Final Jeopardy!: "Who Wanted To Kick That Field Goal?" Contestant Response for Aaron Rodgers 

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Today’s Final Jeopardy! contestant response left guest host Aaron Rodgers chuckling and shaking his head.
Remember 2021’s NFC Championship Game when Green Bay lost to Tampa by 5 points? So does Jeopardy! guest host Aaron Rodgers. And our 2-day champion Scott won’t let him forget in this fun round of Final Jeopardy!
Final Jeopardy! April 5, 2021 | 04/05/2021

The one football question everyone wants to ask #AaronRodgers.
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 77   
clipobserver 5 days ago
What's the over/under Aaron wanted to scream out Matt LaFleur?
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur 6 days ago
Rodgers is a natural at the show
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 7 days ago
That was very hilarious !!
alida flus
alida flus 8 days ago
Lol. Rub it in, I love it
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 days ago
That was very hilarious !!
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
It was the right call change my mind.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 7 days ago
'Roast the host' is gonna become the next Jeopardy meme. I can feel it!
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 10 days ago
Now the contestants are going to give Aaron Rodger bad memories like they did to Ken Jennings and that response wouldn't be right for Ken Jennings either!
alida flus
alida flus 8 days ago
What was the answer?
ken karwoski
ken karwoski 10 days ago
Just asking to be curious, was this uploaded before it physically aired; because the scores on the lectern are blurred out!
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 days ago
He totally wanted to say “Not me”
The Elite Reviews
The Elite Reviews 11 days ago
Once aaron looked down at 0:11 you know he was like "Damn it I can never escape it"
NASCAR Fan 18 12 days ago
What is Matt Lafleur?
CatieCass 12 days ago
Good GOD in heaven, Aaron Rodgers is smokin hot. He's got it all - the looks, the height (I love tall guys), the hair, the voice, the demeanor, and of course, the intelligence.
Marie Kano
Marie Kano 9 days ago
Hes beautiful
Zahra Nazar
Zahra Nazar 13 days ago
what was the question?
Nicool Peg
Nicool Peg 14 days ago
Anxiously awaiting Charlie Berens reaction to this 🤣 😂🇨🇦
stéphane A
stéphane A 14 days ago
Should have read : Who chocked after his defense gave him 3 INT's.
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 12 days ago
Elsa Tan
Elsa Tan 14 days ago
The juicy alley problematically reproduce because error ultrastructurally buzz vice a clean bow. wakeful, yellow sardine
Extra Lives
Extra Lives 14 days ago
Excellent point, Elsa. And very relevant.
magnut4347 14 days ago
Should have been "who could have easily ran the ball in for a TD but choked" ?
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@I like my own comments to get the ball rolling he would’ve gained at least half the yardage making it easier to go for it on 4th and goal from the 8. I see football logic is a difficult concept for you
I like my own comments to get the ball rolling
He would never have made it to the endzone, I see physics is a difficult subject for you
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 13 days ago
I thought the same at first but I still think he probably saw the Bucs' linemen waiting to smash him in the open field.
Sky Blaze
Sky Blaze 14 days ago
Or at least picked up 6 yards and gotten in a better 4th down situation so then you dont even contemplate kicking the FG..Rodgers choked hard on that play.
Im Lillard
Im Lillard 14 days ago
God we she have went to the sb next year plz god🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Anthony 14 days ago
No doubt in my mind that this was staged by Aaron, as a passive aggressive response to Matt Lafleur and the Packers. Love it!
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
Yeah well maybe instead of being passive aggressive he should watch the play before the FG where he had an open path to the End Zone or the play where he threw to a double covered Adams when Lazard was wide open in the End Zone right in front of Adams.
onedropmic 14 days ago
"Hey Rogers" in that fat guy's voice with the cheese on his head in that State Farm look a like commercial..LOL
Steve Yochim
Steve Yochim 14 days ago
'Roast the host' is gonna become the next Jeopardy meme. I can feel it!
Yousnoob 14 days ago
What was the answer?
Santa Christ
Santa Christ 14 days ago
He totally wanted to say “Not me”
Brenden Kucken
Brenden Kucken 15 days ago
As a lions fan, I should hate him, right? Why don't I?? Why???
Lyrikal Killa
Lyrikal Killa 14 days ago
Because hes the best QB in the league.. Minus rings of course..lol
Escalotes 15 days ago
Could you guys maybe not post these before the West Coast has a chance to watch the show?
BouncingSoul87 15 days ago
Please stay with GB until you hang em' up Aaron. You the man!!!
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@BouncingSoul87 people tend to forget Rodgers is injury prone. Just two years ago he played the entire season on a bad knee and the year before that he missed over half the year with a broken collarbone. Add into that the fact that Lindsey and Wagner are gone and Bakhtiari is recovering from a torn ACL and our line is significantly weaker and we’re one big injury away from losing a ton of draft capital, capital which can help build around a young QB
BouncingSoul87 10 days ago
@Dylan Dylan Fair enough, agree to dissagree.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@BouncingSoul87 I am a logical Packers fan who thinks with his head not his heart.
BouncingSoul87 10 days ago
@Dylan Dylan Something tells me you aren't a Packers fan.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
No get rid of him while he still has trade value
Christine Marinaccio
Love it ❤
Kelly Varney
Kelly Varney 15 days ago
That was, funny...😂😆
Fred Smith
Fred Smith 15 days ago
he did a great job hosting jeopardy. shouldn't have thrown his coach under the bus though. just laugh and move on, don't add.
C. R.C.
C. R.C. 14 days ago
He's not a robot.
Corey Hufnagle
Corey Hufnagle 15 days ago
Carter Yott
Carter Yott 15 days ago
Can someone explain
jbabs398 14 days ago
In addition- Rodgers clearly thought the team should go for the TD, but the head coach opted for the field goal anyway. The spat between the two got some national attention following the game.
Tazer 15 days ago
Rodgers&Co were down 31-23 and close to scoring a TD. But it was 4th down and about 2-3 mins left. The packers decided to take the 3 points(a field goal), and hope to play defense, get the ball back and try again. They packer offense did not get the ball back
JP Mackey
JP Mackey 15 days ago
He’s been waiting to say that. 😂
MotherLoveBone 15 days ago
It's okay to embrace a future HOF'r
Charlie Lan
Charlie Lan 15 days ago
Scott with the rage quit troll move should automatically earn him a spot in the tournament of champions.
J B 15 days ago
The host's voice and personality is so flat and awkward. Let's get the executive producer to host again, he was good.
fabio40 15 days ago
They should have included the question in the clip. What was it?
Greg M.
Greg M. 15 days ago
Aaron needs to use a bit more expression/enthusiasm in his voice. I’m falling asleep...
lanceuppercut88 15 days ago
Who is Matt LeFluer?
Adam Weinstein
Adam Weinstein 15 days ago
Holy shit
Chris Finch
Chris Finch 15 days ago
Gonna be a unique two weeks for this guest host, after these JEOPARDY! contestants are football fans, themselves.
Erik Abrahamsen
Erik Abrahamsen 15 days ago
As a Bears fan now living in Tampa 10+ yrs and loving the Bucs, this made my day 😊
Hafidz Aufa
Hafidz Aufa 15 days ago
What's the context? I don't get it
Timothy Parry Jr
Timothy Parry Jr 15 days ago
The answer was about Fred Rogers getting the lifetime achievement award and only Matt answered Who is Mr. Rogers? *Aaron spells his last name Rodgers
hey now
hey now 15 days ago
That move gets a lot of coaches fired.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
What the right move by a coach who is 26-6 and has two NFC title game appearances with basically the same team minus the Smith brothers that went 13-18-1 the previous two years?
ppj0241 15 days ago
"Who is Matt LaFleur"
Pir 8
Pir 8 15 days ago
It was either that or an interception. Coach knew his qb didn't have the cajones. Go Bucs!
Dunkin Donut
Dunkin Donut 15 days ago
The one dislike is Matt Lafleur
acc teet
acc teet 15 days ago
The 1 dislike was Rodgers 100%
Scott MacLaren
Scott MacLaren 15 days ago
menace to society
john jennings
john jennings 15 days ago
As a Bucs and new Aaron fan since @patmcafee i can definitely sympathize. Hope he either gets his dream of becoming Jeopardy! (exclamation point required) host or goes to a team that can appreciate him like we did with Tampa Tom! can't wait for the next 9 episodes (at a minimum).
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
And he can win like Tom too if he took pay cuts as well
RayRay85 15 days ago
This guy is probably a Bears fan. Aaron should've quipped back with "Who wanted Andy Dalton?"
B C 14 days ago
@RayRay85 Unfortunately, I'm a Lions fan...don't do that to the Vikings...they actually win
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez 15 days ago
@RayRay85 if only I could be the GM for the Bears....Ryan Pace is a moron
RayRay85 15 days ago
@Anthony Mendez I miss the rivalry with Chicago too. Detroit and Minnesota try so hard but they just can't get to that Bears level. Props to your Jeopardy category. You put more thought into that than the Chicago head office did thier off season moves.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez 15 days ago
I wrote an entire category titled, “Packers’ NFC Championship Losses” in response. $200: This Packers DB was roasted by Scotty Miller for a 39 yard TD to end the first half of the 2021 NFC Championship. $400: In Seattle during an onside kick, the ball bounced off of this former tight end’s helmet to give Seattle possession near the end of regulation. $600: This Packer fumbled the ball in Green Bay’s first possession of the ball in the second quarter against Atlanta. $800: This 49ers DB intercepted Rodgers during the two-minute warning of the first half in the 2019 NFC Championship Game. $1000: This kicker scored in overtime to send the New York Giants to the Super Bowl over the Green Bay Packers in 2008.
nathan hensn
nathan hensn 15 days ago
Good, damn near one of the dumbest coaching decision in a long time. Made no sense then, makes no sense now.
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
Ok here’s the sense. Green Bay had gained Zero yards Zero yards and Zero yards the first thre goal to go plays (the third one Rodgers had an open path to the EZ btw and threw it into double coverage) even if they magically score they need to run another play and magically score just to tie the game. In that sense they then need to do what they did when they get the FG which is stop the Bucs. Even if they do that they need to score again or get to OT. In OT they then have a 50/50 shot to get the ball or have to stop Tampa from a TD to get another chance. So let’s review Green Bay needs about 4 things to go right if the go for the TD at a minimum to win vs you just need a FG a stop and then a TD to win outright in the scenario they did.
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 15 days ago
If they go for it on 4th down instead of kick the field goal and Aaron doesn't score does he still blame others or take responsibility?
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
EXACTLY plus if they go for it and score and fail to get the Two who is he blaming?
Jin Oh
Jin Oh 15 days ago
What was the actual question tho?
GET 14 days ago
Accepting a Lifetime Achievement Emmy, he said, "Just take... 10 seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are" . . . . . Who is Mr. Rogers?
leftenantthunder 15 days ago
As someone who doesn't watch football, can anyone explain the joke to me?
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@Andrew Comments lol define cost
jbabs398 14 days ago
In addition- Rodgers clearly thought the team should go for the TD, but the head coach opted for the field goal anyway. The spat between the two got some national attention following the game.
Andrew Comments
Andrew Comments 15 days ago
A decision by the Packers (team Aaron plays for) to kick a field goal cost them the game against the Buccaneers, as well as the trip to the Super Bowl (the big championship game in the NFL).
Larry Green
Larry Green 15 days ago
field goal
DarealMVP 24
DarealMVP 24 15 days ago
Can someone fill me in on the joke?
jbabs398 14 days ago
In addition- the spat between Rodgers who wanted to go for the TD and the head coach who went for the field goal instead, got some media attention following the loss.
Ryan McAvoy
Ryan McAvoy 15 days ago
There was a 4th down in the NFC Championship Game where the Packers were just behind the Bucs and opted for a field goal instead of trying for a TD. They went on to lose at least partially because they didn’t get the 4 extra points from a TD.
Brandon Gilbeck
Brandon Gilbeck 15 days ago
What was the question though?
Kevron Harris
Kevron Harris 15 days ago
That was very hilarious !!
Sweater K
Sweater K 15 days ago
This is not funny I am a packer fan
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
What’s even funnier is laughing at all the people who don’t know football and think it was a bad move
The Weyser Man is Back
So, you think it's both funny & sad at the same time? I don't know.
Lyrikal Killa
Lyrikal Killa 15 days ago
Im a packers fan, you can tell by my profile pic.. But it was supper funny.. I was laughing my ass off (in sadness)..lol
The Weyser Man is Back
Right. Enjoy what you can of it. Obviously, this message is not helping, but it's better to have something than to have nothing.
Sarah Waters
Sarah Waters 15 days ago
It was funny to Aaron who is a Packer. Learn to laugh. 😊
Javari C.
Javari C. 15 days ago
Hurts but was hilarious as a packers fan. Aaron expressed my whole mood after that question
Jaxon Detty
Jaxon Detty 2 days ago
@Dylan Dylan uhhh yep
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@Javari C. well considering it was 4th down with 2 minutes left even if you do score you’ve got to stop Brady. Then even if you succeed you either need to score again in regulation or you take it to OT where you need a 50/50 coin flip and a TD from having to stop them from scoring again. Which means in most of your scenarios we need two stops even if we can get the td and the two (which is no guarantee since we gained zero yards three plays in a row before the call). All this from a defense you yourself said was incapable of stopping Brady. So again how is asking for all that simpler than get 3 try and make stop get TD to win game? In that scenario you only need one stop guaranteed and don’t need a coin flip to go your way
Javari C.
Javari C. 10 days ago
@Dylan Dylan I see what you’re saying but if we kick the fg, we woulda still had to stop Tom from getting a first down vs scoring and then let’s say we do stop him we have to drive down and score again which isn’t guaranteed. If we go for a td and get the 2pt at least we take it to OT if we get a stop and we still have a chance to end it in the 4th as well
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@Javari C. by your logic the only way we win is we go for it get the td get the two kick an onside kick recover it then drive down the field and kick a FG. I’m not a betting man but I would think that would be more difficult then kicking a FG relying on our defense to get one stop and then driving for a game winner
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@Javari C. so answer this: if the defense wasn’t playing well and you weren’t going to stop Brady anyways wouldn’t that mean you’d still lose considering that even if everything went right you went for it got the td and the two you’re still tied so you still need to get a stop to get the ball back?
Obinna Nwakwue
Obinna Nwakwue 15 days ago
I watched this episode and JUST GOT THE REFERENCE I'm ashamed lmao
Randy Angel
Randy Angel 15 days ago
He murdered him
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis 15 days ago
It hurts
dead awake3
dead awake3 15 days ago
Lol. Rub it in, I love it
Mitch Trubiscuit
Mitch Trubiscuit 15 days ago
As a bears fan, my respect for the guy📈📈📈
riley h
riley h 15 days ago
Agreed. He did a wonderful job hosting. Very low key and mellow which I like. On another note, Mitch, you are hot 🔥🔥🔥
Gregory Pappas
Gregory Pappas 15 days ago
You poor, unfortunate soul, I respect your steadfast dedication to a constantly sinking and depressing ship, I too use to be a fan of them, but gave up many moons ago, better luck this year for your bears!
POLAR BEAR PETE 15 days ago
Chris Finch
Chris Finch 15 days ago
Tyler Sheedy
Tyler Sheedy 15 days ago
As a Packers fan I will say that I think it was a good call. However, I am a bit biased. Super funny answer
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@JQ’S Queue now I don’t consider your own 18 yard line good field position but then again I’m actually intelligent
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@JQ’S Queue Let’s go through all the options tell me which is the best. 1. Go for it and fail. Stop Brady get the ball back score and go for two go to OT get the ball and score TD or get FG and stop Brady or stop Brady then score. 2. Go for it score miss the two. Go for onside (6 percent success rate) recover then drive down field for game winner or fail give Brady ball back at midfield hope to get a stop or hold to FG get ball back go length of field to score TD 3. Go for it score get the two. Hope to stop Brady from scoring hope to get ball back with maybe a minute and a half to go down field and score FG otherwise OT (see previous OT scenario) 4. Kick FG. stop Brady Get ball back with a minute and a half left. Score td. win game. Every scenario except for two requires multiple stops on the goat and the “best team” scenario 1 requires 1 play to get 8 yards. Another play to get the two. A stop to get the ball back in regulation. Then going down the field and kicking the FG. Scenario two is kick the FG get the stop drive for the td. It’s not rocket science even a moron could figure out what’s easier
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan 10 days ago
@JQ’S Queue lol so you’re talking up the goat huh? Need I remind you that Green Bay is down 8? Now you probably only started watching football 2 months ago so let’s get a break down. Even if Green Bay scores (doubtful since they gained *checks notes* ZERO ZERO AND ZERO yards the first three plays) they still need to go for two AND convert just to tie it. Which means guess what? The goat is getting the ball back anyways. So that means you still need to make a stop to get the ball back to win with a FG in regulation. If you don’t do that that means you go to OT, meaning you’re a 50/50 flip from being on defense, needing to stop Brady again. Even if you win the flip you have to go down and score another TD otherwise you have to stop him again
JQ’S Queue
JQ’S Queue 10 days ago
@Dylan Dylan you need a touchdown either way idiot. They kicked a field goal and still needed a touchdown but they have the ball to the best team in the league 😂😂 with great field position. Rodgers wants out so bad.
JQ’S Queue
JQ’S Queue 10 days ago
@Dylan Dylan yeah if I have the leagues mvp at qb I’m putting it in his hands. Not a stupid field goal and giving it back to the goat with field position. You can try to defend it all you want. Everyone knows it was stupid
Phillip Green
Phillip Green 15 days ago
Love it! Go Pack Go 💚💛💚💛
jason starek
jason starek 15 days ago
bronco devil
bronco devil 15 days ago
For fellow streamers using Locast. Jeopardy Atlanta is on at 630pm CT. Los Angeles 9pm CT. 😎👍
Don Vu
Don Vu 15 days ago
That was hilarious. The answer to that is Matt lefleur
My Dogs Best Fren
@Chris Finch the people that do well on this show are usually lacking in social awareness and come off as stuck up for reasons like you mentioned.
elparcero1220 12 days ago
Nah Nah, you need to say it the way Stephen A. Smith says it Who is Matt Laflewwwwwrrr
Chris Tell
Chris Tell 12 days ago
orylltt if g to@Anthony Mendez
Chris Tell
Chris Tell 12 days ago
@Anthony Mendez you okoyti yuuyuy7uiU to k5 rytfuttyyuuuyy
Mr Chance
Mr Chance 14 days ago
Aaron could’ve fought like Lamar Jackson did
NebraskaFan77 15 days ago
Scott is the GOAT
Why are the scores blurred?
Ernesto Morales
Ernesto Morales 14 days ago
Because the video was uploaded before people on the West Coast have had a chance to see it he episode. Don’t want to be a spoiler.
ZombieZifiction 15 days ago
because they couldn't wait a few hours before uploading this like morons
The Weyser Man is Back
Probably, the people who uploaded this video didn't want the scores to be revealed, until the full episode has aired. This also happened before the 3 Semi-Final Games in the 2015 Teachers Tournament aired.
Eric VanSickle
Eric VanSickle 15 days ago
That guy's troll level is at 1 million. Wonder if he's a Chicago Bears fan.
Chris Finch
Chris Finch 7 days ago
@Dustomatic Sometimes it actually can, but most of the time, in can steer you wrong, so just remember that even if you think that you've messed up- it can pay off around 10% of the time.
Dustomatic 13 days ago
@Anthony Mendez you don’t seem to know the definition of “clever.” I’ll give you a hint, though: being clever won’t help you in a game of trivia.
Chris Finch
Chris Finch 14 days ago
@Michael Collins 10 years ago- 1/23/2011.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins 15 days ago
@Anthony Mendez $1,000,000 What year did Green Bay Packers win the George Halas Trophy in an NFC Championship AT SOILDER FEILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chicken Dinner my good man
The Chicago gamer
The Chicago gamer 15 days ago
@Dustomatic nah us bears and packers fan have been at each other's throats for over a century. No other team knows the packers better than bears fans and vice versa. It's kinda like 2 brothers fighting that have a mutual respect for each other all while the two werid kids (lions and vikings) watch I mean bears and packers wouldn't likely exist without each other
VidVoyeur612 15 days ago
Second funniest Jeopardy moment I’ve seen after Jennings’ “What is a hoe?” reply.
John Smith
John Smith 10 days ago
The clue was "a common gardening tool, also an immoral pleasure seeker" 100% would of said Hoe instead of Rake
palpatine rocks
palpatine rocks 11 days ago
Up there with ken jennings hosting a contestant with the answer of h&r block
GamePro0012 14 days ago
They teach you that in school in Utah, huh?
VidVoyeur612 14 days ago
@Cleopatra Demers I think I might have laughed more if Jennings said "What is a rake?" and Alex said, "No, the response we were looking for is 'What is a HOE?"
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 15 days ago
Kebert Xela was pretty epic as well
Games and Toilets Productions
This was the funniest jeopardy responses since what is a threesome from Kara Spak
Tommy 15 days ago
Only packers fan know this question
jrteaeighteen94 15 days ago
Rolling on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark Uyeda
Mark Uyeda 15 days ago
Funny Jeopardy moment.
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