Floyd Mayweather: Million Dollaz Worth of Game Ep. 111 

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Wallo267 and Gillie Da King are joined by renowned boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather. He tells the guys about his upbringing, why he wouldn’t allow his sons, who are 21 and 16, to enter the dangerous world of boxing, and how he got to where he is now.
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The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.
Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.


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May 2, 2021




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I'm Clutching
I'm Clutching 2 days ago
🚀 us-first.info/player/video/jdGUq3mLgoRme2A.html 🚀🚀
Fal B TV
Fal B TV 4 days ago
That’s right fortune over fame.
Fal B TV
Fal B TV 4 days ago
It saddens me that people are missing this. He dropping major jewels. Different streams of income. Seeing these comments people are missing it. They not even asking the right questions. We gotta get more focused.
True Love
True Love 7 days ago
@Patrick Henderson hey
jewtube 17 minutes ago
He ask floyed how he kept it together mentally as a youngin. He start talking about money.
wise dyer
wise dyer 19 minutes ago
Wallo wanted Floyd to be from jersey 😂😂
young zoe
young zoe Hour ago
Good Interview, I loved it
Cedric Tchakoudie
Floyd is all over the place. Can't answer a simple question. Lack of education will heart you in the long run.
Julia Martinez
Floyd throwing figures out man hope is true and he pays his taxes cause IRS watching
Opinions Welcomed
Opinions Welcomed 2 hours ago
This echoing shit ain't it
Chemoua Rich Lo
Chemoua Rich Lo 2 hours ago
Floyd got everyone wanting to be in his will. Just joking lol
clarkie A.
clarkie A. 2 hours ago
6:29 necklace. Shine bright like diamond
A B-H 3 hours ago
My boys smoke weed 🤣💯
shay latrice
shay latrice 4 hours ago
By far the best 🖤
playyersonly Kd
playyersonly Kd 5 hours ago
I H 5 hours ago
My boy said jersey, comon dawg SMH
A new world
A new world 6 hours ago
Anthony Holder
Anthony Holder 6 hours ago
Why gillie said speculate like he was tryna help Floyd cause he stupid Smh I caught that
John Amarillaz
John Amarillaz 7 hours ago
Good Show
Russell Young
Russell Young 7 hours ago
Lol this interview is so trash
Kevern King
Kevern King 9 hours ago
Who had to watch this two times
Haul Starz Moving & Delivery
I really appreciate yall
OIL LIFE 10 hours ago
I am from North Philadelphia and I must admit these two guys Got Money Mayweather on their Steve this is epic dropping knowledge 👍🏾👍🏾
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 10 hours ago
Did he pay y’all to ride his gat like that
Splavy Gz
Splavy Gz 11 hours ago
fire the sound man, venue inst treated at all smh. I love what y'all bring to the game this what we need from our elders. y'all one to something real big.
Oniel Jimenez
Oniel Jimenez 11 hours ago
That weird dude making jokes was cringe asf
Ktom 11 hours ago
That Gilly dude is annoying as f... How old is he? 12? Trying sooooo hard to be funny, but is only cringy
meretoofunny 12 hours ago
Javan Drummond
Javan Drummond 13 hours ago
Tehran Hodges
Tehran Hodges 13 hours ago
Gille funny af
Daniel Jaramillo
Daniel Jaramillo 15 hours ago
Yordan Hubev
Yordan Hubev 15 hours ago
great interview but guys do something with that echo,its so annoying ... :D
Cody Block
Cody Block 16 hours ago
I always support you Floyd but u just had to make it a race thing u never done that in ur past little disheartening
PRIVATE 16 hours ago
I didn’t hear a word he said, That watch was LOUD 😆
RAW UNCUT 17 hours ago
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez 17 hours ago
He should just say all those guys are great fighters not always say why he’s better than them and what he’s done smh dude is special lol
Omarioo .M
Omarioo .M 19 hours ago
wtf is it just me or is Floyds Jewelry having a dance battle lool !
KunSepShus 19 hours ago
shad covert
shad covert 20 hours ago
shad covert
shad covert 20 hours ago
At least one of these guys know how to hold a microphone.
Joe w
Joe w 21 hour ago
He didn't answer one question
Vinny Luck
Vinny Luck 22 hours ago
Floyd be like fuck your question, I'm answering what I want to answer........ You killing me smalls!
donmarviino 23 hours ago
You could always see the cap of the advertisement lmao
F.A.J.A Day ago
gilly so childish bruh... he must stop playin and listen
Duke Black
Duke Black Day ago
He giving real life game thanks Floyd!! But everybody want some money!! Thanks for the knowledge 💯
Yung Rebel54
Yung Rebel54 Day ago
Dude went undefeated and became the highest paid athlete in history from the background he came from to do that is amazing his family is good for 1,000 years 💪🏿💪🏿🙏🏿🤞🏿🤝🏿
Claudio Alvarado
Official, opened my eyes!!!!!!!!
K H Day ago
“ I been living this same life for 25 years” - Floyd Mayweather
Black interviewers are always kissing Floyds ass, it's embarrassing.
SMithWay Co.
SMithWay Co. Day ago
All u rappers!. I want u to see the diamonds!. This is how your diamonds are supposed to shine!. If they don't shine like this they are not real!!.
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Day ago
Yooooo wallo need his own shit
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Day ago
If it wasnt for wallo Being there saving this interview. smh gillie being joe is shit
Brad Ley
Brad Ley Day ago
111 Episode 1.1 million views 1 week ago #Hitsjoint #Hmm #Floyd #Gillie #Wallo #Bradothegodwashere 👍☝👋👊👈😎👽💯
Reginald T.
Reginald T. Day ago
chain made of of rocks form another world
TyMillz Hunter
This dudes is not the sharpest tool just cause u make money dont mean u smart. Anyone can figure out a formula and run it up. His boxing impressive, the person kinda sucks
AnarchyHDTV Day ago
Didn’t even know Floyd had hair
Q B Day ago
Gillies a clown.They just on his nuts now
Keith Dubreuil
Terence Crawford is the best right now
Sapphstaff SBT
ya can see that mayweather is a real one
Grunj Online
Grunj Online Day ago
Here for it.. Great interview!! Respect from 🤙🏿ersey
Andrew Foster
Gillie said floyd a hundred million at 50 I'm kid again 😂😂😂
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
Lex Amero
Lex Amero Day ago
2K Initials
2K Initials Day ago
Random Q: How much does a great Hair surgery cost? Can you please help be find Great NYC or LA Docs?
the RFX TV
the RFX TV Day ago
Floyd be talking about everything but what you asked him!! LOL
Jacob Showers
Helix sleep im talking about sleep im talking about ad im talking about wait what was im talking about oh yeah im talking about what I'm talking about
Bro Floyd got that ice Davis watch
Nazareth Wynter
Yo who tryna work for Floyd right now 😂
Meet up Speak up
Business mind Baby.
Marcus Shepherd
what type of shoes does Wallo have on?
Jerry Will
Jerry Will Day ago
They shoulda did sumn better for that echo mane
Marcus Thompson
Floyd Jewish are white,smh
Johnny Day ago
He’s like Michael Jordan, dude doesn’t let up. He will never reveal secrets or show vulnerability to anyone cause he’s still in his zone.
unknown2day2 Hour ago
Hey man your comment sounds interesting but i dont quite get it. Can you explain it?
smooth miru
smooth miru Day ago
Get money and stay out the way
smooth miru
smooth miru Day ago
May God bless him and protect him....love to see out people win
Buddy lee the shitzu
Damn gill u a jay z hater to shit sad still fuck with the podcast tho
Takeover Reactions
Enjoyed the knowledge dropped in this pod!✊🏾💯
Roger Wellington
Make smart investments - Money Floyd
boxing4 life
boxing4 life Day ago
This was great 👍 👍👍
Blade Productions
Sundiata Keita
😂 Leonard Ellerby is like a GTA San Andreas.
Sundiata Keita
What the hell is up with the sound?
Freeband Carter
Freeband Carter 2 days ago
Floyd at least brush yo hair and get some waves bro you just doin anything now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
GwapoTV 2 days ago
14:16 he gets no pussy
Momo Loma
Momo Loma 2 days ago
He is a good man and respectful
im cliche
im cliche 2 days ago
Idk whatever ad yall paid for to promote about the dude talking about lil Wayne.. but man I wish he would shut the hell up
King Shaka Zuluman
Appreciation n wisdom of next level from Mayweather..
just saying
just saying 2 days ago
Truth is you not suppose to speak on your deeds , not even as a hypothetical . Sir people talk about the Messiah who are we to think no one will speak bad of us.
Maurice Malone
Maurice Malone 2 days ago
God is good
Randall Bryant
Randall Bryant 2 days ago
The audio is horrible!!! Echoing and distorted as FUCK
diamond hamilton
diamond hamilton 2 days ago
wallo is so damn dramatic 😂
Darren Gibbons
Darren Gibbons 2 days ago
Darren Gibbons
Darren Gibbons 2 days ago
Wallo should talk me he talks good sense
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