FIRTS TAKE| Stephen A. believes that Justin Fields would make the Chicago Bears Super Bowl favorites 

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ESPN FIRTS TAKE | Stephen A. believes that Justin Fields would make the Chicago Bears Super Bowl favorites


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May 1, 2021




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Hillbilly Cool
Hillbilly Cool 22 hours ago
This is why Steven A has no credibility.... Mac Jones is Carson Palmer Light
collegeguy799 23 hours ago
Bears fans happy, Giants fans happy. It was a good deal.
drewcliff82 Day ago
I wasn't entirely sold on Mac but it doesn't matter now. He went to the 1 place that could make any of those 5 qbs good.
drewcliff82 Day ago
Fields will be great. I know this as a lifelong OSU fan. That being said I wish people would calm down. It's ok if he doesn't play amazing in his first year. He might play lights out right away or he might need a year or 2 and thats ok.
bigbro9395 Day ago
No way. Not with that goof Nagy at the helm. He’ll destroy this kid.
biglouis88 Day ago
I believe nagy will get EXPOSED! Nagy looks afraid!!!
J Day ago
He knows Nagy didn't draft trubisky
Katie Dwyer
Katie Dwyer Day ago
Take Shelter now!!! The World is about end!!! May god help us all!!
Howard Hawley
The Yankees are bigger than the Giants
Howard Hawley
The packers are done
Michael Thayyil
Max: *speaks for 15 seconds* Stephen A: *DO I GET TO REBUTTAL?!?*
Stephen A, I'm starting to wonder if you should be speaking on the NFL saying the Mac Jones pick was bigger??
John Lisicich
David Maravilla
David Maravilla 2 days ago
Stephen A is an asshole.
Red87star 2 days ago
Nice cut at 9:50 there Bee Troll 🤦‍♂️
Red87star 2 days ago
Bears DID NOT "trade the farm" or "gave up a haul" for Fields. They got a massive discount at 11 vs. 4 as most assumed was needed. The picks given to move from 20 to 11 were fair value per both value charts. HYPE media per usual. Also TONS less than the 3 firsts offered for Russell Wilson.
John Elia
John Elia 2 days ago
At what point is your title true? Click-bait much? Stephen A. never once said the Bears would be SB favorites with Fields lol
dillpickles 2 days ago
This guy is wrong every time
RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip
I’m following the bears this year.
Benjamin Dafgard
Benjamin Dafgard 2 days ago
I’m pumped bear fans!!! Time to have a franchise qb 🐻⬇️
ACT1O1 2 days ago
I think he will be a bust. It’s the bears after all
JesusCastilloTV 2 days ago
Love this pic 🐻⬇️
do heo
do heo 2 days ago
Max looks like Sid from Ice Age
ForDaWin 2 days ago
Fields is the one QB from Ohio State that's gonna actually be good y'all lucked out I'll be shocked if he's a bust
ForDaWin 2 days ago
Think he wears 11?
ForDaWin 2 days ago
The first unit to benefit from this pick is the bears defense actually
ForDaWin 2 days ago
Good job chi
alex allen
alex allen 2 days ago
"and then remember the mitchell trubisky debacle to get justin fields" stfu u don't even know what you're trying to say. Trubisky didn't ask to be drafted at #2, and i'm not trying to dickride, but you can't say he didn't put everything into becoming a franchise qb, so why bash him
Justin Christopher
No true Bears fan ever puts Cutler first in the modern era. It's Sexy and we ALL know this. Hope Fields starts after week 5 or 6.Don't throw him in right away.
Eric Staudt
Eric Staudt 2 days ago
Nobody is ever a sure thing so you guys gotta hope he's the franchise qb. But if he's not and you keep losing, that pick for the giants will be sweet and you're gonna kick yourselves in the ass
william sewell
william sewell 2 days ago
I love Fields, but he does throw picks.
DrkMynd 2 days ago
Name a good QB that came from Alabama.
K Got
K Got 2 days ago
Stephen A is a tool.
Dr. Earl
Dr. Earl 2 days ago
Steve, Steve, Steve.... 2017 is in the past, learn to let dead dogs lie it's a new day in Chicago let's see what happens with the Bears in the near and far future. BEAR DOWN CHICAGO!
Paul Bria
Paul Bria 2 days ago
Does talking loud validate talking points? 😂
Nice 2 days ago
Does Stephen A know Nagy wasn’t there when they picked Mitch?
Bro seph
Bro seph 2 days ago
Ohio state qbs. Statisticly the most likely to become long term starting qbs outta college.
Always Cumming
Always Cumming 2 days ago
How are you saying that the Bears finally got a quarterback???’ He hasn’t even played yet. SMFH. Everyone needs to relax. How many times have we seen this?? Unreal
James Howell
James Howell 2 days ago
Fields was the best pick for Chicago. They need a QB that can run and extend the play because their oline is trash. The only issue is Fields don't have weapons. They need WRs.
Michael Nicholson
I disagree, wanna know why? Because the defense last year was as bad as it gets. It will stay this way until modified.
Leslie Hill
Leslie Hill 3 days ago
Stephen a SHIT Always for whitey
Darius Mcintosh
Darius Mcintosh 3 days ago
All of the slander From Stephen A but he didn’t mention how 1) Nagy is a coach that has won coach of. The year and been to the playoffs twice in 3 years 2) I’m sorry is Pace a super bowl winning Gm 🍵
John Sbarbaro
John Sbarbaro 3 days ago
why the lame bait and click headline about Bears as Super Bowl favorites, geez!
Jayy Thrash
Jayy Thrash 3 days ago
SAS a lame.. he never fw the bears frfr
Jeff Oresik
Jeff Oresik 3 days ago
When Walter Payton is on your team, you don't rack up the passing stats at QB. Go watch Jim McMahon play and then you can determine whether or not he was any good.
iBang 3 days ago
I think Bears made a mistake not picking Mac Jones. The most important criteria for being a great NFL QB is to possess high football IQ. Joe Montana has it. Tom Brady has it. Aaron Rogers has it. Patrick Mahomes has it. In my opinion Mac Jones also has it but not sure if Justin Fields has it. I know Fields is a great athlete but let's hope that he also has high football IQ. I wish him the best!
Fat Pizza
Fat Pizza 3 days ago
I feel that Fields and Jones could be the best two QBs of this draft.
Battleground Baseball
This ditz said “bears traded the farm”. Ummm no you dum broad.
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart 3 days ago
There we go again Stephen a Smith lying again you said Wilson was better then Justin
Geometric Temples
He was pissed because Chicago is Cold Af and he was picked 11th...
Brandon Potts
Brandon Potts 3 days ago
Nagy had nothing to do with bisky and never wanted him as his QB but you will still see minority of delusional Bears fans say he miss handled him and thats why he wasn't good smh.
Arthur Melander
Arthur Melander 3 days ago
Here comes one of the biggest busts of the draft in the first 3 years. Justin "Can't see the field".
Sean grealy
Sean grealy 3 days ago
Nagy wanted Mahomes Steven A you dope
Kisuto 3 days ago
If Mac Jones was going to be so good - why wouldn't sabin take him?
Alex Alarcon
Alex Alarcon 3 days ago
Bears are winning the Super Bowl bottom line!!!
Ulice Veasey
Ulice Veasey 3 days ago
If Chicago has a bad offensive line they won't do well.
King True27
King True27 3 days ago
So we just gone ignore max kellerman saying Trevor lance 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Mclinko
Robert Mclinko 3 days ago
Steven A shut up why you think Mahomes turned out" Nagy" WAKE UP!!
Jason No
Jason No 4 days ago
Of course Stephen a smith thinks fields will make the bears Superbowl contenders. Fields is black and smith is racist
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 4 days ago
Stephen A is such a punk to Max I swear
Vaughn Armour
Vaughn Armour 4 days ago
The Bears didn’t really trade that much
lil Odawg Ozone 305
4real ? U aint sayin shyt He raw shoulda went #2
Michael Cunnningham
Finally, the Bears got a QB!!!! I've been watching the Bears since the 70's and the Bears never had a quality QB. Yes, Jim McMahon was good for a couple of yrs, but everyone else was trash. Backup QB's at best. Don't bring up Trubisky. That was a huge draft blunder by the Bears from day 1. Mitch was a bust. A 20 to 20 QB. From the 20 yrd lines he looked gr8, but in the red zone when defenses is packed in, it was either run it in the end zone, or kick a FG. Hopefully, Fields becomes that red zone QB which separates the Pro bowlers from the stat padders. #BearDown
robin devily
robin devily 4 days ago
I’m tired of dan blaming Nagy for Mitch lack of success he simplified things he even brought Mitch in as a gadget player Mitch got hurt on the first gadget play after a 4 yard gain. Mitch still made bad reads on high school level plays. At what point does Mitch have to bare the brunt of his own lack of talent as a professional. In final playoff game are last chance in the game we needed Mitch to run for a fist down he runs out of bounds and doesn’t dive fourth and out but please tell me more about how Nagy failed Mitch
robin devily
robin devily 4 days ago
Lol mac Jones is no where near the story it’s fields. Also what is Stephen A talking about Nagy was with mahomes pace picked Mitch
Peso peso
Peso peso 4 days ago
If Fields win one chip in Chicago he would a legend period
GeLow Brando
GeLow Brando 4 days ago
Max tries so hard to be a brotha lol
XITE MARIO 4 days ago
Max said Trevor lance
RLZ 4 days ago
oyeaitsben 4 days ago
Trey lance only had one turnover in college
Dick Head
Dick Head 4 days ago
steven a smith is an ignorant person. trash can of of a person
319NastyEmpire 1921
Yes we are let’s goo DA BEARSSSSS!!!
Y’all still bring up Mitch... it’s the past. Fields. Talk about Justin.
Stephen A still a Chi hater! lol
B. Simpson
B. Simpson 4 days ago
Cut off Molly perfectly
Chris Rakow
Chris Rakow 4 days ago
What haul did they (Chicago 🐻) give up? In 2017, they gave up what was dubbed a "king's ransom" (swapped firsts in '17, gave up their third rounder in '17 & '18, plus a fourth round pick in '17) to go up two spots, for Mitchell Trubisky (out of UNC) with 13 career starts in college.. Compare that to the trade from 2021 for Justin Fields: • Swapped firsts in '21 (⬅️➡️) • Gave up their 1st round pick in '22 (⬇️) • Gave away their 4th rounder in '22 (⬆️) • 5th rounder in '21 (⬆️) • Moved up 9 spots to grab Justin Fields, who out-dueled Trevor Lawrence in the CFP, and was as of two months ago, considered the second-best QB available in the Draft... (⬆️) P.S. Matt Nagy wasn't here in Chicago for the 2017 NFL Draft debacle, Stephen A.
Chris Rakow
Chris Rakow 4 days ago
P.P.S. Chicago's current head coach had the '17 top 3 QB's listed / ranked / evaluated as 1. Mahomes ("this kid is special"), 2. Watson ("simply a winner"), and 3. Trubisky ("has potential but not ready"), when he was a part of Andy Reid's war room.
shamire bazile
shamire bazile 4 days ago
Is this one person really gonna make them contenders already or do they need to trade, sign, and draft more or does someone need to STAY OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDAAAA‼️😂
LordxWee2212 VL
LordxWee2212 VL 4 days ago
Glad the bear racist owners finally drafted a black qb
Matt McBeth
Matt McBeth 4 days ago
Correct me if I’m wrong but Justin fields hasn’t done jack squat in the NFL. He could be a complete bust for all we know.
Solemon Kamali
Solemon Kamali 4 days ago
Super bowl favorites? Theeeeee hell
TheDarKnight 4 days ago
No black QBs have snapped like that fam
Bodhisfattva 4 days ago
i am gonna laugh my ass off when fields gets sacked 30x this season
OG SlothDog
OG SlothDog 4 days ago
Stephen A always mad cuz his goatee wont connect.
Anthony Ruta
Anthony Ruta 4 days ago
Well now we know he’s going to be bad bc this guy knows nothing about anything besides basketball
Ryan White
Ryan White 4 days ago
As a Chiefs fan-- I want to congratulate the Bears fanbase on finally getting their guy. Fields is gonna be the dude y'all have longed for.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 3 days ago
Thank you
K J 4 days ago
miami cares more about the heat
Jimall Killings
Jimall Killings 4 days ago
My team the Broncos will regret not drafting Fields!!
Frank P
Frank P 4 days ago
If I no da bears he is not a franchise qb watch them fuk it up
Cronius_ _Maximus
Super Bowl champs my browns beating your Steelers again and again hope you get Rodgers so we can make him cry too
Ray Scanlan
Ray Scanlan 4 days ago
When Mac Jones struggle Stephen a go act like he said that it was a terrible pick because he had to live up to Tom Brady
Coach Carter
Coach Carter 4 days ago
The Bears had a total of 84 starting quarterbacks... most in NFL. This year, they're guaranteed to have starting QB no. 85.
Zuo Zhen
Zuo Zhen 4 days ago
Easily the NFL > NBA in any city except for maybe LA.
Charlie B
Charlie B 4 days ago
Stephen a is wrong. Matt nagy drafted mahomes in kc. Took the hc job in chicago after mitch was drafted
Trust the Process!!!
i think the bears taking trubisky was more of Palm to the face pick than Trey
Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone 4 days ago
Bout time CHI got the Right QB in JUSTIN FIELDS to run The Show. With CHI's Playbook you NEED a mobile QB. Once JF get the system down, IT'S ON.
Trust the Process!!!
for me they were drafted in the right order 1.) Lawrence 2.) Lance 3.) fields 4.)mac
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 4 days ago
Why isn’t Max talking about how racist the nfl is? That is all he talked about last week.
Trust the Process!!!
bahahahahha the bears super bowl favorites ??? im hoping he means in the future
oxsinna !
oxsinna ! 4 days ago
beautiful edit when u cut off molly
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 4 days ago
Justin fields is a national hero. His draft position saved us from the race war Max kellerman was. Instigating.