Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic] 

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I did this way back, like a day before Tommy's exile. This was just for fun :)
Song: Evelyn Evelyn
Artist:Evelyn Evelyn
Also, the reason why there's people from a month ago before post was because they're a patron :D
You get some small early access to future videos in my parteon.
And I also have a Discord Server :D


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Jan 21, 2021




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innerly 8 minutes ago
I mean, this works for when ChommyInnit got exiled and when he died but then he got revived
Rommel hosana
Rommel hosana 22 minutes ago
TommyInnit spit on the floor 0:21
Ploosh Bot
Ploosh Bot 2 hours ago
Tubbo actually sounds like a version of Tubbo while tommy sounds completely different (I know that it’s a animated version of a song )
Overdrive Countdown
Why is a Minecraft animation so sad... *SAD-IST*
Unknown 3 hours ago
Wooshketon 4 hours ago
Why does it always end in gallons of tears?
Quentin Johnson
Quentin Johnson 4 hours ago
Man a prison escape from Sad-ist would be awesome.
Maria Plesa
Maria Plesa 5 hours ago
A have a feling this is dreams sister
Tackle Kar
Tackle Kar 5 hours ago
now you should one for tommy's connon death you are so amazing this all videos about dream smp will be the best things i have ever seen in my entire life god bless you sir
Just Synical
Just Synical 6 hours ago
You should use The song Finish Line by Skillet for your next DSMP animatic
Nico Nicoleta
Nico Nicoleta 7 hours ago
jas • 69 years ago
0:25 *slightly touches tommy* 0:32 "Don't touch me bro" 0:36 "Did you forget about corona?" 0:41 "Dude i just slightly touched you" 0:45 "I'm telling mom" 0:48 "No" 0:50 "I will" 0:52 "You wouldn't dare" 0:54 "I would" 0:56 "YOU SNAPPED MY WRIST HOW WOULD I NOT TELL MOM" 0:58 "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT"
The Everland Micronation
its cool that sadist shows tubbos persinalitys ( the shadows i think)
Gustav samuelson
Gustav samuelson 11 hours ago
god its torture waiting for the next animation! Im looking forward to when it does drop though
Riley Slemons
Riley Slemons 12 hours ago
I eat bread
I eat bread 14 hours ago
I have an idea! You could do an animation with the song drivers license but it’s about Tommy in exile, if you agree
Hatidza Durmisevic
Hatidza Durmisevic 14 hours ago
You should create a movie whole dsmp history that would be a real pogchamp.
CC Boys
CC Boys 15 hours ago
why does this actually sound like tubbo and tommy singing??
RafKoaster 16 hours ago
“Tommy and Tubbo”: We grew up so very close “Tommy”: A parasite needs a host “Tubbo”: I’m only trying to do what is best for us. “Tommy”: Well I never asked for this “Tommy”: I never wanted this “Tommy”: All that I want is some time to myself! “Tubbo”: Looking in your eyes “Tubbo”: I’m coming home “Tommy”: Just get away from me! “Tommy”: Please just stop touching me! “Tommy”: Your always trying to be somebody else!
Null No
Null No 17 hours ago
Очень круто....👍🏻
Fire eyes Gamer
Fire eyes Gamer 17 hours ago
The title:Evelyn Elelyn Song name:Evelyn Evelyn Song artist:Evelyn Evelyn Song album:Evelyn Evelyn EVELYN EVELYN OMG!!!!!!!!!
Isabella Lawler
Isabella Lawler 17 hours ago
Sad-ist is asome!
Abdur Nadeem
Abdur Nadeem 18 hours ago
We want the finale animation.
ghost in your room
ghost in your room 21 hour ago
xvzkid9212 21 hour ago
From your first animation you advanced alot
TheAdvertisement 23 hours ago
Tommy: God won't you just leave me alone! Tubbo: Ok. _Exiles Tommy leaving Dream to torment him._
Lukas Dreemur
Lukas Dreemur 23 hours ago
I can never tell if you’re a sadist or you’re just sad. Or it’s just your name that’s awesome.
kenJi Sinas
kenJi Sinas Day ago
Its been 2 months I miss her 🙁
BadBoyCliix Day ago
Maybe a slight muss
Brrr Day ago
Moth the 4th
Moth the 4th Day ago
this really hits different after tommys recent streams
Glitchy playz
You should do an antimatic on tommys death and revival
x X Luñar_Føx X x
Hey sad-ist! I have a song that you could you use in your animations. Toxic remix by 2WEI
Poggodemon Day ago
will sadist animate the battle with dream phil and techno or will he just skip to the current dream and tommy lore
Cobio Day ago
0:30 Tubbo is a stand user
Big Weeb
Big Weeb Day ago
Wow you've come far since your hollow night videos
Nahla Springfield
This has a... different feeling now that Tommy is dead...
ᆞRoom Day ago
Tommyinnit did child abuse
FarisBlayz Day ago
0:51 *It sounds like Tubbo’s voice tbh,*
J_Evan Day ago
honestly im pressed with your art sad-ist, keep up the good work.
Fabiola Pineda
the 1.9k people who disliked cried to hard and got angry at the animation
Emma-lee Jackson
I’d die to watch this again for the first time
Yorokobi Day ago
Can you please tutor me?
Fabiola Pineda
and now tommy is dead. pain. oh he literally hot revived like, today why whenever i say something it backfires just cuz im misinformed damn it
Michelle Day ago
I can actually hear tommy sing the parts
hani the weeb
a professional trash
Funny drama
Aamir monz
Aamir monz Day ago
A. Torres
A. Torres Day ago
Im only admiring the music fitting the storyline so well
Irenic Day ago
I don't see anyone talking about this but when Tommy said, "you're only scared of me!" He backed away in the process, seemingly contradicting his statement. Ormaybeimoveranalyzingthisidk.
Rapid Sloth
Rapid Sloth Day ago
And now he’s DEAD! (Dance)
Luna_ Kozume
Luna_ Kozume Day ago
All of these are so amazing its really impressive and breathtaking
I feel like the song Bad Guy by Set It Off would work great for one of these but not sure
I feel like the song Bad Guy by Set It Off would work great for one of these but not sure
D Harriram
D Harriram Day ago
This is amazing
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Just saw it. I thought u were gone XD Will there be an animation "Dawn of the 16th" tier for the destruction of L'Manberg or are you waiting for more to happen?
Peter parkers ass
from what I saw on twitter, she's working on something right now :)
TechofIash Day ago
The dislikes are jealous that they cant do art this good
Spiffydubs Day ago
Tommy’s dead lol
CallMeRed Day ago
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Day ago
My playing friday night funkin and im rapping with pico: 0:48
cull the herd
tommy starts angry and ends sad and tubbo starts sad and ends angry
Deanbeanzz Day ago
Do tommys death animation (if u want)
xXx Heyyilikefood xXx
Tubbo and Tommy not crying-0:50 5 seconds later.. Tubbo and Tommy- 0:55 *cRys*
There’s a song called cold blooded and I thing you’d like it lol
Fool Bait Gaming
Fool Bait Gaming 2 days ago
Man this hits so different after tommy died and came back
Fool Bait Gaming
@Same not for u but for me at least
Same Day ago
No it doesnt
Leigh Loops
Leigh Loops 2 days ago
When I first watched this I liked it because the animation was great and didn’t like the song much And then what two months later I have this tune stuck in my head and couldn’t remember where it was from until just now, and something about the song is just hitting me right
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET
Do a Tommy innit dying for the last time
ship them
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez 2 days ago
This hit different now that tommy is dead....
cute pinky
cute pinky 2 days ago
coming back to this hurts
• trintrez •
• trintrez • 2 days ago
This hits different now..
James U
James U 2 days ago
this hits different after the prison
huesnm s
huesnm s 2 days ago
this hurts so bad now
WYATTDAD 2 days ago
You need to make a music video about dream and Tommy’s time in prison together!
elan playz
elan playz 2 days ago
add some color plz
Isabellz Bird
Isabellz Bird 2 days ago
Bro people really be coming here DAILY I don’t blame them, this thing slaps
Claudia Campos
Claudia Campos 2 days ago
Next animation Tommylnnit losing he’s tre lives 🤣🤣
Softix 2 days ago
"Here Tommy have a flower...theirs nobody their to pick it up anymore." -Ranboo GOSH WHYY IT WAS SOO SOON TOO SOON. You know whats going to last forever. Dreams prison sentence.
Aayush Kulkarni
Aayush Kulkarni 2 days ago
I swear to god that before I heard the real song, I thought they were singing it.....
Aayush Kulkarni
So true he is like that in real life sooo...... GG sadist
Epione 2 days ago
Lmfao- but ngl tubbo’s line fits perfectly
Ketty Keily
Ketty Keily 2 days ago
Is no one going to talk about the smile at the end?
PurpleWater 2 days ago
When comes the next ep? :C
Balls 2 days ago
And the Tommy fucking dies
Nico 2 days ago
Ok here me out I hear this song as wanda and vision now oml
tr3e power
tr3e power 2 days ago
R.i.P tommyinnit
Chase Champ
Chase Champ 2 days ago
This hits different after Tommy died...( In the SMP)
milkysuu _
milkysuu _ 2 days ago
Gamer Central
Gamer Central 2 days ago
I am from the future and tommy died by dream. Just saying
Astro Kones
Astro Kones 2 days ago
Please do an animatic of Tommy’s death
Potato Pancake
Potato Pancake 2 days ago
fuck this hurts now o7
Ahsen Özek
Ahsen Özek 2 days ago
I watched it too much that now I hear them as they actually singed this maybe even better.
Giornno Banania
Giornno Banania 2 days ago
if you hear it to much you can actually hear tubbo singing
Dysty Dawn :D
Dysty Dawn :D 2 days ago
Joellen Brown
Joellen Brown 2 days ago
Tommyinnit real cry reveal lol
P. Imagi Channel
P. Imagi Channel 2 days ago
i hate this. it's just so perfect... i can't, this is just fucking incredible
Luiz Fernando Barbosa Furtado
where is the techno and dream destroing l´manberg animation?
Laurence Hartnell
When u make an animatic of Tommy’s last cannon death u better make him pretty bloody because he was gored to death with a potato by a sociopath
kreedlol 2 days ago
When is the next animatic?
Am Fish
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