First Take | Stephen A.: "I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Brady & Bucs win Super Bowl LV" 

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First Take | Stephen A.: "I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Brady & Bucs win Super Bowl LV"


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Jan 18, 2021




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LA Jaime
LA Jaime Month ago
Brady has the same amount of NFC championship wins as Rodgers / Brees and it’s his first year in the NFC at 43.💀
JDTX Month ago
Max looks like the kid who has his lunch money taken from him.
Sal Skillz M
Sal Skillz M Month ago
First time ever max gives credit to the goat
M Mac
M Mac Month ago
If Cook doesn't fumble the Saints win....or at least there would have had to be some Brady magic. Anyone who has played at the top of their sport and I don't care if it's table tennis, luck can be the defining factor...or just one play. That being said, Winifield and the entire Bucs defense for that matter has excellent habits. As usual they were swiping at the ball on every play. Cook has to know that his man is behind him and secure the ball better. Pass interference calls may decide the game. Anyway, I wouldn't bet a dime on this game. I have no idea who will win. If the Bucs are within 7 points in the 4th quarter, they've got clutch players on both sides of the ball. Some guys play better when they're scared as hell.
tom phillips
tom phillips Month ago
If the Bucs win and go to the Superbowl then Tom Brady will eventually get a show called "Tom Brady's Top 10 Super Bowls."
Q Man
Q Man Month ago
It’s hard to beat a team 3 times... saints had their cake during the regular season... Buccaneers figured them out the third time
Ted Joseph
Ted Joseph Month ago
Shannon Sharp and Bucky Brooks hate Tom Brady?
B007 Month ago
Come on, packers is still alive and heavily favoured to won.
Phillip Chambers
SA so wishy washy. HES THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET. But then says I wouldn’t be surprised if tom Brady won it all? Pick a side lol
J Am
J Am Month ago
If a dB would've accidentally been close,it would've been another Winston interception
J Am
J Am Month ago
The script has flipped, Saints won't beat DEM BUCS for another 3 or 4 seasons
P Moore
P Moore Month ago
Thanks SAS. Turnovers killed us. Smh. And Go Dirty Birds
Captain Fereday
Captain Fereday Month ago
Tom Brady was fantastic. Gronk dropped a TD pass. Goodwin dropped a TD pass. Bucs should have destroyed the Saints.
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo Month ago
Brady for comeback player of the year
Itz Slippn
Itz Slippn Month ago
Brees aint going out like that!! Idc. He coming back one more time haha
Christopher Elrod
Definition of insanity!!!! Tom brady doing the same things over and over and nfl fans saying that the other team is going to win and now you see where I'm going with this!
Daniel Mateo Fitness
Max finally coming around man. Starting to love him. Less annoying, less try hard, more objective & even using humor
Thelight50 Month ago
If Brady wins a super bow with Tampa he will no doubt be the greatest quarterback in all of NFL history.
Hellz Month ago
I still feel bad for brees.. man can he stay and just play for another team??? Like Brett favre.. I will miss brees it’s not fair it’s like he’s an OG and I grew up around his era, and now it’s like coming to an end it’s so sad.. born in 1996 btw..brees please stay! Brady play til your 50 please!
quintin nunn
quintin nunn Month ago
ITS amazing how SAS will say absolutely anything to stay relevant how many times does this dude change every opinion throughout a season
Seegz J.O
Seegz J.O Month ago
Stephen a acting like he was always right 🤦🏻 he thought the Washington football team would beat tom brady get outta here
Prince Swag
Prince Swag Month ago
dam max jinx Brady. now that he he likes him lol keep hating him max please lol
Donnie Warren
Donnie Warren Month ago
Pastor Clark 😂😂
Ryan JC
Ryan JC Month ago
Can't wait to watch last dance -tom brady
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters Month ago
Tampa Bay baby
Archange Dessin
Archange Dessin Month ago
T.j Masters
T.j Masters Month ago
all that posing and celebrating wasnt doint that shit then😁 and i dnt like brady or brees u a rival now tb so lose 2 green bay
pea55 Month ago
Came to the comment section for Stephen A’s “TwennyMeNollas “
tony nelligan
tony nelligan Month ago
max is trying to escape from the cliff falling onto him.
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson Month ago
I think opponents feel that pressure against Brady in the playoffs. I remember the guys on the Falcons SB team saying after they got out to the lead that the game wasn't over because it was Brady on the other sideline.
Elii Bihh
Elii Bihh Month ago
“Ooooooh slant boyyyyyyyy”
Jason Finch
Jason Finch Month ago
He's only a cheater
Jason Finch
Jason Finch Month ago
Script it for Brady
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Remember they said the same thing 19yrs ago that Buccaneers can’t play in the frigid tundra cold REMEMBER January 2003 REMEMBER....Bucs🏆 outright
Underrated 77
Underrated 77 Month ago
On the cool, Brady probably still holds a chip on his shoulder for being taken 199th of the 2000 NFL draft.
A Aviles
A Aviles Month ago
Luljeta Rofi
Luljeta Rofi Month ago
No bro, he aint beating Aaron Rogers.
Christopher Elrod
No aaron rodgers will beat aaron rodgers
Boycott Bleacher Report ✊
Xavier Lombardero
Max impressed with the bucs wowwwww he is never impressed with the bucs
Robert Hilton
Robert Hilton Month ago
Steven A. bringing up race...again! Dik!
Robert Hilton
Robert Hilton Month ago
Nope! Bucs O line. those guys are freakin AWESOME And they will be the deciding factor.
Kyle Clark
Kyle Clark Month ago
Buccs know that with tom brady it's theres to lose.
Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo Month ago
The unruly girl peroperatively mix because iran disappointingly strap as a lewd produce. good, defective cat
Alec Garcia
Alec Garcia Month ago
Shoutout Max for keeping it real about Brady
Mel Stricker
Mel Stricker Month ago
Unless Stephen A. thinks that Brady can beat Rodgers in a very cold and snowy Green Bay, maybe we need to wait a bit before any Super Bowl predictions.
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger Month ago
I did like try to high fives the Referee
Lauren Month ago
i hate tom brady with all my heart and hope arod beats em but damn give tom his credit he is not a joke the micheal jordan of football
Lauren Month ago
@gabriel Garcia what you incapable of reading makes perfect sense maybe you have the reading level of a todler
gabriel Garcia
gabriel Garcia Month ago
Make sense
Burt Gordon
Burt Gordon Month ago
They are ignoring the obvious. No Taysom Hill, no Latavias Murray, and Drew Brees still clearly not 100 %. Bucs played good but that was the difference. This was not the Saints team that went 12-4. Not to mention Michael Thomas was terrible this season. I know he had injuries but I think there is more wrong with him than that. Congrats to Brady and all of Tampa.
Kal38 Month ago
Look at the numbers Brady has 10 more TD's then Brees and way less INT's 💯 facts..
sjwilson1079 Month ago
Stephen A is forgetting about the 8 point swing for Tampa because Godwin and Gronkowski each dropped a touchdown that wound up as field goals.
Righteous1 Month ago
NFL has been doing everything they can to let Brady win the goat, course he probably will win it all lol
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas Month ago
ShygoneP Rodriguez
How is Rogers better than brees..
Epic scratcher Fl
Brady gets denied at 4:40 😁😅😂😂😂😪
Jashaun Green
Jashaun Green Month ago
pea55 Month ago
Nolan Noles
Nolan Noles Month ago
Brady Bucs potentially in the SB in Tampa Bay without fans...just so strange that the 1st home team to host a SB is during an epidemic.
April Rodriguez
April Rodriguez Month ago
Bucs 2020- Most dangerous wild card team ever.
Isaac Chavez
Isaac Chavez Month ago
2007 New York Giants
kendrick Month ago
93 “its the system and belichick” fans. Salty bitches hahaha Brady is the system.
Tito 96
Tito 96 Month ago
Hey Max wheres that cliff Tom was gonna get to?
Jonathan West
Jonathan West Month ago
Tampa Bay versus Kansas City
Laron Washington
I speak for every one when I say STFU MOLLY
Ryan Rosati
Ryan Rosati Month ago
No one cares what these morons are saying
nesseiht gnay
nesseiht gnay Month ago
wheres the part where the title says?
seriously??? Month ago
Most impressive. Running out the clock with almost 5 minutes left in the game.
Joey Scott
Joey Scott Month ago
The thing that went wrong with that game was Sean Payton and the Saints was trying to win it for Brees. That's where they messed up. The two times the Saints had swept Tampa in the season probably was because they were playing for Brady. That's where they messed up. But not this time..Tampa Bay was playing for one another.. not Brady. That's a big difference. After the game, Tom Brady didn't tell the media that they won it for him. No Brady was talking about how hard they played having fewer mistakes.
Brian Franklin
Brian Franklin Month ago
Max should leave the talking to Steve A he always talking about a cliff 😂
Allen Month ago
2:43 Stephen A: Michael Thomas... you make Twenehmalliandwalla !😂😂😂
pea55 Month ago
Christopher Keyz
Molly is still as cringy as ever
joshua taylor
joshua taylor Month ago
in playoff football its about playing all 3 phazes of the game no turnovers and when u have the ball get touchdowns thats what the bucs did
T Le
T Le Month ago
That will only happen if Tom Brady and Buccaneers plays the Buffalo Bills.
命平和 Month ago
Man that New york accent from Stephen A. I'm not a native english speaker i can't understand shit when he speaks like twennie milyen dallas
pea55 Month ago
Johnny Baxter
Johnny Baxter Month ago
Steven a manages to make a race comment no matter what
Johnny Baxter
Johnny Baxter Month ago
Hey everyone that said the saints would win wya now
SomeGetByOnLess Month ago
20 millin nollas
pea55 Month ago
peter lee
peter lee Month ago
These idiots are talking out of their ass. It came down to one play when the NO tight end fumbled when they were up 7. They were on their way to be up by 2 scores and that would have put TB in a predictable offence. Same with the Browns receiver fumbling near the goal line. Watch Stefan Diggs this year. Catches the ball and slides before he gets hit.
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer Month ago
How many dropped interceptions like 4
jimthar17 Month ago
Leave it to S.A. to bring race into it yet again. Jesus fuck dude, GET OFF IT!
BucsFan1976 Month ago
Man this guy is annoying AF
Jay R
Jay R Month ago
How stupid are all these guys, the average fan are better analysts who know that the Buc's running game neutralized the saints pass rush. Two of the other interceptions were late when the buc's were already up and Drew had to force the ball in.
Redpillx89 Month ago
Austin Luepkes
Austin Luepkes Month ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if any team wins the super bowl. There are only 4 options dumbass
Boris Godzinevski
All haters. All of them. They laughed at 45. They laughed at SB caliber. Eat it. From a Lions fan.
Joao Flores
Joao Flores Month ago
Max fell of a cliff
Venus Hightower
Venus Hightower Month ago
Why everyone acting like it's brady who taking them to the super bowl. Defense bruh
Orochi Maru
Orochi Maru Month ago
Look at Brady stats and tell me if its mostly defense.
Makhi Jamal
Makhi Jamal Month ago
20million dollas🤣🤣🤣
pea55 Month ago
ghaith al
ghaith al Month ago
Brees is way overrated
sizserb22 Month ago
He messed up with 500 yards 😂😂😂 ???
E Money
E Money Month ago
I would definitely hire Ryan Clark as a defense of Coordinator
cyncus1 Month ago
Bucs D was on point and Tom is the Goat! He makes everyone around him better.
JUDALATION gamestrodamous
They ain't beating the Chiefs...
Austin Lime
Austin Lime Month ago
“Twenty miiiiieeeeen dollas!”
pea55 Month ago
Enterst8 Month ago
After Tom goes to the Superbowl.... This guy needs to sign with the Browns and take them all the way mentoring Baker!
Ryan Cross
Ryan Cross Month ago
“Major props to Slave Master Bruce Arians for having 3 Brothers” 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Xxjon wayne
Xxjon wayne Month ago
Thank me later 9:50-10:04
Ronald Matienzo
Ronald Matienzo Month ago
I wonder what loud mouth max has to say to this
Andrew Starke
Andrew Starke Month ago
If a man made that joke molly did he would be fired.
Jashaun Green
Jashaun Green Month ago
@Jordan Adams what joke didn’t peep it
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams Month ago
Yeah I was like oh shit could had escalated she knew what she was doing
fika nuryahati
fika nuryahati Month ago
What happened to that cliff Max?
Chris Eller
Chris Eller Month ago
I love the "20 Million dollars" voice I love it
pea55 Month ago
Star& Zar
Star& Zar Month ago
He makes Twinmini dollars...😂😂
pea55 Month ago
Charlie Bates
Charlie Bates Month ago
Major props to Arians not for being a great coach but for all the "brothers" he has working in Tampa?? .... Well gee the NFL is what about, 78% bothers?? Who all are millionaires and are held up as role models!? What a horrible racist county this is!! 🙄 .... I mean when can we stop talking about color and just be Americans?
xXOOMYXx25 Month ago
I wouldn't. But Stephan A is a clown so...