ESPN Fires Paul Pierce After Wild Instagram Live Video 

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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 98   
R.J. W
R.J. W 9 hours ago
He absolutely should NOT have been fired for this. This was NOTHING.
Supreme Being
Supreme Being 11 hours ago
homeboy is worth 70 million....relax He'll be fine without those little ESPN checks....he'll have a new podcast up in 2 weeks
DMG' YSM Day ago
R Word
R Word Day ago
As long as you occasionally see the W..... WU-TANG FOREVER
Caleb White
Caleb White Day ago
It's ridiculous though that media companies can still legally own people through contracts and fire them for being normal people.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 days ago
What does this fool say about all the white people that pay for his radio station? haha
jose Morales
jose Morales 2 days ago
I mean he's a grown as man and isnt this a free country he did not do anything wrong
Kratos 3 days ago
No no no. This is not why he was fired. He was fired before he even posted that video. Listen to him say "espn gonna fire me anyway"
Bro NYC 3 days ago
Paul Pierce....FIRED....grown ass dummy
Joey Savage
Joey Savage 3 days ago
Look clubs stripper's are for rappers n movie stars it's for Hollywood not sports players plz if you not a rapper or a entertainer plz stay out the party life or you will lose you job ESPN don't play they do sports stuff only that's it bottom line so if you choose to work or play for ESPN or any major league sports. RULE #1 THE CLUB NIGHT LIFE IS A NO NO. IF YOU BREAK THE RULES YOU LOOSE YOUR CONTRACT YOUR SPORTS JOB SPORTS CAREER BOTTOM LINE.
T.R.U. Savage
T.R.U. Savage 3 days ago
That song always get people in trouble 🤦🏾‍♂️
Emile Marie
Emile Marie 3 days ago
U mean no one saw this coming “REALLY”😂😭😪🤣😪😭😂😭😪
Cydney Thomas
Cydney Thomas 4 days ago
Video wasn't wild from what I seen. They wanted to fire his ass anyway
Keena Jefferson
Keena Jefferson 4 days ago
Disney? Really they no angels you mean the known sex trafficking Disney if that aint the pot calling the kettle black gtfoh
Twin5ive 4 days ago
And less than 4 hundred people watching...hmmmm
Daddy Fat Sacks
Daddy Fat Sacks 5 days ago
That man worth 70 million 💵 he dont need ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unorthodo_x 5 days ago
“I have no problems with niggas niggin” 5:30 lol
Unorthodo_x 5 days ago
“The Breakfast Club” is literally the whitest name I can think of. Except for maybe Cracker Court. Tell me the whitest, or blackest name, for a radio show/tv show you can think of in the comments below ⤵️
Anxiety Ebriety
Anxiety Ebriety 5 days ago
shouldn't have been fired
Issac Hayes
Issac Hayes 5 days ago
Mellifluous 5 days ago
Congratulations nigga. Youre a "man"
DJYNOT2 5 days ago
But why show this to the world Paul. Keep it to yourself.... protect your brand idiot
Maurice Brooks
Maurice Brooks 5 days ago
The Controllers of this world are anti- Heterosexual and especially hostile. to Black Male heterosexuality...and any public displays of Black Masculinity or Black Heterosexual Love or Black Heterosexuality is to be punished....so any of the above must be publicly flogged & punished..how DARE Paul Pierce like naturally born women..Youre fired.. but lil Nas X making a video having Homosexual Sex with Satan..thats not only approved of by these people but that is what the 'Controllers' are promoting..
Pmb 5 days ago
I mean Disney showed him love. I thought the way the dealt with him was fair. If somebody else posted the video they was going to give him a pass. But since he posted the video he got the axe. If you making millions of dollars at a job and you don't take your job into consideration when posting online you need to be fired.
Ruth Harper
Ruth Harper 5 days ago
This was immature. Some things should be kept private, and this is one of them.
alice goodman
alice goodman 5 days ago
Stop calling Black women Bitches and whores.
brownb1959 5 days ago
Marv Albert the sports broadcaster did some weird sexual shit in the past yet he was rehired! Different set of rules for men of color. Another example is the Houston Texans quarterback sex scandal in comparison to the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault scandal. Two quarterbacks, but very different in pigmentation. One is being vilified in the media as guilty while the other continues to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers after overwhelming evidence of sexual assault. Gimme a fuckin break!!!
Billionaire Tee
Billionaire Tee 5 days ago
People gotta stop tryna hold people to this squeaky clean imagery? And many people post stuff on the IG live just because Charlamaine don’t don’t mean millions ain’t doing it. Paul did nothing wrong you guys are Hippocrates! Charlamaine is definitely owned! This is crazy
OdariseOdarez 5 days ago
So the bEst way to get rid of someone is to LET THEM "THINK" THEY'RE GETTING RID OF YOU!
corey smalls
corey smalls 5 days ago
And he still good..dude don't give two shits about espn its gonna be some company(s) that works with dude..ppl making a big deal outta a retired millionaire doing retired millionaire shit...
D.e.j Chung
D.e.j Chung 5 days ago
Why people dont realize he meant to do this, he had another deal on the way
Markie Jones
Markie Jones 5 days ago
stay low key telling folks shit will screw u I'm learning off social media dont post shit
Jong Derng
Jong Derng 5 days ago
Folks don’t realize social media will ruin your entire life.
Deante Coleman
Deante Coleman 5 days ago
Wait u gotta be a body to go live with strppers
Ashlee Petty
Ashlee Petty 5 days ago
So who is Julie 🤨 Paul 🤔? Google says its your spouse... IJS...🤷🏿‍♀️
DC Wesly
DC Wesly 6 days ago
You all act like he didn't do this on purpose.. do you think he was really concerned about ESPN jobs?
Nzeme Nkwelle
Nzeme Nkwelle 6 days ago
How did y'all know he was smoking weed tho? Just curious!
Truth 1900
Truth 1900 6 days ago
Paul you still a nigga to them you can't do the same shit they do!!
Lora Cameron
Lora Cameron 6 days ago
This got Donkey Of The Day😲
Dee Gibbs
Dee Gibbs 6 days ago
Paul Pierce made a big mistake okay.. I just hope his career can survive this. Especially since Marv Albert career remained after sex abuse cases , several years ago.
M Medley
M Medley 6 days ago
"Niggas "Niggan"".....LOL love it.
Black Star
Black Star 6 days ago
My brotha said he was watching “ Falcon and Winter Soldier” and listening to The Isleys vs Earth,Wind, and Fire. That’s what’s up!!!
Bryan Coverson
Bryan Coverson 6 days ago
Here's what you don't do in life.... Make millions then worry about the expectations of you on a job for a company you don't own.
Johnny jeter
Johnny jeter 6 days ago
He did it on purpose to get out the contract early
A DaviD
A DaviD 6 days ago
Compared to what some of these ppl do in private, Pierce IS squeaky clean. C is right (and you said it perfect Sir), it wasn't what he did but how he did it. They should ensure that he has another position ready because he does a good job and what he did wasn't a problem, but on the strength of the establishment if that was the route they were going to take, and it makes sense... it's their decision.
Donie E.
Donie E. 6 days ago
He decided to put it out on his own.
Jay 6 days ago
I dont get how Matt Barnes is on ESPN but smokes weed too 🤣
Marcus X
Marcus X 6 days ago
LeBron James version... I'm done 🤣🤣🤣💯. I absolutely agree with my brother
Burt Isaac
Burt Isaac 6 days ago
That was a great episode! This reminds me about different thing on US-first. Some folks are above beyond encroachment. Where do we stand on it! Don’t put it on social media! You can’t sue your selfishness! If you are going to a lit 🔥 party be safe with your friends. For those who know.
Kym Trice Photography
Real G’s move in silence
tyson minlo
tyson minlo 6 days ago
He has millions so losing a job doesn't really compute to me. Actually, He's getting more clout for having a fun party.
tyson minlo
tyson minlo 5 days ago
@Evan Jones true, he should have kept it off IG. Bet those strippers got PAID tho...lol.
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 5 days ago
I can put money on it that a lot of sports players have stippers every once and a while. Paul just stupid enough to put it on Instagram
Vaughn Gainey
Vaughn Gainey 6 days ago
I couldn't agree more we all know he was definitely doing this shit as a Celtic back in the day and never broadcast it so why start now.
just some ugly black dude
I like undisputed cause Shannon will sip his yak and smoke his gar on live TV and we all love Shannon
View From Venice
View From Venice 6 days ago
people are feens for attention shit is an addiction......NO ATTENTION NO LIFE
Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross 5 days ago
@View From Venice lol
View From Venice
View From Venice 5 days ago
@Tyrone Ross I know bro geesh...it’s US-first not college. Son name is Tyrone LOL
Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross 5 days ago
Its fiend not feen you toddler
JustSayNoToTV 6 days ago
Yeah, he should be fired for sure. What the hell were you thinking?
geiccidan 7 days ago
I didn’t watch the breakfast club for a year straight over snitch9, now I’m back and I missed Envy but that’s it
The Little Blerdmaid
Disney got nerve after that they voluntarily gave all that money to a genocidal regime to film Mulan lol.
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 7 days ago
Paul pierce my new hero
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 7 days ago
Happy me happy everything
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 7 days ago
Now Paul pierce will see 90 years old happy wife happy life I wanna smack the simp who started that Mumbo jumbo craziest ish I ever heard
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 7 days ago
I guess when you get rid of the ball and chain and get divorced you feel born again 😆😁😄😃😀 I’m telling ya best feeling in the world is to be single until you 60
Horizon Apex
Horizon Apex 7 days ago
Mans just a single man enjoying life Sometimes people will look for any reason to knock you down off the platform you have
Lee Steal
Lee Steal 7 days ago
Please stop using the word nigga. Come on man.
Lee Steal
Lee Steal 7 days ago
Nobody is perfect but certain things that you do should be private. Why does anyone think the public wants to see this ratchedness.
Caleb M
Caleb M 7 days ago
We need Jesus Christ teachings breakfast club,no shortcuts,different route,chrislam,im my own god...no malice told yall the deal so taste and see and experience that life and peace.I prayed the Lords prayer everyday and asked God to be filled with holy spirit along with wisdom and understanding and God is moving.Do you same thing yall because you have no idea how it feels to have Gods spirit living in you,way better than sex money fame or drugs,dont let devil steal this truth because this verse hotter than all jay z, biggie, lil wayne,nba youngboy,nas verses ever released....sadly many wont pray that twice a day to have a chance to experience heaven but they rather have hell hanging on to words of gangster rappers being brainwashes not the gospels,matthew.mark.luke.john to find true life.Why yall like death and murder so much?
Shekida 7 days ago
Smell my finger.... Bruh🤣😂🤣😂
Michael Ward
Michael Ward 7 days ago
Had he being wearing a dress , he would be been praised.. Wicked world
GamE SquaD
GamE SquaD 7 days ago
I believe he was promoting his new weed brand which would eventually become public news and kill his espn contract anyway
JustChillAndGame 7 days ago
He's a boss Hope things go up from here for him starting his own shot
Rah Ross
Rah Ross 7 days ago
Like espn dont release a. NUDE swim suit issue....basically selling sex but PP wrong??? Hypocrites!!!
Biz .680
Biz .680 7 days ago
I aint gonna lie i could not figure out where charla was going with the “YO”😂
Dr.Biliman Narcisse
Got to love it you right brother
Antt Willa
Antt Willa 7 days ago
So the female that they elected woman of the year can twerk smoke weed and rap about sex and get praised but a straight black man finds females who does the same things as the woman yall erected woman of the year and he gets fired and soon to be canceled... After seeing the police tape of them pepper spraying an active army Lt to Paul getting fired America is ran by low iq idiots.. America will cease to exist in the next decade if we don't get these idiots out of office and power
Andy Nori
Andy Nori 7 days ago
its funny kids can do that but grown ass man cant
Austin 7 days ago
He didn't want the job nomo🤷🏾‍♂️
NayNay Jones
NayNay Jones 7 days ago
Yes Falcon and the Winter Soldier!!!!
miamiwax 7 days ago
Yall call this wild? Gimme a break.
m&m skittles
m&m skittles 7 days ago
Didn't really do nothing social media blows out proportion your preacher probably in strip club right now
Thetall man
Thetall man 7 days ago
I'm betting that he did this on purpose. You can tell by looking at his face.
adrian jackson
adrian jackson 7 days ago
Disney got they nerve. I know we all heard the stories
Corie Holland
Corie Holland 7 days ago
Disney equals extra sensitive.
Ghetto Nitzsche
Ghetto Nitzsche 7 days ago
Paul Pierce was making SHIT at ESPN. I wouldn't be surprised if he DIDN'T orchestrate this to get out of that shitty situation ...like James Harden
Dbrisk32 7 days ago
Funny how they praised lil nas x for twerking all over satan on tv ; we show Hetero behavior it’s an issue
jESSEONYENKA 7 days ago
Donkey of the day for a goddamn massage , this world is finished
Tony Carter
Tony Carter 7 days ago
I didn't realize Paul Pierce was that careless and dumb, but I stand corrected.
Andre Earl
Andre Earl 6 days ago
@Tony Carter exactly
Tony Carter
Tony Carter 6 days ago
@Andre Earl Win/win
Andre Earl
Andre Earl 6 days ago
Espn is failing. If you don't see he did that purposely to get out of the contract I don't know what to tell you. Others are with other networks having a much success right now as espn and still able to have their own shows where they are free to do whatever on them in order to better establish their own brands. Paul a business man, he will make more off the weed strains he is promoting in the video, than he did working at espn
Dkbeard 7 days ago
Raymond Green
Raymond Green 7 days ago
Why is the fact that we are still in a Pandemic and this is Super spreader not on anyone’s mind
25nahshon 7 days ago
As soon as I saw the video, I thought "well he's gone"
abbykako 7 days ago
He did nothing illegal. A black man has a legal party and gets fired. Meanwhile a white man talks about illegally and sexually harassing a women and he gets elected president.
RickyRoy Visions
RickyRoy Visions 7 days ago
In one of my songs called "blessed"... I got a bar that might help... If your a christian... Wouldn't Jesus Christ love the strippers and would want to see them turn the other cheek?
Pete Ard
Pete Ard 7 days ago
ESPN is a fruit company. Who needs em? No one watches sportscenter anymore. They all fruits.
RickyRoy Visions
RickyRoy Visions 7 days ago
He could always work for fox sports or cbs or nbc... I'm sure Paul Peirce is a good person... He just did something that didn't sit well with disney... Disney has a family image and would have done the same thing to Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake if they got caught smoking marijuana or doing something crazy in the bathroom of the Mickey Mouse club...
M. Garza
M. Garza 7 days ago
Jus another Illuminati humiliation sacrifice ritual
WhatTheDeuce47 D
WhatTheDeuce47 D 7 days ago
Yeah cause Disney hasn't been labeled anti Semitic and historically racist.....but now you want to say they're squeaky clean??? F___Disney!!!
jose paez
jose paez 7 days ago
They be like no snitching. Hey let put this on live.
bballstar30 7 days ago
Everyone smokes they should cut him some slack
Jon White
Jon White 7 days ago
he needs to make a product, podcast or something now that eyes are on him to capitalize this mess since it was on his IG platform.
Oh No.... 😂