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Published on


Mar 26, 2021




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Comments 97   
Chris Palacios
Chris Palacios 4 minutes ago
Jake is trying to act like Connor mcgregor, he ain’t shit💀😭
SpartanGamer 021
SpartanGamer 021 16 minutes ago
Ngl Jake paul looks really homeless (no this isnt a joke to homeless people I'm just sayin he looks like one)
YJ 16 minutes ago
8:38 Ben really shut him down
Levi Jones
Levi Jones 49 minutes ago
Jake mate ur puth
HOBOBOB Hour ago
Ben: says a complete sentences with no mess ups Jake: ChOkInG oN yOuR wOrDs DuM dUm
Chieftain snaku
I could literally hear the cogs in jakes brain squeak and clank up against eachother holy shit
Xîą Kħąń
Xîą Kħąń 2 hours ago
0:37 who remember Muhammad Hijab.
D William
D William 2 hours ago
Jake Paul is a grotesque human so disgusting
Jason K
Jason K 2 hours ago
Didn't know Jake was that dumb. Dude your not selling the fight. Go to school dummy
Jason K
Jason K 2 hours ago
Jake is so dumb. Like wow. He ain't no boxer. Looked like a fool. Trying to be slick. So unfunny.
Holihan 2 hours ago
How are the pauls still relevant🤢
bloodwolf08 #9532
bloodwolf08 #9532 2 hours ago
I can't wait 🤣 for Jake to get whooped in the streets 🤣🤣 and ben was 19 and 2 in ufc 🤣 that's dope ass record
1 Firesource
1 Firesource 3 hours ago
Oh lord, Jake's self esteem got crushed like brittle tempered glass by the end of the vid XDDDD
1 Firesource
1 Firesource 3 hours ago
I would be grinning like chesire cat if I was Ben; seeing how Jake's already fragile composure gets obliterated.
Kutistic 3 hours ago
dum dum
Inseyn 4 hours ago
The Paul bros are some of the most delusional people in the world
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta 4 hours ago
What dogshit of a press conference. Jake says he wants to fight Conor eventually. Conor will decimate him in the press conference alone. Look at Jake Paul. No presence, No personality, No sharpness in his answers. This could be easily be the worst conference ever.
boogie D
boogie D 4 hours ago
Its not boxing v mma because Jake is not a boxer until he beats Another boxer in pro career he is not a boxer just my opinion
ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij
lol Ben has good trash talk
Giorgio Rossi
Giorgio Rossi 5 hours ago
Jake Paul please don't Say u are a boxer u ain't nothing
mr liverpool
mr liverpool 5 hours ago
whats jake on bout ben askren mma record 19-2 n hes boxing record is gonna be 1-0
Giorgio Rossi
Giorgio Rossi 5 hours ago
Jake Paul u are only a chicken
Jordan Bourque
Jordan Bourque 5 hours ago
Jake is so Pathetic, you can literally see his braincells dieing every time he tries to form a sentence 🤣🤣
Kaylaa 5 hours ago
I can’t tell if Jake is having a seizure or about to puke? 2:01😐 someone help me out
Justin Choi
Justin Choi 5 hours ago
Jake Paul has no chance
HushSsh 5 hours ago
jake paul is delusional if he unironically thinks he deserves to be called a boxer
Darren. Hayes
Darren. Hayes 6 hours ago
KK Baby
KK Baby 6 hours ago
Jake was in his feelings off rip😭
Scotty C
Scotty C 6 hours ago
No one buy this fight. For the love of god.
Donnie Wansitler
Donnie Wansitler 6 hours ago
Jake really sucks at trash talk wow
bank metal
bank metal 7 hours ago
I’ve never seen a guy in jeans and flip flops look this cool
bank metal
bank metal 7 hours ago
How can a man talk shit whilst wearing pink sweat pants
Natalie DayRider
Natalie DayRider 7 hours ago
Paul lol ain't representing boxing what a joke dude ain't even a good boxer dude is a total dush bag I predict a really boring fight askren is going to take him down and lay on him until he wins the decision boring.
James Wyatt
James Wyatt 7 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Testimony to how terrible these times are!
The Carrion Show
The Carrion Show 7 hours ago
Can't wait to see Jake Paul get his ass KO so bad!!!!
KBMkeefer 7 hours ago
Paul’s gonna get beat up 🤕
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 7 hours ago
Its like calling kylie jenner kendal jenner -Insults over 9000
Mario Corrales
Mario Corrales 8 hours ago
I swear dude Jake is so unprofessional and childish and his trash talking sucks lmfao 😂
bbefb b
bbefb b 8 hours ago
Ben askren is a veteran bully !! Lol he told Jake he would kill him, but put it in nice words " I would pull a homicide on you" literally genius lol
Carter Ballard
Carter Ballard 8 hours ago
Jake sounds dumb but he can fight
Uncle Tio
Uncle Tio 8 hours ago
"do a homicide" ahahah def his best line!
Does he usually act like a 13 year old?
Joseph 4501
Joseph 4501 8 hours ago
This jake paul guy is nothing but a fucking Disney reject, a reject from youtube, a reject in real life this guy is all talk and a firecracker waiting to get snuffed out
Noah Ibanez
Noah Ibanez 9 hours ago
I’d beat up jake Paul for free and end his whole career. He’d retire out of embarrassment cause I’m not even pro.
Ben Silva
Ben Silva 9 hours ago
⬇️ this shows how many people think Jake Paul needs help
Big Chungis
Big Chungis 9 hours ago
Worst shit talkers ever
Johnny Guo
Johnny Guo 9 hours ago
jake got bullied by cody ko
Ivan 9 hours ago
I know I’m stating the obvious, but Jake Paul is extremely immature
RaD Pan96
RaD Pan96 10 hours ago
I really want him to knock out jake paul
A.J.spokes 10 hours ago
Jake makes his self look soooo stupid 😂😂😂
BMKBigPapi 10 hours ago
“look at the cock on this guy”
Lindsay Fitzgerald
Lindsay Fitzgerald 10 hours ago
Omg I hope he hurts jake so bad
Jaquez Crawford
Jaquez Crawford 10 hours ago
😂😂😂this shit got me weak af
Top Shop
Top Shop 10 hours ago
Jake thinks Ben isn’t funny but no one is laughing at his jokes
Top Shop
Top Shop 10 hours ago
Jake is so childish, how does this prick not realize this
T - Master!
T - Master! 10 hours ago
Logan’s fight with Mayweather is gonna be a joke
Licky 11 hours ago
“That dudes still alive” 😆 that was the highlight for me and the fact he knew he had on flip flops kills me 😂 Masvidal the homie
Licky 11 hours ago
He ever whooped your ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro this was funny
Javier Melgarejo
Javier Melgarejo 11 hours ago
I’m sorry why is this happening both guys suck about boxing and they’re gonna participate in a boxing match this is just the circus episode.
kheav mady
kheav mady 11 hours ago
Ben beat Jake spiritually
The Chimp
The Chimp 11 hours ago
Jake Paul needs to get knocked out, he’s the most annoying person I’ve ever seen
Sebastien Cousineau
Sebastien Cousineau 11 hours ago
This guy used to create kid’s content and now he’s a fighter who curses in every single sentence.
Arsoul- Topic
Arsoul- Topic 11 hours ago
Jake should fight masdival next😂
This mans whack !
This mans whack ! 11 hours ago
Jake Paul is trying way to hard to be the next Conor Mcdavid
Anjo P
Anjo P 11 hours ago
If Jake is representing boxing then boxing is going to be ashamed 😂😂
Lalruatdika Pachuau
Lalruatdika Pachuau 11 hours ago
Jake might be hated but Ben has never been a fans favor throughout his UFC career...someone might think Jake is the underdog but his record is better + i wonder if Ben can box.
KnD_Force1 11 hours ago
i cringe watching jake paul trying so hard to roast him
whatever22638 11 hours ago
If you look up the word “embarrassment” in the dictionary you get this : noun a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, awkwardness or Jake Paul e.g "My face turned red with Jake Paul " “My husband got drunk last night and was a complete Jake Paul”
whatever22638 12 hours ago
This is embarrassing 😳 and how old is Jake Paul ? Because he acts around 7 years old.... literally 👍 I hear they’ve sold twelve PPV’s for this fight, which is around twelve too many.
Joe Biden Came Falling Down
Jake is hilarious. I hope he wins
Steven Morris
Steven Morris 12 hours ago
Your 10 years old
Jeremy H
Jeremy H 12 hours ago
Isn’t it funny how mma fighters are always willing to box but top boxers for the most part will never get in the octagon but continue to talk shit on mma
Jamie 12 hours ago
jake is hella funny idc
Noe Veras
Noe Veras 12 hours ago
Wait Jake came to Vegas?
Sean Olejko
Sean Olejko 12 hours ago
Anyone else mortified by the way jake paul say youtube..... yeutube lmao
Toaster Bath
Toaster Bath 13 hours ago
Jake is such an embarrassment
Chris Bryan
Chris Bryan 13 hours ago
Jake was really trying
Sara Wilburn
Sara Wilburn 13 hours ago
I'm for Ben!
JackMason864 13 hours ago
Jake Paul's a pussy 🤣
Robert Velazquez
Robert Velazquez 13 hours ago
Bruh jake really thinks he’s good at boxing fight Canelo?! He will rock your shit to the moon and back and never come back hahah
Team Banny
Team Banny 13 hours ago
😂😂😂😂 he’s a bullying
Team Banny
Team Banny 13 hours ago
Do you smoke cigarettes 🚬 or is ur teeth jus yellow
Ivan Castillo
Ivan Castillo 14 hours ago
" jake if i wanted to do a homicide " lol lets go ben !
Lee roy Jenkins
Lee roy Jenkins 14 hours ago
Jake paul has such a punchable face
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 14 hours ago
Honestly i felt second hand embarrassment for jake and his grubby little fans
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj 14 hours ago
"Someones gonna let you have kids?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I’m A Great GUY
I’m A Great GUY 14 hours ago
I like how Ben is wearing flip flops. You can tell he doesn’t give a shit
Poké GO
Poké GO 14 hours ago
Jake paul: throwup noises
edwin perez
edwin perez 14 hours ago
You are not a boxer and not representing boxing
Oscar Rondon
Oscar Rondon 14 hours ago
I can knock him out and I’m a kid
Oscar Rondon
Oscar Rondon 14 hours ago
Jake is trash
Nathen Mixon
Nathen Mixon 14 hours ago
JP does not represent me 😂
Khal Logo
Khal Logo 14 hours ago
How old is this child?
Cristian Cabral
Cristian Cabral 14 hours ago
6:31 got serious for Ben
Khal Logo
Khal Logo 14 hours ago
If you’re really rooting for Ben, you won’t spend your money on this event. Quit giving in.
Gustavo Vega Jr
Gustavo Vega Jr 14 hours ago
How can Jake say he’s representing the sport of boxing or call himself a boxer without a real boxing pedigree, has faced nobodies, no amateur career and no real accomplishments in boxing
Moe Yagzz
Moe Yagzz 14 hours ago
Cringe literally the whole time
Cory Klein
Cory Klein 14 hours ago
Jake Paul is a total clown
Cory Klein
Cory Klein 14 hours ago
the fact that Jake is losing his hair and has blemishes on his face proves he is juicing
Off Wallstreet
Off Wallstreet 14 hours ago
how much did the clown pay masvidal to be his trainer?