Frozen Chicken Nuggets Taste Test 

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Today, we're figuring out the best frozen chicken nugget brand! GMM # 1912
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Feb 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
Leonard Lange
Leonard Lange 4 hours ago
Haha just reading comments man people are bummed with link
Andrea Pearson
Andrea Pearson 14 hours ago
never once had a frozen chicken nugget cause my parents are against frozen food
Michael Maher Show
Awesome video!! I just uploaded a video of my friend crushing through 100 chicken nuggets in under 30 minutes!
Justin Troyer
Tyson southern style nuggets are better, but I haven't seen them in years
Aaron Day ago
I’ve only had the Dino ones
TGabrielC13 4 days ago
I'm proud that Perdue came thru as one of the top conTENDERS. Northeastern nuggs, woot
Raphael Robles
Raphael Robles 7 days ago
Perdue is the nugget I grew up with. We almost won.
Dr.sajjad Hassan
Dr.sajjad Hassan 7 days ago
After reading the title I literally thought they are going to eat frozen chicken nuggets without frying em
ShadowHURRICANE 9 days ago
Hannah 9 days ago
I always liked the dino ones the best, I always thought they were juicier, but I also havent tried most of the brands.
Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush 10 days ago
omg i soon as i saw purdue i screamed MAARYLAND
Mrs Slibby
Mrs Slibby 11 days ago
Personally, I like the banquets better than Tyson. But I'm the kind of person who puts a ton of pepper on everything so that'd probably why I like them 😅
Rob 11 days ago
I thought they were gonna be eating the chicken nuggies while they were still frozen lol
Lucia D
Lucia D 11 days ago
I like Tyson chicken tenders very much.
이동욱 11 days ago
The wry george fascinatingly communicate because pressure monthly thaw like a scandalous company. automatic, probable oxygen
Tori Barlow
Tori Barlow 13 days ago
I feel like they should not know what the brand is so they can be more subjective when taste testing
StealYoSpaghettiOs 14 days ago
3:54 I thought for sure that he was gonna rant about Applegate again
Pinstripe Parade
Pinstripe Parade 14 days ago
Just Bare from Costco and Members Mark from Sam’s Club
flea 14 days ago
Kroger nuggs should have been a contender.
Maddison Lori Cruz
Maddison Lori Cruz 18 days ago
Fun fact Tyson nuggets ARE McDonald’s nuggets, that’s what they use at McDonald’s
j g
j g 19 days ago
I know exactly what he means by nuggets that are too much like real chicken. Then it's more of a boneless wing than a chicken nugget. They have to be obviously processed lol
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 days ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 days ago
100 NUGGETS IN A DAY........... IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
Montana White
Montana White 20 days ago
I just ate banquet for the first time. Very chewey inside like it’s full of cartilage and guts. Tyson or dyno nuggets way better.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 21 day ago
Tyson is disgusting imo
Hertz of The Lunacris
Humanely raised is a valid reason to become the priciest nuggets? Here in South East Asia we let chicken wander around the neighborhood. The price should be sky rocket here then
lex 21 day ago
i just want nuggests
BlakeSupra 23 days ago
you can see they over cooked the dino buddies. redo
TTV trippiefate
TTV trippiefate 23 days ago
perdue representing💯💯
Wes Megginson
Wes Megginson 23 days ago
Best part of the video - 11:26 “It’s the good life I tell ya” 😏 yes it is man
Penguins622 23 days ago
I started eating a bunch of tyson nuggets while watching this and just finished as the video ended
Ernesto Naranjo
Ernesto Naranjo 24 days ago
Tyson #1
Hembert Villarroel
Hembert Villarroel 24 days ago
ajohndoe17 25 days ago
This should have been a blind taste test
Rob the Traveler
Rob the Traveler 26 days ago
You guys should do a yogurt taste test... compare Dannon, Yoplait, Chobai, Oikos, Fage, and see who's best.
Xavier Swain
Xavier Swain 26 days ago
rhett didn’t seem to happy today
lexy. 28 days ago
next do best frozen fries !!
Jake B
Jake B 29 days ago
Thought he said “ appendages are like casseroles”. Had to rewind that one lol
Taylor Ride
Taylor Ride 29 days ago
I watched a documentary... I don’t eat frozen nuggets anymore
duke'M Explorer
duke'M Explorer Month ago
Best frozen lasagna might be a good one for you to do. Frozen fries too
Chris Machado
Chris Machado Month ago
For me, Purdue is the best it’s my favorite
Cristina Alexis
Cristina Alexis Month ago
Y’all should do a yougurt brand taste test
HeyItsMeDaisy Month ago
I like the Texas shaped chicken nuggets, from the oven of course
Katiegfff fcc
Katiegfff fcc Month ago
Need to try Yummy brand in regular nugget form. Best one so far and their newest nugget. Others have a strong lemon flavor that isn't good.
Outdoor Vlogs365
I was eating Dino nuggets when this pops up on my recommended
FatheredPuma81 Month ago
"Best chicken nuggets" I've tried #1, #2, and #4 and they're all nasty lol.
Heather M
Heather M Month ago
Do veggie chicken nuggets next! 😍
Joanna Bratton
Joanna Bratton Month ago
One of my first graders was distraught after lunch. They had Dino nuggets for lunch and he thought dinosaurs were extinct so his little mind was blown.
BosoxPatsfan 83
BosoxPatsfan 83 Month ago
It should have been a blind taste test
Hannah Jacquay
Hannah Jacquay Month ago
Tyson is nasty! Why would you choose them 😔
Estee Froehlich
Estee Froehlich Month ago
Dino nugies
Britterbug Month ago
you guys should have tried cheesy chicken nuggets too!
Tyson's is my favorite with chicken strips and buffalo wings, but Banquet is my favorite for popcorn chicken lol, but yeah definitely top 2 lol
Patrick Month ago
I love chicken nuggs but no word of a lie, Quorn nuggets are in my top 3. They're so good. Also, are all of these in breadcrumbs instead of batter? I can't tell. Battered nuggets are clearly superior.
Kyler Rogers
Kyler Rogers Month ago
1:42, That tone kind of reminded of that "Tequila" song.
zbenn Month ago
ive had some super dry and super juicy nuggets mmmm nuggets
l l
l l Month ago
Pan Z's.
Thomas Liam
Thomas Liam Month ago
The windy rain positionally stir because accordion natively irritate besides a minor comb. squeamish, bite-sized middle
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Month ago
Anyone ever has Schwann's chicken nuggets? Best frozen/delivery chicken nuggets ever.
yourgreatgramps Month ago
Dino nuggets are the only acceptable option
DumbassWeeb Month ago
Ah yes, good mythical morning testing the best chicky nuggies
Oso 2900
Oso 2900 Month ago
Can trust people who microwave chicken nuggets 🤢 place in them in the oven for the crisp
Dennisha Clarke
Dennisha Clarke Month ago
Y'all Should Try Farmer's Choice From Barbados
Jawhny Month ago
will it pizza roll
Matthew Reda
Matthew Reda Month ago
Please do a vegan one!
misty lewis
misty lewis Month ago
This should’ve been a blind taste test.
Typical Cousins
Typical Cousins Month ago
ganjabong master420
you guys need to try kirkwood farms frozen chicken stuff !!!!
ganjabong master420
i’m going to try the apple gate ones now bc i like the more dense real chicken 😂😂
ganjabong master420
gwen & blake are NOT a great couple.
Kitty Cow
Kitty Cow Month ago
Well, any real chicken nugget connoisseur really knows that oven taste 100% better than microwaved.
Simon Murray
Simon Murray Month ago
American Chicken Nuggets are so sad
kaitlyn pierzanowski
Now do the same thing and air fry it..... game changer
jp16semipro WKCC
"I'm bout to do a 100 mile dash...... I think it's meters. You know what time it is!" 😂😂😂😂
Joel Lamas
Joel Lamas Month ago
link really likes the banquet brand
Tyson is nasty to me... there is always a piece of cartilage in them
Ulvetann Month ago
If its starting to taste too much as chicken, its prolly turkey...
Rachael Rider
Rachael Rider Month ago
Can you do another "Will It?" Called Will it poptart?
“They are close con-tenders”! Nooo, they’re nuggets :D
FunkyCold Month ago
tyson nuggest are naaaaasty
Alauna Black
Alauna Black Month ago
I never liked Tyson...i prefer great value over Tyson, im not sure why, just didn't favor Tyson's
Mad boy
Mad boy Month ago
Tyson comes in dino shapes also
BOBimus Rex
BOBimus Rex Month ago
5:40 Ethically cultivated chicken, but at what cost...
Bob Vila's Home Again
"The biggest of the big are bigger" Rhett 2021
Matt P
Matt P Month ago
How were these nuggets cooked?
Silver Garcia
Silver Garcia Month ago
Me @ 3am higher than a kite trying to see what chicken nuggets to eat
princecaro Month ago
vegan nuggets next!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrian? Month ago
idk what kind of nuggets I usually get but they're so good lmao u just gotta cook em for forever
Allie H77
Allie H77 Month ago
The applegate nugget slander SHANT be tolerated.
WhirledPeace Month ago
OK I can’t be the only one that heard Linc chicken burp... at 9:24 😳
Zareef Huq
Zareef Huq Month ago
no kirkwood nuggets? dang
Kuposenpai Month ago
Purdue actually makes dino shaped nuggets that are made with cauliflower. They were decent
Kuposenpai Month ago
Think like 80%chicken, 20%veggie
榮賈克斯 Month ago
My social studies teacher talked about this today
Edward Jones
Edward Jones Month ago
purdue organic dino nuggets. The BEST.
Heather _
Heather _ Month ago
Perdue is my favorite. I appreciate your contributions. Lol
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome Month ago
Finally putting kids to use lmao
Cayleigh Rath
Cayleigh Rath Month ago
Link: "100 nuggets... in a day???" Rhett: "It can be done" GMM episode pitch: Rhett and Link eat 100 chicken nuggets for a day (each)
BizarreDragon Month ago
Me age 38: oh nuggets 😎 My brain: I WWAAAANNNNTTTT DINOSAUR NUGGETS!!! RAWR! 🦖🦕
Jae Calderon
Jae Calderon Month ago
circuswannabe Month ago
Poorly treated chickens taste better