Funniest Social Media Fails Of The Week #wellthatsucks - REACTION 

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Funniest Social Media Fails Of The Week #wellthatsucks - REACTION
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Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some of the funniest social media fails of the week! Enjoy :)
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Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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May 1, 2021




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Charlotte Dobre
Charlotte Dobre 13 days ago
GUYS the first video on my second channel premiered today! I hope you like it, it was a lot of fun to film. us-first.info/player/video/nrirbJqcXWtmrp8.html
StineMah does it herself
I LOVE your hoodie! 🤩 Where did you get it?
Miss Murphy
Miss Murphy 12 days ago
D 12 days ago
@tanya stewart You cant download off spotify.? Or did you mean you wish there was somewhere to download her work for free?
krista Hjelm
krista Hjelm 12 days ago
Good video like always but as for you tv I might know what’s going on with it… wen I was younger we used to go around with some remotes or something we could use to find the wavelengths until we found someone with a comparable tv and then turn it on randomly mess with the sound and so on(yes I was a really nice kid ). I’m not saying someone is doing that but it’s a good explanation…
The Maelström
The Maelström 12 days ago
*Do you have your TV plugged into a good surge protector/power strip? I live in NYC and my building has problems with power surges that are capable of shutting off & restarting my computers, TV, etc., etc.. Power strips with built-in surge protection can also go bad/die after a few years so you might want to invest in (a new) one from Home Depot, Loews, Bed-Bath&Beyond, etc.. Power surges (not ghosts) can make electronics go ka-put, seriously.*
dan G
dan G 2 hours ago
So... you single?
Anthony Jerome Thorn
Charlotte has a ghost that likes Netflix...
theresa callahan
I’ve actually done the “pee pee” one. Used to be in landscaping. Turned on the irrigation to check it. Shot right between the legs. Fortunately for me there wasn’t really anyone around and I was wearing dark jeans.
Ertjies B
Ertjies B Day ago
Now I want Charlotte to react to Nuke's videos... Lol
Dexter St. Jacque
For the TV situation, your neighbors remote may turn your TV on when they turn theirs on. It can happen.
Megan C
Megan C Day ago
How about not letting your cat on the kitchen counter in the first place 🤢🤮
S D 2 days ago
This is why cats shouldn't have them on the counter
Mama Petillo
Mama Petillo 2 days ago
Burn sage, and check your fire insurance
Skyler Godson
Skyler Godson 2 days ago
I have lived in so many haunted places.....a few were scary, but most of them were fine....normal ghostly activity....them turning the t.v. on to watch it, etc ...NO dishes being thrown ever thankfully, but I have learned to deal and live with the fact that ghosts are everywhere.
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly 2 days ago
4:38. Was she watching "NCIS"? I paused it at 4:38. Your face. 😂
Loxena 3 days ago
2:36: I need to know what to do ( it's for a friend 😂) do you take your time and clean the mess, knowing that you are already late for work, or do you let the mess on the floor and say : "f** this I'll clean this after work"?
Lil' 4 days ago
We have an alley behind our house so a specialized team with special garbage trucks has to come by and empty the cans by hand into each truck. They kept putting the recycling into the garbage. Eventually, there were enough reports and complaints that they got in trouble and we haven't had an issue since.
Milly Maldonado
Milly Maldonado 4 days ago
OMG! i had a rat coming out of my wc when i was 12 yo, going to the bathroom has definitely not been the same!
Stephanie 4 days ago
wow 5 months in lock down that sucks
Stephanie 4 days ago
I found one week already too much.
Suresh Sharma
Suresh Sharma 4 days ago
Your eyebrows thick
Prettiass.p 5 days ago
Fallen butts that got me dead😂😂😭😭
Morticia Lotus
Morticia Lotus 5 days ago
Is it on a timer?
Misty Dawn
Misty Dawn 5 days ago
@0:25 A bummer, Absolutely Not! It's more like: Now I need a good telescope, for my newly acquired hobby of legal voyeurism!
Sessa drives trucks
I got a trucker hat for driving my semi during the pandemic.
Maria Barrera
Maria Barrera 5 days ago
I wish we had another locked down 🥺 🥺 be safe inside the comfort of my home.
Rike Kuper
Rike Kuper 5 days ago
Naw, I hope the guy with the tampon on his back was a douchebag. I feel so sorry for him D:
X3nemesis 3X
X3nemesis 3X 5 days ago
Your tv turning on could be someone from over the road turning on their TV and have the same make
Miss Pink
Miss Pink 5 days ago
What's with the odd accent Charlotte. Please just be you
David Ward
David Ward 6 days ago
The keyboard one is why I don’t allow food near my laptop. I don’t give a fuck that you are an adult accidents happened
Peachy Cream
Peachy Cream 6 days ago
*the ghost laughing at her jokes in the background*
Julie La Pulla Cortez
I was eating ...thank you
Capitaine Haddock
That is an ancient keyboard
G89 Ty
G89 Ty 6 days ago
Buttpad: 5:28
Hounds Tooth
Hounds Tooth 6 days ago
Let us know about your TV that suddenly just turned on Netflix...
Stephanyia Webber
Charlotte I loveeee youuuuuuu but homie your eyebrows todayyyyyy are a hot mess!!!!!
Jennifer Adams Franklin
Animals should never be allowed to set foot on where humans set food. Sorry. I respect them but I draw a serious line. That cat is accustomed to being on the counter.
It’s Mine
It’s Mine 7 days ago
I think it’s lucky if a bird poops in your hair. 😝
Scoot 7 days ago
That chilli looked low key
Amel Hamida
Amel Hamida 7 days ago
Charlotte's friends are so lucky to have her as a friend she is so much fun
SuzieQ Phillips
SuzieQ Phillips 7 days ago
ALWAYS keep your toilet seat lid closed, especially at night!! Ladies especially need to either turn on the light or use a flashlight at night to peek into the toilet before sitting.down!! I didn't know about this when I first moved to Florida. I sat down &:suddenly felt something my butt. I stood up & hit the light switch. There was this tiny, lime green frog with the red toes!!, I got him out & put him outside in a big potted plant! He loves that plant. He will hang out near the dirt until he hears me open the door. He will then sit on a spot of the plant so he can watch me. Plus every night I water the plants & he gets a shower & a drink! There was a lady who looked in and a huge snake was looking back
David Castillo
David Castillo 7 days ago
Erin Konzem
Erin Konzem 7 days ago
Dude. At the Panera I worked at they say they recycle but they put everything in the same trash bin. The only that that is really separated are cardboard boxes.
Mindy Dalek
Mindy Dalek 7 days ago
Your Irish accent is wonderful ;-)
jOhNbLaZe415 7 days ago
9:43 That bird was like one of those announcers at a championship soccer game “Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal”
Saffirance 7 days ago
You have such as funny channel. I just love your humor. Keep it up girl!
Saffirance 7 days ago
I laughed until I cried about Mr. Oee pants. I could barely breathe
slinman100 8 days ago
Jyoti Kailey
Jyoti Kailey 8 days ago
I’m pretty sure she’s the same chick who has the sound on Tik Tok all women use for make-up... talking about pterodactyls or something
Kassandra Ledbetter
I recycle lol
ZG L 8 days ago
modern tv, connected to internet, maybe someone hacked? not sure if is better theory i think i rather have the ghost than hacker. always funny love ur video
Nikki_Lushie 8 days ago
Do you have a timer set on your TV, cable box, etc? Ours is super easy to hit by accident, especially if I fall asleep and let the remote get caught up in my blanket! Could be that?
Imasillylady 9 days ago
Remote on the same -whatever remotes are on wavelength lol- can operate other devices. Someone has a remote or electronic device that your tv can pick up.
Shel Random- Michelle R. Gillette
For pic @ 2:03 - "That's Not Foam Bruh !!!!!"
Sierra alexius
Sierra alexius 9 days ago
I wanna know ur zodiac
Madeleine Daileader
I had to birds poop on me yesterday in one hour, and today I have been having the worst luck...
Jody 9 days ago
Make sure u open the windows when burning that sage...otherwise Ghosts just be running in circles..wink,wink...🤪
You're so cute! Love your hair like that. ♥️
Angela Ciulla
Angela Ciulla 9 days ago
I just love watching your videos...
scarletspidernz 9 days ago
It's not a ghost is Darlotte Chobre from the future trying to communicate with you like in Interstellar.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 9 days ago
That's what they get for killing the tree 😁
CroshWorld 9 days ago
NGL, I ran out of cat litter and used an old bag of rice for the night.
The dirty shower/tub should have been a dead give away it was a guy.
Meow meow Meow
Meow meow Meow 9 days ago
Wtf i just saw poop 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Hailey English
Hailey English 9 days ago
Fails of the weak
MaMa Troll
MaMa Troll 9 days ago
Like this is what makes me sooo mad. Recycling. We in Finland recycle all most everything and our goverment has the most ambitious and greeniest plan to reduce pollution and so on. Finland is such a tiny little country with 5,5 million citizen so what we do does not make a difference what so ever when every other country in the world does not do anything but continues to litter... They are banning us like gasoline cars and burning wood in the sauna etc "because of the environment" and at the same time rest of the world keeps on making useless stuff ,dumping it to the water and landfills because recycling is so complicated, hard and cost too much...
Carol G
Carol G 9 days ago
I wouldn't call the one near the end a fail at all. They were two months away from moving into a home that burned to the ground. It could have burned them down with it. They were lucky as f*ck they didn't move in sooner!!
Tina 9 days ago
The caterpillar happened to me too 😫 I think I screamed hard enough to scare my son from ever eating lettuce again 😂
Luann 9 days ago
My fav youtuber. Makes me laugh all the time...even when im having a bad day. Thank you 😊
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson 9 days ago
Catipillar - extra protein and fertilizer- 😂 help you grow big and strong, 😂
Tanya G
Tanya G 9 days ago
If a cat is pissing in a bowl of ANYTHING on your counter that is a very good indication of 1 of two things....#1: CLEAN YOUR FUCKING LITTER BOX!! or #2: Kitteh has something going on w/it's digestive tract and you need to take it to the vet.
Valerie Proulx
Valerie Proulx 9 days ago
I remember in elementary school I found a caterpillar in my salad. This school would not let you go outside unless you finished everything on your plate. I showed the teacher the caterpillar and she expected me to just move the caterpillar and eat the rest of my salad. I refused and got wrote up and not allowed outside
Eiscremefrau Neumann
I had a TV that did that too. First I thought maybe it was triggered by something else with infra red and I turned the main switch off on the TV. Still happened though. Then I pulled the plug and was REALLY HOPING it wouldn't go on again. Well, it didn't. But it sucked to have to plug it in every time I wanted to watch TV. Oh and I didn't mention that it wasn't just going on playing normal TV program on a normal volume. It was the black & white, salt & pepper snowy thing with some noise on the HIGHEST ducking volume setting. Super funny when you're trying to sleep 🙄
Arlette Rosa
Arlette Rosa 10 days ago
Sweety what hsppens to your eyebrows....at list you can fix them....not like others parts....no solution..
MANDY Long 10 days ago
What's up with the pirate talk arrrrrrgh
Virginia Andrews
Virginia Andrews 10 days ago
My tv does the same thing
Michelle Lane
Michelle Lane 10 days ago
I love knowing where the texting one is from lol. I live right between Marion and Delaware hahaha
Jess O
Jess O 10 days ago
Hahaha that was a tomato hornworm. Lol! Delicacy in some areas. They are a plague on tomatoes and other organically grown greens.
Laura Stinar
Laura Stinar 10 days ago
That mug one hit hard. I've worked full-time the ENTIRE pandemic in person and nothing. No mug or anything. I'm not joking. I won't name the hotel brand but if you want more details feel free to message lol. Shout-out to everyone though as these times weren't easy for anyone.
Roisin 10 days ago
The rat clip showed up just as soon as i sat on the toilet to have a wee
Nicole Cummings
Nicole Cummings 10 days ago
You definitely have a ghost!!! I burned sage in my house. Haven’t had anything happen lately after the sage. My water kept turning on and off by itself. I also heard footsteps and got full body chills.
Theresa Pittman
Theresa Pittman 10 days ago
When you have to pause, rewind a bit, take iPad off Bluetooth, make video full screen, just so you can show your coworkers the potential dangers of butt pads.
G Tron
G Tron 10 days ago
I had a rat come up through my toilet once.....it looked so pathetic..wet and gasping for breath. I left my window open and it went outside. Poor little ratty!
Kelly Scott
Kelly Scott 10 days ago
My new life goal is to be able to take afternoon hammock naps... lovely concept!!
LadyRoxane W.
LadyRoxane W. 10 days ago
Someone bought the same tv. Same remote lol…
KeroseneBbG 10 days ago
My daughter had this stupid animatronic cat that was supposed to link up with some barbie movie... one day I was home alone.. no TV on... walked by her room and almost hit the ceiling when the damn thing said "my princess needs me!"... there is no reason it should have gone off... *smh*
Apple Jaxx
Apple Jaxx 10 days ago
You probably don't have a ghost. It is most likely someone with a modified IR blaster (remote) and they can litterally mess with everyone in line of site. I would know, have done it before.
Cynthia Salinas
Cynthia Salinas 10 days ago
My grams says "The lazy works double". That's for the guy with the trash. Lol And to the girl with the pads, giiirrrl, you should worne a belt or something. Plus, I think they go in your underwear, but not sure. That joke with the guy posing as the girl... Genius! Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣
Colinm 10 days ago
Too many poop and pee jokes for me. Hence thumbs down
Russ' Movie Corner
Russ' Movie Corner 10 days ago
8:37 - If I fitz, I sitz... And yes, uncooked rice probably sounded like kitty litter to that cat.
Michelle Ford
Michelle Ford 10 days ago
You are hilarious and so cute!! Nice to see you have your own channel!!
Manga Collector
Manga Collector 10 days ago
That's not 20 cups of rice. Probably only 4 to 6
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez 10 days ago
Some one might have the same tv as u. So if u are close to them when they turn on their tv, your’s will turn on too. Me and my daughter had that problem. So don’t Beto scared hun...
kat taylor
kat taylor 10 days ago
Can u tell us about your ghost.😁
Cat Streat
Cat Streat 10 days ago
PSA: If you are stuck in an elevator in the U.S. and have a cell phone, call the fire department. They will be there in minutes and get you out right away. Guarantee WAY faster than any building tech can unless they are already physically on site. (FD will endorse this PSA, just ask them)
B M 10 days ago
Distracting eyebrows
LeeA95 10 days ago
Your voice makes me want to stab my ears with a hot poker.
Soupy Poss
Soupy Poss 10 days ago
That right there is one pair of over styled eyebrows, just saying.....
Christina Obert
Christina Obert 10 days ago
I would have killed my cat! Also your t.v may be getting someone else's signal from a remote if that's the only "weird" thing happening.
Alexandria Mackenzie
Charlotte is a whole mood!! ❤❤love the vids
j 20man
j 20man 11 days ago
carina rivera
carina rivera 11 days ago
I don’t dig the new brows looks better with out.
Harry Betteridge
Harry Betteridge 11 days ago
Bad Morning or Modern Art?
Connie Montgomery
Connie Montgomery 11 days ago
your eyebrows look...fuller Do you have a secret to grow your eyebrows
Monique Marilyn
Monique Marilyn 11 days ago
I feel so bad for the rat..like help the poor little bastard you savages!
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