Gabbie Hanna Lies About Trisha Paytas, Spencer Sharp, Oscar Wylde & Rachel Oates in One Big Week 

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What We're Talking About:
Gabbie Hanna drama
Gabbie Hanna & Trisha Paytas
Gabbie Hanna & Oscar Wylde
Gabbie & Who is Spencer?
Gabbie Hanna & Rachel Oates
Gabbie Hanna cancelled/canceled
Gabbie Hanna Instagram/IG stories
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Apr 26, 2021




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helloleesh 17 days ago
Hey guys! I wanted to clarify that the Spencer Gabbie referred to in the tiktok comment may not be this Spencer. However, she left this topic open by pretending not to know who that is, and she still lied to her fans about having dated this Spencer, so I'm okay leaving it in. Thanks for letting me know, you! Love you!
Bobo Hobo
Bobo Hobo 7 days ago
@Plutonium B lol stfu
Plutonium B
Plutonium B 7 days ago
@Bobo Hobo Settle down, asshole.
Bobo Hobo
Bobo Hobo 7 days ago
u must have a really smooth brain since u think of mental health in terms of public 'communities' on social media. u r exactly as well informed, genuine and deep as the culture u live in. also stop playing dressup with your nanas old gowns.
jae lmao
jae lmao 11 days ago
@Kenny Capito that’s fucked up dude
Plutonium B
Plutonium B 12 days ago
The spencer thing was all sorts of weird
Gothic TDK
Gothic TDK Day ago
I love chockers📿➰
Britt Lyn
Britt Lyn 2 days ago
i’ve always related to trish AND gabbie. honestly seeing their behavior online helped me realize errors in my own behavior. i think it comes from this deep insecurity and never feeling fulfilled in the amount of attention you receive, as well as being bored without ~drama~ and having a tendency to hyperbolize interactions and stories. i wouldn’t classify myself as a liar, especially now, BUT in the past i definitely lied and convinced myself of my own lies to make myself feel better, because i already felt so poorly about myself. ALL THIS BEING SAID. having these personality tendencies and mental health issues is NOT an excuse for being an asshole. Trish has showed incredible growth. i’m a completely different person than i was a few years ago. i think our personalities have the potential to be truly creative and insightful once we realize we don’t have to force it and lash out to make ourselves and our lives more interesting. i’m lucky i realized this nearly a decade before Gabbie... it’s sad to see that Gabbie had fallen into a full on victim complex. i hope she realizes the reality of her many successes and uses those to push her forward, instead of dwelling on her downfalls and blaming them all on everyone else around her. she DOES have talent and potential, but she will never be able to access it fully as long as she keeps up this act.
Brooke 2 days ago
You seem cool. I’ll sub.
Emma McNeil Cowie
That dress is GORGEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Law
Daniel Law 3 days ago
RileyQuinn 5 days ago
you made some good points but also a lot of bad points/points where you misinterpreted or misunderstood her arguments. Like the numbers one, she wasnt saying numbers are everything or calling rachel oates irrelevant, she was rebutting the claim oates made that gabbi was only talking about her to drum up attention. overall good video and very cogent points though.
RileyQuinn 5 days ago
this situation is so awful...everybody is a victim here. I'm honestly afraid Gabbie is going to attempt suicide. I know you said you don't want to attribute her behavior to mental illness, but lets be honest its inescapable at this point. Of course the intricacies of our behavior and temperament are not SOLELY attributable to our mental illness, but nobody acts this angry, this offended, this hurt, this obsessive, etc. because they are mentally stable. Its not an excuse for her behavior but it IS an explanation. she needs help. She really needs help.
Sunny-Z 5 days ago
I wonder if gabbie’s mental health doctors look at her behavior online? I feel like they could help her with these situations but I don’t think she brings them up, and if she does, maybe mischaracterizes them?
Emily C
Emily C 5 days ago
I dont know where she's getting these millions of views on one video. None of the last 12 videos have hit 1 million. The loyalty of her subs is nonexistent. You have 5.7 mil subs, right? But don't even hit one mil on your video views? And she's proud of that?
Audrey Lyons
Audrey Lyons 5 days ago
legit just found ur channel and omg new favourite US-firstr right here
miss voorhees
miss voorhees 5 days ago
I'll say it for those who will still paint gabby as having a breakdown; it's not a breakdown when it's narcissistic rage....
Tangerine *
Tangerine * 6 days ago
She's always had a liars nose
Kera Logan
Kera Logan 6 days ago
I think she misspelled "irrelevant" because she ran out of space on her forehead. Should have gone for the nose 🤷‍♀️
teeth facts
teeth facts 6 days ago
This was so good I’m so happy watching this lol so informative
Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopilus III
I’m both neurodivergent and mentally ill (two separate things) and she did a lot of damage to both communities. people started mocking our neurodivergence because of her and others started saying shit like ‘this is why mentally ill people are horrible people’ etc. she is horrible and we don’t claim her.
Angelic 6 days ago
Angelic 6 days ago
Angelic 6 days ago
Gabbie Hanna makes Azaelia Banks look incredibly sane by comparison.
Angelic 6 days ago
yay another amazing channel! This Gabbie drama is a blessing 😂
Jimmy Wrangler
Jimmy Wrangler 6 days ago
Gabbie Hannah is on so many drugs that I’m starting to relapse..
Ace Vendetta Flight Clips
Leg truck go vroom vroom 😍😍😍
Jimmy Wrangler
Jimmy Wrangler 6 days ago
Shocking, Gabbie Hannah is a horrendous human. By the way, your style is top notch in this video! That dress is badass.
Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle 6 days ago
Mmmmmohmygod, stop fuckin' lyin' Gabbie!
Bunny Panena
Bunny Panena 6 days ago
Gabbie has always given me bad vibes because I have sever anxiety and depression and neurodivergent. If she can't handle being called out then get off the internet. She's addicted to the negative attention. I don't think she's a good person.
Jemima Budge
Jemima Budge 7 days ago
The even time stamp is doing so much for my ocd thank you
Bobo Hobo
Bobo Hobo 7 days ago
u did not really try and make mental health communities something cool and exclusive and u decide who is in or not because people could give mental disorders a bad name so 'we dont do that'??? are u serious, have u ever met someone with real issues? they dont express themselves by being in 'communities' on youtube or writing sad diary entries. who tf r u to diagnose whether someone is mentally ill or not. read a book,dont romanticize self serving social media groups that spend their time trying to make mental health disorders look good. also in one sentence u say she shouldnt use that excuse and a few minutes later u admit that she 'has something' u dont appear to be as smart as u portray urself. less time for grandma outfits and make up maybe, more using brain ?
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 7 days ago
You are very beautiful 😍
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee 7 days ago
Also, gabbie is definitely self medicating with weed and it will only make her WORSE!!!! We need to treat weed for what it is: an inhibiting substance. It's not a magic cure-all. You CAN develop a dependance on it, proof is ME!! I've been addicted to weed the whole pandemic. I smoke at LEAST 1 bowl a day, and that's after I've cut down. It's a daily struggle to not constantly be smoking when you've made it a habit. I don't even get high anymore, I just smoke to feel normal. People act like weed won't mess up your life, but it will if you don't create those important boundaries.
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee 7 days ago
When I'm manic, I'm essentially delusional. Everything turns black and white and the only opinion that matters is my own. You can't talk me down, you have to wait until I'm not manic anymore. I recognize a lot of myself in Gabbie's behaviour rn, tbh.
Catalina Ferrer
Catalina Ferrer 7 days ago
If you have to tell people you are happy, you’re clearly not. The same with “i have a lot of friends”...
Carly P
Carly P 8 days ago
Herpe-gate 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stephanie 8 days ago
Gabbie Hannah is a troll, just like Trisha was or still is.
Cam 8 days ago
at this point i think it goes to say if you're going to be a bully, at least own up to it. if gabbie straight up came out being like "yeah i'm a bully but i don't care" then at least THAT eases up SOMETHING. but we aren't even sure she cares about the damage she causes
Hysteric Heretic
Hysteric Heretic 8 days ago
Gabbie reminds me a lot of Courtney Love in that they both lie out of their ass, they try to always make themselves the victim and they're incredibly emotionally abusive gaslighters who constantly manipulate and try to make themselves look misunderstood and edgy when in reality they're huge attention seeking narcissists. And if you don't believe me, do some research on Courtney, she's an awful human being.
Kamilia Hernandez
the only other person i can think of who lies like this is Donald Trump... maybe she should run for office
Anora Eta
Anora Eta 8 days ago
I agree with almost everything you're saying, but how can you say Trisha hasn't done anything problematic when they've been constantly called out for being antisemitic for the past few months? They've displayed numerous micro aggressions, stereotypes, and straight up appropriation of Jewish religion and culture, sometimes ON their podcast with their Jewish co-host (who's not innocent in that regard). I'm very happy they got help, I support their gender exploration, all of that is fantastic, but saying they haven't been problematic is such a slap in the face.
Arty girl66
Arty girl66 8 days ago
GH literally coming off as a succubus tryna suck the happiness out of everyone because she can't be happy with herself.
Fina Pimentel
Fina Pimentel 8 days ago
I agree with most of what you say, except for Trisha not being problematic. They've continued to be really antisemitic over the past year.
enesjei 8 days ago
I have mental health so i'm excused for my shitty behavior. I'm famous, i'm allowed to do illegal things. I'm rich, i'm allowed to have a say for everything....sheeesh.. so messy
TheObservant Some
This isn’t giving me responsible healthy commentator. It’s very much feels invasive. Maybe Alicia has a personal relationship with Gabbie but doesn’t mean that anyone who knows her name should have access to what kind of mental healthcare she is seeking or who she has around her. Even if it was something she divulged in the past. It’s actually none of our business. So if she wants to lie about whether she knows someone or not, who cares? The whole “you seem lonely” and “I don’t think she’s happy” comes off as consent trolling, straight up. This video just made me feel gross.
lolno 9 days ago
as far as Trisha never calling gabbie out abt the misgendering, they did say gabbie was all around triggering when they were asking to be left tf alone iirc, id assume the "all around triggering" bit includes her inability to use the correct pronouns. Incase that wasn't considered, idk, popped out at me
Amy Bond
Amy Bond 9 days ago
I love your hole set and how you sit is rlly giving me a model vibe!!!
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez 9 days ago
I know little to nothing about the issue but I have to say that Gabbie's tiktoks about the issue when they pop up in unrelated videos I am watching... They don't seem like they are productive and they seem to be purposefully (or maybe not on purpose but with the potention of) triggering people with mental health issues. I don't personally excuse any of her actions becuase even if there is an element of mental health consequence that provokes these actions, these actions are not without consequence and the fact that there is so little regard to the consequence of her actions cannot be layed at the feet of her mental health. Also I wish she would leave Trish alone, idk Trisha but they seem to hold everything close to their heart when referring to interpersonal interactions, so to see the way it affects them is like seeing someone try to trigger someone who is neurodivergent... And it's sick.
Autumn Tolbird
Autumn Tolbird 9 days ago
Is there a chance Gabbie Hannah is a troll? I can’t believe she isn’t doing this just to be funny and problematic. It’s a bad look and a bad way to get attention but I just feel like it’s so on purpose.
bisky 9 days ago
i think she was serious for a majority of her career, but now she’s claiming to be a troll (and actively being one now) to save face. she’s embarrassed that her content and art and whatever is so bad, so she deflects her contribution to that failure by claiming troll
Amy Smith
Amy Smith 9 days ago
Sounds like she’s projecting.
Aspen Calloway
Aspen Calloway 9 days ago
At this point I'm SO CONFUSED on what Gabbie ACTUALLY WANTS?? Half the time she's saying she's being bullied and gaslit and is the victim of all of this abuse and hate campaigns, then she completely flips and says she's successful, happy, it's all an act, and she's completely in control/holding the power. Which is it?? Are you a victim who just wants to be left alone or are you purposefully saying all of this stuff to stir up drama and controversy??
megan tyler
megan tyler 9 days ago
So Trisha post a breakdown video a day after this. Oh god
Jedi SkittleTits
Jedi SkittleTits 9 days ago
If She didn't traditionally ask, she called a mutual friend to express her victim status and made it his responsibility to try and save her before the video came out.She is not slick
Udoka Omen
Udoka Omen 9 days ago
@16:50 Trisha has said she is okay with all the pronouns. She doesn’t like being called “he” when she’s not feeling it but she doesn’t mind being called “she” at any point and she said the most logical pronoun is “they” since we cannot tell where she is on a certain day. So first preference is they, then she, then he.
Udoka Omen
Udoka Omen 9 days ago
@12:40 I know you’re trying to say she’s being hypocritical but I’m sorry when she called her “Miss 4K views” I was 💀💀💀💀💀😭😂 and honestly, what she’s saying is true - Oates was accusing Gabbie of using her for views when it’s the other way around. It wasn’t about assigning worth to view count.
TylerrTazer 9 days ago
I genuinely believe that everytime gabbie starts to lose views or maybe sees a glimpse of not being able to support her current lifestyle she starts drama to create buzz around her, this behavior is very similar to what onision was doing before chris hansen took over. I am in no way equating the subject matter of their behavior, just they tend to cause issue when they start losing their perceived relevancy.
Aspen Calloway
Aspen Calloway 9 days ago
This is the first time I've gotten one of your videos recommended to me... Only 5 mins in, but love it already. C: Great content, great fit, great background, great quality. A+
soggymobflip 9 days ago
Love you too!!
Brhiannon Tucker
Brhiannon Tucker 9 days ago
Gabbie really likes to use all the psychological buzzwords.
BeatGoat 9 days ago
"Performative"? Gabbie has got her buzzwords all mixed up. He reached out to her personally, and she wanted a public apology. Now THAT would be performative.
Thirteen Thursday
My mother is a “Gabbie Hanna”
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream 9 days ago
She calls her bullying “ defending herself “
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream 9 days ago
I like how she talk
McLonergan 10 days ago
I love the unintentional asmr of earrings delicately clicking in the background
Not Wednesday
Not Wednesday 10 days ago
Every time Gabbie has claimed to be happy she just happens to have been going through a period of excessive nastiness and lying. Hmmmm. I guess we know what her real passion is!
Not Wednesday
Not Wednesday 10 days ago
I hit like after your very first sentence. I have a feeling I'll be hitting subscribe before the end of the video
Minia 10 days ago
I believe Trisha is way calmer now because of the man that is now next to them. Moses is an angel. He totally gets them, supports them - he just IS there for them. Trisha is very open and even though we don't see everything that happens behind the scenes, we all can agree that since Moses came into their life Trisha is happier, calmer and reacts way better to any triggers and stressful situations. Yup, they had arguments with Ethan on H3 Podcast, they stormed out of there once or twice, they still make a crying and emotional videos but comparing old Trish to the recent one - they're totally growing as a person. And ofc blooming thanks to Moses :) I'm not like Trisha's fan or follower of everything they do, I was very upset when they had this huge argument with Ethan and called Hila nasty stuff (I understand it's caused by mental problems and triggers but I still think that she could resolve it differently after a day or two), but many recent situations and this drama with Gabbie shows Trisha's progress and that Trisha is working on it. And most of all - Trisha seems to be really happy and I hope they will stay this way :)
Diana Petre
Diana Petre 10 days ago
Not this video getting more views in a day than gabbie got in her last 4 videos altogether.
Savannah Dwight
Savannah Dwight 10 days ago
Gabbie“ you could do it publicly it’s annoying when people say something publicly and then apologize privately“ also gabbie- “hey trish I just wanted to text you and apologize I couldn’t sleep. But I don’t wanna say it publicly that’s embarrassing for both of us “😂😂ok gabbie
Corrie Ryburn
Corrie Ryburn 10 days ago
I love watching your videos. I love how you speak, how you view things, and how kind you are even when people don't deserve the kindness. You are awesome!
Zach Pennington
Zach Pennington 10 days ago
I kinds fell gaby's numbers are better than her as a person at this point
thea koss
thea koss 10 days ago
also im PRETTYYYYY sure trisha is happy considering they just got engaged to the love of their life and theyve never enjoyed more public support so....check yourself gabrielle
Sylveoner 10 days ago
God I hate how “high school fucking bully” is in almost every sentence she speaks
k c
k c 10 days ago
Thank you for respecting Trishas pronouns, it was a small detail that just made me really happy when you mentioned it.
helloleesh 10 days ago
It's the very least I or anyone can do.
Posh Spice
Posh Spice 10 days ago
This was such a well done video. I agree with everything you said. She’s just as nasty, if not more so, than the people she is trying to claim are.
SwimmingInSunlight 10 days ago
Thank you so much for the effort of reading the dms out loud, I hate squinting to read tiny texts on screen! ❤️
Kaileigh Q
Kaileigh Q 10 days ago
I just hate the way she weaponizes adhd and her meatball health, it’s really harmful to people like me who has struggled to be seen as worthy because of my adhd diagnosis.
Jennifer Mcgowan
Jennifer Mcgowan 10 days ago
Shes probably facing having to get a real job. Shes probably panicking and shes been through trama with David.
Neena 10 days ago
Gabbie loves to just blow off on people so her fans send hate and she stays relevant....... its some strange validation ! Isn’t weird how a lot of people from vine are absolutely POS ?
Neena 10 days ago
Thank you!!! This restored so much of my faith in humanity !!!!!!!
Neena 10 days ago
This is amazing !!!!!!!!
Anka 10 days ago
I love your takes on situations like this. They are so professional and calm and just a really good review on everything that’s happening. Thank you for your work, really! ❤️
ktbear21 10 days ago
You had me at your first statement ❤❤ So sick of people like her giving those of us with neurodivergency a bad rep. No condition is an excuse for shitty behavior.
xenii x
xenii x 10 days ago
honestly? i don't think she's going under any mental breakdown. i think she's low on views and money, so she starts drama to stay relevant, whether it's good relevant or bad relevant. she loves this attention. she loves people making videos about her. because that makes her stay relevant.
Anna Jinx
Anna Jinx 11 days ago
I feel like Gabbie has narcissistic personality disorder..
Lubna Arshad
Lubna Arshad 11 days ago
I wasn’t even aware gabbie had a podcast 🌝
Sonnendufti 11 days ago
I'm so glad I have never heard from her before ^^° 😂
metro skyes
metro skyes 11 days ago
She doesn't realize she's manic. I don't notice mine either. That's why she thinks she's fine. She also obviously has a "me against the world" complex that she desperately needs to seek therapy for.
TheNamelessNPC 9 days ago
For real. My mom has bipolar, so she taught me what symptoms to keep an eye out for (both her actions and mine. 'Cause you know, genetics). One of the signs of mania she told me about was how excited and *good* you feel (in the moment) when you're spinning wildly out of control, especially if it's following a depressive episode where you feel so low. Of course all that energy is going to feel amazing. I have a feeling that not feeling depressed is what is making Gabby feel like she's 'better', which is really sad to see. Some people don't realize is that mental illness is not just depression. Regardless, I'm glad you got help, and I hope you have a lovely day!
miss 305dale
miss 305dale 11 days ago
Trisha has a natural talent of staying relevant and reinventing herself, plus her music is cool. I feel like she is so jealous of that
Chance Pearson
Chance Pearson 11 days ago
I literally just clicked into this and your background, your vibe, your look is just everything. Killin it, sis.
lujiku 11 days ago
not her video with trisha getting more views than her music video 🍞
spenx09 11 days ago
Wow, Jimmy tried to do something nice for her (misguided as I think it was) and she just says she doesn't talk to him. Wow
Jay Winton
Jay Winton 11 days ago
This is my first video. You have a subscriber for life.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 11 days ago
Youre fun!!! I like you.. Im gonna stay
helloleesh 11 days ago
Hell yeah! I like you too!
Saria Alexandria
Saria Alexandria 11 days ago
Her and I are the same age, like she really needs to grow up. 🙄
Sarah Gallaher
Sarah Gallaher 11 days ago
you’re so well-spoken, new sub!
helloleesh 11 days ago
Thank you so much!!
Teresa Howick
Teresa Howick 11 days ago
Ok. This is what bugs me. Not just with her but others too. The hyperbole, the use of words such as abuse, bully and all those other ones she used. It waters it down. None of those things said were any of that. It really upsets me. Probably projecting too cuz my brother who’s older, stronger, taller than I am called me a bully because I stood up for myself. I was just tough for once and said that I’m allowed to have an opinion too. He said “I feel bullied”. Ffs
Jae Lewis
Jae Lewis 11 days ago
She seems to be having symptoms of mania. As a person with bipolar disorder and family and friends who have bipolar disorder this is very common manic behaviour. I am not a professional however she exhibit symptoms.
Peppa Peg
Peppa Peg 11 days ago
Bruh. Imagine being so self obsessed that you think that a wrong number is a plot against you
Aliyah Bozeman
Aliyah Bozeman 11 days ago
I'm just curious... who are these fans she has?! It's so obvious at this point she is doing all of this on purpose and she even said it herself that she's trolling but it's messed up how people even defend this girl who is just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame again. If she has a kid she's going to full-on name it gaslight lmao..
Jen Jen Who
Jen Jen Who 11 days ago
Wow gabbie's house use to look really nice.
Sabina Wasilewski
Sabina Wasilewski 11 days ago
Her most recent video posted 4 months ago doesn’t even have 500k views. Where the millions of views per video she was talking about??
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 11 days ago
(6:24) i immediately subscribed. i usually listen to videos and dont watch it cause i like playing a game or cleaning while listening to a video, and you saying the texts makes me really happy
Moon Rabbit
Moon Rabbit 11 days ago
ma'am, I love the narration of texts!
Celia Tuttman
Celia Tuttman 11 days ago
20 seconds in and the first words out of your mouth deserve a BIG like
THE Vampire Diaries Video
I adopted a cat.