Finish the Lyrics, I'll Buy You Anything #2 ft. 2HYPE House 

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Feb 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Isaiah Daley
Isaiah Daley 5 days ago
That Faze champion hoodie is ⛽️
Shiran Mathis
Shiran Mathis 9 days ago
Mitchell got cheated
Where youngboy at
SecuredVibez- Month ago
Jordy Avila
Jordy Avila Month ago
Danny kris energy😑
Nathan G
Nathan G Month ago
They way how kris sings the lyrics it bothers me
TC VOXIFY Month ago
28:25 got me doing hard lmao 😂
F1NE X Month ago
Anyone else notice that Mopis wearing an 💯 thieves sweater
brian fleming
brian fleming Month ago
kris has the best intro on US-first
Famous Tino
Famous Tino Month ago
would anyone else get all of these right orrrrr..?
Jvn Month ago
Kris: they always say congratulation Zack:i need a vacation 22:33
Gavin Ashley
Gavin Ashley Month ago
I paused when he was about to say the n-word
WRLD 2 months ago
The disrespect on juice
KingPhoe10 Month ago
I know
AJ GAMING 2 months ago
lets goooo mich😁
Jackson Krick
Jackson Krick 2 months ago
Dude I could probably beat them in that they got the ones wrong that i would get right
Fabi Roblox
Fabi Roblox 2 months ago
Rest an peace xxxtentacion 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Fabi Roblox
Fabi Roblox 2 months ago
Kris your year faze merch
Cayden-Playz 2 months ago
Congratulations is my ringtone for my phone.
Aidan Cain
Aidan Cain 2 months ago
Jiedel: Just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% the best
KingPhoe10 Month ago
Tiddles The Tortoise
Hell nawh
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 2 months ago
Mopi is wearing a 100 Thieves shirt 😬😂
DANIEL I BEACHEY 2 months ago
mopi it was dont you be a meani
Ryatt White
Ryatt White 2 months ago
this actually got me cracking up laughing
I see dead_bugs
I see dead_bugs 2 months ago
Jesser and the n-word bru
XF_ TEARZ 2 months ago
4 words "need my medication"
JR Cadena
JR Cadena 2 months ago
Max Paranick
Max Paranick 2 months ago
No one is going to talk about how in the Shawn mendes one it said this is america
Onur Er Bayraktar
Onur Er Bayraktar 2 months ago
Bro mopi wearing 100t 9 mounth ago
Cayla Radich
Cayla Radich 2 months ago
Mopi repping 100 thieves then now not being in the 100 thieves deal 😔
Xavier Vogrig
Xavier Vogrig 2 months ago
Guess the lyric 3 please.
EJ Palomar
EJ Palomar 2 months ago
Yo who edited this?
Weemizzzle 2 months ago
11:44 your welcome (MOPI) 13:44(JAMES)
Phantom-YT 2 months ago
Just realized Mopi Is wearing 💯 thieves merch and 2hype joined 💯 thieves .
Soccer training48 Robin
Juice wrld 300 was easy but I don’t care
Soccer training48 Robin
Roddy rich was easy for 200
Cashius Esquivel
Cashius Esquivel 2 months ago
Mopi already wearing 100-thieves
Elvis Chancoy
Elvis Chancoy 2 months ago
Mans says I’ll buy anything but at the end he says only one thing 😭😭
Parker Reyes
Parker Reyes 3 months ago
Kris: " I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm" James: Im the best. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brittanie Campbell
Brittanie Campbell 3 months ago
mopi predicted 100 thieves x 2hype
Arek Keoshgerian
Arek Keoshgerian 3 months ago
It’s crazy how Mopi wearing a 100Thieves shirt 😂
_Riley_ _Laing_
_Riley_ _Laing_ 2 months ago
This didn't age well
COD GAMER 20 3 months ago
I was going to say that
Ben 3 months ago
I have a question does anyone know what kris says in his intro?
Theory Ghost
Theory Ghost 3 months ago
It sucks that my boy juice was one of the last one
Supremee GOAT30
Supremee GOAT30 3 months ago
I would have got all of them right 😂 how could they screw up the lizzo one
beth Lang
beth Lang 3 months ago
My favorite vid by you
beth Lang
beth Lang 3 months ago
Me to
tobe nwobu
tobe nwobu 3 months ago
Mopi wearing the 100 thevies shirt
jack wu
jack wu 3 months ago
19:40 Mitch wasnt feeling it💀
Camden Owens
Camden Owens 3 months ago
It isn’t in my bloooooooooooooood
Brodie Bamer
Brodie Bamer 3 months ago
mopi in the 100T merch!!!!
Dickson Samadder
Dickson Samadder 3 months ago
💯 thevies on mopi he can tell the future
Takunda Matinga
Takunda Matinga 3 months ago
U must do another finish the lyric
gamingwithdray 3 months ago
Lil mosy lil tjay nle
emaistros 23
emaistros 23 3 months ago
Moochie is cultured!!!!
Jeff Schwab
Jeff Schwab 3 months ago
Fire vid
Luke Black
Luke Black 3 months ago
23:25 had me dying
Sikuka Ulae
Sikuka Ulae 3 months ago
I subcribed and trundle on post notif-
Sikuka Ulae
Sikuka Ulae 3 months ago
* turned on
james remer
james remer 3 months ago
Did mopi say Lozzo
Steven Batiste
Steven Batiste 3 months ago
Tf nbayoungboy @ ?
illusionz.r6 3 months ago
Deadass if Cash was in this it would be lit
Logan 3 months ago
Is it just me or would anyone else destroy all of them in this
Lane Stewart
Lane Stewart 3 months ago
You should do this but give them the song lyrics and they guess the song name
zDSD 3 months ago
It’s Bur-Berry.
Bobbi Miller
Bobbi Miller 3 months ago
Where is cash nasty
vultureFN 3 months ago
Suicide if you ever try to let me go!
CeDaN K 3 months ago
im low-key getting triggered about them not knowing the lyrics and I DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE WHOLE VID.
meir the boss 23
meir the boss 23 3 months ago
i like= 1 year xxxtentacions killer in jail 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 👇🏾
Xavier Vogrig
Xavier Vogrig 4 months ago
Need part 3!!
R4G3 FAITHYG 4 months ago
I got them all 😂
James lost all his respect in this
Amanda Lafrance
Amanda Lafrance 4 months ago
Jesser is invited to the cookout 😂
Brady Hogan
Brady Hogan 4 months ago
Who else thinks juice world should have been 500
phoeni-x 4 months ago
I thought u said simpbird lol😂😂
timur nuriyev
timur nuriyev 4 months ago
Yo 2hype you guys are awesome but ain’t know any lyrics. I am 12 and knew everything.
MYSTIC PIMP #2 4 months ago
Shout out to Jessie for not saying it though
ITS JK15 4 months ago
This is America dont catch you slippin up
Jj B
Jj B 4 months ago
Jesser in his head:I wish I was black
Heroic_Clutch M
Heroic_Clutch M 4 months ago
Got that same poster on the 3 goats
xMandyx 4 months ago
I’m a huge fan of juice and x, May they R.I.P
xMandyx 4 months ago
If I was one of you guys I’d of gone for juice and x I got those both right
Its Peso
Its Peso 4 months ago
Jesser was 2 seconds away from getting canceled
Ballin’ Torres
Ballin’ Torres 4 months ago
Where’s cash
BlockBoy_Jamoi 4 months ago
18:34 "can't walk with me" really mopi
Certified Green
Certified Green 4 months ago
16:12 jesser rlly over there cheating
I-abuse- Screens
I-abuse- Screens 4 months ago
Bro that one box ain’t even fair🤣🤣🤣
F.N.F Not Mike
F.N.F Not Mike 5 months ago
11:57 had me in tears
F.N.F Not Mike
F.N.F Not Mike 5 months ago
they should have done eminem and give them rap god
Trey Scott
Trey Scott 5 months ago
Moshi moshi peeps
Fredrick Ausbie
Fredrick Ausbie 5 months ago
Good answer passing theN word jesser
Andrew Easley
Andrew Easley 5 months ago
Does he mushy mushy peeps as his intro I literally can’t understand him 😂
Mohsin Rayani
Mohsin Rayani 5 months ago
yo wad up
beatsbysaturn 5 months ago
Tyler goes right for it😂😂😂
sullivanobrien_ 5 months ago
the editing of the pop up stuff was kinda shite
Nathon Kohlbeck
Nathon Kohlbeck 6 months ago
LebTheLyon 6 months ago
Mad respect to Jesser 10:45
Jahshd Gdbdbdn
Jahshd Gdbdbdn 6 months ago
This has a whole different meaning to white stereo types
Flam Bam
Flam Bam 6 months ago
No one: James: I just took a DNA test turns out I'm the best
lil_Ghost 6 months ago
Landon_drippy YT
Landon_drippy YT 6 months ago
Isn’t kris black
Raidernation 32
Raidernation 32 6 months ago
Bro am I the only one who didn’t breathe when mitchel said XXXTENTACION
Tyson Holt
Tyson Holt 6 months ago
Some1 tell me what happened to cash
Hayden Fowler
Hayden Fowler 6 months ago
3:47 it was supposed to be a Shawn mendes lyric but it said “this is America ________”
werty_fn 6 months ago
Why was mittchel doing naruto signs 2:00
White Men CAN Jump!
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