Every NFL Team’s Draft Pick that Mel Kiper was ACTUALLY RIGHT About 

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Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Draft and predictions when he was correct.
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Previously, we ran a video of every team’s draft pick that Mel Kiper was horribly wrong about.
But the legendary NFL analyst deserves some credit for the picks that he calls correctly, too! And trust us, this man has hit the jackpot on a lot of them.
Here’s a look at one draft pick for every NFL team that Kiper was actually right about!
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Apr 7, 2021




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Comments 100   
TPS Month ago
Poor Mel Kiper, he can be right some times! 🤣🤣🤣
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 11 days ago
@Kyle Stansbury Nothing. But God is more important than everything
Kyle Stansbury
Kyle Stansbury 11 days ago
@Xzander Graves What does that have to do with this topic?
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 12 days ago
@Kyle Stansbury Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you, Which do you choose?
Kyle Stansbury
Kyle Stansbury 12 days ago
Kiper never said Trev Alberts was a bad player, just that the Colts should have drafted Trent Dilfer instead, He said the same thing when the Colts drafted Marshall Faulk a few picks earlier. His stance was that Dilfer was awesome not that Trev was bad so he was definitely not right there
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 27 days ago
@WickkPlayz TV I am glad to hear that you needed to know that and it's all glory to God. It's just coming from Jesus I guess.
Klaatu Panzas
That tal kaiper no vale ni two chacaras.
VIBIN trent
VIBIN trent 5 days ago
I bet for the Titans it’s Wilson
Jonathan Oka
Jonathan Oka 6 days ago
Macafrey unfortunately will start to decline after this season. With his high usage rbs don't last. With 5 yrs he'll retire. 3 yrs tops of high level play then a steep decline
Jorge Valenzuela
Jorge Valenzuela 6 days ago
Drafting is like hiring employees. Eventually you make judgments with your gut
Aroneazy 7 days ago
Tebow win a lot of games as a starter. The Broncos refused to build around him....🙄
TRiFORCE 8 days ago
Dear Jets, Thanks for giving us Jamal Adams Sincerely, Seattle
Jeremy Tittle
Jeremy Tittle 9 days ago
0:20 Okay yeah but who wasnt wrong about Jamarcus?
Hennrik Karlsson
Hennrik Karlsson 9 days ago
a broken clock and all that.
Victor Perez
Victor Perez 10 days ago
Jus means more work
Brady Walker
Brady Walker 11 days ago
Imagine saying fuller wasn’t a star
Alex 11 days ago
Josh Allen is a great QB but I still think Baker is #1
Rune Alexander
Rune Alexander 12 days ago
Huh..thought this video would be much shorter.
outtakes69 12 days ago
I like the rumor that Mel is in bed with agents hyping their players...
Timothy Wideman
Timothy Wideman 12 days ago
What’s an NFL executive doing living next door to a mailman?
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa 12 days ago
Wow, this sucks....
Michael Carhart
Michael Carhart 14 days ago
Juju was not a right take, dude garbo
Adam 14 days ago
Wait, wasn't Tebow the Bronco's entry on the other video too? The one on Kiper's wrong takes?
Samuel Greene
Samuel Greene 15 days ago
In fairness about JaMarcus Russell, he had the tools Kiper said, just too busy buying Honey Buns to capitalize on it
Conor Culhane
Conor Culhane 15 days ago
TPS won’t admit that THEY were wrong on Josh Allen!!
Joshua Nelson
Joshua Nelson 15 days ago
Terrible thumbnail, Tebow never got a good chance
Ken Bowser
Ken Bowser 15 days ago
Short list
Steve Reeser
Steve Reeser 15 days ago
Huh 🤔 though this video would be shorter 🤦‍♂️😂
Doughy 15 days ago
Why does this man speak like he does
Pedro de Martini
Pedro de Martini 15 days ago
so, 2020 you guys do a video saying he missed about Manziel, 2021 he now is right? Do we have time travelers here? TPS more like BTTF
Bob Feller
Bob Feller 15 days ago
Tebow wasn't that bad, his throwing motion was no worse than Kenny Stabler's...or Joe Kapp, or Bobby Douglas, or Sonny Jurgenson. But they tried to change his mechanics, and Troy Aikman said it was a mistake. Aikman would know, more so than some talking blow-hards.
potato boi
potato boi 16 days ago
Na bro that title card not liking it
Reggie Christian
Reggie Christian 16 days ago
Ju ju ain't been the same since AB left.
david peters
david peters 16 days ago
Was that 1.
Fart Vandelay
Fart Vandelay 16 days ago
Todd McShay punching air right now
Steve Veasey
Steve Veasey 17 days ago
Kiper is aware enough to know he's going to be wrong a lot - I have heard him say many times in pre draft shows 'we are all just guessing'. The problem is that he can't actually say that during the draft or nobody would watch so he comes out super positive or negative when really most picks fall into a grey area of uncertainty.
Trent Stokes
Trent Stokes 17 days ago
Ha gotta go back to 94 for the colts cause we draft pretty damn good
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 17 days ago
Melvin Gordon is not that good.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 17 days ago
Matt Ryan >>>>> Joe Flacco
Hermes Actum
Hermes Actum 17 days ago
Amari cooper sucks
ATL n LA 17 days ago
It’s a stretch on some of these to say he was correct when he’s saying a guys not bad and the guy has a decent career. Show me more where he was right and everyone else was wrong.
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 17 days ago
If you’re wrong enough times you’ll be right eventually
Ben Warren
Ben Warren 18 days ago
I don’t think he was right about goedert. Goedert has been too injured to do anything til now
Khaleezy 18 days ago
So is nobody gonna talk about Steven Jackson wearing space jam 11s while playing at 10:11?
Joshua Mason's Eight-Bit Bastards
'Jagwires' makes my ears bleed. It's Jag-warz.
2nd_place 18 days ago
Something something a broken clock is correct twice a day something…
Pepe Marrero
Pepe Marrero 18 days ago
Mel your hair style is the the most ridiculous of all that’s all folks
StoneKold10X 18 days ago
04 Said all 3 QBs picked wouldn't be bust he was right
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske 19 days ago
Wasn't Allen Buffalo's pick that Kiper was wrong about?
Blair Steward
Blair Steward 19 days ago
I despise this fake voice
Owen A. Ward Sr.
Owen A. Ward Sr. 19 days ago
Tony Romo
Tony Romo 19 days ago
Bad take on Fournette. He is a top-tier RB. had 2 good years in Jacksonville out of 3, playing for a bad organization that is drafting #1 overall now. got traded late to the Bucs who were deep at RB but ended up playing a vital role for them in their SB run.
Andrew Wall
Andrew Wall 19 days ago
Hey tebow won a playoff game lol.
Eva Rafferty
Eva Rafferty 19 days ago
A broken clock is right twice a day
Brobsty 20 days ago
Joe Flacco had like 5 good games
Dock_94 20 days ago
Detroit lions, Elon musk
zdh0218 20 days ago
Bruh of all things you choose Favre for the Falcons??? He was a BUST in Atlanta and barely got a chance in GB. Pick someone who actually did good for us next time please, he almost pulled a Manziel
BassasaurusRex 20 days ago
Kyle Fuller has never been elite? He was an all pro and lead the league in INTs in 2018. That's pretty elite. Kiper was close, but he under sold him a tad.
FabioJ- 21 day ago
Kiper just loves QB with big arms lmao
FoNY loufortune
FoNY loufortune 21 day ago
Fournette is the biggest head scratcher for me, picked him 24th in fantasy when he was a rookie.. he was one of the biggest reasons why I finished 3rd after losing my 1st overall pick in the first game
Mark Crandley
Mark Crandley 21 day ago
Mel was all ticked off because he thought the Colts should have taken Trent Freaking Dilfer. They were both idiots.
Tony V
Tony V 21 day ago
wow I'm in shock lol I figured it would be like 3 seconds long at a max
HotFireCards 21 day ago
The Saquon Barkley pick was just fine. Nobody was sold on Allen or Lamar, so the giants could’ve been stuck with darnold or Rosen which is much worse
Dalejr 420
Dalejr 420 21 day ago
I like Mel from from the Pat Mcafee live draft show better
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver 21 day ago
Mel is way better than Todd tbh
lostshepherd87 21 day ago
ju-ju hasn't done shit since becoming the #1
Travus A
Travus A 21 day ago
Mel thinkin C newton was gonna go 7th in the 1st or 2and round, okay dude.
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Look at that throw from Mahomes.....
Justin Owen
Justin Owen 21 day ago
Kiper isn't bad compared to some analysts out there
Lawrence Lubchuk
Lawrence Lubchuk 21 day ago
taking barkley 2nd pick was a great pick.
Eddie MacDonald
Eddie MacDonald 21 day ago
I like how Allen is in both videos 😂😂😂
C A 21 day ago
That liberal network ESPN doesn't get it, Kiper should not be giving his opinion on the players because he is wrong so often (Julio Jones supposedly can't catch according to Kiper). Kiper is a weenie, a bean counter if you will. He has no more credentials to do what he is doing than any other Joe Blow on the street. Kiper has never been a coach, a scout, an administrator, and hell, not even sure if he has ever played the game of football. And all of the sudden HE is an expert? Give me a break. Stay in your lane Kiper. Quit giving your opinion, just spew out your memorized stats and numbers that's all the TV audience wants to here from you. Your a memorizing puppet, act like one you idiot!!!
Star_Spade XV
Star_Spade XV 22 days ago
Glad to know TPS corrected their Josh Allen blunder from the last video lol Also, kinda wished you mentioned Gordon’s not too shabby season in Denver
James Zaimes
James Zaimes 20 days ago
TPS always gets me because they have good video topics but as always, their execution is usually terrible. This one isn't bad but the fact they don't know the alphabet just goes to show the lack of effort they put into their videos. Philadelphia should have been before Pittsburgh. Small detail but watching the rest of their videos, you can see that lack of effort or oversight
Frank Palancio
Frank Palancio 22 days ago
A broken clock is right twice a day.
L. Ron Gardner
L. Ron Gardner 22 days ago
Even A broken clock is right twice a day.
I’m_Random _seriously
Minshew is like Tebow
Richie Woods
Richie Woods 22 days ago
First off Tebow didn't do anything but get them to the playoffs beat the Steelers and then Denver gave up on him
Richie Woods
Richie Woods 11 days ago
@Anthony Julkowski who the fuck you clapping at that man came out the gate winning games sit your gabbage ass down trick
Anthony Julkowski
Anthony Julkowski 11 days ago
Lololol. That defense got them to the playoffs. And Tebow was in on one of the luckiest plays ever to win a game. How many do you have to hear of before you believe it. Tebow was a garbage NFL QB. He couldn’t throw. Couldn’t read a defense. And was Slooooooow. You telling me you would rather have Tebow over Peyton Manning? Tebow was a bust, simply based on how he was overvalued in the draft to begin with.
SWALLOW ME! 23 days ago
Los Angeles Wams
E&J Reacts
E&J Reacts 23 days ago
Personally I think the giants made the right choice to draft Barkley #2
michael kryvanis
michael kryvanis 23 days ago
What a waste of time. You literally used the same player 5 times from your previous video about all the picks he got wrong. How is he wrong and right about Tebow, Manziel, etc etc. Seriously watch the other video and numerous players are repeated that he got right this video and got wrong in the other video.
Tanner Abbott
Tanner Abbott 23 days ago
Who the hell is Mel kiper lol
Jordan Hamilton
Jordan Hamilton 23 days ago
This whole list is a joke
Alex Crook
Alex Crook 23 days ago
Taking saquon ahead of Josh Rosen and Sam darnold? Best decision giants ever made
Alex Crook
Alex Crook 13 days ago
@Jonathan Carlson daniel Jones was never as talented as the other guys, was always gonna be a system QB 🤷🏽‍♂️ but for a long time people thought Tom Brady was a system QB look where he’s ended up, Nick Foles was a system QB and he won one, Eli won 2. You can have all the talent in the world at QB (Patrick mahomes) and still lose the super bowl
Jonathan Carlson
Jonathan Carlson 13 days ago
Hardly. Give it 5 years. Could end up being lose/lose. Giants maybe should have drafted two Josh Allens.
yaopete 23 days ago
I don’t mean to disagree, because Flacco has been great, but pointing to the “Mile High Miracle” is a poor example. An underthrown ball poorly played by two defensive backs is not a good example of his elite skill.
Andrés Martín Girardo
It's easy to be right on a 1st round pick.
Nick Evans
Nick Evans 23 days ago
Most picks r busts
Nick Evans
Nick Evans 23 days ago
No its not lol
Rj V
Rj V 24 days ago
Wow. This is 17min long?
Tango Delta
Tango Delta 24 days ago
Your voice is so super acted and fake
Diego Ospina
Diego Ospina 25 days ago
In resume: don't trust in Mel Kipper
BuhbuhJay Champagne
If Trev Alberts wouldn’t have been injury prone, he could have been a very good LB.
Mikal Sevcik
Mikal Sevcik 25 days ago
Love Kiper
Donavan Schultz
Donavan Schultz 25 days ago
Leonard Fournette just won a Super Bowl and had a great post season. So not exactly right.
Not a gamer
Not a gamer 7 days ago
Ah yes. The most important running back stat. Super bowl wins. Kioer was right
Cameron Worley
Cameron Worley 25 days ago
The only reason Tebow left Denver was because they got Manning. He would’ve absolutely been their guy otherwise, but if you have a chance to get Peyton Manning, you get Peyton Manning. If that hadn’t happened I think Tebow would’ve had a long successful career in Denver.
NFL1976 23 days ago
No. Elway wanted Tebow gone. Elway knew Tebow was not a true quarterback. Also- Tebow was over the top on his Lord & Savior. Too much. Tom Brady, different story. Jesus would want him on his team.
David4_0 26 days ago
Plzz don’t use Gods name in vain
David4_0 26 days ago
Jesus loves you all repent and give your life to Jesus
F P S 26 days ago
Tebow RND1 wasn't a smart pick for the Broncos, but at the same time Tebow got Denver to the playoffs. Without that post season, I don't think Peyton Manning goes to the Broncos. His logic being, if Tebow can take them to the playoffs, I can take them to the Superbowl. So it wasn't the right pick, but it was a good pick for Denver. As odd as that sounds.
J Gunzler
J Gunzler 26 days ago
Kiper has THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Just watch football all year, take some notes, then go on TV a few times during draft season to talk football. It’s basically what I do for free but instead of being on TV I just watch it.
Corey Pearson
Corey Pearson 23 days ago
Yeah but then you say something wrong or dumb and then your criticized your whole life about it
robinjoe1 27 days ago
Tebow just won. Poor guy.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 27 days ago
Wow this guys voice is terribleeeee
Michael Lankheet
Michael Lankheet 28 days ago
Can lions fans plz get some decent commentary for once.
None of your business
Joe Flacco - 1 SB, Matt Ryan - 0
None of your business
Mel Kiper is a clown
marc andin
marc andin 28 days ago
How is Josh Allen his best and worst pick for my bills 🤔
jay webb
jay webb 29 days ago
Ok I paused at the start of the video and noticed its 17mins long , due to the topic/title I thought it would be WAY SHORTER !!!!!
Jason Benjamin
Jason Benjamin 29 days ago
He couldn’t be right about Josh Allen to be the best when LJ has been MVP
Archibald Edits
Archibald Edits 29 days ago
Flacco? Nah