Flipp Dinero ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - No No No (Official Music Video) 

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"No No No" feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie available at: Flipp-Dinero.lnk.to/NoNoNo
Official Audio: us-first.info/player/video/ebGCnXxifYtleaM.html
Director: Christian Sutton
Producer: Rodney Byerson
Production Co: Psycho Films
Flipp Dinero online:
Yeah, aye, yeah, aye, yeah, aye, yeah
I take my chances, Ferno You Spazzin yeah
I take my chances, (Stardustszn) yeah, aye

I take my chances, yeah
I live my life with no answers, yeah
Drown in my sins I’m like no no no no
No no no no
I take my chances, yeah
I do for you and I’m saying it, yeah
I paid the price I’m like no no no no
No no no no

Living my life with no answers, yeah
Gotta watch out for the cameras
Used to be with all the scammers, yeah
30s on 30s got ammo
You might never understand her, yeah
She want the Fendi the sandals
She fell in love with the, yeah
And I fell in love with her angles
She want the Birkin, Birkin, yeah Birkin bag
Better stay faithful
But this ain’t that type of love
They only hit me when I’m on the radio
My diamonds they shine with no flash
I’m never rocking no typical
Ice for my b*tch too
Ice for my daughter, she beautiful
Running up these M’s I can’t let up I can’t
Play by the rules, I do what I do
I always been a saint
Na na na na days I barely feel the pain
Pop out with the gang, you know we outside

I take my chances, yeah
I live my life with no answers, yeah
Drown in my sins I’m like no no no no
No no no no
I take my chances, yeah
I do for you and I’m saying it, yeah
I paid the price I’m like no no no no

I do the dash and I bend in the coupe and I’m dropping the top just to step up my view
My diamonds sitting my pointers they pitching got drank out the pint of the red what it do
I fell in love with no question it’s true
In this I fell in love and no doubt it’s for you
Clear out my thoughts but my vision can’t move cause I’m focused on millies like b*tch what it do
I told my mama, see I got them racks
Watch how I slide keep a toolie in tact
What I do for the guys and I do for respect
I can’t sip on the wok cause I’m sippin’ on tec
My mind be tripping I’m focused on next
Copped me some diamonds, them flawless baguettes
The Beamer a Rari this shit is a jet
And shawty want f*ck cause she’s calling and text
I live my life for today, get them bands, then I cash out tomorrow
I give my all cause your pain is my sorrow
Everywhere I go I swear that she follow
I keep my Glock in the whip and it’s not on my hip
And I move for the bands it’s the Guala
I run it up and I swear it’s the commas
My head is ducked when they shoot at the Tahoe

I take my chances, yeah
I live my life with no answers, yeah
Drown in my sins I’m like no no no no
No no no no
I take my chances, yeah
I do for you and I’m saying it, yeah
I paid the price I’m like no no no no
No no no no
(C) 2020 We The Best / Cinematic Music Group under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
#FlippDinero #ABoogieWitDaHoodie #NoNoNo


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Oct 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
Vvs Studio
Vvs Studio 5 hours ago
LilZzaii 8 hours ago
People sleeping on the last verse
The President
The President 8 hours ago
Baby Bee
Baby Bee 8 hours ago
stretch0121 11 hours ago
The duo we never knew we needed!🔥💯
Unmotivated Determined
Who else rapping in that setting
Diego Lima
Diego Lima 15 hours ago
SCOTTY CONNER 18 hours ago
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie had to use the regualr voice different voice then micheal jackson voice >_>
GAME RS 19 hours ago
GAME RS 19 hours ago
Austin Gomez Nava
Austin Gomez Nava 20 hours ago
Flipp Dinero is straight up 🔥and watch how he blows up even more
Latasha Ogletree
I love it
Chris Jenkins
How was he hanging from the light bulb??? Lol
CreatezFN Day ago
It’s just Deon
This the hit of 2020 no cap
YT_supremekid 2354
i think i’m the only one that noticed a part of the flute instrumental came from the anime the devil is a part timer
Jeremiah Alfonso
This song is soo similar to IIBIZA by Stenno and Astrokidjay
BCz Productions
BCz Productions
So rarely are these chances given twice so i take my chances when my chance is given for the chance to get the chances that by chance can give me the chance to take the chance and by taking that chance by chance get the chance to get the chance to get what i want so by chance is that what this song is about?👌BCeezie
One Love
One Love Day ago
The coldest song in 2020
Jay Pleasant
Jay Pleasant 2 days ago
Young Thug would have kilt this too
Jaguar J-Bizz
Jaguar J-Bizz 2 days ago
Here’s the original song... us-first.info/player/video/Y8auY4J0h359rXE.html
FF XTUDO 87 2 days ago
William Arce
William Arce 2 days ago
🙏 long live lil jojo cuz this niggas claim 300 but we .... Got that sack
William Arce
William Arce 2 days ago
Im proud
William Arce
William Arce 2 days ago
Maitirk p
Maitirk p 2 days ago
Used to be w all da scammers. Y’all will never know. a boogie a legend..💯
Deep Sleep Blow
Deep Sleep Blow 2 days ago
Only thing bumping is the beat
Deniz Yesirci
Deniz Yesirci 3 days ago
Long Live Black Mamba
The label need to get behind this joint and push it. Shoulda been on billboards. Str8 banger.
Syclo Teo
Syclo Teo 3 days ago
At the start of a boogies verse I thought young thug was on it
Soham S.
Soham S. 3 days ago
This thing is literal FIRE my bois liked it too😈😈😈😈😈😈
Maitirk p
Maitirk p 4 days ago
Bass hit so hard my grandpa thought the Germans were back
The Greenwolfman
The Greenwolfman 4 days ago
A boggie carried
The Greenwolfman
The Greenwolfman 2 days ago
@Long Live Black Mamba you right you right
Long Live Black Mamba
U crazy. The hook is the best part of the song.
No Comment
No Comment 3 days ago
@The Greenwolfman well yeah but he’s good at rapping and his voice is unique
The Greenwolfman
The Greenwolfman 3 days ago
Bruh flipp sounds like he smokes to much bru
No Comment
No Comment 3 days ago
A boy who Likes memes
Me when I see 3BANDS for a ps5
24kClout 4 days ago
Boogies vers on here is just a different style in the rap game that's why we all love him
NeverAimInnaKid NAIK
My favourtie part of the song starts at 0:47 ends at 0:57
No Comment
No Comment 3 days ago
Mine is 0:57-1:14 but the whole song is good
esky9 4 days ago
Silas Cruz
Silas Cruz 4 days ago
This is 🔥
no no no no
Sm0key805 5 days ago
Squidward killed that beat💥🔥
Elijah Henriquez
Elijah Henriquez 5 days ago
Best hook yo
sleepyiguess 5 days ago
This hit hard
Justin Man
Justin Man 5 days ago
Hit so hard my grandpa thought his back was fixed
Alexander Is Juicy
Feahx 6 days ago
Jackson Pagan
Jackson Pagan 6 days ago
Who makes dineros beats these go hard asf
Agabek Haitbayew
Agabek Haitbayew 6 days ago
Flipp really did it but boogie not so😶
Emani Taylor
Emani Taylor 6 days ago
Ray Jones
Ray Jones 6 days ago
They shouldn’t have made a music video😂🤢🗑
Mr. perseverance840 rush
jaden king
jaden king 6 days ago
this so fire
David Medina
David Medina 6 days ago
Underrated ass song 🤦🏽‍♂️😤🔥
Long Live Black Mamba
Braylen Simmons
Braylen Simmons 6 days ago
ohhhh snap no no no
RickTheRich 6 days ago
Neil Patel
Neil Patel 6 days ago
Anyone else get that black mob boss vibe from Flipp???
Ajyah Owens
Ajyah Owens 6 days ago
I fw this heavy 🥶🥶
Starboy Edits
Starboy Edits 7 days ago
Mom - Did u clean the room ME- NO NO NOOOO FLYING SHOE RECIVED
Antonio Lucaine
Antonio Lucaine 7 days ago
New York all day Flipp and a boogie fire
Gio Gio
Gio Gio 7 days ago
Got this on replay 🔥👌
BigSavv Thirty4
BigSavv Thirty4 7 days ago
NEW VIDEO OUT NOW ⚠️🚦🥵 TAP IN 📍us-first.info/player/video/qN9uoXqWg56KpJs.html
Miguel Jones
Miguel Jones 7 days ago
Vera Vislavski
Vera Vislavski 7 days ago
I love it
Jaheem Gillett
Jaheem Gillett 7 days ago
A Boogie: living my life with no answers Me: run that shit back😎
joe san
joe san 7 days ago
i love this dud beats they hit diffffffffff
Lina Ismail
Lina Ismail 7 days ago
Lil Alfee
Lil Alfee 7 days ago
Che Scott
Che Scott 8 days ago
People call this guy a one hit wonder for why?? This guy has hella bangers under the radar
GRIZZY 8 days ago
This video came out month ago and im just now seeing a ad for it
2Drippy 8 days ago
0:59 does he have a thing for heights?
Bahama Boii
Bahama Boii 8 days ago
Espn ad?
Solo Dolo
Solo Dolo 8 days ago
Any body was thinking of the housekeeper from family guy while listening to this
Michael Weston
Michael Weston 8 days ago
A boogie hanging off a light pole. I’m like wtf 🤣
Black King
Black King 8 days ago
Alright flip and boogie keep doing ya
DeDre_ 210
DeDre_ 210 8 days ago
Why do more people not know about this
Chris P
Chris P 8 days ago
Is it me or all this nigga songs sound the same 🤔
LA Ramzy
LA Ramzy 8 days ago
This beat sounds like it’s from another song what is it I can’t think of it
Long Live Black Mamba
Deez nuts
Dylan Sizemore
Dylan Sizemore 8 days ago
J w youCe I p
DJ Amili Boston
DJ Amili Boston 8 days ago
What a mortal kombat combo boogie flipp
Matt Almighty
Matt Almighty 8 days ago
I love Namibia
I love Namibia 8 days ago
The way A boogie switches his voice is insane tah
Vijay Balakrishnan
i may be the only on here but did anyone else come from that ESPN ad
Vijay Balakrishnan
@Long Live Black Mamba it's was the Bucs and rams game from last week
Long Live Black Mamba
Which ad?
Her Eclectic Style
I came from tha radio last night
Yt_ayyyaholic 9 days ago
That flute just hit different 🔥🔥
Mika M
Mika M 9 days ago
Mundo dos Games
Mundo dos Games 9 days ago
why am i remebering lil keed?
quanekqua wilson
quanekqua wilson 9 days ago
I like gramapa part 😁
OG chaps
OG chaps 9 days ago
From MNF ad on espn 🔥
Lerenzo Roberts
Lerenzo Roberts 9 days ago
This shit 💪
Teo On Da Beat
Teo On Da Beat 9 days ago
My boi Flipp underrated
Qeursa • 12 years ago
This will be a hit on tik tok, This has great potential.
Long Live Black Mamba
Alexander Bravo
Alexander Bravo 9 days ago
Whos here from hearing it on espn for mnf game
Lucas Henry
Lucas Henry 9 days ago
Vim pelo glockzin
Kenton Dixon
Kenton Dixon 9 days ago
This shit fire asf
Cmd_005 9 days ago
boogie a darkskin version of lonzo ball
SlideRack- 9 days ago
Flip got another banger!💯
Them_Eyes 9 days ago
I actually heard this on the Live NFL Screen (STLvs Bucs) lol I was bopping my head this shit hard 🔥🔥🔥
Kourie Barnaby
Kourie Barnaby 10 days ago
Who else found this from that old man bowling 😭
VT Tech
VT Tech 10 days ago
In love with the whole song 🙂🤩
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano 10 days ago
Heard this on an espn commercial and I had to look it up🔥🔥
raw raw
raw raw 10 days ago
New York 😆 back on top
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