Every Family Has Its Feud: This Is Ours | I AM ATHLETE w/ Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More 

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Every family has its feuds and in this episode, we have ours...The discussion heats up as Brandon, Chad, Channing and Fred discuss contracts and the differences between NBA and NFL. Chad and Channing say it's easier for the NBA players to run the league because they have guaranteed contracts where in the NFL, the players are at the mercy of the owners unless they are franchised. Brandon disagrees and says not all NBA players have guaranteed money and that the NFL is institutionalized.
Former NFL Wide Receiver and Houston great, Andre Johnson, joined the guys to talk about the Houston Texans organization and the future of Deshaun Watson. The normally reserved veteran, voiced his opinion in early 2021 about how players, specifically Watson, were being treated by the organization and that a change needs to be made. Generating buzz about his public stance, the guys leaned into Johnson's leadership role and how much he is respected to speak to the current state of the NFL and the Houston Texans.
Johnson was pulled into the heated debate but sat observing the back and forth as Brandon offered a quick apology beforehand sensing the conversation was about to take a left turn. Becoming extremely agitated with the difference of opinions, Brandon loses his cool with Chad and Channing which leads to a very intense moment between the guys. After minutes of arguing, Fred interjects to bring the guys back down and simmer the conversation.
Chef joins the show during the heated debate and is an icebreaker in the tension as she serves the guys lamb chops to Chad who has never had them before! And ofcourse no episode is complete without Chad and Brandon asking who is the X and who is the Y, which spurs another round of excitement before the show closes!
I Am Athlete is filmed at Botaniko Weston. For I Am Athlete merchandise and apparel, visit www.HouseOfAthlete.com and for Chef Nancie's collection, visit www.ChefNancie.com.
Additional Note:
Andre Johnson was asked to be a guest on this week’s episode of I Am Athlete to talk about football and inner workings of the NFL.
The episode was filmed prior to many of the off field allegations against Deshaun Watson becoming public. We understand the severity of the claims and take them seriously and will allow the legal system to play out.
The tweet referred to on the show was written and posted by Johnson on January 12, 2021 expressing his stance from a football perspective about Watson, not on a personal level.
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Apr 5, 2021




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isaac alzate
isaac alzate 2 hours ago
They need moss in this bitch ans some OG like a herschel walker ot bo jackson
rastadee 3 hours ago
Almost all NBA contracts are fully guaranteed, even if a player is injured or cut - compared to the NFL, where the majority of contracts see partial guarantees paid within the first 1-2 years with no backend financial commitment.Brandon Marshall u need to carmdown bro and get the facts right u way to hype
Simply 85Beauty
Simply 85Beauty 3 hours ago
Malik Love
Malik Love 5 hours ago
“Your not gonna bully these nfl owners” What if🤔... nah I don’t do conspiracy
Shay Mon truck'n!
Shay Mon truck'n! 8 hours ago
🥄 I'm just saying just a little bit it was about money.......Another legendary ball player I can't get enough of watching this everyone talked about the same thing this channel right here legendar💯💯💯💯💯
LilRondo 4CH
LilRondo 4CH 9 hours ago
Sophia Sophia
Sophia Sophia 10 hours ago
B is a little childish... Lol he need to clear his eyes and ears.
Sophia Sophia
Sophia Sophia 10 hours ago
He's missing the fact, NBA has a signed contract. NFL doesn't so if they don't play no pay. Until there's a contract it's never going to happen.
Cole Taz
Cole Taz 10 hours ago
Yoo!!!! I was in the 🚗, on a job site dying when Channing said this... "We had Therealtarzan on the show, his veneers are so gad damn big.. HE GOT KING-KONG TEETH!!" I lost it lmao
Tison 11 hours ago
when fred fixes his hat, you know hes about to spit some intellectual shit
Mr Urr
Mr Urr 11 hours ago
bring in Julio Jones and AJ Brown for an episode covering heroes/role models 🙌🏽
Lewis Lamont
Lewis Lamont 12 hours ago
Andre Johnson was 2nd best wr in houston DeAndre Hopkins gone always be number 1
Carlos Gonzalez
1:11:00 revis locked you up
Erika Purcell-Williams
LMAO...Brandon, sir...you got a lil' offended when Uncle Fred (man, I LOVE that man!) mentioned that he has a podcast @ 1:10:22. You acted like Fred was cheating on you...LMAO
Leira Springs
Chad is all the way right!!!!!!!!!!
Jon ADOS Day ago
No matter how much we don’t want to acknowledge it, but it’s ALL WAYS ABOUT RACE! You don’t have to acknowledge it but white corporate America, The NBA, The NFL, our educational system, our judicial system, our political system ALL UNDERSTAND ITS ALL ABOUT RACE.
Jon ADOS Day ago
We need true advocacy for Generational reparations for those of us who are descendants of those who were forced into American chattel slavery and transformative policies for all blacks in America.
bsykesonline Day ago
Great show...so much raw passion but that’s what’s needed!
Trading Central
First time i see this!! Fire!!
Florida Wise
Florida Wise Day ago
Brandon Marshall lost bra ...dam lol
Cooper S
Cooper S Day ago
D Butler porfavor.
K. O.Williams
Love Channings comedic relief 🤣🤣
Yvonne Thomas
I love how y’all get on here and speak y’all s mind❤️
Chris Day ago
B Marshall's rant 😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
“i’m scamming!” LMAO 😂
A-dUb Day ago
Shamekia L
Shamekia L Day ago
Nobody wants to be uncomfortable.
mahogany nashay
Do they make men like Fred Taylor anymore.....
stefanice7 Day ago
I need Brandons Outfit man ! If somebody knows, hook me up
christian Day ago
They for sure wore the shirts for more than 1 day 💀💀
"Wake Up!"
Stnchy Attractants
Great show fellas
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 days ago
All y’all wrong. The fans run the league. Every position doesn’t get the same shine in the nfl where as in the nba you can be a franchise player at any position easier than in the nfl. More fans = more money. The owners just want a check.
Neva Lyin
Neva Lyin 2 days ago
So Long snappers get a say over WR and RB?
Cousins08 2 days ago
This might be a stupid question but why cant the NFLPA negotiate for fully guaranteed contracts? Have they even tried?
Rap Tor
Rap Tor 2 days ago
invite Megatron, Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis plss
Chad got a step on Brandon
Amun RE Gaming
Amun RE Gaming 2 days ago
B has points you have to fight for what you want this people do that cose no one stand up and talk about this
Laquame Knox
Laquame Knox 2 days ago
Get Hines ward on
captainbrown05 2 days ago
wow brandon is sooo wrong on this cause i can name 6 players on the clippers whom have gauranteed contracts lol
BassJazzTV 2 days ago
This is the most necessary conversation on youtube....tv.... But needs to keep on UNITY. We need unity. And id love to be the psychological brain on this show.
damian dominion
damian dominion 2 days ago
Taylor enjoying his meal while they yell haha
Sebastian Wasike
Sebastian Wasike 2 days ago
Hi... Am all the way in Kenya/Africa and on a daily basis am glued to you guys. You guys are so lucky to have that major break to have played and get paid so well doing it. I can relate on the sports side of it having played rugby but most of us on this hemisphere don't know much about NFL yet I can't get enough. Keep it real as always and spread the brand down here. Hell if you could start a scouting program, the real gene pool is out here. Cheers maybe one day you will get to read my comments.
Mr. Diggs
Mr. Diggs 2 days ago
I hope it's ALTHLETS talking to ALTHELETS - The Players Assoc. should be at EVERY owners meeting & KNOW when they meet EREVYTIME. (GMs & Coaches OUT)
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz 2 days ago
Brandon Marshall was gonna cry after Andre picked Ocho as his X😂
Jaemarlee Goin
Jaemarlee Goin 2 days ago
Ocho Cinco: 2 million dollars ain't money!!! Me: *counting $12.47 in my pocket*
The Janky Ramblers Podcast PartyInTheLivingRoom
This episode was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
G B 2 days ago
I love how far my guy Brandon Marshall has come and brought those out the light either to it or through it. Much respect my guy. 🤝🏽✊🏾
Brite Fame World
Brite Fame World 2 days ago
“That’s the nfl saving its ass”
Brite Fame World
Brite Fame World 2 days ago
Ocho Sinco is absolutely correct 💯 percent
Bad7807 2 days ago
Is it mevor does brandon sound like future when he talks
Mr. Diggs
Mr. Diggs 2 days ago
I hope it's ALTHLETS talking to ALTHELETS - The Players Assoc. should be at EVERY owners meeting & NOW when they meet EREVYTIME. (GMs & Coaches OUT)
DailyDeekay 2 days ago
Almost all NBA contracts are fully guaranteed, even if a player is injured or cut - compared to the NFL, where the majority of contracts see partial guarantees paid within the first 1-2 years with no backend financial commitment
John Goolsby
John Goolsby 2 days ago
NFL players play for their teams and are accountable to them and the league. NBA players really work for the shoe companies, not the league. If Nike is giving me 200 million dollars, it’s going to give me leverage to confront the league. But I’ve never heard any NBA player say a peep against a shoe company. Nike, Adidas, and Uber Armour are the true power brokers in the NBA.
Drew Little
Drew Little 2 days ago
I f**king love these guys. Organic. Raw. Great chemistry. Unapologetic. Informative. Watched them as players and now I'm watching them lead the future generations of players to a path after sports.
Lakenya Johnson
Lakenya Johnson 2 days ago
Yoooo I LOVE this dude!! Part of the reason I became interested in football. Andre hands is deadly that's for sure and for IAA to speak his name in the same breath as Polamalu speaks volumes. I wish he would have gotten at least one ring cause the talent was definitely there! But he's definitely a hall of famer cause how could u deny the talent this man brung to the league. And it was definitely a moment when he beat the F out of Finnegan, literally, but this man career was so much more than that. I love this guy best of luck Dre in all your endeavors.
Ramu Nisa
Ramu Nisa 2 days ago
❕❕❕❕❕BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Jay O.
Jay O. 2 days ago
Yo I loved this. My successful brothers. I made it to College football but fell short of the NFL. To be able to ride the wave of your success and look like me. I love it!👍🏾
King Diamonds
King Diamonds 2 days ago
46:10 lmao
roxxylala26 3 days ago
@46:30 Brandon's meltdown in 3..2..1..🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Cliffton Canty
Cliffton Canty 3 days ago
Brandon talkin all dat shit but when the deshaun Watson topic comes up on fs1 he don’t have that same energy and it’s obvious they blackballing him but he acting like he oblivious because they pay him to do so
Greens Hustle Journey
Haha Channing Green!
KingJordan2221_ 3 days ago
Money is very powerful in today's world to quiet people etc... 100%
Amann 3 days ago
Its when brandon said.. WHY DO YOU JEEP ON SAYING B FOR HAJAJA
greyfoxblade 3 days ago
Maaaannnnnn this convo should be in private, it's like letting your enemies into your plans.....
Ezekiel Tolentino
I think the NBA was just lucky to see the mj and Magic effect. Even in the early 80s to late 90s they realized how marketable these players are so it’s in their best interest to keep them happy. The nfl on the other hand sell teams. i.e: 89’ 49ers, 2007 pats. So they can really give a shit about a single player
FredyReacts 3 days ago
They didn’t even mention Antonio brown, only man in the nfl working teams.
streetgainer 3 days ago
“Bro why you keep saying B for???!!!!!”... lol!... I love this!.... this is the exact type of question I want to ask my homies at times
J Sarge
J Sarge 3 days ago
crazy how all those allegations came shortly after andre's tweet.
Caz lonewolf
Caz lonewolf 3 days ago
Dre sound like darthvader
AyoItsDJ 3 days ago
We back on the Texans again !!! 😂😂😂
JaMichael Sandridge
Great episode
Daryngton Hall
Daryngton Hall 3 days ago
B Marsh be acting all the way blind to what’s real sometimes. What Fred said was true no matter how you feel. B I think just tries to be so positive and so optimistic at times, but there’s a thing called reality that overshadows all that even if we don’t like it. A lot of those top tier QBs as Fred said looked/looks out for themselves and that’s what it is.
Deandre Moorer
Deandre Moorer 3 days ago
I see what Brandon is getting at because there are a lot of people who was making money and didn't want to say anything. However I see what Chad is say because you have a roster where 90% are black in the NBA locker room and the NFL has about 75% black rosters. And not all of them are making the money. I also think you'll get black balled in the NFL more than the NBA.
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown 3 days ago
That Theme music is on point, it goes with the show
JB Badon
JB Badon 3 days ago
This man was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
Calvin Moore
Calvin Moore 3 days ago
Don’t upset the old white owners 😂😂
Chris •Rawls
Chris •Rawls 3 days ago
Dre is my uncle & this is my favorite show, love this collab!
Sonya Rice
Sonya Rice 3 days ago
Ok Brandon was big mad and loud.🤣🤣
Jay Schilling
Jay Schilling 3 days ago
You can get that money from many other teams... why did he sign it with the Texans 🤦🏻‍♂️
Lexi Seidler
Lexi Seidler 3 days ago
Fred smart btw. He play like an alligator just instinct but they all seem they know some things we don't.
Eugene Ross
Eugene Ross 3 days ago
This podcast the shizznit..barbershop
geno816 3 days ago
Well. There are a couple things. 1) guaranteed contracts do matter. 2) even the scrubs on the NBA teams make significant money. NFL players don't. 3) there are more people to replace NFL players than NBA players. Don't find a lot of 6'4" dominant ballers. But I can find a 5'11" college player who can play WR. 4) there are too many NFL players on a team to move as a unit. 5) NFLPA should be run by the players.
Mr. Diggs
Mr. Diggs 2 days ago
I hope it's ALTHLETS talking to ALTHELETS - The Players Assoc. should be at EVERY owners meeting & NOW when they meet EREVYTIME. (GMs & Coaches OUT)
CVN 3 days ago
Chris Paul is actually the head of the nbapa
Samuel Bates
Samuel Bates 2 days ago
Dude in hella commercials too 🤣🤣
Lit Troy
Lit Troy 3 days ago
who taking B ov ocho fr?😂
Nicolas Shepherd
Nicolas Shepherd 3 days ago
I like this.
Dj 4eign
Dj 4eign 3 days ago
Gr8 vibe love this show blessings guyz
Maestro Kross
Maestro Kross 3 days ago
This podcast is incredible, thank you. It's educational, inspirational and informative. I love this show.
JaMichael Sandridge
Brandon is the most passionately wrong person on TV
Duuuval904 DadeCounty305
Bruh I'm a lifetime Jags fan but I love Andre Johnson bruh. Man is eloquent
John Bullock
John Bullock 4 days ago
Another fantastic conversation! Awesome and inspiring gentlemen!!!
Rontavious Williams
9:10 D Hopkins is a better receiver than Andre.
fraby811 4 days ago
Andre Johnson>Joe Johnson 🤷‍♂️🤔
Anthony Laroche
Anthony Laroche 4 days ago
I get what Brandon is trying to get at .
Super Soaker 545
Super Soaker 545 4 days ago
“Revis locked you up!!” **3 woah’s at the same time**
Respect My Opinion
Real and uncut
M_R_ J
M_R_ J 4 days ago
I must and will admit, I love Fred Taylor but Tom Brady fought for AB frfr got him on a team, paid and a ring 💯
M_R_ J
M_R_ J 5 hours ago
@ohyeah379 right like you know something smh
ohyeah379 11 hours ago
His point is way over your head
Sam28 4 days ago
Idk if I’m stupid, but I could not follow what they were arguing about😂
Gerald Colvin
Gerald Colvin 4 days ago
This is sooo dope...black men uplifting each other and just chopping it up...we need more of this frfr
matt mcknight
matt mcknight 4 days ago
Hey dre whats ya dental schedule talk about changing a heated subject lol
D10 4 days ago
Brandon overreacts