Film Theory: The Dark Truth of Wanda's STOLEN Children! (WandaVision) 

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"For the children." That's the phrase that keeps coming up in WandaVsion. For a while, I thought that meant the missing children of the town but last week we got to see them again. Then I thought it meant HER children, Billy and Tommy, whose mysterious appearance has left many questions so far unanswered. Theorists, there is SO MUCH to unpack when it comes to the Hex, Wanda's kids, and what reality actually means anymore. Get ready to get mystical!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Kable10 11 days ago
Matpat is Mephisto confirmed
jakeelias03 Day ago
Shh don’t let the government know
Cole Gaming
Cole Gaming 2 days ago
I don't get it
badreedine Djellali
hhh I know she same how kiddnapte those kids and brain washe them
Mr. pancakes
Mr. pancakes 3 days ago
Taking childhood from you like Mephisto takes children
Pyromantointain Tometa
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 52 minutes ago
The entire comment section Or maybe.... It’s been Agatha all along 🎵 🎵🎵
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 54 minutes ago
Anyone feel bad he made this before episode 8 and doesn’t know that it’s all wrong and explained that episode
CreamyDream Hour ago
Dang, Matpat Got Proven Wrong By Disney Just a Few Hours After
Titenic Titan
Titenic Titan Hour ago
Ig wanda ain't an alchemist cause she didn't need visions body for sheeeeeeeeeeeeit
Can You please make Video about the Science behind the invisibility shield of S.H.I.E.L.D. planes ?
Cashagon Hour ago
I'm sorry, but the Big Bang? The theory that everything came from nothing? The theory that somehow atoms and whatnot randomly bouncing around miraculously came together in the perfect configuration to support life? MatPat, I realize this is a theory based on a superhero tv show... But when you say you're bringing in science, bring in science. Factual science.
LozPlaya 2 hours ago
ooof. this theory did not age well. on a side note now I really want to watch some FMA brotherhood again...
Abott Jones
Abott Jones 3 hours ago
I’m sorry about that foul man..
Can I Get a Toot toot
4:11 No she didn’t. She just had to rage. And when I say rage I mean RRAAGGEE
CallMeShyシャイ 6 hours ago
yay a vaction
Daniel Urbina
Daniel Urbina 7 hours ago
Hey I just thought of something. So this is after episode 8 and we've seen that Agnes is Agatha so what if Ralph is Mafisto? Just an idea..
The_Best 7 hours ago
Dear theorists, I have a REALLY important question! When Ant-Man shrinks can he see a virus? Or to be exact: How small does Ant-Man have to be, to see a virus?
TechSpiritedZ 8 hours ago
“I have a theory. But I need more.”
Marc St-Laurent
Marc St-Laurent 8 hours ago
You better update this theory lol but the show is almost over
Judah Yang
Judah Yang 10 hours ago
Pls Do another one!
DR WHO lives58
DR WHO lives58 10 hours ago
Matpat, Monica rambeau’s mom was captain marvels girlfriend!!!
AbrahamTheAlien 12 hours ago
When you are so unbelievably into theories that you misspell the word WandaVision in the description.
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel 12 hours ago
Vision’s ring was outside of the bubble
Onur Shaban
Onur Shaban 12 hours ago
Dude theres a new episode you should make a new video
Asmi Shivnekar
Asmi Shivnekar 14 hours ago
its been agatha all along!
Arima 15 hours ago
wanda basicly used D4C
William Bickers
William Bickers 15 hours ago
im from the future MASSIVE SPOILERS AHED DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN EPISODE 7 AND 8 agatha harkness is the bad guy
William Bickers
William Bickers 13 hours ago
prehaps...... mabye the mcu devil whos name i cant spell properly
Bas E.
Bas E. 13 hours ago
Dont know yet. She may be a puppet from an even badder guy. Just like we thought Wanda was the bad guy at first.
Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera
i have a theory the Pietro we see in episode 6 (i think) is pietro what if it's peter y'know Quicksilver from the x-men universe i mean he hase the same outfit as peter in X-men apocalipse WHICH TOOK PLACE IN THE '80s!!!!
Benisbob 16 hours ago
Who is here after episode 8
Lucien Gray
Lucien Gray 17 hours ago
Don’t worry mAtpat, you are Gonna find out sooNer or latEr. juSt Have to wait to find out.
Rose Tisi
Rose Tisi 17 hours ago
yeah matpat you now need another theory
Lucien Gray
Lucien Gray 17 hours ago
Hey! You were half right, the kids are kidnapped but by Agnes, or like you said, Agestha.
Imad Nurhafiz
Imad Nurhafiz 18 hours ago
Ahhh Walking Talking Overthinking Theory
Lewis Fans Football
Do a theory on how the boys got them from their uncle instead of their dad
little T
little T 22 hours ago
3:23 When you see that Vision is literally made from nothing in the next few eps........
Cody McLemore
Cody McLemore 23 hours ago
How did this man not even consider Agatha being the reason for fake Pietro and the kids? I figured he had enough comics knowledge to think of that as a possibility lol
Lync Price
Lync Price Day ago
LOL. I like how many of your confirmed theories have since been proven untrue.
Newsflash: she made vision
Saed B Cruz Reyes
I feel like this theory was written one episode too early xD
Hunayn Ahmed
Hunayn Ahmed Day ago
Omg I can’t wait for Matt pats next episode
Will M
Will M Day ago
Hi Matt Patt I don’t know if you see this but I have a theory that connects the MCU to Deadpool and it’s because of Peiatro Maximoff because the same actor Evan Peters play Quicksilver in Deadpool 2 and WandaVision
Trena Hamm
Trena Hamm Day ago
Matpat:Wanda's kids and brother are probably from another univers Everyone after the last two episodes have been released: Are you kidding me! It was Agatha the whole time. Matpat was sooooo wrong
Panda Games
Panda Games Day ago
6:33 I think he was talking about one of those eternals
Wampty Day ago
NOFU Day ago
Boy were they wrong
Dami Johnson
Dami Johnson Day ago
Are we just gonna skip over tommy’s and Billy’s costumes for Halloween being very similar to there super hero costumes possibly foreshadowing later events? I guess we are gonna ignore it. O well! Are we also going to ignore that vision made the young avengers and joined the young avengers after “dying” and loosing his memories? Are we gonna ignore the fact that Wiccan ends up being more OP than Wanda while being only a teen?! Ok. I’m done. BYE
Dizdawgjr 34
Dizdawgjr 34 Day ago
I thought Anakin got them...
B Huse
B Huse Day ago
And then Episode 8 shat on this whole theory. Oh well. Them's the breaks.
Logan Minyard
Oof, unfortunately this didn't age well.
tszvj Day ago
Now we know she didn't take the body
fullster1983 Day ago
You have to do a video trying to deduce who is the mystery avenger. You have less than one week. GOOO!!!
Mr Façade
Mr Façade Day ago
I was hoping he’d see Agatha coming
the meeper
the meeper Day ago
Ana Muniz
Ana Muniz Day ago
Matpat: guesses shows ending. Disney: He guessed it change the show's ending quick!! we have A CODE THEORIST!!
Dread pool 23
Umm buddy I feel your theory at the bugging with the sword guy hit a little close to home
Firekil13 Day ago
Watching this 2 weeks later is hilarious
Dugan Chase
Dugan Chase Day ago
Well this video didnt age well
Drew Linton
Drew Linton Day ago
Will come back to this video and will see that this is very worng
Kelli Favazza
Watching this after watching episode 8 🙈 esp when you talked about wanda having visions body. 🙉 ahhh one more episode left! I'm so pumped for the finale next week!
Belle Animates
Did anyone have INTENSE DHMIS feelings at the start of the series
Akila Online
Akila Online Day ago
ok but in ep 8 its confirmed that she didn't take visions body from sword which is probably why he started coming apart when he left the hex
But who brought the kids and Peidro here? 🎵ITS BEEN AGATHA ALL ALONG🎵
Little did he know that sword was also a bad guy I liked my own comment
well Epic fail with this theory vision is made out of nothing and it was agatha all along ...
Christopher Galapin
uhhh yeah no, you forgot chaos magic... so yeah she created those things out of nothing
shaza masoud
shaza masoud Day ago
This video is useless after watching the 8th episode
jessica wilt
jessica wilt Day ago
Ok matpat in the most recent episode Wanda is shown not to of stolen visions body and has seemed to make it of thin air so maybe she can make stuff out of nothing and didn't steel children and this kind of leaves me a question why did she have to take the people is there a complicated reason
favorthe void
why not cover it a third time 😁
Haliegh Bennett
And then you realize the newest episode shows wanda literally make Vision from nothing
Javier Otero
Javier Otero Day ago
(Spiderman: No way home. Please)
JessPlaysGames Online
and the fact that the Young Avengers are majority LGBTQ+ members, is a big win for the LGBTQ+ community, and Disney adding representation
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 55 minutes ago
She likes vision
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 55 minutes ago
Wdym she isn’t lgbq+
Estelle Draws
One of the boys since I can’t remember who’s who- got his speed from Vision. Or at least Wanda planned it that way.
Devin Rox
Devin Rox Day ago
After seen Episode 8.... I feel..... S....
Huy Hong
Huy Hong Day ago
whos here after watching the recent episode
John Noel Dela Cruz
if creation or the big bang and we are cmbr is the remains does that mean if we go out of our universe does that mean we wont exist????????????
INfutureTENSE w/ Danni Jean
No body. What!?!?!
Kim Olson
Kim Olson Day ago
That intro!
Blackshep Day ago
Me watching this knowing Agatha is the villains and vision was made from nothing
Olly Day ago
I didn't feel like researching this for several hours. But it seems unlikely Wanda really did create a new universe that emitted the exact same CMBR. Another universe would have many factors that would emit another CMBR than the one we would define as being CMBR. The background radiation would almost certainly have different wavelengths, be more or less redshifted, depending on the expansion rate of the alternate universe, and have many other properties that would differ from the real CMBR. So since Darcys CMBR detector detected CMBR it must be CMBR from or own universe or a *parallel universe* otherwise, they couldn't have known what kind of electromagnetic radiation it was. EDIT: I get the feeling you already meant alternate universe just not as explicit
Jim Moriaty
Jim Moriaty Day ago
I'm not watching the new freaks take over Iron Man and them. They will never be my heroes.
Brice Vasquez
"She's not creating matter of nothing!" Episode 8: Allow me to introduce myself.
Timbhu J
Timbhu J Day ago
Coming here after episode 8 😂
TheGipper Day ago
L, you’re “confirmed” theories debunked weeks after you had it confirmed
Hannes Rodriguez
Aged like whole milk😌
Gabriel Rostand Tavares
This aged poorly
Stephen Von Maclid
So episode 8 revealed that Wanda did not need Vision to bring him back alive, and Agnes or Agatha showed that Wanda already had powers and the Infinity Stone only amplified it. Pietro was also just Agatha but not the body. SWORD also still have the body and recreated Vision with a new look and powered by her magic from a drone.
Persephone Queen of The Underworld
New episode: I'm about to end this whole man's career
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 days ago
Get ready for his next theory cause he’s gonna gloat about how he was right
Gabriel Rostand Tavares
Right about what?
Nagelisse Vazquez
Did anybody happen to notice the MOM tattoo on on Pietro's arm???
Nagelisse Vazquez
@Terra oooh okay thx for letting me know 😅
Terra Day ago
It’s Evan Peters real tattoo
Margaret E
Margaret E 2 days ago
Matpat: “she can’t just conjure them out of nothing” Wanda: conjures them out of nothing
Johan Diaz
Johan Diaz 50 minutes ago
@seeni gzty hahahahahaha, im dying
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 days ago
Matpat: NOOOOOOO! YOU CAN'T MAKE MATTER OUT OF NOTHING! Wanda: Haha, chaos majic go brrrrrrrrrrr
Michael valdez
Michael valdez 2 days ago
Episode 9
Sam Well
Sam Well 2 days ago
Anybody hear after we all thought Wanda stole vision but instead created an entire new vision
Tomacle 2 days ago
Spoiler right in the title... notifications pushed immediately to my phone... Gee thanks :/
Raccoonplays 2 days ago
please more wandavision
Sergeant Marine
Sergeant Marine 2 days ago
Sword just created a new Ultron. But that’s just a theory, A Film Theory!
Sinclairfulrose 2 days ago
If only he knew lol
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Higgins 2 days ago
Hawkeye, Kate Bishop is related to Lucas Bishop and Gateway of the X-Men So how did she get Clint Barton's Hawkeye Title?
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Higgins 2 days ago
Disney+ UK Agatha Harkness is not Agatha Harkness
Macleod Miller
Macleod Miller 2 days ago
Emily Climer
Emily Climer 2 days ago
💜💜I hope they do more with my favorite superhero squirrel girl people don’t know much about her because she’s kind of silly and whatever but the only reason she is that way is because she was made by the fans of marvel right I guess people just forgot about her💜💜
Jotaro! Dio!
Jotaro! Dio! 2 days ago
It's been Agatha all along
Cole Gaming
Cole Gaming 2 days ago
oh yeah also Angus or Agatha harkness said in the first episode I'm you neighbor
lavazombie221 2 days ago
need super carlin brothers and film theory colab
Cole Gaming
Cole Gaming 2 days ago
this is for film theory I think I found the town for Wandavision I mean state yes new jersey there's not many Westview there's one in California and one in new jersey except I looked on google maps and looked at the places and its the new jersey one cause the place in California looks like a place where kids deal drugs and also the new jersey one has a little tiny shops here and there also I looked up the error code for the address of the place and it turns out that what the error code means is that it shuts down the tv so what if anything bad happens inside the house the whole simulation shuts down but that's just a theory a film theory sorry I couldn't help it so please look at this