Fox News "Comedy" Show Goes Horribly Wrong 

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--Fox News' new weeknight comedy show hosted by Greg Gutfeld couldn't possibly be less funny, raising more questions about whether right wing comedy could possibly work
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Broadcast on April 6, 2021
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Apr 6, 2021




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Andy Babb
Andy Babb 6 hours ago
Gigacringe? Like Gigapets?
Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-Costa
Nazis have no sense of humor.
larry pulliam
larry pulliam 9 hours ago
We understand none the never the less and it's funny 😄 maybe not too the average communist party supporter as yourself .
Caroline Corman
Caroline Corman 20 hours ago
Gutfield sucks.
Edwin Wise
Edwin Wise 21 hour ago
The reason the comedy missed was because when you gotta guy with sexiest last name in the universe, coupled with those devastating zuckerberg good looks , who's listening with that kind of eye candy
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 22 hours ago
This blows away all Late Night flop shows!!! All they ever did was have Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now they are dull and stupid!!!
Chad Hebner
Chad Hebner Day ago
The funniest thing about this is watching David’s WTF was this facial expressions
Katarthere Day ago
I didn't realize that was supposed to be a comedy. I thought it was just a horrible news show.
Gall ery
Gall ery Day ago
The Brian Williams thing would've been funny when his penchant for exaggeration got him fired...however many years ago that was. Seems dated now, though.
Ted Day ago
The Mellow Gecko
The Mellow Gecko 2 days ago
Donald Wanyi
Donald Wanyi 2 days ago
U fool of shit
RSPainter 2 days ago
Mispronouncing Kamala's name is about showing disrespect.
mark stiewing
mark stiewing 2 days ago
The right has a sense of humor. They voted trump.
witness knows
witness knows 2 days ago
sergio m
sergio m 2 days ago
the Gutfeld show is more pathetic than funny and thats because the "jokes" seemed to have been written by angry middle schoolers trying to bully someone they hate. the best way to be funny is to be ready and willing to laugh at oneself. thank you for the video
VIDA SIN RISA 2 days ago
We have Stephen Colbert and other late night hosts on our side and they have proved their comedic genius by putting them side by side with this unfunny, insensitive bs...
Rex Browning
Rex Browning 3 days ago
Look at the rating dip shit
GeeDeeBird 3 days ago
I'm not surprised Fox can't do comedy. They can't do news either!
GeeDeeBird 3 days ago
Two observations: Mean spirited plus snide does not equal funny, and satire requires a kernel of truth to be funny.
Charles Alan
Charles Alan 3 days ago
Nazis aren’t really funny! No wait, I’m forgetting... “Springtime for Hitler”
Alex Kwamina
Alex Kwamina 3 days ago
I love the non original material is working.
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien 3 days ago
O mystery here ... It sucks . Plain and simple .
Jacob Hartmann
Jacob Hartmann 3 days ago
Yeah, the right wing are fantastic with irony and comedy. 🙄
Northern Pike
Northern Pike 3 days ago
The thing about comedy is that it takes intelligence.
korrado peper
korrado peper 3 days ago
Gutfield & Fox are a piece of 💩 and they know it
Gerard Declerck
Gerard Declerck 3 days ago
You are an intellectual infant piscat, get a life!
NISM Rodriguez
NISM Rodriguez 3 days ago
Oh God who does this
H2 Lo
H2 Lo 3 days ago
Comedy required to be genuine aside from creativity. The real reason that Gutfeld's show is cringe worthy because they appear fake as they come from the position of spewing lies and falsehood instead of reality.
Space vs Pitch
Space vs Pitch 3 days ago
I actually thought Red Eye was pretty funny at times. But I haven't had a TV in years and have zero interest in Fox News to begin. So during the election cycle I saw clips from "The 5" and noticed how Gutfeld had crawled up Trump's ass and seemed to be taking permanent residence there. Pretty pathetic. But whatever.
Mossie Gee
Mossie Gee 3 days ago
Garfield called and wants his fu*king logo back
buster crimes
buster crimes 3 days ago
Cringe worthy absolute trash its fox
Robert Platt
Robert Platt 3 days ago
Comedy is about engaging your fears, not beating them further into the closet.
SHAWN HAYNES 3 days ago
was kinda funny though... lolol
Winston Gumangan
Winston Gumangan 3 days ago
Not an ounce of humor. The writers should be burned alive.
Ric Bradley
Ric Bradley 3 days ago
Love the show but the shirts are expensive as shit.
Empire Jackson
Empire Jackson 3 days ago
These people wake up hating the fact that they woke up, it's no wonder that their attempts at so-called comedy is so hateful.
Jason Reddish
Jason Reddish 3 days ago
Fox's dwindling sponsor base limited to reverse mortgage lead aggregaters, the my pillow guy and the curved dick medicine is all the funny that channel needs.
whynot-tomorrow? 4 days ago
I get the distinct vibe of that sinister state news broadcast from 'V for Vendetta.' Just...unnerving and dystopic.
leslie barwick
leslie barwick 4 days ago
Think about it, for just a moment, most of the creative folk, writers, actors, musicians, artists, and yes even comics tend to hang out on the left side of things. Not so much on the right. And let's face it many Republicans have no sense of humor.
Aaron Taggart
Aaron Taggart 4 days ago
I thought the, "if you thought your tv was the microwave oven, welcome Mr. President" was a good joke. Other than that I think it all fell flat. I feel it had a set up and and punch line, and it is an issue that people have been talking about (irregardless of if it is true or not). I could see that same joke being run on Trump as well who many have questioned the mental state of (again, irregardless of if it is true or not). Everything else on the show I didn't really get. What makes shows like The Daily Show funny when they use clips from the media, they are real clips. Then they joke about what was actually said or done. The host on Mars, I feel like it was some sort of inside joke, because I had no idea what they were talking about. Then the hosts calling each other racists, I do understand the reference, the concept that the left just call everybody racist instead of debating the point (again, I am saying that is the reference, not saying it is true or not). But there was absolutely no depth to the "joke". Good jokes require a bit of thinking, an inference to what you are saying rather than saying it out right. Here is an example of what seems to have taken place, it would be like if someone heard this joke: Q: What's the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer? A: One's a spineless, poisonous blob. The other is a form of sea life. Then later tried to repeat the joke to someone else and just said: "Hey I heard this great joke, lawyers are bad! Hahaha."
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen 4 days ago
Left comedy is entertaining because it points out the truths that most main media cannot because they are committed to the both sides game. There's so much phoniness and venality on the right and the comedy shows tell it like it is. It's not too funny to hear that the left wants to help you.
Gene O'Brien
Gene O'Brien 4 days ago
Fox understands that the show doesn't have to be funny, they just have to present it as funny and their viewers will laugh!
Felix de Luxe
Felix de Luxe 4 days ago
It is not funny, cause it is right wing politics/propaganda disguised as "comedy".....
Patrick K
Patrick K 4 days ago
I want to tell Fox "stopping try to make Gutfield happen, he's not gonna happen". I've always thought he was an unfunny douchebag who we're told is supposed to be a funny guy. Thank also to David for teaching me the phrase "giga-cringe". I love hearing him say stuff like that with a deadpan delivery.
A. 4 days ago
Right wing comedy punches sideways or down, so not funny. Left leaning comedy punches up
Todd 4 days ago
You're right. So bad I could not even watch the rest of your show.
Tomas Juočepis
Tomas Juočepis 4 days ago
Seems you got it wrong saying it's a brand new show. According to wikipedia, it's been running since 2015 and just had some changes made to naming and air times recently. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutfeld!
its mental
chstrockwell 4 days ago
Absolutely pathetic.
Shawn Vanden
Shawn Vanden 5 days ago
Urban Slang: You are so "Gutfeld"
Sheri Foley
Sheri Foley 5 days ago
The Gop going on fox news is comedy enough.
CrabbyO 5 days ago
My theory: When a Progressive makes fun of a Conservative, the Conservative's self-reliance is most usually at the heart of the joke. Like "Oh, you think you can handle this on your own?" which is kinda silly and funny. When a Conservative makes fun of a Progressive, the Progressive's liberal (usually) views of sharing resources and helping others in need is at the heart of the joke. Like "Oh, you just wanna help EVERYBODY?!"... which is not something people normally like to laugh about. You want Real Conservative Comedy? Go to Drybar.
Retired 5 days ago
All CEOs will pull ad money from FOX. Jokes on them.
Gerri Manderingi
Gerri Manderingi 5 days ago
He’s not funny like a scary clown is not funny.
Sary Ellis
Sary Ellis 5 days ago
It’s bad everything! Even his expression is like an empty wall
Kate Panthera
Kate Panthera 5 days ago
David - I think that right-wingers are so full of hate and bile and self-imposed victimhood, that there's no concept of reality and make-believe. They are a parody of reasonable thinking human beings already, so comedy just doesn't lend itself to something that's already a parody. (If that makes any sense; it's early yet and the coffee hasn't entirely kicked in yet.)
Tom Green
Tom Green 5 days ago
Good comedy punches up or sideways, not down. This is the simple reason for why Republicans have never been funny.
Gretta girl
Gretta girl 5 days ago
I can't imagine this show will be able to sustain itself. But, is IS Fox soo...
James Matthew Neeland
That was just PAINFUL. What was even more, um, throbbing were the eager-beaver gigglers in the audience who probably felt it was their patriotic duty (as commanded by God, no doubt) to simply began a raucous round of laughter even before the so-called "bit" or "puncline" were even delivered, before Gootfeld, sorry, Gutfeld finished-up. More aspirational than practical. Just. Plain. Sad.
Mike Basile
Mike Basile 5 days ago
i didnt think it was possible to be a bigger whiney douche than don lemon, but david pakman has him beat.
Christopher Valdez
This is worse than the Chevy Chase Show, and that's really saying something!🤣
Eric Klaus
Eric Klaus 3 days ago
If your going to say something, say that he had over 2 times the Viewers then everyone else know that's saying the Truth
David Naylor
David Naylor 6 days ago
Savvy comedy writers are usually very open-minded, open-hearted, intelligent people - which by definition rules them out of writing for right-wing news shows. Who would be left over to write for this show?
helen smith
helen smith 6 days ago
It’s bad everything, David.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 6 days ago
Most great comedy comes from self hate, not hatred of others.
imxurxdreamboy 6 days ago
😬😬😬😬😬IT’S A TRAIN WRECK🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
Zer0GXD 6 days ago
Idk what his writers are getting...but it should be 3-5.
david wilson
david wilson 6 days ago
In order to be funny. You need to be intelligent & progressive so to be on the leading edge of culture. To be right-wing and conservative, your on the trailing edge of culture. Which would mean you lack the awareness of seeing or knowing what is funny.
Barthalamule Von D’Wark
I thought the Joe Biden microwave joke was funny
MrArtVandelay 6 days ago
Dennis Miller did decent right wing comedy. Writing and delivery was decent.
MrArtVandelay 6 days ago
Wow, the worst comedy writers in comedy history.
MrArtVandelay 6 days ago
As giddy as Kamala Harris explaining kids in cages. oy thats a joke.
Kenninsy Bahena
Kenninsy Bahena 6 days ago
The host is not likable and he is too aggressive.
Nathan Jedrej
Nathan Jedrej 6 days ago
He has to churn this out daily, good grief.
Nathan Jedrej
Nathan Jedrej 6 days ago
It is hard to laugh at yourself if you are right wing. Just go full on roy chubby brown and embrace it.
Michael Wardle
Michael Wardle 6 days ago
Gutfeld is like a charisma black hole.
Erik H
Erik H 6 days ago
The current Republicans have the WORST sense of humor. They're sooooo sensitive, and their humor is in line with highschoolers. It's either just edgy for shock value, or just offensive for shock value. There is no humor, it's just bullying
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 6 days ago
Most of this was just confusing, but to be honest I did laugh at the CNN people doing a "no u" fight.
Tyler Tucker
Tyler Tucker 6 days ago
Perhaps it is the cringe of how bad it is that's funny for them? Or perhaps it's the underlying look under the bravado sreaming within "I don't believe any of what I'm saying, but you suckers are going to make me millions" that makes it funny to them? But merely wild speculation on based on the short clips you saw, either way the guy clearly would have been better off sticking to his current job
Anon 6 days ago
Dude, that was actually hilarious, I laughed. Saying that right wingers can't make satire is like saying that women can't be funny. Its not true, and your hipocricy in not aknowledging it is sad.
Barthalamule Von D’Wark
I agree. I don’t think all the jokes landed, especially not the Mars bit. But the Joe Biden dementia joke was good and so was the cnn debate joke
Ronald Logan
Ronald Logan 6 days ago
comedy ? no. Entertainment ? yes - when what entertains you is demonizing and criticizing everyone who you disagree with, even when they are your supporters, and they only disagree on one point. bash them, lock them up, knock them down, trample them, that is so entertaining for the denizens of crazy town.
Kirk Larson
Kirk Larson 6 days ago
Conservatives try to be funny, but the best they can do is be mean.
Mo JustUs
Mo JustUs 6 days ago
Yo bruh i hate to tell you this but that Biden TV and Hunter Biden "cheese" was hilarious and the CNN racist bid was gold bruh....but the other stuff was hot garbage
Eddy Agosto
Eddy Agosto 6 days ago
Get the hook! Kick them out of stage! Boooo...!!!!
William Miller
William Miller 6 days ago
It has already been panned as "THE WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION". newrepublic.com/article/161985/gutfeld-worst-show-television
Deviltamer 6 days ago
It probably is funny for stupid people with low education, their target audience.
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith 6 days ago
Hack, troll, lies, you make a living on bashing people, bordering on slander... what's the difference?
David Lerma
David Lerma 6 days ago
Greg Gutless
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith 6 days ago
If you knew the "truth", you would know exactly what he means. At least he is still talking facts. Grow the Hell up.
David Lerma
David Lerma 6 days ago
There are very few right wingers that are genuinely funny. They're cringy.
hevog 6 days ago
Right-wing comedy or satire doesn't work, has never worked and will never work. It is disgusting, hateful, clumsy and completely unfunny for people with brains between their ears. Fox News is already comical enough, no need for an additional comedy show.
Raul Almazan Almazan
David,let me help you decide what made this show a flop ! Greg gutted and his guests are All boring, the Murdoch's are desperate to get out of a hole they dug themselves into while fighting the AMERICAN minority people. Most of all, like I've been saying,anything that comes in contact with TRUMP turns to a flop.
Bri Ba
Bri Ba 6 days ago
This show is funny to the FB meme crowd, which is probably flirting with Newsmax, so Fox is trying to keep them on board.
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown 6 days ago
It just doesn't work because the right actually take themselves so seriously and I personally could actually feel the angry undertones. I can tell that they are furious because they will never have more swag than us! We're the popular kids in school and the rights basically that socially awkward kid that stalks us admire and hate us with every fiber of their pitiful being.😏
Cyrano Onghaflin
Cyrano Onghaflin 6 days ago
But Trump is laughing at Mar ala go. :))
gmaneis 6 days ago
The Gutfield show isn't even as funny as my pals and me playing around with a tape recorder 60 years ago when we were 12!
Mr Eggs
Mr Eggs 6 days ago
Greg Gutfeld is not funny & too dumb how to be funny,no one take him seriously,
Jeremy Zarins
Jeremy Zarins 6 days ago
I haven't watched Gutfeld, and I don't really plan to do so. I have nothing against the guy, but I prefer not to watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. Having said that, that "You're a racist" skit making fun of CNN was pretty funny (and true). Maybe the Gutfeld show is terrible, but apparently it is getting very good ratings so far. Gutfeld might be terrible, but he can't possibly be less funny than Trevor Noah. Noah completely sucks, and I have no idea how he still has that job. I wish they would bring back Stewart so that that show could still be somewhat entertaining again.
Hermann Shermann
Hermann Shermann 6 days ago
I'm reminded of Imus' radio bits after Stern's rise... he tried to do Stern-like comedy and it always backfired.
Bernard Arthur
Bernard Arthur 7 days ago
I'm sorry...I have to disagree with you. To the right-winger, that was comedy gold.
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