Felons Gonna Felon | King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #119 

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The boys take live call-in's from convicted felons and talk faberge eggs, anteater tongues, producer Nick's adoption, Netflix’s Serpent, rainbow fights and more. Also, artist Joe Hunsaker aka SmokeyJoePaintCo stops in to surprise the guys with a beautiful custom KATS painting and much more!
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
King and the Sting
King and the Sting 15 days ago
martin aaron
martin aaron 10 days ago
Should do a section on the show called "you know what you look like" where you all roast a picture of a listener telling them what/who they look like. Love the show gang gang buzz buzz
Another McBastard
Another McBastard 11 days ago
@melissa gardner Waah!!! 👶 waah!!🍼👶
melissa gardner
melissa gardner 11 days ago
@Another McBastard so stop watching and reading comments. Hater
Another McBastard
Another McBastard 11 days ago
@Loyle McPoyle it shows getting old and do the same show every week 😂
Another McBastard
Another McBastard 11 days ago
@Luis Diaz show is getting old to do the same show every week 💔
lauren pasanen
lauren pasanen 22 hours ago
Loved chatting with you guys! Thanks for the advice. And BTW Chin my husband is Asian. 🙆‍♀️
K O Day ago
Your kids will be fine Brendan you thinkin too hard
shawnaimus Day ago
Serpent was gnarly.
Bacon Teets
Bacon Teets 2 days ago
Straight for the wait 😂... Dw Mr Von the real ones never miss a beat ❤️
Pat Lyons
Pat Lyons 2 days ago
You seen brenden's face when theo started giving out money lmao
Daniel Whiffen
Daniel Whiffen 3 days ago
Get Ben in studio as a permanent part of the show
Angela Mimimce
Angela Mimimce 3 days ago
That second person the lady def is getting heroin with that 500
Shigglez Shortz
Shigglez Shortz 3 days ago
Bless yall's hearts. Best Wishes. -BstFrnds
Kane 4 days ago
Brendan you fuck!!!!! Australia is open !!!!!
Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas 5 days ago
Nick, we don't need the video submissions bro. They should be at a rate of 1 every 2 eps. Take some LSD bro, you need to get creative and understand Nuance bro. Here are just a couple ideas of how to make this show better: 1) Blind Pizza Party :[pizza tasting contest INCLUDING Grey Block. Gangg 2) Derrick V. Shappel ( if you have any remote talent this writes itself) 3) Smokey Joe Gets Smoked Out [ an episode where Smokey Joe takes edibles at the top, then smokes more and gets progressively more stoned throughout the episode while wearing a "Grand Canyon University" shirt 4) C.T.E. OLympics: Starring #brown Schaub and Friends ( a straight up obstacle course) You suck Nick, stop playing so many submissions, nut up and do your job bruh. Gang
Christian Aguirre
You do roadwork?
Mark Urban
Mark Urban 5 days ago
Brendans down with dropping 8G’s on an damn aardvark, but kinda pissed about sending money to “ex” drug addicts. 🤣
Oddity iz Jeff
Oddity iz Jeff 5 days ago
Good luck guys! Courtesy of Bad Friends
Kyle Killian
Kyle Killian 5 days ago
bro weird af i reached for my jar as soon as my hand touched it he said gettin that kratom flowin.. wtf lol.
Jordan Jae
Jordan Jae 5 days ago
I came to see you two... Not stupid adds.. And not stupid guests. Such a boring snoozefest nowadays
Victor Ledesma
Victor Ledesma 6 days ago
Theo.joe dirtsfashion consultant.
seven foot
seven foot 6 days ago
That female that did 3 years made news i remember reading it!!
JB BLAIZE 6 days ago
Theo said Brendan looks like Joey fatones tougher brother 😂😂😂😂
Marty Mar Escobar
Lmao “Brendan you don’t know that”
Cambo Rambo
Cambo Rambo 6 days ago
The Great WEED AND WINE WARS are still going on to this day
CoeMoney Butler
CoeMoney Butler 7 days ago
#1 after 36 years 😂
CoeMoney Butler
CoeMoney Butler 7 days ago
Best duo on roasting each other.. got me on life support
j d
j d 7 days ago
Make sure y'all listen to theo instead of the experts about infectious diseases. No wonder he single
j d
j d 7 days ago
All these felons in jail for weed because of republican policy. weed going legal now because of liberals.
Brosef Zee
Brosef Zee 7 days ago
Brendan must got a job at espn for censoring that disney v universal dabate club
bekka128 7 days ago
It starts at home, no wonder why people are so fucked up. Poor kids.
Fantasy Joe
Fantasy Joe 7 days ago
Documentary on the gay guys who dont make it at disney is called Tiger King, I think its on Netflix
Emily Koch
Emily Koch 7 days ago
Chin: “Asian women love white guys” Theo: “you gotta tell em to love harder” 😂
Sam C
Sam C 8 days ago
Crystal Kat
Crystal Kat 8 days ago
Ben reminds me of Shia LaBeouf 🤣
Jostein Carlsen
Jostein Carlsen 8 days ago
1.00.00🤣🤣best ever. Can’t hear Brenda 🤣🤣
Kate Frederick
Kate Frederick 8 days ago
Love Brendans comment “ Wayne Brady, CANT STAND HIM” haha ur not alone buddy
Cameron McGhee
Cameron McGhee 9 days ago
If you got a nickel for every time Theo rebuttals with “yeah but see there’s a lot of gay men who....” you could pay all these felons fees no problem
Jarrah Dahlenburg
australia is definitely closed
Jarrah Dahlenburg
they should cut brendas mic more often hahah
Chase Olivier
Chase Olivier 9 days ago
Come on guys sending money to felons, but not true working men/women... Damn
daniel moreno
daniel moreno 9 days ago
Brendan the type of guy to put lipstick on his forehead to make up his mind
ja krispy
ja krispy 9 days ago
So glad somebody cut Brenda's mic
Cody Daniel
Cody Daniel 9 days ago
Looked up hood parades after this😂
OTSOTO 808 9 days ago
I don't like chin
Alexander Seb
Alexander Seb 9 days ago
Theo I’m a big fan of all your content but u slipped up saying the stuff about painting ppl black and leaving them out side wtf ? Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Israel Leonguerrero
Trying to listen to Brendan do ads is the worst!! Lmao
not tryna argue but
Brendan shooting Theo a look everytime he volunteers five hundo to these felons 😆
Carrie Mroczkowski
Carrie Mroczkowski 10 days ago
The Brand Is Nate
The Brand Is Nate 10 days ago
Theo’s a hot mess! “Ask him something Brendan.” “So, you came up from Phoenix?” “Yeah they did, Brendan!!” 😂
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 10 days ago
Bring Ben on part time. Could be a cool redemption story, but he also clearly has natural quick wit that could help the show.
Jimmy Micheal
Jimmy Micheal 10 days ago
if it was real cold on a hot summer day, Im weak
Redhot Pheonix
Redhot Pheonix 10 days ago
That hood parade video almost sent me to the hosital
Thiago Pires
Thiago Pires 10 days ago
st louis had a famous incident with guns n roses as well where axl jumped on the crowd to beat a guy filming the concert
D C 10 days ago
This show is losing its luster.
Cornbreadddd 10 days ago
I'm pretty tired of the live call-ins......that's the last thing I need in my life....hearing the stories of convicted felons.
Cornbreadddd 10 days ago
Chin thinks a white girl with a sleeve is racist.....really sharp guy here....
yaavar rahman
yaavar rahman 10 days ago
what happens with that? with the mens
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 10 days ago
It's wild how women just fuck there way to the top of the world....
Cabbage Sniffer
Cabbage Sniffer 10 days ago
Did that first guy say 800 plants...
Kyle Yellowbird
Kyle Yellowbird 10 days ago
Totally getting into the non substance comedy of BRENDA. His description of an ant eater is priceless (not designed to be that way)
Austin Knowles
Austin Knowles 10 days ago
Nick looking like a prime specimen in that packers shirt this episode
Dean Randall
Dean Randall 10 days ago
Got a bad rap on a BS charge poss of burg tools ! Got a 10 year sentence, which I had good time, because I'm not a violent person, and no violent charges. Did 3 yrs. Behind the fence. All done with that now, but the record is haunting me to this day.🤯
Space Sky
Space Sky 10 days ago
Please get rid of the sad, deflated GGBB balloons.
Ryan Rauber
Ryan Rauber 10 days ago
Theo and Brendan might be the most untalented people. I love how being famous now is just being friends with people who have talent. Is this a competition for least funny, least interesting people alive?
Tylar Dalrymple
Tylar Dalrymple 10 days ago
Dude’s putting $50 bull loads up a cow. I’m sure he’s good on money.
Cody Shropshire
Cody Shropshire 11 days ago
Love how Smokeyjoe is just there awkwardly after the art part was over lmao
Brookuslea 11 days ago
Yes stop telling people St Louis sucks (even though it kinda does) lol I'd like to see some of you guys too! Or come to the Riff in Springfield MO! :) misery loves company ❤
Gaven Stroik
Gaven Stroik 11 days ago
My man Ben killed that shit
nick arndt
nick arndt 11 days ago
someones gotta give that table a touch up it looks like shit.
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 11 days ago
I know you see this landen
JR10 11 days ago
How does Brendan not know Nick's history by now. It's been 2 years.
Vis Chetty
Vis Chetty 11 days ago
Theo once said, ‘Let’s face it if you’re listening to this podcast your life ain’t going that well.’ This episode is that statement personified.
Natalie Potini
Natalie Potini 11 days ago
the artist dude looks like carrot top
Natalie Potini
Natalie Potini 11 days ago
could u pull it up nick
louis lamour
louis lamour 11 days ago
theo is too good for this brendan is pretending
Manu Vaiola
Manu Vaiola 11 days ago
Idk why but the dislike buttons the only thing I see since the steebee episode
.Standards. 11 days ago
This show is falling apart
Brandon Helseth
Brandon Helseth 11 days ago
Union jobs do men 7 month with in a year leave for baby leave
Kameron Kimble
Kameron Kimble 11 days ago
What was the netflix show theo suggested on this episode???!
Seth Crimson
Seth Crimson 11 days ago
Holy shit I just happened to watch this the day after getting back from universal studios...😱
Roybje 11 days ago
Ben was awesome! Check back in with him!
Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff 11 days ago
"Straight for the wait" lol
Nolan danger Herring
Ben is that dude y’all gotta make him a regular
Gdawg 11 days ago
you want me to hide them or leave them out? fucking hilarious bout spat my drank up
Nick Ferraro
Nick Ferraro 11 days ago
These felons ain’t shit my mom did 7 years in Texas
billyhoe513 11 days ago
I need tickets to the minnesota show, when and where can i get them? he said the dates would be announced today.
Taylor Bean
Taylor Bean 11 days ago
I ain’t got no felonies but I got enough debt that it feels like it haha
Jesus Venegas
Jesus Venegas 11 days ago
My boy BEN easily carried this whole episode,🔥 homeboy was straight comedyyyyyyyyyyy, chin chin needs to get his ass in the culture corner ASAP💀😂😂😂
Shawnee George
Shawnee George 11 days ago
Straight for the wait 😂🤣😂🤣😂 just fell and nobody heard it giving the respect it deserves now love you Theo 😘
Brave Pictures
Brave Pictures 11 days ago
Animated Nick searching on the internet for anteater costs gave me life
Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz 11 days ago
Tell that felon homie he can get that felony whipped off by him self for way cheaper. I did my self. Go the law library and find out the motions you need to file and file them your self. Saves you a lot of $
Kosta 11 days ago
"you look like Joey Fatone's tougher brother" 😂😂😂
Kosta 12 days ago
please have Ben back on... .EPIC!
Stephen Rothwell
Stephen Rothwell 12 days ago
That shoneys call-out is a hidden gem. Ever been to a shoneys? Definitely some drugs storing under a hatch door in the freezer
Jesse Terrazas
Jesse Terrazas 12 days ago
I loved Theos disappointment when Brendan asked if they were coming in from Phoenix when Theo couldn’t think of what to ask😂😂
frankie taylor
frankie taylor 12 days ago
When’s chin fighting nick!!! And chapel vs ari mannis we’ve been waiting too long !
Brandon Franky
Brandon Franky 12 days ago
Are they being nice & giving money out because they were assholes last week to Bobby’s bro? Lol
Isaac 12 days ago
Brendan was finally funny in a ad read 😖🦅
Heather Hill
Heather Hill 12 days ago
Smokey Joe seems kinda like an idiot. Gianies brother from Rhode Island has to be the biggest douche bag ever.
Donald Grover
Donald Grover 12 days ago
Heather Hill
Heather Hill 12 days ago
Ben seems like a real piece of crap !
Bleezy ss
Bleezy ss 12 days ago
Theo definitely relapsed before this episode
Ken Phillips
Ken Phillips 12 days ago
Yeah get WARIO’s Stoner brother on the culture corner fellas. Had me rollin 😂😂 and you guys couldn’t stop laughing don’t lie.
Lee Roy
Lee Roy 12 days ago
Lol why Brendan get muted
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