FULL FIGHT | Canelo Alvarez vs. Rocky Fielding 

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December 15, 2018 -- Canelo Alvarez vs. Rocky Fielding at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.
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Published on


May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
ChusKeyo 12 minutes ago
Mad props to rocky, everyone would of got out at round 2
Vinícius Alves
Vinícius Alves 2 hours ago
Rocky Fielding was looking at his moma to stop the fight
B X 4 hours ago
cannel fights like floyd he uses his movements and punch combos
Phÿton 4 hours ago
6:45 why am i here face
Eric Blair
Eric Blair 4 hours ago
Viva GGG
Rohit Gaming
Rohit Gaming 6 hours ago
You know lawda government?
BigZave 8 hours ago
I didn't know Đoković did boxing hahaha
GotDramaAllergy 8 hours ago
Not insulting but these British fighters enter camp before a fight,like a Rocky film,while Elite are in camp for life. If you cannot pump a firestick jab steadily,your in the wrong business.
Андрей К
Андрей К 9 hours ago
Где для канелло берут боксеров то? Видно же что для галочки бой.
Luigi Tejeda
Luigi Tejeda 13 hours ago
De Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico!!
Javier Flores
Javier Flores 22 hours ago
Man you can just see the 1000 yard stare in Canelo’s eyes when they hug it out. Bet he wanted to knock him so it could be over with.
CaLiB3r Day ago
Canelo rematch with mayweather
New Street Reincarnation
For sound sleep, @-0y4
ValiSemyazza Day ago
Canelo destruye a Naka Tatsuya Ese ese señor que entrena a la selección de karate el dice que te pega
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Kaymen Chase
Kaymen Chase 2 days ago
Michael Phelps is that you?
Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez 2 days ago
Is so brutal or simply Canelo always get a potato bag as rivals
Gunzdown BikesUp
Gunzdown BikesUp 2 days ago
Just art
Ally ally
Ally ally 2 days ago
bro took a knee and looked at him and canelo jus looked at him like he was his son 🤣🤣
Cesar Pozo
Cesar Pozo 2 days ago
Canelo the best..!
King Dragons999
King Dragons999 3 days ago
top level boxing i love him he fight very fast
mattis 3 days ago
Two words: Philly Shell.
FatalCrit Official
As a Filipino Canelo is one of my favourite mexican boxer Next Juan Manuel Marquez and Ryan Garcia. Dela Hoya is my no. 1 favourite He's Era is amazing. ❤
Khashi 3 days ago
Imagine money it makes when nowaday canelo vs prime mayweather
Isa Kawai lizarazo
pega como mula.. pega durisimo lo doblo ... deberia ponerle uno solo a david failtelson.... bocon comentarista de chisme no sabe de boxeo... el canelo no deberia aceptar una sola entrevista failtelson primero por que no es objetivo no es profesional ... puro amarillismo .. failtelson vetado de por vida...
LsChris_. /
LsChris_. / 3 days ago
Crazy how canelo’s brother was kidnapped before this fight happened and know one found out
Dario Inka
Dario Inka 3 days ago
Floyd 1 - Canelo 0
Desmond Schinkel
Desmond Schinkel 3 days ago
boxing is so boring if your used to mma
gra ham
gra ham 4 days ago
So few people in the world can go 27-1 in pro boxing. Canelo makes prodigies look like amateurs. It’s an honor to watch him.
Moon Rabbitt
Moon Rabbitt 4 days ago
canelo es el mejor de los mexicanos en boxeo, si no me cren, diganme!!!
John Apostoli
John Apostoli 4 days ago
Until there is somebody who can punch Canelo and stun him there isn't anybody going to stop this man. If you don't hurt this guy he is going to wade right through you...its just a matter of time...
D V 4 days ago
What a pathetic fight. Taking a knee, continously?
NickPeeVeePee cool
He’s in a different league of his own.
Mark Jestoni Garcia
yeah go Canelo Alvarez
Zombie Shark
Zombie Shark 5 days ago
Weak fight I’d beat both of them
KHAIRI SYED 5 days ago
Terrence Yenchek
Terrence Yenchek 5 days ago
No business being in there with canelo
Blaze T
Blaze T 5 days ago
widać, że mają kompleks don srasjo
Naveed Ali Rehmani
now that has Floyd retired I don't think that anyone is as the same level as Canelo and I can see him completely dominating the boxing for at least 10 years first Mohammad ali then mike Tyson then Floyd and now Canelo
Naveed Ali Rehmani
this is exactly how I imagined this fight to end
Amigo 444444
Amigo 444444 5 days ago
Slow hands and no advantage of his reach. Miss match.
Miguel Alvarez
Miguel Alvarez 5 days ago
I felt that last body shot 💀💀😩
Maury Arias
Maury Arias 6 days ago
2:48 I’m tryna have somethin like dat
fantastic fez
fantastic fez 6 days ago
Rockys remember the 3M $ and instantly smiled at the idea of buying a new Lambo and a Golf course in Lisbon
Yorch Rey
Yorch Rey 6 days ago
Primero felicitaciones al referi por detener la pelea, segundo felicitaciones al retador por su actitud deportiva reconociendo la superioridad del canelo y por ultimo felicitaciones al Canelo por mejorar su técnica de boxeo y no intentar ganar la pelea con un golpe y cuidarse de recibir menos golpes con su mejorada movilidad.
Wilma McDermott
Wilma McDermott 6 days ago
Here comes the cinnammon bear
Steven Mccallan
Steven Mccallan 6 days ago
A textbook case on how to win a fight using body shots. Canelo knew what he had to do and was like a surgeon doing it.
Bram Talisaysay
Bram Talisaysay 6 days ago
Boxing without pacqiao is so boring
Killloius 6 days ago
Shocking the guy who keeps getting pinched for steroid abuse won? What a barn burner.....
Anthony Beard
Anthony Beard 6 days ago
That fight looked so fake! Boxing is pathetic.
ZachFu TV
ZachFu TV 6 days ago
I knew who was gonna win this fight 27 seconds into it.
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 6 days ago
this is better than that jake paul fight.
Raizo rain
Raizo rain 6 days ago
i think Rocky's height was the main disadvantage for him.
Ahmed d
Ahmed d 6 days ago
I don’t understand why tall fighters are fighting so close and don’t use their reach
Dareen Sitjar
Dareen Sitjar 6 days ago
Mayweather should fight again Canelo
2 1
2 1 6 days ago
what a body hit
Thomas Fero
Thomas Fero 6 days ago
Amateur vs pro...
Andy88 6 days ago
È troppo forte canelo... 💪💪💪
Regie Serafina
Regie Serafina 6 days ago
Maan everytime Canelo hits the ribs, Rocky's face go whack
COPB 6 days ago
Это полное дерьмо
Victor dalisay
Victor dalisay 6 days ago
is that a real crowd?
Richie R
Richie R 6 days ago
this fight was a joke
Andrey Sheyfer
Andrey Sheyfer 6 days ago
Staged fight. Made me sick to watch
Raphael Salvatore
A vida é como um pé de manga
Samuel Emiliano Pérez Carreón
Canelo le dio tremendo puntazo jajajajajaja
TonytheArtist 6 days ago
Damas y camareros
Steven Sol
Steven Sol 6 days ago
I think he wasnt ready got canelo
ben dover
ben dover 6 days ago
I feel so bad for canelo but also for the guy he fought
Kamrenzz 6 days ago
why he look like justin tucker
NOVA ISRAEL 6 days ago
Is this old
Enrique Camarena
Enrique Camarena 6 days ago
I just know Canelo was going for a win. He was completely controlled and determined for the win.💯
Dan Holliday
Dan Holliday 6 days ago
His opponent showed some guts. Many would have crumbled under those body shots a lot sooner.
David Oladipo
David Oladipo 6 days ago
I could listen to The Buffer Brother's literally announce anything lol. Next level announcers!!
Ka Paul
Ka Paul 6 days ago
Throwing a jab against canelo is like inviting body shorts.
Izabal EE.UU.
Izabal EE.UU. 6 days ago
Solo boxeadores inclencos le ponen , para q mix
Skeilan Tenorio
Skeilan Tenorio 6 days ago
Canelo, I feel like he needs more punches, more movement
Life Outside The Box
Bank Phongsak
Bank Phongsak 6 days ago
Rocky is to nice to be a boxer
68majortom 6 days ago
Massive mismatch imo Canelo was in a different Planet nevermind Ring!!
Uriel Hernandez
Uriel Hernandez 6 days ago
he had no business being in there with canelo
Aman Uli
Aman Uli 6 days ago
I doubted that fielding was paid .
Tonii 6 days ago
bro his shots are insane bro just imagine getting hit with his full power
Diego Cuervo
Diego Cuervo 7 days ago
A very weak and easy opponent
EroJiji 7 days ago
Love how Canelo's nickname has ubiquitously become his actual name. lol
ferdi43 911
ferdi43 911 7 days ago
fake combat
KILLA STEELA 39 7 days ago
Just the hanging tape off Canelos glove would knock me out 😄
Mirsat Salihi
Mirsat Salihi 7 days ago
It‘s Canelo Time 👊🏽
TheTaySantana 7 days ago
This fight looked rigged
wayne G
wayne G 7 days ago
Don't know anything about these guys but yeah, some of my favorite bands from the 80s had better hits then that Fielding guy.
OmegaProxy 7 days ago
What a farce. Who made this fight?
bighand69 7 days ago
I suspect there was something wrong with Fielding in that fight.
BROOKERS XX 7 days ago
We see what canelo did to the last brit he faced....
arar vivi
arar vivi 7 days ago
i bet his liver was crying
Zeroflux 7 days ago
I swear canelo feels sorry for some of these guys and doesnt even want to hit them in the head
Jeff McClure
Jeff McClure 7 days ago
That smile tells you everything you need to know. Rocky knew it was over, but props for getting back up till the ref called it. Not many people can last even that long with Canelo.
Sanish Maharjan
Sanish Maharjan 7 days ago
akshat patel
akshat patel 7 days ago
I am no pro but why is fielding going inside having so much height advantage.
Júpiter Salazar en contra
Pero el canelo es demasiado inteligente
Júpiter Salazar en contra
Eso pasa cuando tienes todas las ventajas y no las utilizas a tu favor ninguna
Сергей Донцов
Что это за хуйня? Купленный бой.... Моё мнение такое...
T 7 days ago
Scouse bin man 🚮