Fishing For $1,000,000! Biggest Bass Tournament In HISTORY. 

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Filmed & Edited by Alex Blackwell (@xblackwell)
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Apr 26, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jon B.
Jon B. 18 days ago
Smash the Like Button for MORE Tournament Videos!
Riley Jessen
Riley Jessen 7 days ago
Jason Gehrke
Jason Gehrke 10 days ago
@Lonnie Pawl g ft foggy e tryt9t9tt9
Jason Gehrke
Jason Gehrke 10 days ago
@Peyton Barthold intercity 99th try fatter 400 h827 overpopulation
b 13 days ago
Wow, you lose a lot of fish :(
Henry Patterson
Henry Patterson 14 days ago
Yeah I dont know about all these other comments, but I believe you have what it takes! Keep fishing, 110% behind you brother!!
Texas Rigged
Texas Rigged 10 hours ago
nah XD you made sum calls to get out there Bad ass video tho
Mel Duncan
Mel Duncan 13 hours ago
NEVER STOP!!!! Love to see more Tournies so I can root for ya B! This is coming from a 50 year old surfer/ bass -rookie who got turned on to bass fishing by my son... I'm hooked and now... I'LL never stop!!! (See how I brought that full circle there?)
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 21 hour ago
So Cool, Follow lax_and_fish on instagram would mean a lot
Brian Derrick
Bro my tackle box got stolen at a camp ground and I lost all my googan baits a zoom baits and line there was over 200$ worth which sucks
William Taylor
U killing the goo spots . Use a dummy hook so u can save that bite 4 turny.
1madloco13 2 days ago
The blur makes me want to clean my glasses occasionally.
Buddy G
Buddy G 2 days ago
Alex, I loved the L cut in the intro scene! Your editing is top notch bro!
JWest Kayak and Surf Fishing
We all have tough days! What a cool experience just being able to fish in that tournament! New sub. Tight lines!
8K Trey
8K Trey 3 days ago
Yo bro do you rig up a new worm after each fish or were those worms just coming off?
Just a guy who got lost in the recommendations
I can't stop thinking about how this guy looks and sound Grant Gustin
Louis Chieffo
Louis Chieffo 3 days ago
You tubers in the real world! Lol
MongVang Outdoors
Tournaments are nerve wrecking. lol
Davin Umbdenstock
Ha my watched you in awhile but had to watch the tourney vid and now I gotta watch every worrisome since🤣😁
Hunter Becke
Hunter Becke 4 days ago
i feel this after tournament sadness, i studied a lake for like 8 months and when it came to the tournament i came last in my 6 man team
justin fettinger
justin fettinger 4 days ago
More derbies
Life Of Gino
Life Of Gino 4 days ago
Did anyone see that bass that jumped after he caught the second fish in the tournament
Reid 3171
Reid 3171 4 days ago
What reels do you use
Ghost Gaming & More
Idk if you know this but there’s a difference between setting the hook and breaking it freaking jaw 😂
Rocco D'Angelo
Rocco D'Angelo 4 days ago
32:58 when your homeboy finds a girl he likes 😂
Maverick 5 days ago
that guy really rolled up in your spot lol
Aubrey Ireland
Aubrey Ireland 5 days ago
Aubrey Ireland
Aubrey Ireland 5 days ago
noah j
noah j 5 days ago
Haha that’s cool the tournament was on my birthday
John Cantelo
John Cantelo 6 days ago
“Don’t know why I threw that rod... like a Neanderthal” that had me dying for some reason 😂
Coleston jones
Coleston jones 6 days ago
Every single one of your videos you look tired 😂😂
Josiah fishin
Josiah fishin 6 days ago
I bet hot rod won
Jack Ashley
Jack Ashley 6 days ago
Ditch the spin cast for your lunker logs get something stiffer
Aidan Hanlon
Aidan Hanlon 6 days ago
I just won my sectionals bass fishing tournament 🤫
Billy Heinlein
Billy Heinlein 7 days ago
We all saw that lock screen of yours🤣
Daniel DeVore
Daniel DeVore 7 days ago
i feel like hes getting too excited and trying to set the hook too soon
Angling Utah
Angling Utah 7 days ago
Jon b pro tour lets gooo!!!!
Nathan Hoxworth
Nathan Hoxworth 7 days ago
More Tournament videos would be great 👍
holidex 8 days ago
Man good on you to keep fishing and figuring that shit out! I was so happy you landed that first fish!
Chris Pierce
Chris Pierce 8 days ago
More please!
Justin Mc
Justin Mc 8 days ago
I like the tournament videos
chance mosier
chance mosier 8 days ago
what boot are these?
Matt W
Matt W 8 days ago
What state?
Tony Shortino
Tony Shortino 8 days ago
450.00 per person entry and they say don’t even weigh in if you don’t think you made it , crazy
Tony Shortino
Tony Shortino 8 days ago
Watched you catch 5 fish and lost the stick bait ever time
Evan Woyke
Evan Woyke 8 days ago
Hunter Gillies
Hunter Gillies 8 days ago
Can't wait to fish the regional tournament in Michigan at lake St Clair.
Boom Bam
Boom Bam 8 days ago
Jon had a Peric moment😂
Fishing With G
Fishing With G 8 days ago
Jon you're the best because even though you are part owner of a company called Googan Squad which makes hat, you manage to wear the crustiest hat!! hahaha, your the best! Tight Lines
Curly Que2
Curly Que2 9 days ago
Welcome to the real world Google dude,China Co couldn't get you a boat with power poles bro,those magic china baits didn't work to good
Rylan Downey
Rylan Downey 9 days ago
Bro this shit sounds lit as hell looks so fun man
kenneth miller
kenneth miller 9 days ago
All those short hits. Maybe wacky rig would cure that.
Kao CortZ
Kao CortZ 9 days ago
BIRADOR TV 1M 9 days ago
Nice vid again sir
Bradley Guliker
Bradley Guliker 9 days ago
Sad but good video out of it
Nick Berger
Nick Berger 10 days ago
How safe for the fish and/or the environment are those soft plastics? Seems like a pretty hazardous material to use.
Johnboy70 9 days ago
perfectly safe
danP8411 10 days ago
You don’t get a number when you start because I think the whole thing is rigged anyway
Scruffy City Fishing
Put on a googan tournament! Pick 100 people.
Scruffy City Fishing
I’m not a tournament angler either. Fun video though. That looks like a full on blue bird day. Rising pressure shots them down. You gave it your best shot though.
Saltroy 10 days ago
I dont know much about fishing BUT I wanted to ask, what is that thing on the front of the boat, A camera or sonar or?
James Graves
James Graves 10 days ago
This is nothing new, Scott Suggs won a million dollars on Lake Ouchita back in 97 or 98
Braden Wyatt
Braden Wyatt 10 days ago
Yessuh tourney vids👀💯
Sweet Cup
Sweet Cup 10 days ago
Fishing in slippers +1
SPENCERA 10 days ago
Hey I'm from utah shut up
SPENCERA 10 days ago
It is kinda true my pb bass is only 6 pounds
BankFish Vince
BankFish Vince 10 days ago
Jon B for the win 💪🏾💯
Maser Lowery
Maser Lowery 10 days ago
Man loving these videos I would love more of them too
XxForbiddenxX Gaming
Crazy how big your channel has gotten. Ive been watching your vids for years long before you were even at 100k followers.
Tommy Xiong
Tommy Xiong 11 days ago
No one wearing face mask ? Be safe out there
Fishigan Milligan
Fishigan Milligan 11 days ago
Sweet let’s gooo
Sam Filyaw
Sam Filyaw 11 days ago
love the derbys keep them coming
fxdez- 11 days ago
Definitely wanna see more tournaments that would be awesome
Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy Johnston 11 days ago
“Somehow we got drawn” lol ooookay
Kuba Szydlowski
Kuba Szydlowski 11 days ago
Been cranking on them on the chain o lakes in Illinois
Matt Hisey
Matt Hisey 11 days ago
Join the tuuuuuur with rob
chance 1222
chance 1222 11 days ago
What rod is he using?
angel landaverde
angel landaverde 11 days ago
Please do more derby events! This was a cool experience to see you go through!
Caitlin Green
Caitlin Green 11 days ago
I live in Texas and it is 95
Unclaimed Baby Dear
It was tough because you suck at fishing
Johnboy70 9 days ago
was an honest video for real. Appreicate the man taking us on a real journey. There are too many other channels with guys catching and showing us only the biggums.
Hunter Hardesty
Hunter Hardesty 11 days ago
So glad I watched 20 minutes of fish less fishing thank Jon b you should fire your editor for putting this in the video and you should quit fishing since you don’t catch fish
Jake Brooks
Jake Brooks 11 days ago
I really enjoy those Tournament videos
Kaden Pollard
Kaden Pollard 11 days ago
That cloudy spot on the lens probably bothered me more than it should have
joedabro 11 days ago
32:52 "guess what" shes 14
Kevvas 11 days ago
What fishing lines do you use on those rods?
Triberius 11 days ago
If you want to do more tournaments and give yourself some extra challenge sign up with a Kayak League, you have the Kayaks to do it. Having to limit your gear due to storage limitations adds to the fun and more limited range when on the water forces you to really do your homework before and really slow down and work an area during events.
slappy FN
slappy FN 11 days ago
Tournaments are always good content
Almighty Avery
Almighty Avery 11 days ago
*Just causally catches my pb..*
Deacon's Fishing
Deacon's Fishing 11 days ago
Unlucky man
Hunters outdoor Adventures
Is no one gonna talk about his hat
Andrew Thao
Andrew Thao 12 days ago
That was a 10 pounder moment
Cary Robinson
Cary Robinson 12 days ago
I’ve always wanted to be in a bass tournament. Instead I watch fishing videos on US-first. Reel outdoorsy is my favorite
Matthew Seals
Matthew Seals 12 days ago
What reel is he using I have been trying to figure it out forever can someone please tell me the name of it?
Easily Amused
Easily Amused 12 days ago
Is all you guys fish bass? Y’all never try catfish or anything else? You know, variety?
Bryce Brehm
Bryce Brehm 12 days ago
I went to the one in mead but it got canceled on tournament day then canceled again Tuesday after heavy winds and 2 boats capsized
Colin Walters
Colin Walters 12 days ago
lmao you suck
Joseph Romero
Joseph Romero 12 days ago
Jon B a amateur? what a scam
Cody Owens
Cody Owens 12 days ago
Ayyeeee the 17th! My birthday 💪🏼
Bwill -112
Bwill -112 12 days ago
Is Alex peric still alive
D’Wayne Jordan
D’Wayne Jordan 12 days ago
Y’all win
Kelby Gard
Kelby Gard 12 days ago
I just had a local fishing tournament today for my high school, very fun
Jay Hill
Jay Hill 12 days ago
It’s a shame that u hv so many young subs! Throwing fits and cussing like a sailer is not cool at all. Especially since u edited this video and left that crap in the video! U should be ashamed!!
John Marco Maiello
John Marco Maiello 12 days ago
Alex periced that reel
evanmoore14 12 days ago
what bib is he using??
Umage 12 days ago
Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman 12 days ago
Hey jon!! I love y’all’s baits. They work amazing but could it be possible for y’all to make them a little more durable. If I catch one fish I immediately have to change baits cause the previous one is eat up pretty good. Other than that there are no complaints
TrixShotCentral 12 days ago
32:30 oh please be 14 please be 14... yes!!! Shes 14😂😂