Gabbie Hanna WILL NOT STOP! 

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Gabbie Hanna is a victim... But a victim of what?
Today me and "Momma Petty" Chat about her most recent dangerous tweet that can come across as blatant victim blaming. And replicated a similar controversy that gabbie has already been involved with, was it a joke? Was it just attention seeking? Or is it something else?
What are your thoughts?
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May 1, 2021




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Petty Paige
Petty Paige 13 days ago
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Aleph 7 days ago
OMG I need mama petty's views in James Charles. I want her take on what we talked about as far as back in the day society putting P words in the same bracket as gay men. How James exhibits these HORRIBLE stereotypes to the world that have taken DECADES to put down. If you look at the comments on his last video there are people saying "this is just normal behavior for him" BRO. there are replies saying "that's normal behavior for all homosexuals ". Its happening dude and I'm scared.
YONCE 8701
YONCE 8701 10 days ago
HOW DARE U SAY "BIIIIITCH" IN FRONT OF MAMA????😅😅😅 U're gonna get a pass coz u are prego😜❣❣❣ OMG... HER SPEAKING VOICE IS EVERYTHING!!! HECK YEH SHE SHOULD MAKE HER OWN CHANNEL, I'D WATCH. LOVED THIS, wish I was this close & comfy with my mom❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰 Channel name: MAMA PETTY❣❣❤
Thomasina Jefferson
Dammit I love your mom. She’s so warm and maternal 🥰
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 12 days ago
@PrettyIn Pinky Okay, you lost me there. LOL. Why are you talking about the continent of Africa? You had asked Paige if she would ever be shipping to South Africa...so my opening question was “Ooh, you’re from South Africa?” Meaning 🇿🇦, the country with 3 diff capital cities, and nearly a dozen different languages, with isiXhosa & isiZulu being my 2 favourites (though I find African languages quite fluid & the Hawaiian language feels like it has some roots in some African dialects), and most of all, the people of South Africa make it the country I would like to visit the most. Others that I would love to visit are Ghana, Kenya, and your neighbor Namibia. For now, it’s just a dream, but you never know. It’s just so expensive living here in Honolulu, where the average home was just reported to be $925,000. But there’s always hope. 😁 Anyway, sorry if I wrote anything confusing, sometimes when I’m excited about a topic, I start writing too fast.
PrettyIn Pinky
PrettyIn Pinky 12 days ago
@Sean Shimamoto hey hey, really hope you make it over here, it’s a beautiful continent, but I must be honest that I haven’t seen much of it but rather traveled Europe, one day. Unfortunately I’m not sure what language that is. Africa is a continent and not a country, so we aren’t homogeneous in anything really. My country alone has 11 different (incl English, Afrikaans and SL) languages and I know Nigeria has something crazy like 30. You’re on point with the respecting your elders though :)
Maite Irizarry
Maite Irizarry 9 hours ago
I'm so happy for you!! You'' make a great mom!!
Josipa Vidackovic
Your mom literally said fax no printer
Genevieve 2 days ago
Omg your mom is SO CUTE and insightful!
FearlossFitness 2 days ago
I love this! Your mom is so cute 😭
Persbaderse 2 days ago
"i'm just nosy, really" same
DizneeMagic 3 days ago
Had to come back and watch again just to see your Mum. She is absolutely amazing! Her perspective is so insightful and she looks at all sides of the situation. And as a teacher, I can't help but appreciate how she is able to take very serious topics and discuss her feelings and thoughts in a very constructive and understandable way. Much love and well wishes to you and Momma Petty!
Sarilyn Doe
Sarilyn Doe 3 days ago
Oh my gosh I love your mom.
Jen 3 days ago
Love your mom! LOVE the chit chat with Mom format. Needs these more often love!!!
M A.
M A. 4 days ago
your mom is so adorable.. more of mama petty please!
HappyWatermelon 4 days ago
Your mama just seems like the sweetest lil lady 🥺 Just a wholesome human being!
Alove294 4 days ago
omg she's so cute, I wish I could talk to my mom about stuff like this!!! ♥️🥰
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf 5 days ago
PLEASE GO WATCH “HELLOLEESH” latest video on what Gabbie Hana did to her last year. Please reach out to her and share her story. Please !!!
HumourDelight 5 days ago
Annaisnotdum 5 days ago
I’ve never see you before but that intro sound me it’s so cool
Seema 5 days ago
She legit needs to cohost. Regularly.
Talyn has time
Talyn has time 5 days ago
It’s my belief that even if you’re mentally ill, it’s up to the people around you to get you help. Anyone who claims to be her friend or a family member should be reigning her in. If they don’t do anything, they’re culpable.
Ariel Ruiz
Ariel Ruiz 5 days ago
Your mom is so wise ❤️
Fluorescent Alien
I love the dynamic between you and your mom in this video! I hope she appears again sometime, the back and forth really adds something!
Morrigan 6 days ago
Omg I see where you get your sass! You both are amazing 💜🔥
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 6 days ago
Your mom looks at you with so much love 😭❤️🥺
Dwolfy 6 days ago
"I can identify when I'm sitting in the presence of genius, and THAT IS NOT IT!" - LMAO I love your mom.
Frosting 6 days ago
There are somethings so sweet about you being pregnant and having a chat next to your mom.
Ellegaitor 6 days ago
She tweeted and deleted it on purpose it was calculated and planned she knew doing that would bring more attention to what end and purpose? I have no idea but she meant to post and delete it x exactly like your mam said x
Ellegaitor 6 days ago
Your mam speaks sense and just like you she seems to be able to put everything in to perspective in a logical way x You should get her input for every video lol absolutely love watching her as well as you x
Alzeda Showah
Alzeda Showah 6 days ago
Mental health is an explanation not an excuse for someone's behavior.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 6 days ago
i just wonder if her tweet was NOT about jessie,,,and it was a different situation.
Eric Warren
Eric Warren 6 days ago
Mama Petty is such a queen, such a joy to listen to and so insightful! LOVE HER
mcsmaria28 6 days ago
Love the appearance of Mama Petty!
priestess Ash
priestess Ash 7 days ago
Aye I'm pregnant too!! 38 weeks! I Have my c-section on may 18 2021!!!
Erin Round
Erin Round 7 days ago
I've had considerable mental health issues in the past and I never used it as 'an out' or as an excuse. This behavior is in her vernacular. She is entitled.
mimi 7 days ago
She is hurting SO MANY people, far more than only those involved in this situation. Brings up a lot of trauma for many, whom have needed to get off social media because of this. I'm not sorry and her blaming her Adhd (and whatever else she uses as excuses) is only an insult to people who have adhd etc. She seriously needs to get off youtube
long live
long live 7 days ago
the worst thing I have ever seen was when Jessi said she saw Gabbie hanging out with the abuser and when Jessie asked her why, she said “oh well it’s not like he abused me.” And if that was all it would’ve been he said she said but Gabbie full on saying “although I don’t remember saying it, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did so I apologise” speaks VOLUMES to her character. Vile and disgusting
chandiwira 7 days ago
i am three minutes in and i have to tell you I LOVE YOUR MOther!!! she reminds me so much of mine. super string and proud! please give her my love don't worry girl i still love your too♥️💕♥️
blackberrybabie 7 days ago
mama's spittin facts over here damn 😼
Breigh Chappetta
Breigh Chappetta 7 days ago
your mom is me with drama “i’m just nosy really”
Hannah HS
Hannah HS 7 days ago
Your mums fab 💙 worded everything perfectly 😊
b_kind 7 days ago
I love your mom 😆😆😆
LadyKillerella 7 days ago
You and your mom are so adorable and wise. I would listen to an entire podcast of you two
xBeautifulcindy 7 days ago
your mam is a national treasure and has to be protected at all costs!
Jesse Andersen
Jesse Andersen 7 days ago
This is so cute
HotMessNess MUA
HotMessNess MUA 7 days ago
I’m nosey too Momma Petty !
Thea jakobsen
Thea jakobsen 7 days ago
I really like this format of you and your mom discussing the topic. Mama Petty shows some really good point and perspectiv
Naj Hopwood
Naj Hopwood 7 days ago
Love your mum!
Ashley Beau
Ashley Beau 7 days ago
She absolutely showed her adhd here. Ugh, she’s so confusing. Tweet and delete does show some sort of self awareness and embarrassment, which is classic impulsive adhd. Is she on her meds? You might want to lay off her. It’s just smarter. You never know what could come back because of these videos. Your mom says thinking about doing things. Not if you’re impulsive adhd. As mentioned in your longer gabby video, I am a severe case, I’ve sent texts I wish I didn’t send due to my own impulsive type adhd. That is a very neurotypical thought. This is why I say avoid it. She seems more borderline, but I as an adhd non-clinician May be misdiagnosing her too. She may be on a different end of the spectrum than I am, it’s a really tough illness to deal with. What is said though ignores a lot of adhd stats, especially for impulsive type.
Morgan LeBlanc
Morgan LeBlanc 8 days ago
Literally so sad how well I know the line right before the scream in gabbie's car breakdown, so that I can mute my phone as soon as I hear it. Hate hearing her scream so much
Cara Eliza
Cara Eliza 8 days ago
Mama petty is so wise
Christa Rodriguez
Mama Paige: “I’m just nosey...” Me: “you and me both, Mama!” Your mum is so adorable! I love her! 💜💜💜
Daniel Douglas
Daniel Douglas 8 days ago
Let’s go mama Paige!
Mac V
Mac V 8 days ago
Wow, Mama Petty is a breath of fresh air! I hope she comes back for another appearance!
Meghan Zuercher
Meghan Zuercher 8 days ago
Awe I just love your mom! Both of you have such wonderful souls! Yes mom we want to see more of you!! 🙌🏽😍
Delaney Cardwell
Delaney Cardwell 8 days ago
ur mom is so funny hahahhahah
Jessica 8 days ago
I adore momma petty
Shannon McKinney
Shannon McKinney 8 days ago
Your mom seems like such a kind lady. :)
KellyBelB 8 days ago
Oh my gosh your mom is the absolute cutest. And also said everything I was thinking too.
Senan Collins
Senan Collins 8 days ago
I'm loving your mum's take on the situation! She's so wise!
tinywhispers 8 days ago
I love this conversation, your mother is very thoughtful.
Jackie Palmieri
Jackie Palmieri 8 days ago
I’m late but I feel like I’m sat on a couch right across from these lovely ladies having a conversation. I love it. Congratulations on reaching the end of your pregnancy, I hope you take some time off and enjoy your growing family
Mi-Mi Canterbury
Mi-Mi Canterbury 8 days ago
Does your mom have a channel I like her 🥰
Kax Storm
Kax Storm 8 days ago
You and your mom are looking fabulously good! ^^ and best of luck to you and your family with the child. My prayers go out to you and everyone in your family ^^. Keep up the good work with the videos. 😁
Andrew J
Andrew J 8 days ago
omg i love her so much
Andrew J
Andrew J 8 days ago
Adri Hauser
Adri Hauser 8 days ago
Your mother is so sweet, very well worded.
Amanda Wilb88
Amanda Wilb88 8 days ago
Oh, I must have been reading false tweet replies on that? I had seen that tweet of Gabbies not long after she tweeted it and from reading a bit of the replies, I was getting that it was about Trish. When I first read it I thought it was about Jessie as well, but then kept reading it was about Trish. I’m so confused nowwww
Amy Yates
Amy Yates 8 days ago
I believe Gabbie Hanna may be Borderline (BPD). She seems a lot like my best friend who suffers also. She loves attention and drama and it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad. I'm not a doctor; just an outsider looking in and speculating 🤔 The are obviously more symptoms than this. Y'all can look it up and speculate further. I get triggered going through the signs personally. Have a blessed day 💕
Elizabeth AI
Elizabeth AI 8 days ago
Y ur mom a genius tho?
Kat 8 days ago
I love your mum and her vibes, I can imagine her just munching on popcorn following drama hahaha
aporue 589
aporue 589 8 days ago
tiktok ban coming soon along with thatveganteacher's next tiktok ban
배실반니 [basilbunny]
I have multiple mental health issues and I also have acted negatively on them. But that doesn't excuse the action done. I still hold myself accountable and liable to the things I've done or when I hurt someone verbally because of an episode. I still apologize because even though I didn't mean it to escalate so far to hurt my loved ones, I still hurt them. I am so sick and tired of people using mental health as an escape route where they don't have to reflect on their actions and feel like they just can do hurtful things and get away with it.
Iamjustherek 8 days ago
Your mama knows what’s up ❤️❤️❤️
Ellie Mason
Ellie Mason 8 days ago
whereabouts are you guys from in england? I can't place mama petty's accent and it's killing me hahaha x
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 8 days ago
I would watch the heck out of a Mama Petty channel. She's insightful whilst remaining respectful, and has the blessing of experience behind her to parse through the nonsense. I dig it.
Gilat S.
Gilat S. 8 days ago
Finally an input from an experienced Mom! I didn't know i needed to hear this, but its nice to have the view of a different generation with a more objective look on things.
Fallenangel22 8 days ago
Awwww I for one Love mama petty! What a Legend 💜💜
Lila Cayzer-Colvin
You and your mum are amazing ❤️ and congrats on the baby xxxx
Logan Lemonslice
Logan Lemonslice 8 days ago
Here for mom! More chats with mom, please x x
Valentina Kallias
I love love love this video! And I miss my mom.
Panda Butts
Panda Butts 9 days ago
Your mother is lovely and I wish y'all the very best 🥲💖
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 9 days ago
i really really feel for trisha and jessi in this whole situation. they’ve tried so hard to put everything to rest while still being so kind to gabbie and then gabbie turns around and says their gaslighting her. they’ve both got their own trauma and tried to pull away when things get too triggering but gabbie continues to attack them for no reason at all.
Amari 9 days ago
I love your momma and her energy!!!
Clara Velky
Clara Velky 9 days ago
“I’m just nosy really” omg I’m dead 😂😂
Lil ScratchNSniff
Your relationship w your mom literally has me crying Haha bc I want that so bad ...fml 🥀
Aj 26 J-M
Aj 26 J-M 9 days ago
The fact Gabbie Hanna would post that about Jessi Smiles is beyond disgusting.... how can a woman act that way over something as serious as SA.. especially since she not long ago posted a YT video about her SA story.. some kind of poem or whatever about it. I don’t get how a woman of SA can turn around and be that way in regards to another woman’s SA story..... my mind is blown and she needs professional help.
P Hawkins
P Hawkins 9 days ago
Aww your mom is so beautiful and wise ❤️
Carla Bances
Carla Bances 9 days ago
We need more Mama Petty!!! ❤️ bless her heart. She was bringing all the wisdom!
Chanel No.5
Chanel No.5 9 days ago
Mumsy got my 👍🏽. Regular Mumsy discussions would be great 👌🏽
baby kitten
baby kitten 9 days ago
Would love to hear mumma petty’s view on the David dobrik/Jeff situation she’s such a queen and so wise xx
CeeCee913 9 days ago
You’re mom seems chill, love it.
Corey B
Corey B 9 days ago
Anyone else scared of what the finale of the gabbie show is going to be? And he's no longer an "alleged" R(word)ist. He is one.
Liz Cofano
Liz Cofano 9 days ago
Came over because Dustin Dailey always speaks so kindly of you. Subscribed 1 min in. Your Mom is everything God bless her. Good for her for being so current on US-first drama. Words of wisdom right there. ❤️
Allison Myers
Allison Myers 9 days ago
Your mom and you are just the sweetest 🥰. Completely agree with your commentary of the gh situation.
Crosby Adams
Crosby Adams 9 days ago
more mama petty plz😍
Sofia Udovenko
Sofia Udovenko 9 days ago
the energy right from the start!! all the best for your bubba xx
what the hell
what the hell 9 days ago
Your mom is amazing I love her so much!!
Courtney Jean Claude
You are both sooo beautiful 😍 Your mom is so in it on the Drama trying to find out the Tea I love it, I wish my mom would be like that so we could discuss the tea more
Katie O'Hara
Katie O'Hara 9 days ago
5:15 there is a difference between having a reason and having an excuse. Maybe her mental health is the reason for her behavior but that doesn't excuse it.
Jessica Stephens
Jessica Stephens 9 days ago
Momma Petty coming through with with truth and wisdom
Arianna Smith
Arianna Smith 9 days ago
You're mom is amazing but this whole video I was thing that there's no way on you got away with ANYTHING as a kid
Sarah and Lisa take on the world
Your mother is precious and I absolutely need waaay more of her hot takes and opinions.
Minerva Maya
Minerva Maya 9 days ago
I just found your channel and I absolutely LOVE your mama! And you of course.