FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. reacts to DeVonta Smith says he was shocked the Eagles traded up to get him 

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FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. reacts to DeVonta Smith says he was shocked the Eagles traded up to get him


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Apr 30, 2021




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Beam SN
Beam SN 15 days ago
First Take [Full] | Stephen A.: "Not Lawrence or Wilson, Trey Lance is the most successful young QB" us-first.info/player/video/e81peJynlZuLYXk.html
Allrick Manning
Allrick Manning 12 days ago
David Ziolkowski
David Ziolkowski 21 hour ago
i am going to laugh when jalen hurts come out like russell wilson and kill the nfl east
anniel morera
Stephen A hating hard on Jimmy G
ITSNOJOKE 2 days ago
As an Eagles fan, yes our division sucks, but New York and Washington have very good secondaries, it sucks to say but it’s true
Theodore Thomas
Theodore Thomas 3 days ago
Why the eagles coach look like Josh Rosen
king_dimez939 8
king_dimez939 8 5 days ago
Pat mahomes threw for 50 touchdowns and won mvp his first year starting 😂😂😂that’s better then Dan Marino
BISHOP K.L.LEWIS 6 days ago
Steven A is a horrible analyst Max has become the dumpster fire version of Steven A
Dink Dink
Dink Dink 8 days ago
The whole NFL stinks max outside of KC TB & maybe the ravens other than tht the rest are damn near even to me nobody outside those 3 teams wins consistently 💯 ijs i call it like i see it they all stink except those 3 teams this upcoming season will be a toss up on what teams will be there at the end wtf max talkn bout ??
MCJokki 8 days ago
How the trade went down. Howie: "Hey Jerry its Howie here, do you want to F the Giants". Jerry "yes lets do it" Giants think they are the sh**t now, let knock them down a peg" Howie: " Great lets F the Giants".
Jason Baldwin
Jason Baldwin 9 days ago
Maxine kellerman Gotta lot of Female tendencies.. Everything is motive driven!!
JOe merlino
JOe merlino 9 days ago
But is throwing for 200 yards and handing the ball off 60 times a game really enough to say that they made the biggest impact on the team?If Mac jones throws for 325-400 yds a game and doesn't make the playoffs ,he still made the bigger contribution and is more of the plug and play draft choice.
Dallas Sucks
Dallas Sucks 10 days ago
Kellerman is such an idiot
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 10 days ago
Devonta Smith Earned a nickname at Alabama (Slim Reaper), and for those of you who don't know, at Alabama you have to be a Legend to get a nickname period!😳
Logan D
Logan D 10 days ago
Max such a Eagles hater. Can’t wait for him to choke on those words this season lol.
Gregory Bryant
Gregory Bryant 10 days ago
Smith is the best receiver. The man runs impeccable routes. His speed is slept on. Eagles got a steel.
Natanel Solomonov
Natanel Solomonov 11 days ago
Max is so biased
PopularNobody 11 days ago
Lol max is furious the Eagles fucked the Giants 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mykel Mikz
Mykel Mikz 11 days ago
Max is a douche bag Giants salty fan...
CLYDe FRog 11 days ago
@5:22 Molly blinking like a damn reptile. Get her off this show already
Rachel Lindsey
Rachel Lindsey 11 days ago
eagles win
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 11 days ago
Max just upset that Smith is gonna torch the Giants twice a year.
MVision X
MVision X 11 days ago
I guess the Giants didn't stink since going to the playoffs in what? 2016. Max please ..lol
Ningnong4u 12 days ago
Everything I see these two I always come away with a feeling that Max is in a abusive relationship. Now if a white man was to treat a black the way Stephen A treat Max. He’d be the first one to call that white man a racist and yet he behave in the same fashion. I find it hard to give Stephen A any respect. I see him as a bully who thinks the loudest is the strongest.
vainglorious101 4 days ago
Go gargle
Yoostburg Von Hilsenhauff
I wonder if Kellerman prefers nuts or sprinkles on his ice cream COPE
Alec Hernandez
Alec Hernandez 12 days ago
Eagles still suck.
tkgrant7 12 days ago
What did smith and waddle have in common? Mac Jones threw them dimes
125 850
125 850 12 days ago
DeVonta Smith’s best season was this year when Defenses were zeroing on him because Jaylen Waddle was hurt. Jamar Chase best season came last year when the Tigers had Justin Jefferson with him so they couldn’t zeroing on Jamar Chase and had Joe Burrow who had the best season in FBS history. According to me DeVonta Smith was the best WR in this season’s draft
trollslayer1266 gaming
🖕Steven A and snowflake max two race hustlers
Sir Goose
Sir Goose 12 days ago
Max just talks with passion. Still doesn't make him right. Silly man.
Jack Stinson
Jack Stinson 12 days ago
Max is a salt factory lmaooo
Louis Sauls
Louis Sauls 13 days ago
Naw the bears are
Preston Hornes
Preston Hornes 13 days ago
Why is max on TV this show sucks soo bad now
Robin Durrough
Robin Durrough 13 days ago
Max a Hater!!
PG G. 13 days ago
Smith was going to the eagles when they had the 6th pick stupid
Fox InTheHenhouse
Fox InTheHenhouse 13 days ago
Max just sounds like a hater all day, he’s on that bullshit
Paul paul
Paul paul 13 days ago
This ain’t three yrs ago when he lost his job to tua, it’s 2021. Hurts grew so much as a player and I’ll say it again hurts is gonna tear the league up this season!
C nation Rah boogie
Disrespectful, NFC LEAST😂😂😂 Let’s go EAGLESSSSS!!!!
Ryan Mcgee
Ryan Mcgee 13 days ago
Max is so salty the eagles got smith.
Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris 14 days ago
Stephen A is silly mentioning New England before buffalo this year. New England is not the best team in the division anymore. Silly guy.
Carl 14 days ago
Lol he really think the dolphins are gonna be very good? HAHAHA. They have tua..
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 14 days ago
Phins up
Marquis Bryant
Marquis Bryant 14 days ago
Y'all gonna put some respect on the NFC least. What division has the most superbowls? Provided the Patriots dynasty their only 3 super bowl losses? These four teams can be bad 1 season, and great the next. Make no mistake. Every team in this division can beat any team in the league any given Sunday. The Eagles had the hardest schedule in the league, a ton of injuries, yet looking back. They was in every single game last season at the end. They just didn't score enough points. That defense is real tho. Max acts like the Dolphins are light years in front of the East teams. That's not the case
lifewithjordan 14 days ago
Y’all sleeping on Philly they about to shock some people
El Serpiente
El Serpiente 14 days ago
Why did Smith go so late? In my opinion this shocker was a damn steal of the draft I don't care how small he is look at the damn production
John Horan
John Horan 14 days ago
Fuck ellerson or whatever tf his name is. Saying the eagles stink. Wtf do you know??
Pedro Guerrero
Pedro Guerrero 14 days ago
Miami was not a very good team shut up max
Will G. Perez
Will G. Perez 14 days ago
Philly is stacking up! Just gotta stay healthy! They are proven winners in the organization! I expect them to surprise teams this year 💯
vatoloco13 3 days ago
@Frog Man I really don't need your approval 🤡 eagles suck
Frog Man
Frog Man 3 days ago
@vatoloco13 yea that’s wrong. But if you wanna hate just go ahead
vatoloco13 12 days ago
Nick Foles was the proven winner in Philadelphia when he left the eagles sucked again🤣
Nationsss 12 days ago
No lol
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles 14 days ago
A bad team that has beat the giants the last 5+6 years 16 times and only lost 3 or 4. We are 16- 4 against them so wtf does that make the giants....ASS!!!! Fuck the Giants should of traded with the cowboys first 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles 14 days ago
Max salty 😭😭😭🤷🏾‍♂️
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles 14 days ago
Lmao couldn't wait to see max reaction.
Helene Soler
Helene Soler 14 days ago
Max you big mad Lmfaoooo always hating on us 🤣 eat it !
Anthony Alarcon
Anthony Alarcon 14 days ago
Let's go Eagles😃🦅🌈❤!!!!!
Sharibzulfiqar16 9 days ago
Always knew Philly fans were gay
chris ward
chris ward 14 days ago
U see even giants fans molly and max don't even believe in that trash qb Danny Jones 😂😂😂😂😂
AceOf Spadz18
AceOf Spadz18 14 days ago
Nobody knows 🤣
Chester Wilson Jr.
Chester Wilson Jr. 14 days ago
Jerry Jones you dummy you choose a linebacker over Devonta Smith
Get Right 2 it Podcast
You can see it all on max face as a Giants Fan he mad the eagles took their pick 🤣🦅
Jason Murdock
Jason Murdock 14 days ago
Howie clearly tryna win the fan base back good job this offseason so far howie its his best that weve seen
KINGTANA KUTZ 23 14 days ago
MOLLY SOUND like MY GIRL 👧when i was watching the draft SHE LOVED TREY LANCE 🤣omg 🤦🤣
Shunsha 14 days ago
We were all shocked about this pick. But fuck the Giants 😂
Allen Christopher Brown II
Eagles needed Smith n Smith needed philly
Ryan Vasko
Ryan Vasko 14 days ago
Nfc east is the best division in nfl history so max can keep hating on us but we will come back
Marquise Carter
Marquise Carter 11 days ago
Hell yeah fly eagles fly
Marquis Bryant
Marquis Bryant 14 days ago
Exactly, only division that has all 4 teams have won a super bowl. Only division to beat the Patriots in a superbowl
1Kellapitter 14 days ago
Hurts > Tua in the nfl. People keep shitting on Hurts, he'll be a top 5 qb this year or next.
Thomas Acker
Thomas Acker 14 days ago
lol kellerman always hating on philly and hurts. tua didnt prove anything and neither did hurts but sure go hate on jalen lol
A 14 days ago
Smith is a different kind of receiver. Seems like he’s 10 -15 yards wide open every time. He’s a randy moss/ de Sean Jackson game changer.
Jerm C.
Jerm C. 14 days ago
D Smith = D Jackson idk if that's a great thang good yes great na
BigGates 14 days ago
Max this entire draft process I haven’t heard you talk about Waddle.. Max is a HATER it’s not even close anymore
Marc Borras
Marc Borras 14 days ago
This guy needs to go back to announcing boxing ..... Once a season done you can't expect to be the same team you was last year ( dolphins) .
Killa CK
Killa CK 14 days ago
Did max really Switch up on hurts cause We took Smith.-_- Max
Korean 14 days ago
cry max lmaooooo
VARNBARN 14 days ago
Huh? Tua is trash Lmao what is max talking about
Killa CK
Killa CK 14 days ago
Smitty To Philly MAX😂😂😂😂
Jimmy Hinder
Jimmy Hinder 14 days ago
Max doesn’t understand that players can perform well in bad teams. Just because the dolphins are better doesn’t mean waddle will perform more.
JOe merlino
JOe merlino 9 days ago
Waddle reminds me too much of Tedd Ginn coming out of college, that's all that replayed in my head when we took Waddle as our first pick.Smith is more of a receiver and the better route runner.
Jimmy Hinder
Jimmy Hinder 12 days ago
@GMAMEC I think QBs it’s a different case. I think you need to have a good team to be a good qb. In most cases
GMAMEC 12 days ago
True, but Fields definitely needs the right coaching, complimentary players and solid program. He has a much bigger challenge than the other top QBs.
PSUIVERSON 14 days ago
Max - Eagles didn't have their 1st and 2nd string o-line all year. Just wait.
rj King
rj King 14 days ago
I really wanted the dolphins to get smith. Smith ripped the national bowl game apart and won heisman, don’t see why everyone had a problem with his size after. Not like the NFL are physical as they used to be back in the days. You blow on some of these receivers wrong and you might get hit with a personal foul.
Stephen White
Stephen White 15 days ago
Max swore the eagles were good but Wentz held them back and now he’s switched up lmfao clown ass just a wentz hater and a giants fan
Stephen White
Stephen White 15 days ago
It’s just funny how Max switched up on Hurts when the entire time he swore Hurts ignited the team.
Mario Valdez
Mario Valdez 3 hours ago
It's Max Kellerman he changes his opinion more than his underwear
Philly Jeremy
Philly Jeremy 7 days ago
He wanted Wentz out of town, knowing his talent.
dMoney 9 days ago
Biased giants fan at work
Warren Clingman
Warren Clingman 11 days ago
Wish I could like this more. He said enough to push his hate for Carson. When hurts had only won 1 game as a starter!
Jeremy nicholson
Jeremy nicholson 11 days ago
He's the Worst sports analysis!
Kyle Sorel
Kyle Sorel 15 days ago
thank you for skipping max at 1:40
Farhan Labib
Farhan Labib 15 days ago
Eagles and Bears just stole the draft.
Brandon Watts
Brandon Watts 15 days ago
Max how is tua the better Qb when dolphins players came out and said they wasn’t sold on him at the end of the season... at least the Eagles played with a little more juice with hurts starting
vainglorious101 4 days ago
Where’s the link to that lie
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 14 days ago
@rj King months b4 the draft
rj King
rj King 15 days ago
When did the dolphin players say that?
Jack M
Jack M 15 days ago
Roll Tide
Tom Youngest
Tom Youngest 15 days ago
Is SAS high or sleepy...goof
Martin Ostapowicz
Martin Ostapowicz 15 days ago
Hope you cry Max😂
William Heinsinger
William Heinsinger 15 days ago
Great pick for the EAGLES 🦅💪
Derrick Brossard
Derrick Brossard 15 days ago
Miami is a good team, not a very good team. They didn't make the playoffs. Max should try to be honest.
FloridaSun72 15 days ago
Max is twisting himself in knots trying to make Philly look bad
L Rob
L Rob 15 days ago
Salty salty salty Max LMAO Bottom line, say what you want, Devonta Smith is going to torture Dallas, Giants and Washington for about a decade. He’s a stud
josh chigurh
josh chigurh 15 days ago
I cant wait
Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen 15 days ago
Molly stfu ffs
FloridaSun72 15 days ago
Max hates the Eagles and America
josh chigurh
josh chigurh 15 days ago
We hate him too
Argediz Laureano
Argediz Laureano 15 days ago
Last time Max Kellerman wanted a QB from Ohio state, Haskins, ended up being a bust. Ohio state don’t produce good QBs in the nfl. Hoping fields proves me wrong though.
Argediz Laureano
Argediz Laureano 15 days ago
@Derrick Brossard lol
Derrick Brossard
Derrick Brossard 15 days ago
@Argediz Laureano Exactly
Argediz Laureano
Argediz Laureano 15 days ago
@Derrick Brossard who?
Derrick Brossard
Derrick Brossard 15 days ago
Come on man, what about Bobby Hoying?
McKenzie Nicolas
McKenzie Nicolas 15 days ago
Yet, Max is still a Giants fan
FiringallCylinders 15 days ago
Max is going to have to watch Smith torch his Giants for the foreseeable future haha
Rell 4 days ago
Our secondary is loaded...and you have no qb lmao Not even worried about you birds this season it, Washington and Dallas is the comp you birds will be tanking again this year at 5-12 maybe 6-11
Cordaneus Robinson
@Ken Star i like hightower too we gone be a top 10 offense mark my words
Cordaneus Robinson
@Ken Star add Gainwell and Watkins and scott dont forget my guy ward
JOE BLACK 11 days ago
Bradberry 🔒
Ken Star
Ken Star 13 days ago
@Anotherway 18 is Dallas goedart not a top 10 TE in this league? Raegor will bounce back with smith on the other side, a rookie WR will not get double teamed, add miles sanders to the mix as a pass catcher and eagles offense is sneaky good...
C Kennedy
C Kennedy 15 days ago
Someone tell Max that 3rd pick they traded out of was Houston's. Miami is pretty solid and will be better next year.
Jack Lord
Jack Lord 15 days ago
The Eagles needs an offensive line and a tight end. That defense needs help all over the place.
Markett Spikes
Markett Spikes 14 days ago
@Robert Johnson that’s because most people only like teams when their doing well I’ve been an Eagles fan since the Early 90s I was there for all the ups and downs. Shit I was an Eagles fan when the Cardinals was in our division
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 14 days ago
@Markett Spikes they don’t know our offensive line was elite before the injuries what is this guy talking about, and we still have the best tight ends in the division smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
James Davis
James Davis 14 days ago
We have an offensive line they all got injured last year that won’t happen all the time
Markett Spikes
Markett Spikes 15 days ago
Bro we have one of the best offensive line in the league they just were injured last year Dallas Godert is one of the best tight ends in the league our running backs is great and with hurts being our quarterback the impact will be even better not to Mention we have a new coaching staff so you don’t know how things will go our defense will be different and our offense will be more different so what looked bad last year because the good players we had wasn’t used right let’s see how they look when their put in a situation to we’re their strengths will be used Sanders, Howard, Scott, Killins. With Hurts, Watkins, Reagor, Ward Jr, Hightower, Smith Whiteside. That’s a lot to think about all these guys were not used to their strengths. Now smith is a Rookie this year but we shall see!!!!! But for me if Nick and this coaching staff is great at placing players in position to be great and the play calling on the offense and defense is very balanced it’s going to be problems this year because these teams aren’t going to be used to the new things we are going to be doing
Tre Williams
Tre Williams 15 days ago
@Leebo Gotti Thk u!!! Ppl sleepin
Wes Daniels
Wes Daniels 15 days ago
Drafting smith is perfect for reagor to succeed. If reagor can't benefit now I would trade him asap.
Wes Daniels
Wes Daniels 10 days ago
@PopularNobody fool any one can be traded. If he's subpar this year he's definitely considered to be traded
PopularNobody 11 days ago
Bruh this isn't Madden. He's on a rookie contract. He's not going to be traded
Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens 13 days ago
Reagor got done dirty last year...alot of missed throws that wouldve been big plays. Then he got hurt and missed alot of a games. He started showing his potential once Hurts started playing he will be fine the talent is there
Jason Murdock
Jason Murdock 14 days ago
Reagor smith at watkins gonna be our top guys
Darius Slay
Darius Slay 14 days ago
@Gabe the fact that he doesn’t talk or speak is probably the reason why he’s quiet, he really learned well and worked hard, I never realized he was good until he started playing good when Cobb was getting injured for the packers and getting old, I knew he was gonna be good but not that fast, like a Dhop type only speed wise, the only thing I was surprised about was his route running
Chris Schaller
Chris Schaller 15 days ago
Max is so salty that the Eagles screw the Giants at least 4 times a year
The_Truth !
The_Truth ! 4 days ago
@Rell you talking about past my guy ! Y'all weak and will remain nobody's... YALL ain't got a real fan base be real 😆
Rell 4 days ago
@The_Truth ! 🏆🏆🏆🏆 >🏆 😏🤭 ain't that cute lol
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 5 days ago
He's wrong about the Dolphins too. They aren't winning anything with Tua.
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen 6 days ago
@AceOf Spadz18 and how many playoff wins did Odell bring the giants 😂🤣🤡🤣😂🤣🧐🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️🤣😂🧐🤣🤣
Ray Oid
Ray Oid 11 days ago
Eagles have been doing it decades. So many Miracles (screwed over) at the Meadowlands.
Jack Lord
Jack Lord 15 days ago
Max, Tua wasn't better in my opinion.
Harrison Curtis Buck
Lol max is salty
Truth Serum
Truth Serum 15 days ago
Keep sleeping on my Eagles 🤫🦅
Sharibzulfiqar16 9 days ago
@jpking2012 9-11 games are you dumb? Far by the worst team in the worst division
Sharibzulfiqar16 9 days ago
tkgrant7 12 days ago
The Equalizers
The Equalizers 12 days ago
Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott 12 days ago
And thats exactly what we're gonna do 😂
Jared31300 15 days ago
Bryen Singleton
Bryen Singleton 15 days ago
max seems mad...im gonna get him a cape so he can be SUPER mad
Bryen Singleton
Bryen Singleton 8 days ago
@The Equalizers with all due disrespect please blindfold yourself then go play in traffic
Foolie Wayne the 3rd
I love it.....
DK66 8 days ago
@Rocky Davis stfu
Rocky Davis
Rocky Davis 12 days ago
@The Equalizers lol oh you like gay Cowboy jokes or something 🤣
The Equalizers
The Equalizers 12 days ago
Wow what a gay Philly joke