Freddie Gibbs - Big Boss Rabbit (Official Video) 

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The official video for "Big Boss Rabbit" out now: freddiegibbs.lnk.to/BigBossRabbit
Freddie Gibbs Store: www.kanecomics.shop/
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Director/Editor JMP
DP Mike Koziel
Producer Lil Sabotage
Executive Producer JMP
Field Producer Jordan Timms
1st AC Joe Brady
Gaffer Luke Dyra
Key Grip Tristain Ajanhian
Casting Ape Castings
Color Adam Lighterman
PA Davon King
PA Trent Goulter
Shot on Kodak Film
Developed by Spectra
Scanned by Origins Archival


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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
jarl-caysen 30 minutes ago
dude..freddie is so good
king Killmonger j
king Killmonger j 58 minutes ago
김기현 3 hours ago
My favorite artist . Dear asain fan
LEX LOGAN 3 hours ago
Dude sick af son!!!!! Flow smooth
NoahtheeArcETect vsTheSuicideKings
I think my favorite rapper is a white guy named Prof
The Drake Report
The Drake Report 6 hours ago
That shit is the best out at the moment.
Enchantresse Shakur
Enoc 7 hours ago
King GIBBS ! 🏄🏼‍♂️🌊🌎💧
yPxmethazine 7 hours ago
I thought this was ksi when I heard the audio version 😂💀
Bam Baruchi
Bam Baruchi 8 hours ago
Was that patrice oneil talking at the start?
Mike Tyson. Rip to the lendary comedian though.
David llapa
David llapa 11 hours ago
Bro this is such a fire song! A HIT
Hugh Edgar
Hugh Edgar 13 hours ago
Obsessed with this song and the Tyson intro.
Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith 13 hours ago
They don't sell ounces of heroin it's called a piece
Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith 13 hours ago
It's short a hair not much though
Deon Richards
Deon Richards 14 hours ago
Da G! Red Cup Approval Tune 🥤 Six Colour Nation 🇿🇦
Geralt Zrivi
Geralt Zrivi 17 hours ago
Respect from Poland !
beanz yop
beanz yop 23 hours ago
Untitled Peña
Untitled Peña 23 hours ago
R A B B I T '
Mezzy Spliff
Mezzy Spliff Day ago
Beat n flow mixed well🍀
Otta Johnson
Otta Johnson Day ago
Primitive skills?... air out my nigga Wayne’s record and I’ll believe you
Deluge427 Day ago
Gooooood damn. Quick 🔥
Debby Palacios
song is dope video is wack, predictable and boring
Chris Rawls
Chris Rawls Day ago
I've been sleeping on you Freddie, and I'm so so sorry.
This is my all time favorite Nas song.. now its my all time favorite Freddie song. 🔥
Jason rocket man
2:05 cue ball flying off the table lol
when the 808s come in 🤩
olivier chaffard
Mortel 😎
Brad ArmPitt
Brad ArmPitt Day ago
This shit POWERFUL!
Furshlugginer Veeblefetzer
Gibbs just proactively bodied anyone trying to have the best song of 2021.
Jon Day
Jon Day Day ago
Worst pool players EVER.
Norsk Hip hop
This is stone cold
Goat pepper herbal tea
This shit was recorded on film?
Not that Good
Not that Good 2 days ago
Youngins with pringles
superdave 2 days ago
Freddie got the Arthur Morgan sawed off lol
Blake Brisson
Blake Brisson 2 days ago
Michael Cannon
Michael Cannon 2 days ago
Love how he turned up too when the bass drop
SAVAGE_CANE 305 2 days ago
RYZEN 2 days ago
Hands down the best single of 2021 yet.
Gina Conyers
Gina Conyers 2 days ago
Phew! 👂🏽🎶💥
Adam Candelaria
Adam Candelaria 2 days ago
I wanna hear an album with Gibbs & Z-Ro. The 2 best rappers alive IMO
Dariyan Ergin
Dariyan Ergin 44 minutes ago
Dont ever disrespect Kendrick like this ever again
HokiePitcher22 2 days ago
1:59 anybody else notice that the cue ball flew off the table on the break. 🤣
aweasaweas 2 days ago
ArrCee 2 days ago
Chase Hodge
Chase Hodge 2 days ago
I wanna meet this dude. Him and mozzy are my favorite 🔥🔥
Petur jónasson
Petur jónasson 2 days ago
Nothing new here
H7 2 days ago
Rock Ross ain’t been eating as much lately
respect team good job
Sebastian Kruk
Sebastian Kruk 2 days ago
Emenrnmenenr talk shit Ananansbsbaba dog shit
Big.A 2 days ago
Fire 🔥 as usual. That real rap 💯 the last of a dying breed
salvete 3 days ago
is that opening sample mike tyson? who the fucks says that XD
carero22 3 days ago
Throwback to The Come Up
Mountadhar Aoun
Mountadhar Aoun 3 days ago
Hollyyyyy fuckkkk his flowwww
keanon orr
keanon orr 3 days ago
Nas would be proud how he killed this beat. I hope nas watched this already. Shout out to freddie
Eat Ass
Eat Ass 3 days ago
Super Czajan
Super Czajan 3 days ago
It's just too fucking good!!! mad flow
Antonio Valdez
Antonio Valdez 3 days ago
My step dad knows Freddie in real life they played basketball together they lived in Gary Indiana and he knows my step dad Larry Lewis
DNA Mzito
DNA Mzito 3 days ago
By unanimous decision, top contender for Best Rapper of the 2020"s is.....Young Freddy!!! #gibbs
billionairebil_ 3 days ago
Kane already told yall nobody out rapping him. He can go all night pause
Douglas Ross II
Douglas Ross II 3 days ago
Vice lord fa life!! #chi-town
Blank Facee
Blank Facee 3 days ago
Anyone know who produced this ?
mercman11 3 days ago
Flinging the shotty.
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera 3 days ago
Flavor Of the Month
Been fuckin with Gangsta Gibbs since that classic verse on Scottie Pippens w/ Currensy over that nuts Alchemist beat on Covert Coup. From that to Pinata to a grammy nom to now the growth is amazing and this video exemplifies just that with the nods to his lifestyle ad accomplishments. Gary's proudest son since Mike don't @ me
Jack Metzger
Jack Metzger 3 days ago
@2:00 Ahh, SCRATCHH
Justin Pillay
Justin Pillay 3 days ago
Damn damn damn damn damn!!!😱😱😱😱
zoom 3 days ago
Heat! New album on the way maybe?
Cool Libra
Cool Libra 3 days ago
@zoom not sure but he will have Madlib, Alchemist, Pharell, and Diddy producing on the album. You can follow his IG.
zoom 3 days ago
@Cool Libra Nice! When does it drop?
Cool Libra
Cool Libra 3 days ago
Yes, called SSS. Got some good producers on it.
Jeremy Canas
Jeremy Canas 3 days ago
He raps so fucking fast man lol dudes a fucking beast
Lukas Richards
Lukas Richards 3 days ago
They planned to knock me out the top of the game
KQP Twin
KQP Twin 3 days ago
Dope bro
DKrumpenstein 3 days ago
Is the spoken word in the beginning Mike Tyson?
Kyle Andre
Kyle Andre 3 days ago
Freddie one of kind. Love live the Kane Train
Dan G
Dan G 3 days ago
You the man / Nas sampler
SneakerFetish420 3 days ago
Similar nas beat in the background you’re the man
Sinto Benzino
Sinto Benzino 3 days ago
Gangster Gibbs 👊
BonEndeavor 3 days ago
This is baiting for Em to hop on and do his boss shit Rabbit thing.
bri i
bri i 3 days ago
Lionn 4 days ago
The First time hearing Freddie today was also the Last time listening to trash music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Campbell
David Campbell 3 days ago
@Lionnstart w Alfredo, banana and pinata.
Lionn 3 days ago
@David Campbell your
Lionn 3 days ago
@David Campbell yessir . What’s up top 3 by FG?
David Campbell
David Campbell 3 days ago
U gotta alot of Freddie to research now lol
JayeBentley 4 days ago
I see my nigga @WhiteLyfe in the cut.. #Chicago #WestSide
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 4 days ago
How could you dislike this song
Michael Gudger
Michael Gudger 4 days ago
He smart nas beat though
Michael Gudger
Michael Gudger 4 days ago
Nas beat out a nas beat for album of the year he need nas on a remix plz
MrRoxburyRush 4 days ago
I drove really fast the first time I rocked this. 😡😡😡😡#NothingCameEasy
TheMost Dankk
TheMost Dankk 4 days ago
Big boss rabbit = big chungus
Run And Gun Visuals
My guy JMP be killing on them videos one of my fav music video directors now
Spwhoky 4 days ago
This shit hard af wtfffff
Nevakonaza -
Nevakonaza - 4 days ago
Damn,i been sleeping on this guy,Streight FIRE!
Justin Brennan
Justin Brennan 4 days ago
This shit bangs!!!
grekomc 4 days ago
i already heard this sample, who else used it? Nas, and someone else?
Cool Libra
Cool Libra 4 days ago
Donziggy23 4 days ago
Ameer Boss
Ameer Boss 4 days ago
Fire Rass
Fire Rass 4 days ago
He makes classics Now bro I been knowing your top ten alive no cap .
ибн чо
ибн чо 4 days ago
2:35 заяц из ну погоди ??😳😅
Jason Woodberry
Jason Woodberry 4 days ago
Dj Wrex 210
Dj Wrex 210 4 days ago
Where have I heard that sample before
Yung Whurlin
Yung Whurlin 4 days ago
That Cold Day in Hell flow!
2SEATERJETER 4 days ago
Since Piñata ya diggg ✅
Sully Purser
Sully Purser 4 days ago
Yo freddie, you helped me take the world by the balls, now Im hittin them like Manny Pacquiao on the speed bag, thanks for helpin me get in the right mindset
Tyran Bopp
Tyran Bopp 4 days ago
Odd Fresh
Odd Fresh 4 days ago
🐐 of the game right now✅
silver surfer
silver surfer 4 days ago
Omg 😱
Abdurrahman Çolakoğlu
The Goat
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