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Published on


Mar 25, 2021




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Comments 100   
JJ Hour ago
Catch and Cook A Goat! That’s good Eatin.
Cami Holt
Cami Holt 3 hours ago
As soon as I heard that the chicken that runs off was a mother it all made sence
Americo oddi
Americo oddi 4 hours ago
Your abuseiv
Happy Shirt
Happy Shirt 5 hours ago
The thumbnail looks evil
BlueFerret 7 hours ago
How did we lose the war of independence to these people?
Jake Alvarez
Jake Alvarez Day ago
Bro I swear I saw some eyes
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 2 days ago
Love your videos I really love the catch and cooks I have watched your videos for a long time.
Drake boxing
Drake boxing 2 days ago
I remember when he only had a couple thousand
The running patato With a knife
I’m just happy where I live there’s no big chicken eaters and big chicken scavengers only possoms
2029 Drake McCallister
dont eat your chiken :(
Holt Magness
Holt Magness 3 days ago
Who else loved the montages
clyde 3 days ago
Them:kills and eats the chicken That vegan teacher: and I took that personally
Brenley Hiers
Brenley Hiers 3 days ago
Hey anybody want KFC
Kingston King
Kingston King 4 days ago
Kendall Gray do you go to school
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 4 days ago
10:55 🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Pechacek
Tyler Pechacek 4 days ago
I could not live without your posts
HOME of roblox
HOME of roblox 4 days ago
My pets are chickens offense taken
R.I.P Potato
R.I.P Potato 5 days ago
(Vegans) THAT ANIMAL SUFFERED! (People) it didn’t suffer it died instantly. Dying instantly isn’t suffering.
Thalion Barbour
Thalion Barbour 5 days ago
19:35 the music I hear walking through a CVS
Thalion Barbour
Thalion Barbour 5 days ago
15:45 wash me
BLACK WOLF 5 days ago
The guinea on a tree:Its over Kendall I have the high ground Kendall:you underestimate my power. The guinea :don't try it.
Cason Costley
Cason Costley 5 days ago
Gijs! 5 days ago
Love your videos
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 5 days ago
I have my own chickens i billt a pen for them🤣🐓🐥🐤🐣
Jonathon Baucom
Jonathon Baucom 5 days ago
My apologies but it’s 1 John 1:9 not 1 Peter 1:9
AD Furqan and Familys 2021
And I'm from 🇲🇾
AD Furqan and Familys 2021
Hmm this is just near in my birthday at 27 of march
James J
James J 6 days ago
Why am I attracted to kg
Ahmed Sultan
Ahmed Sultan 6 days ago
Kentucky fried chicken
Anthony Shropshire
I’m new to this channel and I absolutely love catch clean and cook videos I think Kendall does them better good job man.
Lenard Stauffacher
Can you bring back the prayer and Bible verse please...
ThEReaL Benjamin Brumfield
Can we all agree that Kendall’s uncle always comes in clutch for a new video idea like letting him hunt on his barn or giving him a chicken pen lol
Adhd Hen
Adhd Hen 7 days ago
“Oh hi mark”🤣 lol that sound familiar “I did not hit her oh hey mark”
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 7 days ago
The Guinea is a female
Centurion Guy
Centurion Guy 7 days ago
Grow your hair into a Mohawk
J. Heath Lloyd
J. Heath Lloyd 8 days ago
Keep'em coming! Chicken . . . that's the holy bird! I would've gladly eaten it.
Purxplebuttxrfly 8 days ago
Stop killing poor animals
kade 8 days ago
What happened to Patricia 5he chicken
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell 8 days ago
Hey Kendall I'm wondering what happened to peanut it dog its been a long time since I have heard about it
TheLoneWolf 9 days ago
Dude last time i saw steve he was a pup
seth 4844 mtb track
My fear chart The dark--- Clowns------ Highway Patrol uturn ---------- Kg not uploading----------------------
Claire OMG
Claire OMG 9 days ago
Can you tach us how to kill one
John Matlick
John Matlick 10 days ago
Hi 👋☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ I Love 💕💕💕 you
John Matlick
John Matlick 10 days ago
Hi my name is nolan
John Matlick
John Matlick 10 days ago
John Matlick
John Matlick 10 days ago
Mr. Debin
Mr. Debin 10 days ago
"He's an angel. Well he thinks he his" absolutely beautiful
Aaron Pruit
Aaron Pruit 10 days ago
ghinies suck i have hundreds i wake up to everyone of them screaming
War 777
War 777 10 days ago
The car says wash me
Thad Eckhoff
Thad Eckhoff 10 days ago
“Chicken plug”. LOLOL
Emerson Dodd
Emerson Dodd 10 days ago
I have a chicken in his heart his name is Michigan State because he has partly green and white feathers he has worn around his neck pretty cool I don't post them crack his neck you turn it sideways sometimes bloody yeah. Better yeah it's twisting it usually cut off I twisted that I'll just shove it in the hog roaster boy barbecue sauce on that or something want to know me the one and only best sauce that you could ever have ketchup and I love ketchup so much that I will literally eat it on pizza!
Phoenix Campbell
Phoenix Campbell 10 days ago
Get show pigs
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson 11 days ago
You are the best
Andrea Alvis
Andrea Alvis 11 days ago
Nooooo chickennnn
Lyve Wyrez Entertainment
Lina Ghanmeh
Lina Ghanmeh 12 days ago
Meme GOD
Meme GOD 12 days ago
Why else attacks chickens from above....... Mammy- Kendall grey
Lin Dong
Lin Dong 12 days ago
Change title to "Raise and Cook“
Steve Michalak
Steve Michalak 12 days ago
**your dogs name is Steve** "woah, he's just like me!"
Retro Blake
Retro Blake 12 days ago
Italianbanker 12 days ago
Bullet probably runs away to kill predators
Stephen Powell
Stephen Powell 12 days ago
hi im your dog woof
Jackson Langhauser
Jackson Langhauser 12 days ago
Jackie Nelson
Jackie Nelson 12 days ago
A chicken rope
drop it like a hell cat
Shebe is a chicken?
Levi Carlson
Levi Carlson 13 days ago
15:26 you’re burning your homework 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sandra Robinson
Sandra Robinson 13 days ago
How old are you
Kayden Mitchell
Kayden Mitchell 13 days ago
Yeet the said with the caterpillar
Ken Lberry
Ken Lberry 13 days ago
You are Hilarious. Thank you for making my day.
Brandon R
Brandon R 13 days ago
O.L. Son
O.L. Son 13 days ago
So I have a question I think everyone has do you have a nice rooster alarm
Colby Atkins the noob YouTuber Atkins
ItsHalvar 14 days ago
i mean... the camera guy literally kicked the chick and laughed saying " i kicked it" haha ye real funny.
Will Helphingstine
Will Helphingstine 14 days ago
10k likes has entered the chat
L0RGZ3Y 7 14 days ago
This guy is so funny 😂
AARON LOPEZ 14 days ago
you should make a cooking channel
RIPspace 14 days ago
Fire truck was savage
Emmanuel Finch
Emmanuel Finch 14 days ago
me or when he say firetruck i think about when he chased him with a net lol
Matt496962 Lucas
Matt496962 Lucas 15 days ago
Why does your car say wash me
Ly Tour
Ly Tour 15 days ago
I don't know how your chicken system work but in my country you don't put 3 roster in the same cage it like sent your roster to war
ronald filkins
ronald filkins 15 days ago
Red because you did not bleed out the chicken. You need to ring its neck or cut off It's head and let it die while the heart pumps blood out. It's called bleeding out. Country boy should nkow that.
Tucker Goldschmidt
Tucker Goldschmidt 15 days ago
Bro Kendall gray should be as popular as pewdiepie
CJ gamer09
CJ gamer09 16 days ago
That montage lol the chicken face loll
CJ gamer09
CJ gamer09 16 days ago
I like darrel
CJ gamer09
CJ gamer09 16 days ago
Ohhhh i love catapillers
CJ gamer09
CJ gamer09 16 days ago
Robyn Dunn
Robyn Dunn 16 days ago
I live in Tennessee
Elijah Sprouse
Elijah Sprouse 16 days ago
Cook those chicken
Cooper Christopher
Cooper Christopher 16 days ago
Lol am i the on” one who niticed the sode by side said was me
memes.net. r
memes.net. r 16 days ago
Hey you forgot abb kfc XD 0:45
Ryatt Smith
Ryatt Smith 16 days ago
Your knifes are sharp 👍🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓
Sarah Eastridge
Sarah Eastridge 16 days ago
You should do a coyote catch and cook video 🐺🐺🐺🐺
Monica Calinescu
Monica Calinescu 16 days ago
You all ways shoud have 2 meal chickens
CarrotBerry 16 days ago
I thought this was a joke...
Cayden Franck
Cayden Franck 17 days ago
i like the wash me on the back of the thangiemobob
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot 17 days ago
Buddy just kicked the chicken wtf
Alpha d09
Alpha d09 17 days ago
I got to farm day and was doing silkies should I get some
Shawn May
Shawn May 17 days ago
"We don't go no knives" after promoting his knives a few minutes before
Jahren Graves
Jahren Graves 17 days ago
He said mammy eats chickens from the sky did mammy pass away
Walker Hopkins
Walker Hopkins 17 days ago
Love the vids
Wesley Buchanan
Wesley Buchanan 17 days ago
Chickens look like there saying 🤖 food 🤖 detected 🤖
STK GAMING 17 days ago
i need more food pleaz you was not nice with me last couple days🤣🤣🤣 that's dogs abuse lol and i need to pee on the carpet don't tell me no oh i'm steve the dog lol
SML Movie: SuperPowers