxic, narcissistic, exploitative, gaslighting, or bully, aka drunk til you die lol
Sky Keddy
Sky Keddy 2 days ago
Gabby reminds me of someone i know & i couldn’t watch this all the way through
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 2 days ago
it's obvious she is really insecure and projects her insecurities on EVERYTHING!
Gold Skin
Gold Skin 2 days ago
She’s just a very lonely person. No one IRL want to be around her because she’s so nasty. She needs attention online and boost herself because she so damn lonely in her personal life.
Ken Seitz
Ken Seitz 2 days ago
I absolutely love how she thinks she has to ability to diagnosed everyone around her. Didn’t know she was a therapist 😐
k 2 days ago
what the hell is gabbie doing with her make up in the dominic response video? that whole demonstration is borkt. its like she got tired of being human and is now going for...something else.
cj 2 days ago
gabbie is super pretty (not really relevant)
Midnight_Cas 2 days ago
It’s people like Gabbi that have set the standard everyone else holds for feminism. They assume that Gabbi is what feminism is and it bastardizes the whole group and it’s goals
corvo. 2 days ago
she's not only insufferable, but a bad person. can't wait for her to be irrelevant in like 2 years lol
Sparkling daisy
Sparkling daisy 2 days ago
I'm really concerned. Gabby needs help.
Sara M
Sara M 2 days ago
She takes shit from 0 aaallll the way to 100000 in no time flat....she got a tiny bit of criticism and now that person is narcissistic and abusive? She needs actual professional help and not whatever therapy she thinks she’s getting right now.....
Flamingo 009
Flamingo 009 2 days ago
I came across this just now and I’m not really surprised because she always came off as annoying to me but you’re really pretty! Sorry that’s totally off topic :D
Heather Bair
Heather Bair 2 days ago
I was a fan when she started excelling at US-first, then recently, I bought Dandelion when it came out and I thought people were exaggerating. Sad to say, it was a waste of $13.
moonstone.mp4 2 days ago
Gabbi Hana is a Karen with a platform. 👀
Reina Algabri
Reina Algabri 2 days ago
The biggest surprise in this video is that Gabbie has fans.
Thais Muniz
Thais Muniz 2 days ago
Damn.. Imagine being obnoxious like that, I feel bad for the people around her
Lexa Terrestrial
Lexa Terrestrial 2 days ago
there are plenty more examples.. the one about the smash or pass.. eh i mean... Idk i just wouldn't have spent so much time on that one or included it at all in this video.
Bimmie Jamez
Bimmie Jamez 2 days ago
“Gabbie Mania”
May04bwu 2 days ago
maybe I'm the monSTAAAA
Queen Supreme
Queen Supreme 2 days ago
I can't even watch the clips, the second hand embarasment is horrible
Lord Skeletor
Lord Skeletor 2 days ago
Gabbie Hanna reacting like this to criticism of her poetry because it's "about personal topics" has the same energy as Onision getting mad at Strange Æons for criticizing that one side character in Stones to Abigail because he was based on his actual friend who died.
MarleneN 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure Gabbie Hanna also participated in the smash or pass trend, no?
jade d
jade d 2 days ago
she needs the internet taken away from her fr
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan 2 days ago
Gabbie listed off all the things that she is and then tried to push it all onto someone else
lesbian chihuahua
This was my first time hearing about her, & I can say wow. She's just. Wow. Gross af. She's just like the girl I knew who shat on my car windshield.
Hermione Stranger
The greatest trick the Mean Girl ever pulled was convince the world that she's a Victim xD
DigitalHarmony 2 days ago
“The worst.” No honey, you were in the top 3. In LA. You aren’t the best at being the worst. Calm down.
Aqua Regia
Aqua Regia 2 days ago
Never heard of her and also never thought pink eyeshadow could look this good on a person.
Pilarta Armo
Pilarta Armo 2 days ago
She reminds me of Amy from Kitchen Nightmares lol
bronade 22
bronade 22 2 days ago
I was looking for someone to cover this bc im always confused and a lot of the information is all over the place and im very happy to have found you bc your video was incredibly well done! Thank you!
Katherine Powell
Katherine Powell 2 days ago
i find you so obnoxious. YOU give off the middle school bully who plays innocent later in life vibe. i think gabbie has issues but you seem a little too happy about it.
AthenaSyndicate 2 days ago
How much did gabbie pay you, lil sis?
Katherine Powell
Katherine Powell 2 days ago
yeah i think you're definitely projecting some of this. "i see every girl who was mean to me in high school." really? you get regina george vibes from unhinged insecure mentally exhausted gabbie hanna? lmao i mean.. she has flaws that's why i came to watch this video but i think your take lacks nuance.
Claine 3 days ago
Her actions and behavior in handling situations are really concerning to me. She needs to seriously reflect on how she's acting, because this is harmful to everyone around her.
Scarlet 3 days ago
One thing I don't understand about Gabbie is why she takes herself so seriously. She wouldn't get nearly as much criticism & mockery if she had a sense of humor. The poetry, like the lyrics of her music, is really a lot like that subreddit "I'm 14 & this is deep." It isn't highbrow art, and I'm not saying that to criticize her. Almost nothing that makes the NYT list is high art & that's OK! Gabbie should just accept that she's making somewhat shallow, highly personal work that her fans will buy to support her or bc something strikes a chord with them.
Dol P
Dol P 3 days ago
Belle is so impossibly beautiful.
K B 3 days ago
She really got some lip fillers and started acting different 😂 all this is just really stressful and draining
Linzl Sleepy
Linzl Sleepy 3 days ago
Off topic, sorry, but I love your shirt
Ender 3 days ago
Shes just jealous because no one wants to pay attention to her. Basically a toddler
Felorina Lorch
Felorina Lorch 3 days ago
I just wanna know who these Gabbie stans are... lol The only way you could still like her is if YOU’RE like her lol
G̴e̴n̴e̴v̴i̴e̴v̴e̴ G̴r̴e̴e̴n̴
Literally any person on the planet: *Says or does anything* Gabbie: And I took that personally...
Maria Marquez
Maria Marquez 3 days ago
not u calling vine an ancient and long forgotten app 😮‍💨
sal heg
sal heg 3 days ago
i find it funny how she calls everyone that doesn't fall on their knees for her untalented, ignorant, and stupid when she's bad at writing, singing, comedy, and like everything she does-
Hannahmelissa91 3 days ago
She’s.. problematic and absolutely shite at poetry
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