FREEDOM 500 LIVE PRE-SHOW!!! (Baldeagle.com For FULL SHOW!) 

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Are you guys ready for the FREEDOM 500 presented by Summit Racing??? This is ONLY the pre-show, for the full show head here: www.cleetusmcfarland.com/

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Apr 2, 2021




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Allen Lord
Allen Lord 3 days ago
Was a awesome event and love supporting everything you all do.
KB3 Sports
KB3 Sports 7 days ago
That first 7 minutes needs to be its own video. Just sick!! Gives ya chills.
The Plinker's Lodge
Keep the dream alive, guys. I so love your videos - too tied up to be able to get down and feel the love at Freedom Factory. Someday, someday... You really were a great force over the Year of Covid, loved whenever a new video popped out. It probably was an excellent year to get cleaning up and building out. I can just hear the gushing sound of the fire house of money you had to point at this track - all the best for great results.
Max Myers
Max Myers 8 days ago
Heavy d didn't do anything that people need to be pissed about. Yeah he fucked up by accident but he is going out of his way to make up for it. If he was trying to ruin it I'm pretty sure it would have been much worse
victor urosevic
victor urosevic 8 days ago
I can’t WAIT for the day I can cross the border from here in Canada and check y’all out!!!! Love everything y’all are doin’.. KEEP GETTIN’ SOME!!!
daniel carter
daniel carter 9 days ago
Can't wait to see this race. The freedom of Good ol' American racing
Chuck Kelly
Chuck Kelly 9 days ago
1:05:00 the show will start soon.. ...correction, show never starts.
cluke2010 10 days ago
JH who?
Noah McDonald
Noah McDonald 11 days ago
will you posted the full show at some point please
Zombie Cow
Zombie Cow 13 days ago
Wish itsjusta6 was there
mrmicfail 13 days ago
i noticed a comment on one of Hailie Deegan's video about her seat moving when she was turned. it might not be a bad idea to tac weld the seat in place once the drivers get set up.
The Gunner
The Gunner 13 days ago
All that is missing is monster trucks
hobman 13 days ago
Efrain Jimenez
Efrain Jimenez 14 days ago
Hey cleetus !!
LKWD 14 days ago
Who’s the guy on the right???? 😂
LKWD 14 days ago
zug zug
zug zug 14 days ago
I like that whistlin used the confederate flag, warms my heart knowing their are people out their wailing in their soy latte about it.
Dean Levi
Dean Levi 15 days ago
Man... seeing this video again is just mind blowing. The Freedom Factory has come so far with all of your teams hard work. Just. Amazing.
kevin egginton
kevin egginton 15 days ago
Cleetus..WOW.!! Just watched this again. You have really done everything in your power to achieve your goal...I cannot believe how persistant you guys have beenn under strict regulations.. great too watch the channel grow and the "Freedom Factory" having so much passion and help from everybody. love the collaborations you have had with all the other people in the community and the people that love you channel.. I cannot wait for what the next ten years has to offer us fans. Big love to all you guys at the freedom factory. Kev from UK
Isaac MacKenzie
Isaac MacKenzie 15 days ago
That intro was sickkk
adam0U812 Davies
adam0U812 Davies 15 days ago
Sounds like people are not fans of Heavy D ?? Just for future reference.
SHANNON SPEAR 15 days ago
Will Drift for food he’ll yeah brother
Collin Pugh
Collin Pugh 15 days ago
The people talking shit about Cooper, are the same people talking shit about cleet leaving 1320 vids...
Scoobert Doo
Scoobert Doo 15 days ago
Travis wave be lookin like e.t
Owen Som
Owen Som 16 days ago
I love how all the other brands like Bowman with Chevy, Travis with Subaru, etc didnt care about them driving fords but toyota got all pissy about it lol
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 16 days ago
Epic intro! Livin the dream! Maybe one day I can bring my old chevys down to one of your shows there
Bob Dailey
Bob Dailey 16 days ago
I've been with you since the beginning of never been able to get out there. Someday I will. You have earned the respect of racers and viewers. That's why people treat your race track is part of their own!
CanPat306 16 days ago
Best cold opening ever!
Russell Darin Tullis
Thass sum gd entertainment rite there I bet them commie sumbiches are hatin tf outa this a a awesomeness
Dude on a computer
Dude on a computer 16 days ago
I like Spence and his chatter.
xp 16 days ago
Please buy North Wilkesboro
djay4487 deved
djay4487 deved 16 days ago
had an idea for ya cleet the 24 hours of freedom teams of 4, a bunch of crown vic's and a 24 hours of nothing but racing these vics round the ff now THAT is some entertaining live action right there.
John Forbes
John Forbes 16 days ago
this is awesome stuff guys love it i have been subscribed when you had 50 000 subscribers and you have come along way keep up the great work guys your a great team and dont let anything ruin that
Davion Visuals
Davion Visuals 16 days ago
And this was right before Corona and everything changed
Ben Ward
Ben Ward 16 days ago
Soo cool !!
FatManAquatics 16 days ago
Hey guys is there a Summit discount code out from good ol Cleeter?
Stephan Gillenwater
Love the crazy shit y'all do guys keep it up maybe one day I'll come and join you show you some new tricks and San Antonio Texas 210
Matty Blanchard
Matty Blanchard 16 days ago
TheKenoshaKidd 16 days ago
This intro gave me chill bumps all over again. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇸
The Official James Martin
the running pack of golden retrievers was the best part
sanche 56
sanche 56 12 days ago
Yung Bitta
Yung Bitta 16 days ago
Don’t know why I was unsubbed
Vincent Richards
Vincent Richards 17 days ago
I feel like Im watching a movie
projekpat86 17 days ago
Congratulations on your engagement brother!!! Hell yeah !
D 17 days ago
Did you really censor the flag on the orange car in the thumbnail? Ffs...
spedward860 17 days ago
Heavy d sucks he cant drive for shit just proves how much of a front they are smh
Dominic Sanders
Dominic Sanders 17 days ago
Damn I miss coop.
Nicholas Adcock
Nicholas Adcock 17 days ago
Ain't this last year's intro tho?
stoker20 17 days ago
You have any of those Diesel guys back and I'm not paying to watch.
C117LS 17 days ago
Man seeing the freedom factory opening video again after being there for the freedom 500 and cleetus and cars over the weekend really has me in the feels. Absolutely amazing what cleetus has done with the place.
bumboybandit 17 days ago
Cleet on da cowcaiiine brother! Gang gang buzz buzz!
Mike Neilson
Mike Neilson 17 days ago
Remember Cooper? I don't miss him
Jerimiah Phipps
Jerimiah Phipps 17 days ago
The the freedom factory, the sign just had a stutter there's nothing wrong with that.
DEZERVED-420 17 days ago
No sound
MrWick 17 days ago
i really am astonished theres 200 dislikes! this man made a life for people to live and entertain much love
DEZERVED-420 17 days ago
Thank you guys for bringing this to the masses. Y'all kick a$$. Keep up the amazing content.
DEZERVED-420 17 days ago
No sound
DEZERVED-420 17 days ago
Loved the intro. Totally awesome.
kismet1184 17 days ago
The only issue I had was Spence screaming into the mic.. I have a big surround sound system and I had to turn it off and use my TV sound cause he was screaming way to loud and way to much it was so annoying. And him always talking over the commentary.. He should be used at the begging ING of the show but not during the show. It's to much way to much when him and 2 others are talking over each other's...
Roddy v
Roddy v 17 days ago
love what you are doing Cleetus!
Toking 204
Toking 204 17 days ago
The og edit
djbryanc 17 days ago
looks like a pretty hearty no thank you to having Spence, Diesel Bros and Whistlin Diesel back from all these comments
Nico_ e93_335i
Nico_ e93_335i 17 days ago
Good luck guys. Awesome event! regards, Nico.
Jackson Pridgen
Jackson Pridgen 17 days ago
all i can say is GOD BLESS freedom 2021/ CLEETUS AND CARS 2021. this is USA AT ITS BEST. GOD BLESS CLEETUS/ FREEDOM FACTORY. PLEAS CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS IN 20121/2022/2023/2024/2025/2026/2027/2028/2029/2030..
Taanky Tonk
Taanky Tonk 17 days ago
Not gunna lie I got a tad choked up when you said "3 men" and showed you james and cooper all walking up together as a team... miss him being around more on the channel
Mike Litorus
Mike Litorus 17 days ago
Some people have their own dreams, don't want to live someone else's or be in their shadow forever.
Ragdoll Racing
Ragdoll Racing 17 days ago
no audio from 1:05:07 to 1:10:25, still great video ty for the content.
darryl 18 days ago
fire the sound guy
Phillip B
Phillip B 18 days ago
giant tool with a bunch of shitty cars
Kurt Kuipers
Kurt Kuipers 18 days ago
They tore down route 66 and Juliet speedway yep all done NASCAR track is gone and Joliet Illinois
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 18 days ago
need to find an internet service provider to pull gigabit+ fiber to the freedom factory. The Ulive cell network not flying
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 18 days ago
Seems like it’s time for a Freedom Factory channel.
Good vibes Collectibles
I just started saying hell yeah brother from the start of this video till the end of this video hell yeah brother hell yeah brother
Dave 18 days ago
epic intro
mfarrachi 18 days ago
Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure his sponsors will speak up and there will be a race and not some carnival demolition derby next time. Should have been call the freedom 500 bumper car special. Keep the trouble makers out next time.
Joshua Richardz
Joshua Richardz 18 days ago
That FF intro is beautiful man...
River Sharp
River Sharp 18 days ago
I wish they can get street speed with his vette
SnifferSock 18 days ago
Lot of negative comments (mostly justified) but look at the like/dislike ratio.
Charne Robinson
Charne Robinson 18 days ago
That’s the first black guy I’ve ever seen on the channel
Beard Man
Beard Man 18 days ago
Heavy D ruined the race. He was out to hurt someone.
JSBIRD69 18 days ago
Heavy Douche
GearHeadDave 18 days ago
sooo many tough keyboard warriors here!! LMAO!!
john bender
john bender 18 days ago
The greatest montage ever
Ken Vackner
Ken Vackner 18 days ago
Kyle Curl
Kyle Curl 18 days ago
Everyone on here talking shit about WD and heavy d being POS, its not supposed to be a serious nascar race so go somewhere else if u don't like it and what does that say about u being even bigger pieces of shit acting like u support cleetus but haven't done shit but talk shit about his show so how the fuck does that work.
DAMAGEDEVOX 18 days ago
I love how authentic it is and them trying to figure out equipment
HoonBag 18 days ago
was a fun event but still kinda disappointing that you go to an event where the guy hosting it says its a great place for fans to meet the youtube creators but over half the people you want to meet stay hidden behind the scenes while the fans bake out in the sun for multiple hours
Josh Se
Josh Se 18 days ago
Interview dude is way to loud and almost cant hear the people talking
Josh Se
Josh Se 18 days ago
Misd demo matt
Josh Se
Josh Se 18 days ago
Double audio at 1:13:00 ish
Josh Se
Josh Se 18 days ago
No audio starting at like 1:08:00
Nate Braner
Nate Braner 18 days ago
What was wrong with the sign?
javybaby77 18 days ago
AWESOM-MURICA! How much banking in those them corners??
Josh Se
Josh Se 18 days ago
Love how boom hower james use to br
brandon cromwell
brandon cromwell 18 days ago
Man I missed it
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson 18 days ago
Sad to see Coop almost non-existent on the channel these days, despite having his own.
Amy n Danny V.D.
Amy n Danny V.D. 18 days ago
Rolling Stoned
Rolling Stoned 18 days ago
*** SPOILER ALERT*** 1:12:43 The fact that Cleetus specifically talked about, "if you're down a lap DON'T BATTLE WITH THE LEAD RACERS", and Heavy D took out Whistlin' Diesel in like lap 3 because he was doing EXACTLY what he told the drivers NOT to do he should have been DQ'd.
Davee Dee
Davee Dee 17 days ago
Honestly there were some terrible 'racers' amongst that field. When Heavy D took out Whistlin' Diesel I was kinda pleased. After the qualifying shit I thought it was safest for the event if WD was taken out. However HD turned into the exact sort of racer I thought WD would be. I got the PPV specifically to see Derek from Vice Grip Garage race and was disappointed with what the terrible racers did to him.
Sheldon Porteous
Sheldon Porteous 18 days ago
I cant afford anything . Im homeless .. yet i continue to watch and support what yous. Yous make look forward to watching a video when i finally have the time and data to watch yous. I lived life growing up Watching people like you. And inspired me. Im 30 and trying my best to become a autobody collision and glass man. I start school this year. Don't get me wrong i enjoy learning tne machines side to. Anything Vehicles gets me excited about life. You have save my life in many ways. I have bipolar and when im going through a rough time yous allways put me on the right path. And with said I that thank yous. So much. Much love. Brother.
thabo swanepoel
thabo swanepoel 18 days ago
Richard Berry
Richard Berry 18 days ago
Oh HELL YEAH BROTHER!!! Just have one thing to say, the laces were out.
Fetus McCarlane
Fetus McCarlane 18 days ago
I'll try and find a link for free tampons and Crampeeze, because apparently half the people commenting about the production snafu's have major synchronized menstrual cycles ..
Legoman585 18 days ago
I found you from 1320 video. You grabbed the ball and ran with it. love what you have created.