Forgotten 1968 Pontiac Firebird - Will it RUN AND DRIVE 700 MILES? 

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I traded my Corvette for a 1968 Firebird sight unseen. Then realized, the only way I'm getting home is in this 1st gen Pontiac. It was stated to have some issues, and hasn't been on the road in a decade. I've got a snow storm bearing down on me, and over 700 miles home. Think I'll make it?
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Apr 16, 2021




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Kamp c Chansy
Kamp c Chansy Hour ago
I would to have it if u don't knw what to do with it lol just kidding .luv America 🇺🇸 Muscle car just can't afford one🍻.
Curtis Gunter
Curtis Gunter 2 hours ago
Matthew Haywood
Matthew Haywood 2 hours ago
54:45 that's the truck stop just outside of my town 😂
Trucster 8 hours ago
Awesome ride. Man you make me laugh with your sayings
r cerruti
r cerruti 9 hours ago
is the firebird for sale? thats one of my favorite cars next to gtos
L M III 14 hours ago
looks like new rear leaf springs ! you scored.
Keith Mounts
Keith Mounts 18 hours ago
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 18 hours ago
Keep it!
Keith Mounts
Keith Mounts 18 hours ago
I prefer, silly-comb pronunciation of silicone.
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 18 hours ago
Michael Steal
Michael Steal 20 hours ago
Keep finding those gems.
eugene lapointe
Looks Cobalt Blue... My Brother Had a 68! Sweet ride!
Glamper Van Adventures
Why did it look like you put diesel in the car? I saw green on the hose.
Gregory King
Gregory King Day ago
Thank you US-first algorithm for this unexpected treat! I don't think I've EVER laughed as hard and as often watching a car video or even a movie about cars as much as I did this....well, maybe Herbie the Lovebug back in the day but in all honesty that was way back when I had all my hair and bud wasn't just a friendly moniker like it is to me these days. Subscribed and I got some catch-up binging to do! Well done and thanks! By the way...the cars nice too. 🙃
chuck veer
chuck veer Day ago
chuck veer
chuck veer Day ago
Horace Pinker
So just curious about roadworthy status registration and insurance matters in the states. In Australia if your registration is expired by more than 4 weeks the police will take the plates off your car and make you tow it no matter where you are. you will get a bout $2000 dollar fine. the Police cars have automatic plate reading devices so when you pass them it alerts them straight away. (as do the mobile/fixed cameras) The cameras will fine you per instance detected yikes. To get a car roadworthy there is the usual stuff like brakes etc. But you cant have torn fabric in seats, no oil leaks, windscreen cant have cracks in line of vision. wiper blades must work properly, and emissions tests are required in some states on an annual basis. Can you guys get a temporary permit to move a vehicle by doing a self assesment or is everyone just bending the rules? What happens if youre in an accident ?
Brandon Upchurch
There's nothing wrong with the fram design, AC Delco filters are built the same way, cellulose adheres to cellulose better than cellulose adheres to metal whether the end caps are metal or cellulose the primary seal is glue if there's enough moisture in the oil to destroy the end caps on a Fram filter with cellulose caps then the media on a comparable filter with metal end caps would be falling apart too.
Higgy 013
Higgy 013 Day ago
Nickname it bluebird
BaconByte Day ago
I live in Michigan. Its cool seeing all the freeways I drive on each day in your video. And yeah the roads need a lot of work.
ill buy it for a dollar
Steven Mays
Steven Mays Day ago
Favorite video you have so far
hulk hester
hulk hester Day ago
way to go with that car
Peeper The Penguin
the only youtube video i can sit through for an hour
Alwin van Roon
Alwin van Roon 2 days ago
There can be only one name for the car and that is ''BlueBird'' love your Channel btw
David Ledford
David Ledford 2 days ago
Is that a dope bag in the trunk??
jim Shuta
jim Shuta 2 days ago
Rebuild the motor
Craig Stern
Craig Stern 2 days ago
AAA man, they'll tow it.. don't need to drive it, with all these vids u have of trying to drive some old crap home. Buy a trailer
professornuke 2 days ago
Maybe a guy should spray his windscreen with Rain-X or similar? Then you don't need those windscreen wiper thingies as much.
kaeden jacobson
kaeden jacobson 2 days ago
only reason was the bomb fried pickles....anywayss
GeorgeBonez 2 days ago
“Hook our peepers into it”?
Lawrence Collins
Lawrence Collins 2 days ago
I can’t believe I watched the whole thing..... i grew up with a mechanic for a dad, so I was doing valve jobs in cold ass garages tee by the time I was 14....you are one funny dude... I have a 1968 firebird that I’ve been doing a frame off on for 13years... same color blue..same trunk fulla parts...lol I built mine for road rallies so I went for torque. I stroked the original 400 to a 461 and put a whole bunch o go-fast parts in it. I’m making 500 horses, which is fine, but I’m also making 575 ft/lbs at 3800 rpm....ought to snap me outta the corners fine.
Jim owen
Jim owen 2 days ago
Why do you dislike Fram oil filters? Don’t know if this has been answered before, but I alway’s thought Fram was a good product
Dawson Keizer
Dawson Keizer 3 days ago
She looks like a Blue Bird . love watch you work on these old car/Truck's
Tyler Yurk
Tyler Yurk 3 days ago
Blue Thunder... BRING IT!
J. Cooper
J. Cooper 3 days ago
Fram filters are junk... Better to run a purolator I run a wicks XP.. Do yourself a favor and never use a Fram oil filter. Spend a couple dollars more in at least by a pure later or Napa gold or I order wicks,.
Panikindavillage 3 days ago
Beautiful car let me have it
kenny edwards
kenny edwards 3 days ago
I love these road trip episodes. I wasn't sure you were gonna make it but the old girl came through (with the help of 2,000 quarts of Berryman).
Jay Cook
Jay Cook 3 days ago
xXBam BamXx
xXBam BamXx 3 days ago
Freaking awesome 🤟
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 3 days ago
Another thing Pennzoil the worst paraffin based oil ever produced the worst wow
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 3 days ago
You are shocking you obviously need to do the research yourself on your oil filters wow I've been a mechanic for over 60 years but Fram filters make Napa look like the worst piece of crap in the world which they are and alone you do with 68 Vehicles there's no issues with who's filter used if you're the quality filter but if you're dealing with today's modern vehicles from like 99 newer most Vehicles you better use original equipment which means the manufacturers filter are you're going to have a fucking blowed up engine I guess it's a good fine too bad it doesn't have original engine Pontiac Firebird should never have a Chevy in it.
Digital Encom
Digital Encom 3 days ago
"Ol' Bleu" would be a good name!
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews 3 days ago
Get a life bro
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews 3 days ago
You like old fart bro
General Lee’s Repairs
This has been my dream car since I was little even the color is right I’d give my arm and a chicken bone for this
Steven Gaines
Steven Gaines 3 days ago
The blue built
Jorge Manalo
Jorge Manalo 3 days ago
I wanna name it FlamingBird!
Eric jones
Eric jones 3 days ago
How much did you pay for this?
bill chapel
bill chapel 4 days ago
Years ago i had a 67 Camaro RS Convertable, and it is the same thing as the firebird, and you got to keep them moving in snow, don't stop if you don't half to, and what town in Michigan are you at, i lived up their for about 37 years., i lived in the thumb of the LP.
Mike 4 days ago
William Marvin
William Marvin 4 days ago
It's really not a Pontiac without a Pontiac motor I'm a hardcore Pontiac fan in case you didn't know but I love your channel a guy has to love that
Fire Chicken
Fire Chicken 4 days ago
If it were me, I would do a complete restoration on the car. It will cost a lot more, but you would have a pure breed Pontiac.. Beautiful car.
Daddy shovel
Daddy shovel 4 days ago
Robert 4 days ago
Blue bomber
Ss010101 5 days ago
She's a beaut!
Shawn Sharp
Shawn Sharp 5 days ago
Next time anybody out there moves a vehicle in the rain. Rain-X the windshield twice like the directions (that we never read) says. Lol Good Luck on your project !
Warren Green
Warren Green 5 days ago
Keep it and build it as a driver it dont got to be a show car just make it look good
Seth Heise
Seth Heise 5 days ago
Raffle it or give it to a subscriber
buffsheeri 5 days ago
congratulations on a very cool purchase
Abe Tuaone
Abe Tuaone 5 days ago
Just call her Blue Flamingo.
Me Myself and I
Me Myself and I 5 days ago
Why couldn't it be an 78!!! . . . Hahahaha
mrbing 70
mrbing 70 5 days ago
Steve McQueen look that bad ass vehicle has
Thomas Erickson
Thomas Erickson 5 days ago
I think I know what to do with it !! Give it to me !! Luv it
B Foster
B Foster 5 days ago
1:11:25 Im in love
Joe Byrd
Joe Byrd 5 days ago
I am so envious. That’s my dream car. I really believed I would get one someday but then kids came along and now they are grown my wife decided she didn’t want to be married anymore so now comes the divorce. I have pretty much given up this dream. I hope you do something great with her.
Craig Weaver
Craig Weaver 6 days ago
please come to mobile, alabama. id love to meet you
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 6 days ago
Fire chicken
AMartin92GVR4 6 days ago
His videos remind me of the old Red Green show years ago.
James Quinn
James Quinn 6 days ago
I'm surprised you didn't just rig like a space heater up inside it? that would really suck to drive from north with no heat.
Block 21 Motorsports
Definitely snowbird.
Mike de Miranda
Mike de Miranda 6 days ago
Frozen Chicken
abn still
abn still 6 days ago
Dude Derek this video was hilarious man, I applaud your patience level bud, but you have got to be cussing a mile a minute off camera on some of these snags you hit haha. Well done, keep the content coming! Wishing ya that 1M subs💪
Cha Leowin
Cha Leowin 6 days ago
That is a great 27 footer.
AzuriteT3 6 days ago
35:30 Bork!
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton 6 days ago
I’ve watched this video three times I think you should do a full restoration What a beast of a car If you don’t I’ll buy it ship it to Australia those cars are rare as Rockinghorse shit
Dogma 6 days ago
You should name it after the girl that turned into a blueberry on Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
K. 6 days ago
get rid if the chevy motor get a pontiac,428 get rid of that hood put a 400 hood are 69 T/A hood then youlll be good
K. 6 days ago
stinking chevy motor,nice aftermarket suspention znd disc breaks,but someone tryed to make it a camaro with them stripes
K. 6 days ago
i wish i could have helped you,but that is an aftermarket hood but its ugly ive owned my 67 bird for 39 years
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer 6 days ago
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer 6 days ago
Sounds fantastic and has brakes.
Ken Switzer
Ken Switzer 6 days ago
Blue bird!! Great car Derek!!👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😃👍👍
Automotive Tales
Automotive Tales 7 days ago
love these videos - each one is an epic and I learn new phrases! They are forever called Sparkilators... hahaha
Im Spartacus
Im Spartacus 7 days ago
Put a decent interior in and drive it till the wheels fall off , too cool .
It's a Michigan Blueberry. A guy shoulda' Rain-X'd that windshield. Minimizes the need for wipers. It also seems sacrilege to use a GPS in a classic car instead of the old MAP system of navigation.
DJ Vybe Entertainment
Really loved this video!! What a great guy. Thanks from the UK.
Adam Bredesen
Adam Bredesen 7 days ago
The Tired-Bird.
Clint Pierce
Clint Pierce 7 days ago
Great video! What song is that at 58:00? Loved it
Terry A blues Taylor
The freez,-bird
Jessica Rpahsaknunk
the Air Force wife the name for your sweet car
Virginia Pope
Virginia Pope 7 days ago
Survivalist would be a good name.
Seth Ralphs
Seth Ralphs 7 days ago
Loved this episode, big fan of F bodies and it was great to see a firebird. I say a home built 383, 4 speed and bring it to Cleetus and cars Indy next year 😉😉 nudge nudge. It already has some of the corner maker happeners so I bet it would drive like a Minnesotan going after the free milk booth at the fair. Or the butter cow if a guy wants to get wild... I was at Indy and it was cool seeing you there. Thanks for the great content.
William Oswalt
William Oswalt 7 days ago
freeze plug hole back to factree
Jim Cole
Jim Cole 7 days ago
Firestone's yuck ! but wth better than nada
Dave mACK
Dave mACK 8 days ago
I've been watching since the beginning, it definitely one of my favorite channels if not my most favorite! Never heard the passenger side called the drinker side haha. I'm wondering what you traded for the firebird? Really very curious.
Bil zedek
Bil zedek 8 days ago
Car nick name : "not the Camaro"
tom conway
tom conway 8 days ago
I think you are becoming fav US-firstr. I'm laughing man. Keep it up.
Chris Renaud
Chris Renaud 8 days ago
I’m surprised you didn’t just take the ferry across lake mi
Neil Norris
Neil Norris 8 days ago
Trust the car ... It's the McDonalds that'll kill ya.
crazy new way to mlg
crazy new way to mlg