Family Guy - Swansons pool party 

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Season 19, episode 01: Stewie’s First Word


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Apr 4, 2021




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Siddhi Balamurali
Siddhi Balamurali 7 hours ago
Bonnie's hair looks much better in this style, she should keep it this way.
Daniel Coronel
Daniel Coronel 12 hours ago
This episode and the racist tweet episode reminds of the Simpsons episode called Miracle on evergreen terrace where people in Springfield hates the Simpsons and now people in Quahog hates the Griffins.
metal87power Day ago
Crossbows do shoot arrows, smartass.
Rai Day ago
Is stewie vegetarian?
Mathews MC Channel
Which season is this??
Bruce Song
Bruce Song 2 days ago
When did they change her voice lol
Lively Scorpio
What do you mean? She sounds the same to me
Ariana Mexianae
Ariana Mexianae 2 days ago
omg that’s so interesting. i’m not even being weird but that’s the first time i’ve actually seen black characters included as props otherthan cleveland
Alvin and the chipmunks,shimmer and shine fan 2020
Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me? Bought a hundred dollar bottle of shampine like me? Do you use your water bill to dry the stain like me? Are you high enough without the Mary Jane like me? Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me? Do the people whisper about you on the train like me? Saying I just shouldn't waste your pretty face like me?
Akira Makara
Akira Makara 3 days ago
I feel like the concept of irony is lost on some of y'all...
ANIMATION WEB 3 3 days ago
can you add one of my videos as an end screen, so i can get more views, I'll pay you if necessary
dr9ppy 4 days ago
i wanna touch that
sleepy bear
sleepy bear 4 days ago
Wish i could take arrows/bolts nonchalantly
Charles 4 days ago
Bonnie said ⏳
redbandit11 4 days ago
I Hate to admit this but ever since Bonnie dropped her kid after the last 5 seasons or so she looks way hotter then Lois now!
Jonathan Rahm
Jonathan Rahm 5 days ago
Bonnie is hot af
John M. Smyth
John M. Smyth 5 days ago
Honestly the amount of hypocrisy and stagnant character development in this show now a days is frustrating. They most likely pay Seth alot of money to keep the show airing.
Nick Meale
Nick Meale 5 days ago
Those lines about the veggie burgers. Classic!
Santa Six
Santa Six 5 days ago
I feel like Stewie is too intelligent to be doing veggie burgers.
Luis Merino
Luis Merino 5 days ago
Bonnie is hotter than Lois.
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan 5 days ago
Look at these comments lmao y’all are honestly trying to make sense of a fucking cartoon 😂
Bugs Junior
Bugs Junior 6 days ago
Mr. Shepherd
Mr. Shepherd 6 days ago
All y’all complaining about their hypocrisy when that was probably the whole point of the scene. It’s called irony. Since when does a lax show like Family Guy need a full blown character analysis? Save that shit for Bojack. All jokes aside, Bonnie just tanked that bolt like it was nothing she’d do great in Dark Souls.
Dante Wolvera
Dante Wolvera 6 days ago
The joke is that everyone in this show is a terrible person.
ricardo .compere
ricardo .compere 6 days ago
0:45 i find it depressing how she pulls it out no regret or second thought and looks at with glee like if a chiled spilled paint on a bad dress she owned by accident, which means this has happened before and she just got use to the pain
ricardo .compere
ricardo .compere 6 days ago
my commemt doesnt matter forget it and move along to the next video
IMdead 6 days ago
I think this is the first time ive ever seen her not pregnant
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon 6 days ago
I sometimes forget Joe has a son, it's like he cycles through once every five or so years. Like Grandpa Marsh from South Park.
Pot8o king
Pot8o king 6 days ago
We need more of kevin
DeAd MaN
DeAd MaN 6 days ago
the frist thing stewie says is so funny best part of the show
155chipmunkz 6 days ago
Damn, she lost the baby weight fast. Also, anybody get the “We Need To Talk About Kevin” reference?
Cola Lord
Cola Lord 6 days ago
0:36 dark souls players watching someone play for the first time
Game Changer
Game Changer 6 days ago
don't Lois and Peter hearing Stewie?? Because he's
The Emoji
The Emoji 6 days ago
The Emoji
The Emoji 6 days ago
Dribs 7 days ago
That was so funny on Kevin 🤣😂
Moe 7 days ago
Omg, i want to destroy Bonnie sooooooooooo bad
Shipper-Of-Heart 7 days ago
At least Lois is open and feels guilt when she attempts to cheat on Peter and doesnt get hypocritical if he does the same.
Antony Miceli
Antony Miceli 7 days ago
Which episode is this?
Buttercup Utoinum123
At least bonnie didn't suffer from an arrow
dragoncatz 7 days ago
He has a point
dumaskhan 7 days ago
mad props for removing the bolt without flinching.
Aether of the North
Someone PLEASE tell me what Einstein called bolts!
ochaco uraraka
ochaco uraraka 7 days ago
Imagine being shot like that does t that hurt 😬
Grayson Crockett
Grayson Crockett 7 days ago
Bonnie? Hypocrisy isn’t your color.
Peter Pettigrew
Peter Pettigrew 7 days ago
Is Kevin Bonnie's son?
Danny james
Danny james 7 days ago
it was at this moment peter turned into the family guy
The Odd Pear
The Odd Pear 8 days ago
I;m sorta deaf in my left ear so i couldn't really hear what he said :c
Mile Mill
Mile Mill 8 days ago
I like how bonnie calls kevin sweetie after he shot her with a crossbow
That Bloke_J
That Bloke_J 8 days ago
It’s funny because everyone is ignoring the clear point that parents would rather have their kids playing with deadly weapons than swearing
Vladislav Trbović
I love crossbows!
Jamarie McCrimmon
I like how their family is getting better
leopold 8 days ago
Yeah, I know Bonnie is a terrible person, but damn, that body...
tallaussiebloke 8 days ago
Are we sure Bonnie isn't actually her middle name? Given name...? *KAREN* .
strikerdoc _420
strikerdoc _420 8 days ago
Madam im no medical personnel but, that arm should be limp and unusable...
ViewVidz 8 days ago
Hard to look away from Bonnie’s body
Mavis 8 days ago
Is that the girl that makes Jennifer Tilly‘s voice
LinaXII 8 days ago
The arrow didn't hit the knee this time.
Internet Explorer
Isn’t Bonnie one of the most manipulative and diabolical people of the show
Andrew Jeffery
Andrew Jeffery 8 days ago
0:40 I don't think I'd be alive if I ever spoke to my mom like that.
Cam9Cam9Cam9 8 days ago
She criticizes them but has tried to kill her own husband
Axolotl_Rulez 8 days ago
Quick someone make a joke about working legs
Kentaro from wii sports
Jokes aside, Bonnie looks a little hot when she’s not pregnant
Trevor Ross
Trevor Ross 8 days ago
Let’s be honest, they’re both just terrible women
Veiron Hedlund
Veiron Hedlund 8 days ago
So who's hotter lois or bonnie?
AGP 8 days ago
...And she casually removes the arrow from her forearm.
Killertruth186 8 days ago
Joe Francis
Joe Francis 8 days ago
Yep, Bonnie is the template for the modern mother
Pumpkin Port
Pumpkin Port 8 days ago
Bonan _ Gaming
Bonan _ Gaming 8 days ago
“ I heard it “
A twist Of skate
A twist Of skate 8 days ago
Talk about an arrow to the arm
Badger Badgerton
Badger Badgerton 8 days ago
*Hérétic 8 days ago
violence is ok but bad words is a big no no
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 8 days ago
Bonnie is HOT
иeo 8 days ago
0:36 sounds like the Scout voice actor from TF2
evilgame /michael sperling
Is just me or I think bonnie more hotter then lois
Jerry Jech
Jerry Jech 8 days ago
I don't know whats wrong with me but Bonnie is my kind of woman
Cj Michael Rodriguez
Veggie burgers wtf who’s teaching stewie this trash
My Cute Cockatiel
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Soraya Ceballos
Soraya Ceballos 8 days ago
I don’t know why but “I heard it” sent me 🤣
Logan 8 days ago
My god, it feels like Bonnie was pregnant since forever.
DARTH VEGETA 9 days ago
Bonnie’s mad fine.
Samuel Altman
Samuel Altman 9 days ago
her son shoots random bolts at people and she approves of it because she wanted him to stop shooting arrows, but she doesnt think its ok for lois's child to say a single, common swear word
ANIMATION WEB 3 9 days ago
hey rm do you have an instagram or twitter account, i need to talk to you
little dev
little dev 9 days ago
I love how half these people are sitting here criticizing a fictional character like it actually matters like the whole joke is that her life is dysfunctional and she is no business talking about Stewie like that
Paranixous Souxinarap
Ah yes mob mentality, where a group of people do wrong pretending its right
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson 9 days ago
Bolts are technically arrows because of the feathers on the shaft close to the nock but they’re shorter and fly quicker like a lightning bolt.
markeye 9 days ago
Clxvics 9 days ago
STILLHUMAN 9 days ago
stewie: cusses church: OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA BE HYPOCRITES NOW
Horse The Horse
Horse The Horse 9 days ago
Literally everyone in Family Guy is a hypocrite.
Stephen Casias
Stephen Casias 9 days ago
Son, put that gun down. Mom, it not a gun, it's a rifle. Dad, did you here mom call it a gun? BANG!!!!!
CarcarloPravettoni e
Damn Bonnie looking hot af
S. Nifrum
S. Nifrum 9 days ago
Sure Bonnie lets not talk about you’re infinitely worse parenting
Ⰸⰰ Ⰴⱁⰿ Ⱄⱂⱃⰵⰿⱀⰻ
Wait, Bonnie's no longer pregnant... I gotta catch up
László Juhász
László Juhász 9 days ago
you can see here a psycho who looks at the arrow as I wish girl would look at me like that and the fact she doesnt even react like suprised after being shot not even auch weird
natalie portman fan bundle plan
Basically moms in a nutshell
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo 9 days ago
So, what did Einstein say?
Abbas_ XzX
Abbas_ XzX 9 days ago
Pin me please 🥺
Visibly Malding
Visibly Malding 9 days ago
Americans in a nutshell
lino on yt
lino on yt 9 days ago
Peter is
ZomBabeZoe's Channel
Soooooooooo... Bonnie is a hypocrite