Food Theory: Grubhub Lore Exists and It's WEIRDER Than You Thought! 

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By now you have likely seen the meme of the hour, the Grubhub dancing commercial. Well, it got me thinking - or rather the familiar looks of the characters got me thinking. Theorists, I think Grubhub may have.. borrowed it's new dancing mascots. Get ready to open up a fresh delivery of Grubhub lore and find out how deep this theory goes!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Man Vace
Man Vace 2 minutes ago
haanry 7 minutes ago
never knew carl wheezer is also a man hallucinating a massive food bag on the street
Asteron Nightstar
Asteron Nightstar 28 minutes ago
This guy literally just saved the Grubhub company.
Apollo Boi
Apollo Boi 29 minutes ago
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this video. So I'm doing both.
JB Turla
JB Turla 32 minutes ago
The burger has cockroach inside
adam dredge
adam dredge 59 minutes ago
Sukhvir Guide
Sukhvir Guide 59 minutes ago
I think grub hub is secretly promoting Nickelodeon
Joude GHALAYINI 2 hours ago
it's the bite of 83
KNIGHTFALL 2 hours ago
I like Tacos 🌮🌮🌮
Milk 3 hours ago
My new sleel paralysis demon
Digby Hartwig
Digby Hartwig 5 hours ago
a guy in a food add is jimmy neutron... that’s it mat pats lost it someone get a straight jacket
Iceboundwolf -
Iceboundwolf - 5 hours ago
I don't think that "chiken sandwich guy" is Sheen. Didn't Sheen go to another planet to live there? maybe this is just a new guy
NoxspoT 6 hours ago
What if Jimmy Neutron will return?
Jarel John Five Nights Freddys Youtuber
Poke TitanAotDub
Poke TitanAotDub 7 hours ago
Catsu 8 hours ago
great now i have to wait for chicken nuggets lore
filip pachamanov
filip pachamanov 8 hours ago
Guys, is this a super self aware april fools joke, or has mat Just gone completely insane
Bryanna Kilroy
Bryanna Kilroy 8 hours ago
Do the door dash universe next
MightNotBeHome 8 hours ago
Finally. Matpat. I've been waiting all theory weeks for more murder from innocent shows. Thanks
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia 9 hours ago
Noone else see CashNasty?
Felix Wheatfield
Felix Wheatfield 9 hours ago
I think I lost all sanity when he said that it was part of the Jimmy Neutron universe UPDATE: I have finished the video and am on the other side now. Godspeed
Jonas Jakobsen
Jonas Jakobsen 10 hours ago
you can get moles lazered off
jesusidkIol 10 hours ago
lol - albert einstein
Lord Cabbage
Lord Cabbage 11 hours ago
I wish you said at the beginning you just went “Ehe lore... no, no lore... why... why lore?”
shadow 11 hours ago
Maybe there planning on bringing jimmy neutron back
Dino Freak
Dino Freak 11 hours ago
I feel like bacon right now
Flower Child
Flower Child 11 hours ago
Ngl that intro cutscene scared the fricken chicken nuggies out of me
cool guyz
cool guyz 12 hours ago
This truly shows how when matpat makes a theroy he makes a consivable story based on the information like this is proably a joke but I kinda belive it.
Dragon Boi
Dragon Boi 13 hours ago
Ray W.
Ray W. 13 hours ago
God, I wish I would’ve seen this on April 1st.
drice691o5 13 hours ago
Grubhub be eating the internet up tho
M&M do CHNB 13 hours ago
12:31 Looks like 12:40
Kolljak 13 hours ago
but mattpat everyone knows carl finally got jimmy's mom and ascended to the 4rth dimension and became a god.
katie m.
katie m. 14 hours ago
"that's it! MatPat's a couple nuts short of a fruitcake! I'm not buying it." 😂
Sir MYTHIC GAMER 14 hours ago
To all of those side characters who don't resemble anybody: I guess they couldn't handle the neutron style
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez 14 hours ago
its suppose to be a parelel universe where they trap humans so have u seen the real life afro girl who is ordering sushi if u see closer in the irl commercial theres studio lights outside the window and in the "delivery dance" SHES THERE like right there eating sushi
Kylie Yang
Kylie Yang 14 hours ago
7:07 now, Ad: parent like a pro
Tactical Rib
Tactical Rib 14 hours ago
J.I.M.M.Y HUB!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Turney
Dylan Turney 14 hours ago
look at the right one here 10:54 lol
Sandy Ramhoff
Sandy Ramhoff 14 hours ago
this must have been a slow April fools day
Mr Godzilla gojira 1954
Finally, a grubhub theory that doesn’t say that the characters are slaves
Daniel Delasandro
Daniel Delasandro 15 hours ago
Mat pat you have officially gone off the deep end
Angie Missing
Angie Missing 15 hours ago
milk shake lady is my fav
GiRaFfE KOR 15 hours ago
I started believing it in til, MILKSHAKE LADY GETS CRUSHED BY A HUGE GRUB HUB BAG!??!
June Cash
June Cash 15 hours ago
My god
Justin Anglin
Justin Anglin 16 hours ago
Jimmy nutrion should have never been made, he’s stupid and SUCKS Edit: grub hub puts drugs in their food
JakePyee 17 hours ago
Me when he said VORTEX Me: vortex! VORTEX!!!😙
SimplyDylanStonks 17 hours ago
MatPat is your lawyer: :) He proves you innocent: :) "But that's just a theory...": :o
Sami Abbas
Sami Abbas 17 hours ago
0:30 :when imposter is sus
FNAFandthe randoms
FNAFandthe randoms 17 hours ago
Grub hub: *what?*
bluetomato 17 hours ago
Im scared help
Nolan Jello
Nolan Jello 18 hours ago
Grubhub perks give you the food you love. The kind of deals that make you boogie.
Button 19 hours ago
wow carl got skinny
Elizabeth Schneider
Elizabeth Schneider 19 hours ago
Are they connected to the Fred Meyer's commercials?
QWERTY ytrewq
QWERTY ytrewq 19 hours ago
4:35 looks like Hello Neighbor
Don't ask who or wat I am
3:14 or.. another baby both work.
Gunner Dell
Gunner Dell 20 hours ago
Chicken sandwich guys skin is darker
Khroniclas 20 hours ago
Only channel that dares release a serious video on april fools.
margaret aschenbrener
did he put the robot dogs dna into the new dog
Sol Valdespino
Sol Valdespino 20 hours ago
grub hub seeing this '" did that?"
-Steve-O- 20 hours ago
Or your just over thinking this
mlynn 13
mlynn 13 21 hour ago
this is so crazy it just might be true
Nikhil R Byrapuram
Nikhil R Byrapuram 22 hours ago
Milkshake Lady is the Grubhub equivalent of Tim in Final Destination2
HawtDawg 22 hours ago
Oh my god I was so scared till I saw April 1st on the post date
SCAR 22 hours ago
wtf im honestly confused
Alex D
Alex D 23 hours ago
I think mattpat lost it guys
The Anonymous Cactus 98
US-first is now recommending jimmy neutron clips to everyone, that’s the real April fools prank here...
isaiah knowles 2
My innocence...... is out the window
loopy nubwol
loopy nubwol Day ago
Their are too many coincidences for this to not be true
Darryl Ross Gungob
Matt a patt hahaahaha lmao xD
Fnaf Fanboy
Fnaf Fanboy Day ago
My official headcanon now
Paul & Tara Marshall
To me I think taco guy is sheen and he just stole the phone from jimmy.
mothumz Day ago
what is going on
Zachary Jones
Jimmy neutron shirt original has copyright so grubhub needs to pay a fine
Withered Day ago
Im still not sure If this Is a joke or real XD
Code Master Of Disaster
I like how this went from connecting two characters being in having a baby and breaking up to ThEY ARe JiMmy NeUtrON
Georgia Wilson
HD Villanueva
Quinlan could still be milkshake lady through mole removal and color changing eye contacts.
Niekitty E
Niekitty E Day ago
You are a horrible person and should be proud of it. :D
Small theory: when milkshake lady died the dog was given to jimmy nd goter was out of battery and cant find a battery that can last longer than 20 years
can we talk about jimmy neutrons glow up
Neoko Newman
Neoko Newman Day ago
I can’t believe you went this deep, but didn’t even remember Tina Sue. A background character in Jimmy Neutron that closely resembles Milkshake girl. For shame Mister Matpat. For shame.
Namine Strausser
I watched taco guys ad 2 times in tv
Aullukan Day ago
I wish this was sponsored by grub hub
NaTeNBoi2020 Day ago
Oh so it came to this I don’t know if I like this or not?
e Day ago
Well I was trying to tell my mom NOT to get Grubhub but she didn't listen and I ended up eating human skin from a burger. I need a parent that understands me.
RGhotdog Day ago
why do I thinks this is real, also can you respond to me
hoboface1 Day ago
This was uploaded on April fools so I choose to believe it's an April fools joke.
Sara Kitchen
Sara Kitchen Day ago
Is it ok that I make a book about this theory?
Jay Gelada-Mendez
*Matpat is the best*
Jay Gelada-Mendez
*nobody better*
deadinosaure21 frattata
i write the best theorie:chickenguy is purple guy look he have a purple shirt
Devon Kelly
Devon Kelly Day ago
We got Food theory that ruined chocolate for me Film theory that did and is still ruining my childhood movies And game theory that is on the verge of ruining Minecraft for me Like if same
Character King INC
Evil food burn it
Joran Mueller
This video really went off the deep end, I love it
{W I L D M O O N}
I could care less that this is a joke, it’s now something I will bring up every time someone buys from GrubHub
Rene Nunez
Rene Nunez Day ago
My head hurts from this
CarZ7 Day ago
Grub hub lore. How did this become
C Showers
C Showers Day ago
Game Theorists, Film Theorists, and now the FOOD Theorists! How many "Theorists" do you have?
kohl cooke
kohl cooke Day ago
so lets lay this out: first, the milkshake lady used to be chicken sandwich's wife but went away then, her dog was later owned by taco guy then, taco guy is jimmy neutron then, jimmy neutron's friends are also in these ads then, the only ad character without a younger neutrons counterpart, milkshake lady, is killed off then, she is killed off by that giant falling grub hub bag then, jimmy, after milkshake's death, opens a school what a story
A Random Gay Weeb
Can we just respect Steph's evil laugh for a minute-
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