Friendships DESTROYED! Forcing YouTube Animators to Betray Each Other! 

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Make sure to check out the MAAFIA game in full camera mode to see how we all reacted/freaked out during the rounds~
Playing games with friends is fun. Talking to US-firstrs is fun. Lying and deceit... can also be fun.
But what happens when you combine all three? Brain damage. But also this video, where Storytime Animators try to manipulate each other during a game of MAAFIA and end up destroying their friendships in the process.
Thank you to @RushLight Invader, @Laddi, @PantslessPajamas, @Emirichu, @GinjaNinjaOwO , @Sultan Sketches, @Alex's Corner, @illymation, @TheOdd1sOut and @Ice Cream Sandwich for joining me on this game! Please check them out if you enjoyed their presence on this video :)
Major thanks to my team:
Kai (Animator/Storyboarder) - bit.ly/SubtoHeadBox
Lupa (Animator/Storyboarder) - kaitlynmarart
Hexrin (Animator/Storyboarder) - hexriin
Abnormal Chaos (Animator/Character Designer) - us-first.info
DotDotDotty (Animator) - _Dotdotdotty
MissRiahGames (Animator) - linktr.ee/missriahgames
MashUpArt (Animator) - us-first.info
Hann (Storyboarder) - hannnarts
Airoah (Storyboarder) - us-first.info
NuNu91011 (BG Artist/Thumbnail Artist) - NuNuIsTaken
Bella Drawson (BG Artist) - belladrawson
Toiame (BG Artist) - toiame
Becky (BG Artist) - razzbexxa
Mimitsuuu (BG Artist) - mimitsuuu
Rynthie (BG Artist) - Rynthie
Pepiot (BG Artist) - NotPepiot
KnockOutWolf (Editor) - brodiecantskate
Zade (Editor) - RealZade
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Apr 27, 2021




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ComplexlyRoss 6 days ago
Ibijoke Odikagbue
Ibijoke Odikagbue 9 hours ago
Ibijoke Odikagbue
Ibijoke Odikagbue 9 hours ago
25th Island Of Greece
Elementario Vale
@hi im ashyxqg
Creative Manners
Creative Manners 30 minutes ago
The Awesome YT
Missed opportunity to call them Maatians.
glitched goblin
if saltan died first then this game whould of been way different
Washing stain
Washing stain Hour ago
But who was the doctor?
Rose_Gold27 Hour ago
I’m positive this is like the 10th time I’ve rewatched this, I kind of wish that Maaz would do another round of this cause it’s the funniest thing I’ve watched and I absolutely love it
Avatar123 2 hours ago
Hearing max say “ PJ is the majority” brought back traumatic flashbacks of the MUN.
Stormy Slime
Stormy Slime 3 hours ago
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer 4 hours ago
That intro makes no sense Also , “Sorry”ice cream sandwich IT’D SELL!
tream tea
tream tea 5 hours ago
best video that the amaazing did change my mind
tream tea
tream tea 4 hours ago
16:37 how did he know?
Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez 5 hours ago
This needs to be a video game or a video game in roblox
XxZoey xX
XxZoey xX 5 hours ago
reminds me of a Roblox gameee...... hm......
kollin graham
kollin graham 5 hours ago
Maz:so everyone go to sleep Odd:how do we close our eyes if we dont have eny eyes
xavoron 6 hours ago
Also verify this guy he also deserves that too
xavoron 6 hours ago
Get this man to 1 million subs he deserves a t
Kavis 6 hours ago
Honestly one of my fav videos!
Zopz 7 hours ago
i like oddones out house
DragonoidBlade 7 hours ago
My- -Orange- -Squid
Kinda like flicker
JΣFF 9 hours ago
this made mafia on another level
Enzo Garcia Petraglia
Flappie 9 hours ago
8:05 *amog us*
KINGBOB MINIONS 10 hours ago
The beginning😭✋
Teepe Family
Teepe Family 11 hours ago
Flavia Cabrera
Flavia Cabrera 11 hours ago
i loved playing this with my friends back in school
TGG /Brian Do
TGG /Brian Do 11 hours ago
This is very similar to wah!banana’s killer game
FlameCentralYT 11 hours ago
I’m just saying I think he cheated the way he just instently knew it was all 3 of them was way to sus
Prathamcraft 12 hours ago
Carrie Torres
Carrie Torres 12 hours ago
what does this remind me of hmm so hard AMONG US
Chaotic Zippy
Chaotic Zippy 13 hours ago
Ahhh it's not the same danplan cannot be replaced
Go Random Dude
Go Random Dude 13 hours ago
Welcome to planet Maaz. Where all the MAAZtions live happily.
Le Trollge
Le Trollge 14 hours ago
anybody else wants a animator battle royale?
Gary Zanavich
Gary Zanavich 14 hours ago
Among us like
Aishwarya K M
Aishwarya K M 14 hours ago
OMGGG icecream sandwich was sooo cuutteeeee
nei villagrau
nei villagrau 14 hours ago
danganronpa in a nutshell haha🤣
new thing ok
new thing ok 14 hours ago
I love the part where it turns out sultanate is the vengeful so then James just played himself I loved that
Super monkey Schmidt
I have on final word, FUCK you guys I was mafia
Poke Dude
Poke Dude 15 hours ago
Hajira Bibi
Hajira Bibi 15 hours ago
it was so fun seeing them all together and now i want part 2
Marshmelloz4205 16 hours ago
Great but, I would never have clicked on a video with this title. Autoplay got me
Smicc 16 hours ago
a bit sus
Neutral Warlord 2
Neutral Warlord 2 16 hours ago
Alternate Title: The Maafia fails to wreck everyone because Sultan is big brain
Ruski Fanclub
Ruski Fanclub 16 hours ago
Y is this so fun
SSTTIINNKK 17 hours ago
I’m now officially a super Maartian
Carmen Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez 18 hours ago
But He Has 3 A's In his Name
soroush harsini
soroush harsini 19 hours ago
sultens shirt tho its tommys shirt
Danny 20 hours ago
Sultan is Sherlock in disguise, I'm convinced
Brendy and the king Machine
1:09 Omg it’s tommyinnit
Chumki Mitra
Chumki Mitra 22 hours ago
Wait a minute I watch some old videos of you and yaa are you Indian or you look like Indian
Stacey Oppong
Stacey Oppong 18 hours ago
@Joshua de França Miranda that's not what I meant
Joshua de França Miranda
@Stacey Oppong People can be muslims and australians ya know?
Stacey Oppong
Stacey Oppong 18 hours ago
@Joshua de França Miranda I am Muslim
Joshua de França Miranda
@Stacey Oppong You know, Islam.
Joshua de França Miranda
@Stacey Oppong Muslim is a religion
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 23 hours ago
This concept was so great BlankMediaGames ripped it off to the core and only changed the name Smh, game studios these days
Glen Ramsay
Glen Ramsay Day ago
Me when I wake up my mom at night: 00:00
Shandee Theresa Castro
among us plus new roles ;-;
bronc haris
bronc haris Day ago
Seriously james that was a zero iq move.
Joshua Alindada
Wait, during the first and second night, how did the mafia see the shine of the bald head through the window if they don’t have any eyes? And how would they see the hair with their “eyes” of again they have no eyes.
Joshua Alindada
I found you because of Emily, and didn’t subscribe until I found this video. IT WAS ABSOLUTE CHAOS AND I LOVE IT.
Panda Day ago
Please do a round 2 🙏🏻
Raynimation Day ago
Ahh sorry that got me
Tanja Janecek
More more more more
Isaac Lazo
Isaac Lazo Day ago
James had eyes
Tylernaveen Games
F*** up F*** up
Tylernaveen Games
Aand your channel
J C Day ago
me: so this is like flicker
VARDR0ID 69 Day ago
#rgbucketlist best Indian animator
Joshua de França Miranda
@VARDR0ID 69 How would i have known cuz the hashtag leads to alot of ytbers
VARDR0ID 69 20 hours ago
@Joshua de França Miranda no I was not taking about maaz I was talking about R.G. a US-first animator from India
Joshua de França Miranda
@VARDR0ID 69 R u tallking about maaz? He's australian...
VARDR0ID 69 21 hour ago
@Joshua de França Miranda yes he is an Indian he is from Assam bro at first he use to make animated video on Assamese language then in Hindi. I know him because I am also lived in Assam. He is a really good animator
Joshua de França Miranda
He isn't indian
theninjakid 28
10:10, Ope- 15:59, Best way to go 16:22, BRUH
Primal Leafeon
I would love to see more of this
My POV Day ago
Its like flicker × AMOGUS
UwU Day ago
Finally something good
little plum blossom
CallMeFx Day ago
so basically Among Us with extra steps
Jhonskii Day ago
Nobody: Maaz: Curiosity StUWUeeM uwu 18:19 jkjk XDD ✌✌✌
Rj whats good
Among us
Rakoon Day ago
They really in"sult"ed sultan
Seth adrian bonde
This is among us but beautiful
Tmonster 18
Tmonster 18 Day ago
It’s weird that we don’t see James and Emirichu do much vids together.
yuen ting lee
I turn on the bell and ring in at midnight. And I subscribed, so..... Yeah I'm not gonna rhyme
TrippleDD RDD
I thought this happend irk where someone was puppeteering over everyone I'm weird yikes I mean I wouldn't even be in shock if this were to happen.
Mpencett Day ago
he fails to mention you have to pay for nebula
Sultan's the MC in a detective anime
Lisanimation Day ago
That was epic 🤣
Omvale11 Day ago
Part 2
brysomos 82
brysomos 82 Day ago
i iz a MARTION
TBNR jilt
TBNR jilt Day ago
sasori’s puppet
pls plsssss play this again with sultan as the vengeful one still, I need to see him take Alex or James down bruvvvv
Mpencett Day ago
these guys are ruthless
Maddi Sale
Maddi Sale Day ago
Danganronpa class trials:
Vanessa Gonzalez
Im waiting for the TheAMaazing to hit 1 million subs-
ParkerMotion Day ago
I can’t wait for mazz to get 1 million subs
Snowst0rm Studios
Among us *inanutshull*
Testing123 Day ago
"Mafia" *turns into super smash bros. ultimate story mode*
jaymee Oviedo Nunez
Can we just talk about this beautiful animation ✨
Marco MineBlox10
11:48 Andy: Sorry Me:Awwww
Aindri� Mac Fhlannchadha
I’d love a sequel
Don't Ask
Don't Ask Day ago
You missed the chance to add a z. MAAZFIA. *M A A Z F I A* *MAA-*
Smi Smp
Smi Smp Day ago
Is kind like among us
Joshua de França Miranda
@Looshbits Yes but it's similar to among us
Looshbits Day ago
But Among Us came after it.
General Dropper
Town of Salem
Dylan Foster
Dylan Foster Day ago
James: How do you know I won't pull you down with me? Sultan: I have my sources.
Rafael Marin
Rafael Marin Day ago
9:04, MONKEE
Bradley Wright
Sounds like modded among us Great job dude I mean it
Serena Universes
Julie Geyer
Julie Geyer Day ago
Please make another Maafia video its so funny.
Childhood Crushes 3
High School Theater