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Feb 21, 2021




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emma chamberlain
emma chamberlain 6 days ago
Thanks to Current for sponsoring this video, don't forget to get your Current Card here! www.current.com/Emma
Morgan Landry
Morgan Landry 13 hours ago
Holy crap how is she sooo pretty
Yo Hey
Yo Hey 18 hours ago
Get the s'awesome sauce for the wendts potatoes.
Lily Morgan
Lily Morgan 2 days ago
She emma, did amanda even get to talk to that hot girl at the stoplight??? anyone else remember that
Louis G VS Noah P
I can't because I'm in Aus!!!!!!
lauren broad
lauren broad 3 days ago
as an australian - current confuses me. you guys are really living in the dark ages arnt you ... lol
Michael LDN
Michael LDN 48 minutes ago
I actually like Emma’s new edit style it’s more mature and feels more like a casual conversation
destiny lailah
i feel like she should be Meredith daughter from greys anatomy.
Lisa Lustig
Lisa Lustig Hour ago
Why does nobody talk about the Fakt that Emma said she is vegetarian and then eats bacon at Wendy’s
Rutendo M
Rutendo M Hour ago
i love these vids lol. it’s like we’re on a face-time call w/ you or something
Sarah Nam
Sarah Nam Hour ago
who had emma's pacsun ad before this video lol
Walker Foster
Walker Foster Hour ago
You were in the ad before your own video. You rock
Alexis Banach
Alexis Banach Hour ago
*me eating chick-fil-a everyday*
Aly pixar
Aly pixar 3 hours ago
Great video
Elena Alexandra Wonder
ok but this is not for european :((((((((((
Cheyenne Fichera
Cheyenne Fichera 4 hours ago
Me finding out you didn’t try the sonic breakfast burrito 👁👄👁
j lynn's art land
j lynn's art land 4 hours ago
guys go vote for her for kids choice awards
han 4 hours ago
nawt chick-fil-a
Skye Anator
Skye Anator 4 hours ago
7:00 lmao! Im dead, but i think we're official now. 😂😂
MA - 12ZZ 912908 Erindale SS
Nice Video Done
kanta nope
kanta nope 5 hours ago
this is a 9/10... i give it a 8/10
Bellaa 5 hours ago
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Shaxx Thundercock
Shaxx Thundercock 5 hours ago
ugly cringe
Sky Chappell
Sky Chappell 5 hours ago
You could order a egg and cheese of anything you ordered 😂
ShadowCat11 5 hours ago
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Tahseen Malik
Tahseen Malik 7 hours ago
Is she even driving?
I hate u Want
I hate u Want 7 hours ago
10 million soooon bestiee 🤩🤩
ada 7 hours ago
u make me feel so comfortable idk how to explain it but i feel so relaxed and happy watching ur videos
blaster 9
blaster 9 7 hours ago
on the 7th of March Emma will hit 10mil my prediction
Joshua Geschwandtner
You have the best sense of humour 😂👌🏻
Bobateaxo Offical
Bobateaxo Offical 8 hours ago
This is sad everyone talks about u ur just a normal teen doing ur vids all they do is go in ur way and start talking crap at u I’m not a hater I’m like ur biggest fan emma if anyone talks about u and says somthing and talks shit talk back emma bc Ik u can do this with all ur strength
su 8 hours ago
I actually relate to u on a spiritual level
TRUE CRIME WITH ME 9 hours ago
And now im craving fast food😭
Julia Connery
Julia Connery 10 hours ago
You should’ve gone to Starbucks :,(
Julia Connery
Julia Connery 10 hours ago
Love you so much tho😘
azreen wan
azreen wan 10 hours ago
The concerned park coincidingly escape because eggnog regularly fax plus a outgoing attraction. boring, judicious conga
Koda 10 hours ago
I love mcdonalds breakfast but hate their lunch menu.
U Lys
U Lys 13 hours ago
I thought she was vegetarian, she just ate bacon on the sandwiches you can see the bacon has been ate.
x aesthetic x
x aesthetic x 13 hours ago
You’re vegetarian BUT you can eat cheese? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
lol 11 hours ago
U can eat cheese if you are vegetarian but u cannot eat cheese if u are vegan
Rhianne Chua
Rhianne Chua 13 hours ago
is it just me or do I just love her sense of humor?
Nina Cruye
Nina Cruye 13 hours ago
Love you too Emma! Always amazing laughs while I’m watching your videos 🤎
MORGAN SIMONE 13 hours ago
no one: Emma: .. they cracked a muhhfckin egg!
SaraKBeauty 13 hours ago
Was that ErikTheElectric reference in the beginning? 🤣❤️
Milla Obryant
Milla Obryant 14 hours ago
ok lol
Ximena P
Ximena P 14 hours ago
Am I the only one that puts my phone on my forehead when she kisses the camera?
sophia Dainty
sophia Dainty 14 hours ago
EMMA the micgridal thing when you showed the dottome it had a part of beacon!!!!and it had a bit out of it
Annelle Lansangan
Annelle Lansangan 14 hours ago
Yes we are dating hahahah
Holy Tide
Holy Tide 14 hours ago
you look mad cute tho no cap
N Stnd4nbdy
N Stnd4nbdy 14 hours ago
ceci strawberry
ceci strawberry 14 hours ago
guess what? the ad before this video was a pacsun vid w emma in it
Olivia McGaffey
Olivia McGaffey 14 hours ago
if you like the non microwave egg you should get the round egg at mcdonalds instead 👍
olivia kauffman
olivia kauffman 15 hours ago
i actually followed her critique and shes so damn right
Maddie Cavin
Maddie Cavin 16 hours ago
You know how there’s such thing as comfort food ? Well emma you’re my comfort food👉🏼👈🏼
nagyni s
nagyni s 16 hours ago
nagyni s
nagyni s 16 hours ago
r u a lesbin
Stephanie Verah
Stephanie Verah 16 hours ago
wwe lovw emma
Ella Naseef
Ella Naseef 16 hours ago
Watching this video kinda made me feel sick haha
Samantha Moreno
Samantha Moreno 16 hours ago
you can always order a real egg lmao
Savion Morris
Savion Morris 16 hours ago
Katrina Harris
Katrina Harris 16 hours ago
Chick fil a hash browns in the chick fil a sauce.. more fire
J R 16 hours ago
why is she so awesome?
Emily Duggan
Emily Duggan 17 hours ago
Love you emma. How do you always haeve to burp.
Meldy & Dan Nieto
Meldy & Dan Nieto 17 hours ago
Stop saying GD, the past few videos are nothing but GD
Makenna Sanders
Makenna Sanders 17 hours ago
most places you can ask for just egg and cheese
Madison Andersen
Madison Andersen 17 hours ago
I’m shook that not everyone notices her cause she’s so popular 🤌🤭
Madison Andersen
Madison Andersen 17 hours ago
She’s gonna hit 10 MILLION!!! 🤌😩
plot twist tea
plot twist tea 17 hours ago
Emma’s videos are the only videos that I don’t fast forward
Hanan •
Hanan • 17 hours ago
Ok I get why ppl like her, first time watching and I may become an addict Idk
Michelle_ 98
Michelle_ 98 17 hours ago
Wendy’s blew me away!!!
Jasury Robles
Jasury Robles 17 hours ago
The egg is microwaved lol I used to work at a hotel where all the food was microwaved. The fried egg was microwaved
ally caroline
ally caroline 17 hours ago
i'm really upset you didn't get a hashbrown at mcdonalds just so we could see u enjoy it
elisabeth gould
elisabeth gould 17 hours ago
You missed Carl’s Jr. 😭
Nor Zerina Johanudin
We're DATING!!!? Yessssssss. HHAHAHAHHAA
Wake Up Idiots
Wake Up Idiots 18 hours ago
McDonalds hash browns gross
La Rosa Chic
La Rosa Chic 18 hours ago
wasn’t she vegan?
florry storper
florry storper 18 hours ago
I love how Emma doesn’t wear her own merch and like literally spending half of the video advertising it unlike some other big youtubers
Wake Up Idiots
Wake Up Idiots 18 hours ago
Emma ate bacon What????
Prachi Shah
Prachi Shah 19 hours ago
i work at mcdonalds and we actually crack the egg open js😁
Antoinette Steele
Antoinette Steele 19 hours ago
Jack in the cracks breakfast croissants are yummy😋
Cassie Shaw
Cassie Shaw 19 hours ago
McDonalds French fries aren’t vegetarian :/ Just wanted to let ya know in case you weren’t aware. They contain beef juice or something
F e a r n e
F e a r n e 20 hours ago
You created basic
Chris Rod
Chris Rod 20 hours ago
I like this fk Gemini
Marleen - Sophie
Marleen - Sophie 20 hours ago
*dies* bc i live in europe and wendys, taco bell and so on, isn‘t here🥲
Maddie Tsou
Maddie Tsou 20 hours ago
Okay, really though, the Taco Bell breakfast crunchwrap is absolute fire and I would highly recommend.
Aaliyah Wright
Aaliyah Wright 20 hours ago
do a video recreating one of your dads paints!!!!!!!
Dilpreet Gill
Dilpreet Gill 20 hours ago
I love u Emma❤️
Jordan Mosely
Jordan Mosely 21 hour ago
I dont know if sis watched this back but emma babe there was a sneaky piece of bacon I hope sis didn't eat that part 🤢😭😭
clo green
clo green 21 hour ago
keepon.lyin2ya 21 hour ago
emma makes me feel loved and comfortable🥺🫂
Maleah Anthony
Maleah Anthony 21 hour ago
If you eat bacon you aren’t vegetarian you’d be plant based. Which means you eat vegan/vegetarian most the time.
your dad
your dad 21 hour ago
Yo you ate the eggs
Hyper Hypnosis
Hyper Hypnosis 21 hour ago
You are so fake it’s unreal!
Gold_UwU -_-
Gold_UwU -_- 22 hours ago
Bacon egg McGriddle is my favorite burger in the world
Mango Play Music
Mango Play Music 22 hours ago
Among Us Best Moments
i don’t understand why Emma doesn’t invest in Lactase pills. like she always has cheese & she doesn’t have to give it up most of the time if she just takes a chewable pill lmao
Zahra Gilani
Zahra Gilani 20 hours ago
Not the copying comments 🤭
hermione 22 hours ago
if you end up going to chick fil a you can order a chicken burrito lol
Marisa Woods
Marisa Woods 22 hours ago
When I go to McDonalds I usually get the sausage and egg burrito and I put hashbrowns IN the burritos....GOD TEIR!!! ...not really but its pretty Fing good!
Adeline Presley
Adeline Presley 22 hours ago
Mackenzie Pellegrino
emma: I bet you guys are wondering “how’d you pay for your food just now?” Also emma: *lives in a 3 mil dollar house in LA* Bahaha love u Emma
Makyla Hammer
Makyla Hammer 22 hours ago
I wish I knew where her hair clip was from, its so cute
Jessica Ferrell
Jessica Ferrell 22 hours ago
Only Emma would have a ad b4 her video of herself 👑
logan castleman
logan castleman 22 hours ago
Gurlll I will try all the milkshakes if you can’t lolll
Bonnie 23 hours ago
the pancakes from McDonald’s are chewy because they’re pre-made and we warm them up in the “ queuing oven” which is just a microwave.
Le Targo
Le Targo 23 hours ago
You do this kind of thing a lot. You just love burning fuel and wasting food don’t you.
Şahin Fırtına
Şahin Fırtına 23 hours ago
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Şahin Fırtına
Şahin Fırtına 23 hours ago
Hi, hello, congratulations, so beautiful video and channel 👏🏼👍
Şahin Fırtına
Şahin Fırtına 23 hours ago
So funny 👍😂
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