Fatal Collision over Europe | Boeing 757 Collides with a Russian Tu-154 (With Real Audio) 

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On 1 July 2002, a Tupolev-Tu-154M operating as Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 collides with a Boeing 757 operating as DHL Flight 611 in German airspace near Überlingen. Find out what really happened.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 99   
Lailanie Catuiran
Sadly I am so sad to watch the tragedy
Razudin Hamzah
Razudin Hamzah 2 hours ago
There's no Hero here..... Sad.... just sad 🌹...may all the victims rest in peace 🙏♥️🙏
Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606
Russian tracked down the controller and wacked him .... I guess he didn’t accept the fines
Naxos radar
Naxos radar 3 hours ago
Naxos radar
Naxos radar 3 hours ago
There is always some douche who switches off things for maintenance and never informs the chain of command. Most of the accidents are due to such minor and silly mistakes that it makes scared of travelling.
rmbb1981 8 hours ago
This is just too many ads. I think I have watched 6 ads and I'm only 2/3 through this clip.
Cam Frazer
Cam Frazer 8 hours ago
Peter Nielsen's voice is nice to hear compared to his re-enactments.
wow`this was depressing.
Benjamin Z.
Benjamin Z. 11 hours ago
Well... Justice his family saw him die.
MJ 12 hours ago
Can't imagine what must be going through the minds of those who are still conscious on the plane falling to the earth. Terrifying.
Razudin Hamzah
Razudin Hamzah 3 hours ago
Most terrifying 🌹
Always Hungry
Always Hungry 12 hours ago
I am so pissed, pissed at the human error and the clear conflict of resolution when you have the TCAS system advising one thing and the controller doing another Secondly the pilot did not mention to the controller that the TCAS was saying so he is at fault. SMH- Cant blame the man for killing the controller- someone is responsible and frankly, the controller and the pilots were negligible.
Dorothy Knowlton
Dorothy Knowlton 13 hours ago
One of the most fatale crashes was over the grand canyon
Big Doug’s Commentary
Excellent example of turning over critical safety systems to private industry who’s principal concern is profit.
Dhanraj Mohan
Dhanraj Mohan 18 hours ago
Public comments. It is important to insure the system function properly and test all equipment very important to insure safety. Back up alert system to insure no crash . Inform pilots about blinds spot and danger . System check alert install in cockpit.
Dhanraj Mohan
Dhanraj Mohan 18 hours ago
Public comments. Using auto pilot and not ficus on important information reflect a negitive effect that cause accident. It is important to fallow guide lines and rules and regulations dealing with safety.
dmproske 20 hours ago
After watching all the great videos on this channel and reading up on others, its really depressing to see all the loss of life and aircraft over the years due to human error, and incompetence.
Helen Light
Helen Light 21 hour ago
This is such a tragedy ! So so sorry .
FIFA Mobile 21 PRO
FIFA Mobile 21 PRO 23 hours ago
Can you try and do 9/11
Helder Almeida
The Russian pilot could have prevented this he only need to listen and climb
Helder Almeida
Russian are 20 years behind the west
Aktchung Rabanio
@15:44 for extreme senstations of despair
Captured Society
So the Tupolev pilots ignored TCAS and caused an absolute mess.
Gagah kaisar hulalata 2
Yesterday Plane crash Indonesian Sriwijaya air SJ 182 Crash Januari 9 2021
2witty4u slayer
High Ranking Officials are the parents of the children: You know what that means. There are going to b a lot of missing person reports filed from the families of the airline employees
The screams :(
Who knows if the dhl pilot tried to get the plane down and hit its tail in the blue aircraft
Happy Ntobela
Very tragic, may their souls continue to Rest In Peace.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 2 days ago
Can't help but wonder if the Russian that tracked down the controller, knew something more ?
Thanos 2 days ago
Damn, they always blame Russia for everything!
Lewis Nostredame
Lewis Nostredame 2 days ago
Does anyone else here agree that the Tupolev (flight 2937) pilot was far more incompetent and more guilty than Air-controller Peter Nielsen? I mean if the TCAS are alerting you over and over, and over again NONSTOP, to follow the specific procedure (descend or ascend), it is very clear that it is critical and as a pilot you must follow procedure. At this point it was very clear that Air Control had no idea what was going on, and you should trust the plane's instincts. I guess the only upside from this terrible accident and tragedy, is that pilots will now absolutely trust the TCAS over any other information regarding traffic. A very accurate system as you can tell.
John There
John There 2 days ago
a tragedy covered at length before
gofur mia
gofur mia 2 days ago
I don't care what you say but if I had lost my daughter and wife because some guy didn't do his job I would probably do something like that too. Ignore everything how could the ATC let two planes fly at same level at the first place? He should have committed sepokku
Sadalena Rodrigues
Unbelievable heart breaking story. That remind me how one should not get concern with the small difficulties that come to us every day in life. How blessed we are not to have to face such dreadful happenings. No one intended that to have happened, but it did. Only God knows why.
Marie Bernier
Marie Bernier 2 days ago
PLEASE ADD A NARRATOR. IT LIMITS MY ABILITY TO WATCH because1: I'm frequently doing something like driving, so this channel is useless; and 2: like others who have said the same, I don't take in all the information when having to read, often getting confused and shutting your channel off.
Apo Aren
Apo Aren 2 days ago
This is to sad
Wahid Abassi
Wahid Abassi 2 days ago
Wahid Abassi
Wahid Abassi 2 days ago
Wahid Abassi
Wahid Abassi 2 days ago
Tel Hadaway
Tel Hadaway 2 days ago
Sorry I was talking about the German wings killer
Tel Hadaway
Tel Hadaway 2 days ago
But thing is he took so many children and people with him pure evil no matter what was wrong with him he knew he was murdering a plane full of innocent people evil man, God bless all the victims of this terrible act of terrorism
Gort Newton
Gort Newton 2 days ago
Devastated by the loss of his wife and two children aboard flight 2937, Vitaly Kaloyev, a Russian architect, held Peter Nielsen personally responsible for their deaths.[22] He tracked down and stabbed Nielsen to death, in the presence of Nielsen's wife and three children, at his home in Kloten, near Zürich, on 24 February 2004.[24][31] The Swiss police arrested Kaloyev at a local motel shortly afterward, and in 2005 he was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter. However, his sentence was later reduced after a Swiss judge ruled that he had acted with diminished responsibility.[32] He was released in November 2007, because his mental condition was not sufficiently considered in the initial sentence. In January 2008, he was appointed deputy construction minister of North Ossetia.[32] In 2016, Kaloyev was awarded the highest state medal by the government, the medal "To the Glory of Ossetia".[22] The medal is awarded for the highest achievements, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, for educating the younger generation and maintaining law and order.[33] See it on Wikipedia at '2002 Überlingen mid-air collision'
Gort Newton
Gort Newton 2 days ago
One sleeping on the job, while one works (overworked) - JAIL for both. Management aware of it - JAIL for them all. Nielsen's incorrect advice - JAIL. But, what do they get, suspended sentences and one fine. It will happen again.
Bori Moon
Bori Moon 2 days ago
This is one of my biggest fears when I’d fly. I would be so scared of collisions with other planes ✈️ Your channel should add the aftermath images/real footage of the crash towards the end of all of your videos.
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda 2 days ago
That totally sucks.
WickedlyMe328 2 days ago
I remember watching this on either Seconds from Disaster or the airline crash series in the US. I felt so bad for Nielsen and what happened to in the end. The father/husband of those killed in the disaster deserved to be put away for life.
Ken yule mtall
Ken yule mtall 2 days ago
They failed to trast the air plane warnings
Ariobot Gaming
Ariobot Gaming 2 days ago
Damn it was sad to see that a controller was murdered for something he was unaware of.
Julian Johnston Jr.
Oh so this is what prompted that Movie, so crazy, prayers to all who were involved.
Greek Island Landings
bun yoeun
bun yoeun 3 days ago
This was sad to watch! RIP to everyone who died on that horrific crash
GoldenOracle64 3 days ago
Where do you get all this information anyway and why do you feel the need to drag out the vids
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy 3 days ago
Also Tupolev fault of not doing TCAS system.
Mim 3 days ago
Who videotaped this collision in its entirety?
ysmithriley 3 days ago
The real culprit was Management that allowed only one ATC to be on duty. Not even given the equivalent of a SLAP ON THE WRIST by the court system.
Nicholas Collora
Nicholas Collora 3 days ago
Matter awaiting..esta cuodado who cTez? Periodic table now yur signal..the machines are always peligroso..mom told ME..
Nicholas Collora
Nicholas Collora 3 days ago
Do not tease each other..
deborah vavrek
deborah vavrek 3 days ago
many bad decisions taken..... starting with the over worked atc. Then the FO taking a toilet break nothing wrong with that , but to bad it happen right during a critical time. If there were another pair of eyes looking out that would hav really helped. Now th DHL had only one person in charge. In turn the russians had all types of trained folks aboard, but it seems that didnt make a difference, no help, probably they all got too comfortable. While fate was getting ready to happen
Mamba Ferz
Mamba Ferz 3 days ago
What game is this is
Michael Osterhaus
I feel bad for Neilson because people want to blame him for the accident, his elquipment was operating in limited capacity and could not give immediate warning to Neilson of the impending collision. That is why Neilson is innocent of any wrong doing. Neilson cannot take blame for his company's faulty maintenance procedures at that time. Neilson was air traffic controller and would have had to work in maintenance himself to take the blame which he was not
YDS 3 days ago
It was not the pilots or the ATC’s fault but the fact that Nielsen was only present was wrong, He could not handle it all by himself and there shoud’ve been more people present to avoid this chaos.
And Roid
And Roid 3 days ago
The more I think about the killing of Nielsen the more I think that it was a distasteful addition to the disaster. Really why pin the full blame on him and not hold his coworker and his bosses equally responsible. Neilsen just happened to be on the front line, and his killer turned up at his property uninvited. Yes he could have been more willing to meet the victims relatives but really his bosses should have handled that. The killing being celebrated in Ossetia just makes Ossetians look a little uncivilized. Although it's understandable that the victims families were grieving and felt like justice had not been served.
Sojourner Sojourner
It was no accident. The Swiss air traffic controller was subsequently murdered ----- to shut him up ?? I believe that there was a third aircraft in the area. Remarkably many of the children on board were from the families of prominent Russians.
ROSÉ FOOD GANG 4 days ago
But why tf would a dumbass ignore the TCAS ... Even if you think it's false .. just follow it ... You won't die either .
Justacoolchick 4 days ago
Holy shit. The murder really took me by surprise. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this one before. It’s amazing to me that in all that airspace two aircraft can hit the exact same spot at the exact same time. What are the chances. Very sad.
Jane Hughart
Jane Hughart 4 days ago
Ah yes, the episode of Air Crash Investigation that traumatized me.
Shroud Codes. com
Couldn't watch, too many ads. US-first got worse than cable TV.
MrNickelbrille 4 days ago
*Dang* The russian architekt was kinda pissed so he took it personally. I just can't say what was right or not. That was a bad situation. RIP all
James Romeyn
James Romeyn 4 days ago
I estimate I have watched over 100 air accident videos; TFC is my favorite such channel. Of all the idiotic and offensive accident causes including joy rides, this accident for me tops them all. All air accidents are tragic when accompanied by loss of life; this was the worst of all, long after the fact resulting in a cold blooded murder, a widow and fatherless child. Unfathomable; stranger than fiction. To connect two fire hoses firefighter A w/fixed male thread coupling MUST look away while FF B with female swivel coupling fastens the two couplings and twists the swivel. To positively connect the couplings the male thread MUST remain in a fixed location, only insured by looking away. The inverse is true for any and every potential air flight collision such as this one: a collision requires two planes to occupy the same elevation simultaneously; to stagger the elevation between two planes in an impending collision is to lower the risk to zero. The answer is as simple as the day is long: for any two planes on a collision course, one plane MUST maintain elevation while the other plane must EITHER ASCEND OR DESCEND, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH (except to avoid other risk.) Except to avoid other risk, to follow this rule lowers the risk to zero. And conversely, lacking this rule risks repeating this collision every time: mutually exclusive instructions had both planes descend, maintaining their collision course instead of lowering the risk to zero. I thought, certainly at the end of this segment will be the relief that this awful tragedy resulted in a new flight rule, but there was no such relief. For these two planes on a collision course @ "360" elevation ONE PLANE MUST BE LABELED "M360" to "Maintain 360" elevation; the other plane must be labeled "A360" or "D360" to ascend or descend to to avoid the original 360 risk elevation. (For each potential risk the number corresponds to the risk elevation.) This rule even accommodates the risk of 3 planes on a collision course at the same elevation. ANY OTHER EVASIVE MANEUVER(S) MAINTAINS THE ORIGINAL RISK: both planes could change to the same new elevation as in this horrific collision; conversely following this rule lowers the risk factor to zero.
bleep77 4 days ago
They say that the passengers in Flight 2937 were alive as the plane dove downwards towards the ground. What a frightening and terrible death they experienced.
TheFlightChannel 4 days ago
NOTE: It was brought to my attention that the CVR recording of Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 (starting at 15:10) is just a recreation and not the real thing. Unfortunately, I failed to notice this while editing the video. I offer you my deepest apologies for the inconvenience.
LucasSteenTracks U
I can not find cvr from DHX 611...
Kenny Dang
Kenny Dang 3 days ago
Aisher Nuoo
Aisher Nuoo 3 days ago
Its Okay man!😊 Appreciate ur hard work
Tyler Holmes
Tyler Holmes 3 days ago
Is it.. I thought it was authentic, as it was posted on the chillouts cvr recordings channel..
Dragan Jagodic
Dragan Jagodic 4 days ago
So sad. The management of the SkyGuide should have been sentenced for life because of their greed. Probably the gave the address of the poor controller Nielsen to the father of the children, killed in the accident.
GameClips by Nav
GameClips by Nav 4 days ago
15:42 it happens
Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe 4 days ago
The movie based on this crash called “Aftermath” was Schwarzenegger ‘s worst movie ever.
Qwertworks 4 days ago
From what I remember from other videos of this accident that traffic controller had about every odd against him that was out there. May he rest in peace.
Dahyun Shen
Dahyun Shen 4 days ago
This is one of the reason why I don't want to be in an airplane even tho I had the chance. This increases my anxiety. Oops, I'm scared!
Dahyun Shen
Dahyun Shen 4 days ago
I mean, thinking about collision. Ok, I'm paranoid.
Bear Drums
Bear Drums 4 days ago
Shit, I wasn't expecting that ending, how horribly tragic- on top of the other lives lost. RIP all souls xxx
Robin Pandey
Robin Pandey 4 days ago
The TCAS msg should be upgraded to specify from which direction and how far it is getting the incoming traffic signal.
Robin Pandey
Robin Pandey 4 days ago
Whenever there is a traffic advisory or resolution sounded by TCAS, the pilot MUST contact controller immediately to inform and keep talking until it is gone. This should be the rule for all airlines.
Adrian Marlow
Adrian Marlow 4 days ago
That's just great. Go to work to take a nap. Like never leaving kindergarten.
Sankalp Bhagat
Sankalp Bhagat 4 days ago
atc was murded ....... don't do that
NSIMBE NORAH 4 days ago
So sad RIP
John Smith
John Smith 4 days ago
How little changes are for this kind of an accident? Even if one was a couple of meters above the other, it could be avoided.
steve riley
steve riley 4 days ago
Wow! Tragic! Great visual and explanation. I may never fly again, and I live on an island.
Kolo YT
Kolo YT 5 days ago
What gamę IT is?
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 5 days ago
Amazing visuals
Rainer Rain
Rainer Rain 5 days ago
Sorry but that's what these controllers do, one takes a nap and the other covers for them. You can bet this controller took naps while another controller covered for him during his career. The buddy buddy system. Yes It's the controllers fault ,period . They STARTED the chain of events that followed. The first mistake of 1 controller sleeping cost lives (everything after means nothing , because without the first mistake of taking naps ,everything else wouldn't have happened . The first chain of events that caused this tragedy lay at the feet of the controllers (one sleeping while on DUTY and the other controller ALLOWING it ) Both controllers should've been sent to prison.
Earth 4 days ago
The Russian Pilot should've been at fault at some parts too honestly
Aaron Aldrich
Aaron Aldrich 5 days ago
Russian justice its swift and harsh. Swiss justice is non-existent.
William Ford
William Ford 5 days ago
It is May 2021 and everyone is being urged to recognize "Mental Health Month". Well, the man who killed the controller was let go by a judge in 2007 because of his "mental condition". Yes, he beat the rap as have many others hiding behind insanity defenses. Think about that when we are supposed to "be aware" and feel "sorry" for people.
Corey Robinson
Corey Robinson 5 days ago
This is one of the most devastating stories I've ever heard. It's a bonafided Greek tragedy---just utterly utterly devastating...
Δημ Δ
Δημ Δ 5 days ago
I know it is considered the safest means of transport but once something goes wrong you are totally fucked
tonycornflakes 5 days ago
Man! You have a LOT of time to think about your death when you are that high up...I'm SURE the passengers knew it too. I can't IMAGINE the TERROR they all must have felt. I PRAY they are having a GREAT TIME in Heaven.
Lori Rogers
Lori Rogers 5 days ago
David Lyttle
David Lyttle 5 days ago
a narrator please
Sandro Barbisan
Sandro Barbisan 5 days ago
does anyone know what this "Tüüü tüüü" noise is shortly before impact
bigmo72 5 days ago
I saw a movie about this with Arnold Schwarzenegger
is there any chance you could link/upload the dhl skin? it looks nice.
RSR423 5 days ago
You'd be surprised just how often near collisions actually happen. All that room up there, and yet its quite a regular thing.
Keith Richards
Keith Richards 5 days ago
1) One only controller responsible for the entire traffic. (The other controller was resting in another room, against regulations). 2) The ground-based optical collision warning system had been switched off for maintanance - and the controller was unaware of this. (It would have alerted him to the pending collision). 3) Delayed radar data + added workload = the controller failed to keep the 2 aircraft at a safe distance of each other, with both flying at 36000 feet on a collision course. 4) Unaware of the TU's TCAS instruction to climb, the controller required the TU captain to descend. 5) The 757 captain failed to inform the controller his procedure of descending. 6) The controller gave the TU crew a wrong information as to the position of the 757 ('Right', but it was actually to its 'Left'). 7) Still unaware of the TCAS instruction to climb, the controller continued instructing the TU for descending.
Dcuk Duck
Dcuk Duck 5 days ago
This is what happened in the Japanese near miss. One flight crew followed the ATC and the other followed the TCAS. Luckily, the Japanese one was the best case scenario. This one was not.
GoldenOracle64 5 days ago
I will never in all my life trust air travel.