Exclusive Look at Miles' New Feline Friend in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (4K) 

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Ever wonder what the purrfect companion to your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler would look like? Join us for the exclusive look at our titular hero's new feline friend in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and how our new feline friend makes for more than just a fun side quest.
If you're wanting more coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out the playlist below featuring our cover trailer, a look at the game's first boss fight, and more: us-first.info/name/PLoAFmgzYW18I1UFTzFYXceJFZy_7EnJb1


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Oct 14, 2020




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Leo Dadhich
Leo Dadhich 29 minutes ago
1:20 this gave me a reminder of rewind 2018
mr pringle
mr pringle 35 minutes ago
"You're spiderman he's spiderman. Is there any other spidermen I should know about?" "Meow"
Butt Soup
Butt Soup 54 minutes ago
0:16 HOLY SHIT I've literally been waiting for 9 years for someone say the name 'Ganke' out loud in something so that I could find out if I was pronouncing it right. I was not.
Panzer Routhazith
Its not a cat! Its a flurriken... With level threat high!
Legendary Legends
Its weird that a shop keeper has a cat that is named spiderman
Khang Ngô
Khang Ngô 2 hours ago
super cat ? or just for fun ?
leticiamariea 3 hours ago
Tupac-Amaru Shakur
Tupac-Amaru Shakur 4 hours ago
00:45 my heart is melted 😍😍. so awesome 02:05 lmao 🤣🤣❤. please sony take my money for this cat fact
Spark 515
Spark 515 6 hours ago
I just love this
Ahmad Asgarali
Ahmad Asgarali 7 hours ago
D Rundell
D Rundell 7 hours ago
I absolutely adore that.
JoseRomel Manzanero
Jesus the cat attack
TEE MAC MB 9 hours ago
Lmfao im in tears at work after seeing that cat punisher
Prime 237
Prime 237 10 hours ago
Ok that’s my fave suit
Safi Khan
Safi Khan 10 hours ago
If we can play as the cat perfect game in the entire world
Ben Ibarra
Ben Ibarra 11 hours ago
I sense a DLC for Spider-Cat
Rodrigo Rosas
Rodrigo Rosas 11 hours ago
Did the full game just came out
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 9 hours ago
PHENIEL LANZ 12 hours ago
It's glad to see they put Ganke in the game. He's like the o.g. Ned lol
GGB_CORN 12 hours ago
I love the background music
SuperT Man
SuperT Man 12 hours ago
Meow bitch
MagikShiken 12 hours ago
Angel Díaz
Angel Díaz 13 hours ago
The PR flag❤❤❤
GetPhiledIn 13 hours ago
Absolutely ridiculous... 3 Spider-Men!?!
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 13 hours ago
Are you joking?
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander 13 hours ago
His suit is definitely my favorite Black and Red my favorite colors
Fahmy Magdy
Fahmy Magdy 14 hours ago
Same everything but different character and moves and story i guess
Fahmy Magdy
Fahmy Magdy 12 hours ago
@Internet surfer yea thats * story *.
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 13 hours ago
I don't remember New York covered in snow last time I checked.
NaS MaX 14 hours ago
Jose Hdz
Jose Hdz 15 hours ago
Bodega Cat is now Spider-Cat!!!!
Mr.A 15 hours ago
Who else thought this was going to be a black cat reveal?
The Seperator
The Seperator 15 hours ago
Is this on the PS4?
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 12 hours ago
​@The Seperator Well from what I know it won't have 60fps or raytracing and some other things. When it comes out there will probably be a comparison video, so hopefully that answers your question.
The Seperator
The Seperator 12 hours ago
@Internet surfer No, I meant, does the gameplay derive from the PS4 version? I know the game will be available on the PS4 and PS5.
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 14 hours ago
Yes you can pre order it right now digitally or physically.
Crypto 15 hours ago
Mario has Cappy Crash Bandicoot has the quantum masks Mile Morales has Puss N Boots
doire aintu
doire aintu 15 hours ago
When the cat popped up out the backpack and clawed at his face at the end I was like yea this is goty off rip😭😭
Clayton "Brick" Johnson
They already made this game better by adding the cat.
Half-baked potato
Half-baked potato 16 hours ago
Who wants to bet this “cat” is actually Chewie?
doire aintu
doire aintu 15 hours ago
Omfgggggggggggggggggggg😂 Cat spiderman
Flávio Gallani Silva
I would buy this this game exclusively fot this. I mean, it's Spider-Man WITH AN ADORABLE KITTEN
Crunchy water
Crunchy water 17 hours ago
1:01 He just rolled on the cat💀
Acid Samuraï
Acid Samuraï 18 hours ago
Kasbber 4k
Kasbber 4k 18 hours ago
1:01 The cat is dead
Yash Mishra
Yash Mishra 18 hours ago
0:52 PS5 SSd in action boys.
Abdulrahman 18 hours ago
THE BLACK spida maain
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 14 hours ago
Okay so what if he's black?
Willy Billy
Willy Billy 18 hours ago
Fun Fact: In the Spider-Verse there’s actually a Spider-Cat 🐱🕷
RudeBoy DaGenius
RudeBoy DaGenius 19 hours ago
SpiderCat SpiderCat does whatever a SpiderCat does can he swing from a web? I’m not sure Loooook ouuuuuuuut here comes SpiderCat
Chew Pacca
Chew Pacca 19 hours ago
Miles : Lights out ! Spidercat : Meow
Tyler Shelton
Tyler Shelton 19 hours ago
I thought it was going the be Black Cat This is so much better
SuperTopCat 20 hours ago
Is this dlc
SuperTopCat 17 hours ago
@Internet surfer aww man I just want to play as spiderman and venom
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 18 hours ago
No it's a spin off like uncharted lost legacy.
Kabaneri 39
Kabaneri 39 20 hours ago
how comes miles's body is the exact same as peter? does that radioactives spider alters their dna to be the same?
Kabaneri 39
Kabaneri 39 17 hours ago
@Internet surfer i mean, of course, a bulky spidey would be less agile. and this is all about the feline. my bad.
Internet surfer
Internet surfer 18 hours ago
It doesn't look the same I don't know what your on about.
UNISTAR 21 hour ago
1:00 He just rolled over his cat. WTF😂
Mr.StartMaN Day ago
Wilson es Spider-Man Confirmado
Vikesh Chauhan
Amazing and outstanding like I would still buy it even if that was the whole game
Mudit Day ago
Omfgggggggggggggggggggg😂 Cat spiderman
Kevin Day ago
This is literally lit.
jimmy 2012
jimmy 2012 Day ago
1:51 is cute and funny
Laika Day ago
1:01 Is no one gonna point out how accurate the snow matches up to miles's body when he rolls in it? like holy shit
Shashwath Saravanan
Such a Joker×Mona vibes
blm2295 Day ago
Me: oh ok so it's just a side mission in the game still cute tho I guess. Me after the last part of the video: excuse me WHAT?
Peter Hasson
Peter Hasson Day ago
100$ well spent
I already play the old one but this one woooooooooooooo
Jedi Luke 22
Jedi Luke 22 Day ago
I love how it just cuts from inside a building to outdoors in a blink. SSD's are going to make next gen more immersive and seamless. Take all of my money!
Bellshoe Day ago
I have no idea what I saw but I'm definitely buying it
connie Day ago
min 1:55
JFB Day ago
Spider Cat. Lol. Love it.
sydme23 _YT
sydme23 _YT Day ago
how nick fury actually lost his eye
E.shift3rd Escobedo
Spider cat 🐈 😍 ♥
Marcus Leonard
Lmao at 1:02 when Miles rolled on the cat.
Radical __noble
Miles just killed the cat at 1:01.
max seals
max seals Day ago
STOP IT my credit card can’t take buying a whole new Play station
Jacob H
Jacob H Day ago
You guys are excited now, just imagine how you'll feel when the next Spider-Man trailer shows off Venom.
4pfjay Day ago
Bro spider man ock
lil Timmy
lil Timmy Day ago
1:02 rip cat
The cat has a little spider mask. I´m sold.
joecookspace Day ago
0:54 at this moment, cat should fly away like a rocket from the backpack
Mya Khalifa1
Mya Khalifa1 Day ago
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Keaton Castillo
Imagine being a serial killer and spiderman finds you, you already in enligh shit but then BAM! Spidercat
Gavin Williams
The cat fights too! 😂😂😂 f##k me
Laz tha Swag
Laz tha Swag Day ago
@ 1:07 I think that’s gonna be his girl
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Day ago
The idea of Spider Cat being in this game is genius! Absolute genius!!
Branden Wright
0:53 you did that with a whole cat in your bag
Branden Wright
1:01 the cat >:(
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Day ago
Spider-Cat totally caught me off guard. Whoa!
Zyreck Lol
Zyreck Lol Day ago
The way he swings is amazing
Jonathan Chavez
That cat must have had the scariest ride of all it’s life. 0:53
bronyferien minuet
That poor cat.
Kelly Elston
Kelly Elston Day ago
Do we haf to do a side moshin to get the sut are it is a mann mission can you tall me i need answers
Will the ps4 version be laggy 😪
@Internet surfer yeah i think i notice
Internet surfer
​@The2099SpooderMan Well that's a lie.
Some guy was saying "On the PS4 it will be running 60 FPS"
Internet surfer
@The2099SpooderMan Not even "I" know if this will be laggy or not LOL.
@Internet surfer well you are the "Internet"
Rose Min
Rose Min Day ago
Cute ❤❤❤❤
kantama Day ago
Aashish Godivale
Swinging is same as peter. We need some variations
DaKnight94 Day ago
Do the people of Gotham actually calls Miles Spider Man?
Francisco Sereno Alvarez
Can't wait for a simpson's Spider Pig cameo.
2cool0 Day ago
sad they didn't make an complete next gen version of this game
BeardedFreak Gaming
this looks amazing, cant wait to play it
Robert Glenn III
Bro Why Ima wear the spider cat suit all the time XD
SHUTK Day ago
hope it on ps4 :_:
Az Samad
Az Samad Day ago
Spider-Cat totally caught me off guard. Whoa!
Mate Gamer
Mate Gamer Day ago
spidercat xd
Ariel Ludueña
1:24 spiderman Homecoming XD
I Workaut KING
Shut up.
lol 123
lol 123 Day ago
I wonder if this game is made with unreal engine 5
I Workaut KING
learn to write English.
Swozup Day ago
ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( i have no words but this is awesome)
V1LP9 Day ago
Imagine the last thing u see, is a cat and spiderman knocking u out
I Workaut KING
@Internet surfer I do not tell the girl about my problem🤣
Internet surfer
Can you just tell me what is the problem?
I Workaut KING
@Internet surfer Аm i a troll? made the fat man laugh.
Internet surfer
@I Workaut KING Whatever troll
I Workaut KING
@Internet surfer What are you stuck? Girl.
Damien Phelps
Wait the cats Name is spider man
Hey That’s Miles Morales
HEY, what’s up y’all, come check out my miles Morales audition tape. Tell me what you think.