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100 player Fortnite Trivia #11...EVENTS/CONCERTS edition in Fortnite!
• Fortnite Trivia #1 US-firstR EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/qtWhapmhk6x4oJc.html
• Fortnite Trivia #2 SKYBASE EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/Z96oeG2GdoOal4E.html
• Fortnite Trivia #3 IMPOSSIBLE EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/i8iFqHykoZxrk2A.html
• Fortnite Trivia #4 NICKEH30 EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/apd6o6Ceh3qHiIE.html
• Fortnite Trivia #5 WORLD CUP EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/psuAoXykj69jiX0.html
• Fortnite Trivia #6 SKINS EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/o6aPkqpmcYKVlac.html
• Fortnite Trivia #7 MAP EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/erCfrHp1c4VljKM.html
• Fortnite Trivia #8 UPDATE EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/r7R_p3p2YKeKmnk.html
• Fortnite Trivia #9 GUESS THE SONG EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/hJ2UaHBjaIprqnk.html
• Fortnite Trivia #10 MARVEL EDITION → us-first.info/player/video/qr6LaHClm4Z9img.html
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Judah Marcus
Judah Marcus 34 minutes ago
Stingz Clapzz
Stingz Clapzz 53 minutes ago
The FPS tho
Priyam Noob Gaming
Priyam Noob Gaming 56 minutes ago
Nick EHMazing 😎😎
V1rtual Live
V1rtual Live 56 minutes ago
Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"
RSN ops
RSN ops Hour ago
Nick on top
MichaelFN Hour ago
The editing of the video isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad.
clxpsFN Hour ago
I love Nick’s community man! Honestly I’ve not seen griefers in like a year lol, I feel bc he positive ppl respect him more ❤️
Scythe X
Scythe X Hour ago
🫁🫀 is broken
Tristan Tsalkitzis
Nick : there are 8 marvel superheroes involved in the season four event Galactus Iron man Thor Wolverine Storm Groot She hulk and Doctor Doom. Me : *getting really annoyed that he said Galactus and Doctor Doom were Marvel Superheroes.*
PainIsPain Hour ago
im only 30 subs away from 200 and IM SO HYPEDD!
POOPIE Z Hour ago
It triggers me how on 4:30 he wrote purple with green
Simply Zah
Simply Zah 2 hours ago
One day Nick I’ll be your duo partner
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 2 hours ago
Nick can you make more last of us video
Ines Bares
Ines Bares 3 hours ago
Hi i just want to say hello
broken eon
broken eon 3 hours ago
bro your frames suck
Kam The Man
Kam The Man 3 hours ago
Can you do a trivia the only sweats can answer
Dylan Colon
Dylan Colon 3 hours ago
Luke Lorenzo
Luke Lorenzo 4 hours ago
My streamer her nick he’s a memer and he’s the best at memes my guy eh teammmmmmmmmmmmmmm
flink Motion
flink Motion 4 hours ago
Fun fact: nick will always bring us content
flink Motion
flink Motion 4 hours ago
I just droped a banger 😈
flink Motion
flink Motion 4 hours ago
I'm underrated btw 🖤
Optix 4 hours ago
I Cant Believe I Got Click Baited
Noah mason and Harvey’s gameplay
Nick eh 30 there are new street fighter skins on fortnite you need to check them out
AmigoMichael 5 hours ago
Hey Nick, im canadian!
V1rtual Live
V1rtual Live 52 minutes ago
Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"
anicia buzo
anicia buzo 6 hours ago
If you were clearly the winner today in one of the rounds
Jeremy Gee
Jeremy Gee 6 hours ago
He only gave them 2 seconds then started shooting them
ky gaming
ky gaming 6 hours ago
8:40 you see that guy in the left that cheated and got in he is the guy that died from the bouncer glitch karma always get u
Jaibir 6 hours ago
Konstantinos Andreou
you are so toxic
AwoKen_ Ishaan
AwoKen_ Ishaan 7 hours ago
this is from a week back stream
Ultra 7 hours ago
he did a flit knock only custom ad it was amazing
Aka Inaaya
Aka Inaaya 7 hours ago
That guy who fell 😭
Bud 7 hours ago
RIP to Mr Tuxedo
Refl1x FN
Refl1x FN 7 hours ago
Wish I could be in these
maksian nazir
maksian nazir 7 hours ago
Bro the final event timmer is in season 5 go check it out!
armirre boone
armirre boone 7 hours ago
nick laugh always makes me laugh he’s the best😭
The gamer Pro
The gamer Pro 7 hours ago
I’m subbed
The bros barnett
The bros barnett 8 hours ago
This is my friend nick eh 30 he's already taken and he's cracked at fortnite my guy
Fresh Fish _YT
Fresh Fish _YT 8 hours ago
Fishy gang
sam bray
sam bray 9 hours ago
its kinda annoying how nick dosnt realise some people changing the answer
Ian 10 hours ago
Guys I Know this hasn't much to do with this video, but who else is excited for a new fortnite concert? Who Do you think it should be?
Qt Mario
Qt Mario 10 hours ago
The guy who died to fall damage deserved it bcz he cheated
Ajit singh Auzla
Ajit singh Auzla 11 hours ago
The amount of work you put in your video you deserve about 10 mil till 2022
Aseer Mohamed
Aseer Mohamed 12 hours ago
Nick I love u but there is 2 u eliminate because they were choosing
TM Jack T
TM Jack T 12 hours ago
Nick: I was in the filming of YT rewind 2018 Everyone:Dislikes.
Leonarda Aliotti
Leonarda Aliotti 13 hours ago
The winner got lucky because he cheated but nick didn’t see him.
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming 9 hours ago
Yo guys, My dream is to become a big youtuber so can you please sub to me so that I can become successful and achieve that goal of mine, I promise I’m not a bot but if u do sub just know that ur a generous person and I hope u become successful. Also I know this might sound like I’m begging but I just really want to grow fast so yh, don’t think like that, it’s okay if u don’t sub but if u do it will mean the world tome
scuff nett
scuff nett 14 hours ago
8:29 I knew it it was appeard in desert fortnite season 5 even i didnt play i was confused for them🤔
Nestor Fernandez
Nestor Fernandez 14 hours ago
There lot of cheaters nick didn't see the default he was wrong and he went the the middle at 8:38 look closely at the back nick
Samantha lol
Samantha lol 15 hours ago
Why did you delete all of your the last of us videos
John Michaels
John Michaels 15 hours ago
All I have to say is I would be flipping out trying to control everyone and tell them to not build ahead or anything that’s why I can’t be a teacher
Gloria Comparan
Gloria Comparan 15 hours ago
Low gravity was so fun at loot lake the water was a covered with low gravity im am season for player
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming 9 hours ago
playing with subs soon
BlitzToxic1 16 hours ago
BJ NA 16 hours ago
I got 1 wrong I’m watching it
Cal kids World
Cal kids World 16 hours ago
I love your crazy question is my favorite on US-first
Cal kids World
Cal kids World 16 hours ago
Hi nick
V1rtual Live
V1rtual Live 51 minute ago
Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 16 hours ago
Nick I subscribed to your channel and hit the bell and also I liked the video anyways love you videos bro
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming 9 hours ago
playing with subs soon
Bryan Ancizar Cabrera
storm didnt even show up
Twinmagic 7
Twinmagic 7 17 hours ago
Code nickeh30 no spaces in the fortnite item shop
Broken bones bros vlog 30
Who else agrees that Nick is never in a bad mood no mater what the situation is
WILD HEART 17 hours ago
Dood why are you being mean
ThatIdiotJoseph 17 hours ago
D_hyper_ooo 17 hours ago
Tell me this isn't sypher 12:44
Affan Hussain
Affan Hussain 18 hours ago
Hey can u make a vid with bugha
Alyssa Kyle
Alyssa Kyle 18 hours ago
You got rid of your US-first live streams on US-first
Mythical Playz
Mythical Playz 18 hours ago
Nick u really enspire on youtube and I will not stop watching keep up the good work.
Keith Cleer
Keith Cleer 19 hours ago
8:38 Like 5 people went to the middle 😭✋
Nick eh 30 can we play my epic is Aryanavargas!!
h 19 hours ago
Come back to streaming on yt
Ollie Adams
Ollie Adams 20 hours ago
Hi Nick, have you got any tips for an arena 6 player on how to get better at the game/gain more points please? Would love to hear some
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 20 hours ago
The efficacious gym overwhelmingly smoke because permission proximately squash beside a devilish nylon. utter, fretful desk
clayton baldwin
clayton baldwin 20 hours ago
There all defaults hahaha XD
Pro BOi Wheaton
Pro BOi Wheaton 20 hours ago
Nick I can not play in the morning or at3
Maria Mercado
Maria Mercado 21 hour ago
Nick how many people do you got there🤔
Tynell Winston
Tynell Winston 22 hours ago
Who came from tiktok
Pro BOi Wheaton
Pro BOi Wheaton 22 hours ago
I accept my friend request please MINIRaNgE6
Jeremiah Quarles
Jeremiah Quarles 22 hours ago
He Knows everything
Nick Clarke
Nick Clarke 22 hours ago
Where u at Gaelic grounds
Tech 22 hours ago
3:58 Galactus is a villan
HYPER SX 22 hours ago
Eh man
Oliver Handley
Oliver Handley 22 hours ago
Is it me or when u seen people cheat and Change answers it gets so annoying
Mag1c 22 hours ago
I don’t even play fortnite, but i just love your content
Eli Barry
Eli Barry 22 hours ago
Nick you forgot to say Mystique
Dara McGinty
Dara McGinty 22 hours ago
6:01 Attack that man!
Lost Kaws
Lost Kaws 23 hours ago
most people use Gfuel to enhance their gameplay but nick eh 30 uses maple syrup
Zohre Adib
Zohre Adib 23 hours ago
Fabio&Cris Manzanares
hi i was in your stam
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Rebeca Covarrubias
Rebeca Covarrubias 23 hours ago
Can the middle be both for an answer
Thai Ly van thai
Thai Ly van thai 23 hours ago
“OMG give it to me dude” 2:30 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from 𝕗𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖.𝕚𝕔𝕦 ପାଇଁ
ibtisam ibrahim
ibtisam ibrahim 23 hours ago
plz keep these trivia videos
Trxxyz YT
Trxxyz YT Day ago
josh goulden
josh goulden Day ago
a guy had to cheat 😶👿👿
CrownTheWolf Day ago
The guy that fell from fall damage cheated anyways he changed when he got the answer wrong
Tal Trujkić
Tal Trujkić Day ago
why does it sas purple but is green color lol
insomnia Day ago
I gave the marshmellow concert an extra viewer cause I didnt know it was happening and I was at risky getting guns so I could fight the other people who kept shooting me..
Tay Walker
Tay Walker Day ago
Nick i would love to play with you my epic name is Seantrell15
vex and blitz
The spot that you built looks like galactus head
fishyyboiii Day ago
Who else loves nickeh30? 👇
Sleepy_h2o Day ago
Christsian Moore
Nick the guy that won cheated he snoke into brick nick you have to focus