Funniest Accent Challenge Ever! - 2HYPE House 

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May 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Taymour Sidkey
Taymour Sidkey 4 days ago
Bro at the very end that's zachs normal vocie
Jordan Spriggs
Jordan Spriggs 18 days ago
JJaxen LLoyd
JJaxen LLoyd 29 days ago
when mooch said alexa i jawn went off
Sid Raj
Sid Raj Month ago
Thundercalves Jiedel in X- games mode
cristi andrei
cristi andrei Month ago
bro said transilvanian accent is russian accent:))lol
Ethan Nixon Nixon
Ethan Nixon Nixon 2 months ago
Bro none of the n accents were good
Basketball god 10
Basketball god 10 2 months ago
James should’ve won the grandma one
Brodie Young
Brodie Young 2 months ago
It was James who deserved that one w/ the excited cuz he yells in intros
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill 2 months ago
wtf was jesses aussie impersonation
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 2 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 2 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 2 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 2 months ago
KT_ Money
KT_ Money 2 months ago
Jesser has one of the worst singing voices in the world 😐😬😬
Siphon Zyno
Siphon Zyno 15 days ago
What are you talking about shits fire
hypergamerjay 2 months ago
me: *staring at the cookie monster slides*
_ Lazoee
_ Lazoee 2 months ago
What the hell did Jesse say in the drunk accent part 🤣
Karmichael peters chapman
Where my Australian at
The Evan Brand Show
The Evan Brand Show 3 months ago
Jiedels camel tail though
Connor Dean
Connor Dean 3 months ago
31:00. When he said alexa mine went off
Keaton Bleckman
Keaton Bleckman 3 months ago
How did Jesse and mopi get points lol
hezified_jay 3 months ago
FULLY SEND IT 3 months ago
No effence taken on the Aussie accent but gee they were bad
Chickfacejr1234 That’s my user on roblox
Mopis Aussie accent was bad
Chickfacejr1234 That’s my user on roblox
Kris’ Aussie accent was ok
Chickfacejr1234 That’s my user on roblox
Jesses Aussie accent was horrible
Evie Rouech
Evie Rouech 3 months ago
Y’all aren’t good judges zacks was the best every time
Anthony abreu
Anthony abreu 3 months ago
He said Zachary London
Donovan McCray
Donovan McCray 3 months ago
Mopi underrated highkey
Nirujan Vijayarajan
Nirujan Vijayarajan 3 months ago
mate that australian accent needs work
Jeremy TheGoat
Jeremy TheGoat 3 months ago
I’m Australian and I’m offended as fuck
Billy C
Billy C 3 months ago
Watching for the 7th time over quarantine
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 months ago
On helium kris literally did a Mickey Mouse accent 😂😂😂😂😅
Jeffrey Bradley
Jeffrey Bradley 3 months ago
When mopi said your name.... quick flex
Daddy Lawrence
Daddy Lawrence 3 months ago
Fuck Ariel Marry Cinderella Kill Pocahontas
Jett Tyler
Jett Tyler 4 months ago
I’m Australian my self all of u went well attempting a Australian accent
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 4 months ago
Chan Chan
Chan Chan 4 months ago
That was hilarious when Mopi started singing
Christian 4 months ago
Who do y’all want to win the election
Landon Rice
Landon Rice 4 months ago
Smash lol
Landon Rice
Landon Rice 4 months ago
Everyone is here where is cash
Darius Wiggins
Darius Wiggins 4 months ago
every time Jessie talk he start feeling on himself 🤔😭😭😂😂
CJ Chapman
CJ Chapman 4 months ago
smash poca kill cinderella marry arieal
Young Ja8
Young Ja8 4 months ago
Mitchel when he whistled😂😂😂
Ammar Alzarqany
Ammar Alzarqany 4 months ago
Do more
Caleb Fletcher
Caleb Fletcher 4 months ago
This has to be a joke
Padfeet 5 months ago
Zacks are sympathy points
MM Yoshinaka
MM Yoshinaka 5 months ago
Zach’s mouth when he does impressions
Ryann Browning
Ryann Browning 5 months ago
ChunkStar 486
ChunkStar 486 5 months ago
Bro I’m Australian and honestly we do not sound British
Colter Lacey
Colter Lacey 5 months ago
do this in a silent library version
Jake Wray
Jake Wray 6 months ago
Khris was easily the best australian
Undead Potato
Undead Potato 6 months ago
I’m Australian and they had ok Aussie accents.
Sharkrider105 105
Sharkrider105 105 6 months ago
32:13 LMAO
Izzy Arcilla
Izzy Arcilla 6 months ago
i love jesse
matthew mangoba
matthew mangoba 6 months ago
Us Australians talk normally
Elian Acosta
Elian Acosta 6 months ago
Khris has had the same intro since 3 years ago 😂 (og days)
Matthew Replays
Matthew Replays 6 months ago
jesses aussie accent got me pissed
Flora Flip
Flora Flip 6 months ago
Ariel-kill, Cinderella-smash, Pocahontas-marry
Ari's animation
Ari's animation 6 months ago
Sorry ir really esas 6:43
Ari's animation
Ari's animation 6 months ago
Hey in the mn 6:41 James literatly teleported
Diego Boezak
Diego Boezak 6 months ago
Copy And Paste
Copy And Paste 6 months ago
Didn’t know what to say
immacula dejean
immacula dejean 6 months ago
Mitchell is the dumbest ever
immacula dejean
immacula dejean 6 months ago
Mitchell no one wants you in the 2hype
Madilyn Burns
Madilyn Burns 6 months ago
Jesse totally won the drunk
Josh Murillo
Josh Murillo 6 months ago
Bro Mitchell’s laugh is HILARIOUS.
Boogie 420
Boogie 420 7 months ago
People really don’t respect little people, you can’t be using the M word
Senju1k 7 months ago
Not fair this dude already old
Trizzify 7 months ago
No one: Actually no one: Mopi: my wife died on a mysterious cruise ship involving the, ice cream machine
TheBeastGaming 7 months ago
28:10 killed me
Rob Adcock
Rob Adcock 7 months ago
I think London Kristopher should have won the drunk round
Alex and Matty
Alex and Matty 7 months ago
27:28 what song is that
fear fish
fear fish 7 months ago
29:54 who else heard plankton😂
Didn't know accent challenge was based off of ur line
AndersTC 7 months ago
I nearly died at 14:00 holy fuck
Flamasaurus 7 months ago
27:27 645ar in a nutshell
GENX GANG 8 months ago
Were the helium
Ty From Da Chi
Ty From Da Chi 8 months ago
Did anyone else get Eminem vibes when moochie started rapping?
Will Giglio
Will Giglio 8 months ago
anyone else die laughing when james does his laughs idk why i just do
Leston 8 months ago
5:43 I’m watching this on the 4th of July
Bomayé Kai
Bomayé Kai 8 months ago
Smashing poco no cap 🤣
Martinez3125 8 months ago
Evryone talking as fast as possible Mopi: I can't read LMAOOOO 23:12
Beau Matulewski
Beau Matulewski 8 months ago
This is hilarious
•Yee ßoi•
•Yee ßoi• 8 months ago
29:54 All might entered the chat
Stefan The Best
Stefan The Best 8 months ago
Bruno Mars impression was hilarious 😂
murdda 8 months ago
smash: Ariel marry: Pocahontas kill: Cinderella
Alpha 8 months ago
Side mouth talker eh? “This is a load of barnacles”
Mr Hairy Potato
Mr Hairy Potato 8 months ago
Mopi defiantly won
XxDevyQueenxX 8 months ago
Mane Kris from London😂😂😂
Kyle Cosgrove
Kyle Cosgrove 8 months ago
17:24 😆😆💩💩
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia 8 months ago
Mochie mochie peach!!!
Hjönk hjönk Am goose
Mitchell is in 2hype i don’t care what they say
ocVON !
ocVON ! 8 months ago
It’s a reason why Mitchell not in 2hype
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones 8 months ago
What the hell is this camera
Craig Gill
Craig Gill 8 months ago
Smash aerial kill Pocahontas marry cinderella
donneh cata
donneh cata 8 months ago
i cringed on almost all of these
Senseii 8 months ago
28:53 I literally cried bro 🤣🤣😭
I'm Dirty Dan
I'm Dirty Dan 8 months ago
Azzerz has the best Pennywise voice impression
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 8 months ago
I love this vid 😭😂🔥
Mashura is the vibe
Mashura is the vibe 8 months ago
17:52 why are yu crying
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