Erling Haaland scores a WONDER GOAL in Borussia Dortmund's win vs. Schalke | ESPN FC Highlights 

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Erling Haaland keeps on impressing after scoring two more goals in Borussia Dortmund's 4-0 win vs. Schalke. Jadon Sancho opened the scoring for the visitors and Haaland doubled the lead with a goal-of-the-season contender for the visitors. The young Norwegian star now has 17 goals in the Bundesliga this season. The defeat is Schalke's 15th of the season and keeps them firmly planted at the bottom of the Bundesliga table.


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Feb 20, 2021




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Bragdish R
Bragdish R Day ago
Haaland's shot kinda looks like the logo! In fact, it looks better than the logo! xD
Cha Ci
Cha Ci Day ago
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Daniel Evensen
Dortmund has so much young talent that it's seriously not fair.
Great Dayne
Great Dayne 2 days ago
Oil Money Coming To Dortmund Soon..!!!
Sebastian Ruiz
Sebastian Ruiz 2 days ago
“Oh Shalke it is just not your season” why was this so funny 🤣
Jules Tjamak
Jules Tjamak 2 days ago
halland is a beast, what volley goal. if lewandoski wasn't there, he would have been the best numb 9 in the world.
pikenova48 3 days ago
I see a guy who can score goals, who is agile, quick thinking, and very athletic. What I don't see are creativity and dribbling skills that enable him to beat opponents with the ball.
Buntingz 4 days ago
Are you kidding me?
Jerry Green
Jerry Green 4 days ago
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Checks 4 days ago
Ed Woodward be like still isnt worth a penny over 5 mil
L Eduardo
L Eduardo 4 days ago
notice how every goalscorer acknowledges the passing but CR7. he's the only one that acts like he did 100% of the work. smh
Israel Okyere
Israel Okyere 4 days ago
J T 4 days ago
How do some people in the comments have the audacity to say that haaland is overrated, he’s 20 and has scored more goals than he has games in the last two seasons, tell me why he can’t be one of the best
Raptorman0909 4 days ago
That someone that big can shoot like that is impressive. He often looks awkward running because he's so big, but don't let that awkwardness fool you. I have to believe just about every team in every league with any budget in the ballpark is looking to find a way to buy him. If Man City had him along with KDB it would be lights out for the rest of the PL.
Rahh Emm
Rahh Emm 4 days ago
Uzo Design
Uzo Design 4 days ago
City need to get Haaland.
Quame Dante
Quame Dante 4 days ago
Schalke dead team
Gregorio Sevilla
Gregorio Sevilla 5 days ago
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Carlos A Soriano
Carlos A Soriano 5 days ago
Give him to me for Real Madrid
Mary Samreth
Mary Samreth 5 days ago
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Miguel Segovia
Miguel Segovia 5 days ago
Haaland really hit the Bundesliga logo to perfection
Sterling Marshel
Sterling Marshel 5 days ago
too bad Mbbape plays in a farmers league - he needs to get out of France if he wants to win anything other than a French title - which is worthless
JJ Park
JJ Park 5 days ago
Imagine hlw rich Dortmund will be when they sell Sancho and Haaland 🤑
JC 17
JC 17 5 days ago
Estuvo muy chido su gol sin duda es muy bueno
Lil Printer Paper
That Haaland goal gave off ibrahimovic vibes
Derpster 5 days ago
P.S.- As long as Lewandowski plays in Bundesliga Dortmund/Haaland will never win a title.
Nico Harder
Nico Harder 5 days ago
in hamburg sagt mna tschuess das heisst auf wiedersehen schalke
Mario SV
Mario SV 5 days ago
Haaland is born to score goals ⚡️🤖
Jaxon 5 days ago
You guys are way too toxic with Mbappe/Haaland and Messi/Ronaldo comparison. First off, they don’t even play that similar. Mbappe is a pacy winger more similar to Argen Robben or Thierry Henry. Haaland is a big target man albeit a graceful one with good speed. Second, they haven’t warranted any doubt against them in the slightest, all they have shown is their absurdly high talent with very few bad showings. If you people want to still argue then look at the stats, Haaland who is only 20 years old is outperforming both Messi (Who had 10G, 12A in 27 games at age 20) and CR7 (Who had 9G and 6A in 33 games at age 20). Haaland has 17 goals and 3 assists in only 17 games so far. At the same rate he is going he’ll have 27 and 5 within only 27 games. For Mbappe who is 21, he has currently 16 goals and 6 assists in 22 games. At 21, Mess, had 23 goals and 11 assists in 31 games. CR7 at 21 had 17 and 13 in 34 games. Mbappe if he maintains the same rate will have about 23 and 9 in 31 games, just slightly worse than Messi. People who think Ligue 1 is a farmer’s league needs to look at late 2000s La Liga which was dominated by only two teams while pretty much ever team out of top 4 was trash in comparisons. I could go more into advanced stats, but my point has been made. You guys trying to trash their careers are just plain as day ignorant. Try be supportive of these young men’s careers, not assholes.
Derpster 5 days ago
I laugh at these morons because Haaland can't even head the football property, doesn't even know how to use his head. The kid has talent but he's not that great. The three best players of the decade are Messi, Lewa, and Ronaldo.... and Haaland doesnt' come close to those players in stats, trophies, records, or anything for that matter.
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 5 days ago
Haaland is the amazing striker
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman 5 days ago
Derpster 5 days ago
You = dumb.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 5 days ago
If only stupid hoffenheim wouldnt have gotten destroyed by this team Schalke 0-4 would still be winless in the bundesliga 😒
KLD ALM 5 days ago
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann 5 days ago
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Milton Contreras Flores
I feel bad for Serdar 😔💔 and Schalke04 a Legendary Team is breaking down slowly 💔
Aventuras Infantiles
Haaland vs Mbappe pinta para ser el siguiente duelo de titanes por el balón de oro por los siguientes 15 años
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 6 days ago
That goal from Haaland , the way he scored , is a reminiscence of the Bundesliga logo.
JOVA NNE 6 days ago
Halland and Mbaple sre going ro Real Madrid thast is for sure!!!
Butterfield 8
Butterfield 8 6 days ago
Sancho is the oil that keeps the engine running
willygfromdahood 6 days ago
Schalke's coach looks like he's about to start chewing aspirin, like a worn down detective.
Mitri GuNNzz
Mitri GuNNzz 6 days ago
“This boys got whatever it is, but has it in bucket loads!” 😂😂
Sean Creamer
Sean Creamer 6 days ago
Why don’t I see Reyna? Is he hurt or just on the bench?
Frank Champion
Frank Champion 6 days ago
I just paused it at 2:35 😮😮😮 Workd class athletic ability
Oliver Linehan
Oliver Linehan 6 days ago
Phil Bonney and Steffen Freund are an incredible commentary pair. I just watch whichever Bundesliga games they're on.
Stoned 6 days ago
Brandon 6 days ago
Can we get a World Cup qualification preview??
SMOKEY 6 days ago
Dortmund would be smart to keep Sancho and Haaland
maxigol1977 6 days ago
As of now, Haaland reminds me of Gianluca Vialli. He may reach Van Basten levels. So young.
Halil Ibrahim Yildiz
Haaland did the German league logo
Youngme Samuel
Youngme Samuel 6 days ago
happy to be soccer fan
Apple Balien
Apple Balien 6 days ago
Haaland x Sancho or Lukaku x Lautaro on current form?
Henry Ruiz
Henry Ruiz 6 days ago
Reminds me of zlatan
tajikbay 6 days ago
Lewandoski’s replacement is on the way.
Spank 6 days ago
Remember when everyone used to talk about Sancho and how he was so good well he is good but haaland just comes to first team and snatches the lime light 🤣
Hector 797
Hector 797 6 days ago
Haaland better at rapping than drake.
Pretorious Russells Tagawa
this haaland guy is more dangerous than covid 19
Brandon smith
Brandon smith 6 days ago
1:42 Haaland OMG
Marco Taylor
Marco Taylor 6 days ago
4:23 he said 3-1 instead of 3-0, just pointing out his mistake
Frenchy 6 days ago
Psg probably gonna break the bank for Haaland
Left Box Anderson
Haaland is the best striker in the world
Football G.O.A.T
Football G.O.A.T 6 days ago
3:03 Schalke should have scored that. Very easy chance
Bryan Carroll
Bryan Carroll 6 days ago
1:38 sky’s the limit for this kid
Luey P
Luey P 6 days ago
Haaland > Mbappe
Derpster 5 days ago
You = funny
Brett Orlob
Brett Orlob 6 days ago
That Haaland goal is reminiscent of Lewandowski's 5th in his 9 minute rampage against Wolfsburg a few years back. Insanely good stuff.
warrenwolfe 6 days ago
flashes of Ibra from Haaland. he could become an even better talent in only a few years
Derpster 5 days ago
I think it's pretty laughable. The kid doesn't even know how to head a football.
Brandon B
Brandon B 6 days ago
Haaland... more like Brienne of Tarth
Humberto Vera
Humberto Vera 6 days ago
haaland lookin like the bundesliga logo wit the 2nd goal👏🔥
Super Jay
Super Jay 6 days ago
Harland Karate Kick Goal feeeer sho
Fernando Anaya
Fernando Anaya 6 days ago
Am I the only one who found Haaland's goal incredibly overhyped? I mean it was a good goal, but wonder strike? Please, Ronaldo vs. Porto in 08 with United was wonderful, Bale's bicycle kick in the Champions was wonderful. This was a side kick with solid contact.
S P 6 days ago
love these commentators
Kevin Wallace
Kevin Wallace 6 days ago
If you pay attention on the last goal haaland still had a lot to do. He checked like he was gonna go in front of the defender as well as giving a slight tug on the arm when he cut back to go behind him in order to make sure that he made enough of a gap to get to the ball. It was all pre meditated before the cross was ever made. Very impressive forward play
Andres Espinosa
Andres Espinosa 6 days ago
Why did Farhmann get subbed out?
don sam
don sam 6 days ago
Unfortunately the standard for wonder goal these days is up there! Haaland goal gets a 7.5 out of 10 One love yall
Ua Ca
Ua Ca 6 days ago
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Roger Ramirez
Roger Ramirez 6 days ago
Halaand is a beast.Scores 2 by 2.
Varun Dhaka
Varun Dhaka 6 days ago
Haaland > Mbappe but y'all will never admit it.
Byboyomega 6 days ago
00:08 look at Reus😂
john 6 days ago
Man he’s good but poachers just don’t excite me too much
Juan Mejia
Juan Mejia 6 days ago
Kids a machine
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 7 days ago
I hope LFC will have Both Bappe and Haaland
Geo 7 days ago
Haaland is/will be like zlatan but better
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 7 days ago
Haaland said everybody like kunfu fighting
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock 7 days ago
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Simon Griffin
Simon Griffin 7 days ago
So depressing and predictable that he'll be going to Man City or Real Madrid next year,
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock 7 days ago
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Lord Mustafi should've been playing
Ian Welsh
Ian Welsh 7 days ago
Imagine KDB crossing to this guy. We need this man
D 7 days ago
Jeferson Roca
Jeferson Roca 7 days ago
Haaland is better then mbappe, facts
Muhanad Hassen
Muhanad Hassen 7 days ago
What a goal haland
Max Hdez
Max Hdez 7 days ago
Haaland reminds me of a young Zlatan.
Kyle 7 days ago
Haaland is playing FIFA 95. He just taps the shoot button and his body just readjusts to make sure that it goes in. That boy has got cheat codes enabled.
Chesses Ruiz
Chesses Ruiz 7 days ago
1:43 the beautiful goal❤️⚽️😍
Mattxx10 7 days ago
Haaland is an absolute beast, but how is no one talking about Sancho??
Edwin Carmona
Edwin Carmona 7 days ago
4:23 must have missed schalkes goal
jesus fish
jesus fish 7 days ago
Great Zlatan goal!
Koffi Dogbe
Koffi Dogbe 7 days ago
that's sad that dortmund can't keep him for long
1:42 thank me later
Alex Bär
Alex Bär 7 days ago
Er sagt einfach ... natürlich 😂
Brandon ulloa
Brandon ulloa 7 days ago
Como madridista, no me Pierdo los highlights de nuestro proximo delantero *haaland*