Fortnite THEORIES That Predict the Future... 

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Fortnite STORYLINE - 3 Theories That Make Sense
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Apr 4, 2021




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UV sans
UV sans 5 hours ago
Raz other description says the spire called to him as a kid
Andres Macalino
I have a theory the fist visitor was in chapter one season four six seasons later the scientise and paradime arrive another six seasons later the foundation arrives so maybey another six seasons later we could see the sisters or geno
Lily Chan
Lily Chan 2 days ago
What if the primal area extends to the redactive bunker and causes it to malfunction and open?
The Lava Lord
The Lava Lord 3 days ago
Wait a second, if there are velociraptors in fortnite primal, what if all dinosaurs will be in fortnite when the whole island is primal.
Noobmaster 3 days ago
the primal area is the sign of the order
nick 15
nick 15 3 days ago
Batman breaking the loop :0
Teno 10o
Teno 10o 4 days ago
Maybe the crystal song is the music that you will hear from the crystal in the Spire
Lehi Cook
Lehi Cook 5 days ago
all fortnite utubers: raz working for storm king! Me: raz is storm king
Weebalu2o089 5 days ago
Guys the funny thing is I have a glitch where in the air pleasant park looks primal
Coco Bear
Coco Bear 5 days ago
Coco Bear
Coco Bear 5 days ago
Raz was probably inside Kevin So Kevin is Raz Raz was inside Kevin moving Kevin When loot lake got purpled Raz fell underwater Raz was always here Raz was the one who controlled Kevin
Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi 5 days ago
Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi 5 days ago
Put the partens of he spiers upside down and lay it on the patern of the location of the cube on season 1
nono yesyes jojo lol
The barricade around the map or for it not to be primal
Kirby 6 days ago
Has anyone else noticed that in cluck’s loading screen in the background, there is the spire tower with the zero point exposed and bolts of purple lightning are hitting around the map. That could be teasing us of a future update
Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson 6 days ago
99% of Top5gamings thumbnails are 99% did not notice.
Idk 6 days ago
I really like the background music😊
rekkernoob 6 days ago
5:17 i think it looks like the storm king
Fantastic Footy
Fantastic Footy 6 days ago
I love u
kamzo the periscorp
I dont know if anybody notices this, but on clucks loading screen, and agent jones, if you look at the spire, it looks like the zero point has broken out of the sealant that the foundation put around it. So it is posible that this zero point ripping out of the spire could be a teaser for a live event.
casa blanca
casa blanca 7 days ago
Yo I think that predator poi is gonna be a soccer place for nemar
MrCheeseBoss 09
MrCheeseBoss 09 7 days ago
The symbol at the very top of razzes scroll is the head of the Stormking
Malika Abduraouf
Malika Abduraouf 7 days ago
Raz is Kevin the cube
Lehi Cook
Lehi Cook 7 days ago
Sully Man
Sully Man 7 days ago
I dont even like fortnite i like minecraft no offense but nice
blades yoiu
blades yoiu 8 days ago
Rax's pickaxe description says it was made by a zero point crystal and it's connected to Kevin the cube so that means Kevin is part of the zero point
sarah safir
sarah safir 8 days ago
Think like did Kevin the cube's not going to come back because didn't he melt in the in the water
sarah safir
sarah safir 8 days ago
Who at the top is the ones of the Storm King from save the world and meaning of zombies and in there some of them monsters in it have the glyphs cuz that's the Horn of the Storm King at the very end of save the world
shit on you
shit on you 8 days ago
On raz's backbling the symbol looks like the storm king
Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
Did you know what Raz mean in English? It means Secret. The guy is literally the secret of the season 6 and Raz is a Persian name. Well this season has 2 Persian character LOL
Thanos The Grape
Thanos The Grape 8 days ago
I'm a little late, but once you glide down to reach Pleasant Park, there's orange grass duplicated underneath it that surrounds all buildings and plants so it's a model that has a purpose..we may be seeing Primal Park.
gta minecraft tutorial and more lol
Really wonder what happenned to chaos ageny
itsflavio2011 8 days ago
Bru it's now 3 weeks of this season and the season is about 3 months long its to early to talk about this season
Official Channel of Monke
I just realised that there is a game called far cry primal and it is kind of prehistoric-y like fortnite primal 😲
Brant Garratt
Brant Garratt 8 days ago
Dont shout me out just say anoynomoys viewer if you see this and use it
Brant Garratt
Brant Garratt 8 days ago
@t5g I have a theory....so the glifs on the runes you said that they mach up with the imagined order logo and the glifs on the runes when you highlighted their logo it was the first one so what I'm thinking is mabe we are In the first....time (for lack of better word) it might be one of those questions that you dont know to ask so ye
Kodaka88 8 days ago
I found 2 llamas on misty meadows picture 1:45
Jennifer Gifford
Jennifer Gifford 9 days ago
Where’s same?
Jennifer Gifford
Jennifer Gifford 9 days ago
robby hinze
robby hinze 9 days ago
Theory:The crystals growing at the spire IS Kevin the cube
the legends
the legends 9 days ago
I was playing some fortnite and then when I was in the car that foundation said can you hear me in the radio
Dee-Ann Humphreys
is it just me or are we seeing a re occurring theme every time somebody from another universe lands in the loop they lose their memory
LIGHTING_NONO 9 days ago
Theory, the end event can be that the other 6 of the 7 can rise up from the other small spires. The scientist can rise up from the main spire.
Zombie Your mom
Zombie Your mom 9 days ago
The monster from season x
I_-AM_FLAME 10 days ago
If the We are stuck in the loop how can NPCs talk?
Ron Vanlake
Ron Vanlake 10 days ago
Crystal Mike mean something Who From last evening near all over the island maybe it can be growing them in making even worse
Phoenix Legend
Phoenix Legend 10 days ago
season 5 ended when I was level 99 😑
BrickGuy Animations
Here are the 7: The visitor, the scientist, the pyradym, the foundation, Geno, and the sisters If you could them up, it makes 7
_redq._ 10 days ago
About the primal area, if you have graphics all on low you can see from far away that pleasant park have this orange grass around it
dave 10 days ago
If there’s Dinasours maybe a meteor will strike
cole gam
cole gam 10 days ago
What if chapter 2 is a prequel of chapter 1
Stephanie Sharp
Stephanie Sharp 10 days ago
Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick 10 days ago
Raz was created by the remaining energy of kevin after season 6 chapter one and just now came out of hiding
MTF Eplison 11
MTF Eplison 11 10 days ago
Camerin Grunder
Camerin Grunder 10 days ago
Crystal has a neck and a crystal necklace on on her neck
Eiaja Gabriel Tabor
No more F O R T N I T E card >:(
FortNiteGamer 1
FortNiteGamer 1 10 days ago
why not connect all the lines at kevin der cube why, of all things, the 3
Xxbear ManxX
Xxbear ManxX 10 days ago
I saw the sweaty sands one in replay
Tommy Arias
Tommy Arias 10 days ago
This is the only channel that I actually like, that makes vids about fortnite 👍🏻
Gunnar Asmundson
Gunnar Asmundson 11 days ago
The imagined order logo kinda looks like the zap from the cube in one of the season 5 loading screens.
Jeffrey Jeff
Jeffrey Jeff 11 days ago
Maybe just maybe be if the primal take over maybe the bunker would be a place or would be open and it would be a great base tbh
Parker Jackson
Parker Jackson 11 days ago
mar be Kevin is trying to break free from the zero point because it got sucked in and that's why the crystals are at the spire.
J Cook
J Cook 11 days ago
No joke
J Cook
J Cook 11 days ago
I found the io simble on the map in season 6
Shift Realmz
Shift Realmz 11 days ago
Who is the imagine order?
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 11 days ago
maybe once the we are at the end of the season the crystals will get bigger and they will most likely play music and we might have to get close to them and listen to them... just a theory
Taylor Pickard
Taylor Pickard 11 days ago
Awww thx
Jesse Page
Jesse Page 11 days ago
The storm king might go after the zero point and the cube energy might spread around the map to make every body a cube coruptoin skin and the zero point might make the six other towers into a cube zone so it would try and make the foundation and the zero point to explode to end all reality 🌋
tristan games
tristan games 11 days ago
Next season would suck even more if they put the whole map primal
Kristen Clutz
Kristen Clutz 11 days ago
I hope superman becomes a skin
Ana Castellon
Ana Castellon 11 days ago
Did anyone else notice the imagined order logo on remedy's shirt? Edit: sorry about the grammar on this comment idk about fortnite skin names and stuff.
Andrew Nieves
Andrew Nieves 11 days ago
Primal war has a crazy story line and leaks
Lewis Cummins
Lewis Cummins 11 days ago
The crystals around the spire could be parts of the crystals around the zero point in chapter 2 season 5
TTvWhip_yt 11 days ago
Noticed from the start but there's 7 pillars/spires one of them we know has one of the seven inside, and there 7 in that group
Eleanor May
Eleanor May 11 days ago
Kevin should be coming back just look at the battle pass
Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas 11 days ago
Any one else notice on the car that’s a Japanese’s flag color
xbox player
xbox player 11 days ago
I have a theory the pink crystals I think those are the crystals from chapter 2 season 5
Raik176 11 days ago
theres also a visual glitch near pleasant where almost everything is primal too.
Jeffrey Pawlak
Jeffrey Pawlak 11 days ago
Fortnite sucks stop making vids
MTF Eplison 11
MTF Eplison 11 10 days ago
Then why do you watch him I mean duh why are you here to say this and you hate these vids are you dumb
priyakant parmar
priyakant parmar 11 days ago
It sounds like I’m in Fortnite school learning about the storyline. It’s that interesting.
Ida Amir
Ida Amir 11 days ago
i found out the orange parts of the map are make a rift if you look on the map
Thomas Speksnijder
Thomas Speksnijder 11 days ago
at sweaty are now barricades to!!!!!!
UV sans
UV sans 11 days ago
If you look in Isabella's back bling kevin the cube is written in it
Hunter Pace
Hunter Pace 11 days ago
Could the enforcer skin be the firth recruited i.o soldier?
pearson family
pearson family 11 days ago
I thought the zero point was going to explode and turn into keven the cube
Placido Castro
Placido Castro 11 days ago
Don't you get it those are the things that make you faster from season 5
Naimo Mahamud
Naimo Mahamud 11 days ago
Are cabin the cube coming back I love this season. 100 procent most fortnite players hated the last season because of madolorian 🤣
Alice Rigby
Alice Rigby 11 days ago
By the way rax had a different description idk for how long it might of glitches but one time raz had a description for me of doesn't put on as much as he knows
The Introvert -
The Introvert - 11 days ago
I am just vibbing the songs
Darth Bear
Darth Bear 11 days ago
Your content is fake
Yasmin Gill
Yasmin Gill 11 days ago
I just found a new glitch. If you go to a wall and use a spray and walk up to it you can camouflage into the pattern.
John E. Mancini
John E. Mancini 11 days ago
ok why is pp getting changed soooo much
Equinox 11 days ago
Imagine still playing fortnite in 2021
mr_gaming_ g1
mr_gaming_ g1 11 days ago
My nicname (sprgutis PRO) plz give me betel pass
AmandaJason Vajen
AmandaJason Vajen 11 days ago
Your videos are so cool
DeathTrooper 11 days ago
Because clearly Slone is the most important
DeathTrooper 11 days ago
I think the S stands for Slone and the other symbols are for the rest of the sisters
COS Synth
COS Synth 11 days ago
Fortnite’s storyline is turning into a movie
COS Synth
COS Synth Day ago
omg I got 20 likes
Sophie editz ツ
Sophie editz ツ 7 days ago
It is a movie 😅
Carys Strunk
Carys Strunk 9 days ago
Carys Strunk
Carys Strunk 9 days ago
twisterthegamer :D
twisterthegamer :D 11 days ago
if u land pleasant park then in the air u may see it orange so maybe its also gonna turn orange
vr brothers
vr brothers 11 days ago
99% of us don’t care
Mitchell Baillie
Mitchell Baillie 11 days ago
There's a glitch go in to creative then use the skin storm make sure it's the gold version use the built in emote for storm in a mech then when the cape is on your back then change your skin in the changing booth them into jonsey then respawn and the cape should be rainbow when your using the gold version and also turn into lexa then respawn then it turns in to a black and white cape you should try this it's really cool I'm going to find more glitches this season so keep an eye on the comments
awesometanker12 11 days ago
I think the symbol on the top of raz’s scroll is a reference to the storm king?
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